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Tomb Raider II Revised - Part 1 by Tombraider95

Adriel 7 9 10 10
alan 10 10 10 10
Allicya 10 10 10 10
Ceamonks890 7 8 8 7
Chel 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 8 10 10 10
Drakan 10 10 10 10
Gabriel Oliveira 9 10 9 10
JoeTheCrazyGamer 9 10 10 10
Jose 9 10 10 10
manarch2 8 9 9 9
McRaider 9 10 10 10
Phil 9 10 10 7
Raina Audron 10 9 9 10
requiemsoul 8 9 9 9
Ryan 8 9 9 9
The Boo 6 7 9 9
TombRaiderTim 10 8 10 10
Torry 10 10 10 10
Treeble 10 10 10 10
release date: 24-Jun-2018
# of downloads: 700

average rating: 9.34
review count: 20
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file size: 991.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Remake

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Reviewer's comments
"Astonishing. I've been jumping from one big release to the other for the past two months but I'm happy I've played this right now, while it's still hot off the press, than putting it on a never-ending TRLE backlog. This is a lot more than a mere remake or a paint over. In fact, I think about half, at least, is all new content. The author has not only successfully brought TR2 into TR4, including the harpoon gun and flamethrower goons for instance, but he also put TR4 into TR2, so the "new" moves allow for many different possibilities. This usually means most of the environments were redesigned to take advantadge of such, so don't be surprised if you enter familiar rooms from the other side. All levels have been greatly expanded, with lots of new fetch quests — the secrets will also make you work up quite a sweat — and in my opinion, the new areas fit in perfectly. Nostalgia isn't sacrificed, and in fact, the simple use of legacy SFX (not limited to just those from TR2) worked wonders. Speaking of wonders, I was truly impressed when I found myself using underwater puzzle objects, don't think I've seen that before (nor had I seen flamethrowers or functional harpoon guns, for that matter), and I also enjoyed Lara's regular journal updates although I spotted a few typos/spelling mistakes. There is quite a bit of backtracking and sometimes (such as in Ocean Rig) I felt some areas were padded out with one too many remote levers, but generally I think the author has improved in more ways than one most of the original lever-door progression bits. Now, here are some "downsides", as it were. Much like HyperSquare Season 2, this series also tends to crash upon too many reloads in succession (though I only really had a trouble with this in the final level, trying to figure out a death slide). The scuba diver enemies felt slightly overpowered, although this might be true for the venetian thugs as well — I found myself spending medipacks as often as I'd find them, so this made me slightly cautious; still, I've finished the levels with a surplus of them in my inventory, so it's not that bad. Lastly, a few animations (picking up objects and pushing/pulling blocks) are glitched and will get Lara in a 'stuck' state, so make sure you stand still for a second and draw your pistols to reset her, I hope this can be fixed for the second installment. Ah, another thing: there certainly are reasons for presenting the cutscenes as FMVs, but the compression is pretty bad (probably to save up space for upload/download rates) so they looked very low quality in comparison to the jaw dropping visuals you get otherwise. All in all, this was excellent and I cannot wait to see what the author has in store for the second half of the game. 6h40min, 14 secrets. 07/18" - Treeble (29-Sep-2019)
"a masterpiece. Recommended for every fan of TR2. Can't wait for part 2!" - Allicya (20-Jul-2019)
"A game of perfect immersion and high creativity, often raising the bar higher than the original. In certain cases it's disappointing, mostly because of wrong combat and path design - almost every level has some dragging or unfair segment, in some cases one little fix would repair a lot of that and knowing it was so close and yet not fixed is simply painful. I hope these issues will totally go in full version and if I sound nitpicky it's because I think the best TR2 remake to date, and the first TRLE choice of many future players, deserves extraordinary care I wouldn't suggest for standard-tier custom levels - this one simply aims too high and carries too much responsibility to include any basic mistakes and should get rid of them at all cost." - DJ Full (12-Jun-2019)
"This gets a very rare perfect 10 from me. I hope that Bradley pushes on with this project until he's completely revised and remade the entire game. The gameplay and maps are similar enough that they evoked a very strong sense of nostalgia, but much of the platforming and puzzle design was reworked that being lulled into that false sense of security and familiarity resulted in me getting my arse kicked or becoming stuck! Much more difficult and demanding than the original thanks to the overhauled engine. I experienced one weird and annoying bug that only happened after several consecutive reloads. Some of the jumps and timed runs in the rig really kicked my ass and I had to try over and over to get through. After a few reloads, the game loaded and ran so laggy and slowed down that it was unplayable. The only fix was exiting the game entirely, re-launching the .exe and reloading my save. Not sure what caused this, and the Lara at the title screen also shows some animation lag which I noticed while 'backing out' of the game afterward. At any rate that's honestly a minor quibble that was only encountered by me a few times! The secrets were well hidden and I really had to dig and hunt to find a few. The level designs themselves are just gorgeous. The updated textures, lighting capabilities and atmospheric effects like rain, mist, fog and water murkiness were applied perfectly. I especially loved how the Venice levels progressively became darker as the day wound down to evening and night. It lent a better sense of how time was passing during that leg of the raid. Far cry from the sunset textured horizon we got a peep at before the slide to exit Bartoli's hideout in '97. I also really loved the remodels of the offshore rig. There was a lot more going on and it was much more convincing with the updates like sample rooms and labs, machinery rooms, control rooms with instrumentation and HMI display panels and that immense chamber with the pumps and piping that adjusted water intake levels. I don't know what the hell it would be useful for in real life but it sure did look awesome! The seaplane even had an updated pinup model painted on the side. The enemies are the same old thugs and goons from yesteryear, but I'm actually happy that Bradley left them alone for the most part. The hand cannon slinging boss of the Opera House finally got the treatment he deserved, and the outcome of that skirmish made much more sense to me than it did in the original, since he returns to plague Lara during the epilogue. I think we all probably blew him up with the grenade gun back in the day, which made his return improbable and doubly annoying. Soundtrack sounded great! Dean Kopri's reworked pieces of Nathan McCree's original scores like the main theme and Venice were a welcome treat. The new music (segment played in the houses of Venice) was a nice touch as well and very much in keeping with the style and feel of the original game. Since the Tomb Raider Suite has recently been released, I wonder if Nathan would be open to allowing builders like Bradley (who are crafting these massive remakes) to utilize some of the re-recorded pieces? Overall, I've been wowed, floored, thoroughly entertained and can't wait for the next part to pop up at the top of the new levels list on this site. Congrats, Bradley! You've pretty much made my year with this one!" - Chel (09-Dec-2018)
"I am glad that this turned out to be rather far from a remake (despite the level structure being fairly similar and some rooms being replicas) It's overall a quite engaging and enjoyable raid with some good and less good points. The gameplay is sometimes a bit stretched out with longer backtracks and not so intense moments (e.g. the large flooded hall towards the end of the first rig level), but on the whole it's nicely varied and the tasks are diverse and challenging enough. The puzzles are imaginative, the platforming is quirky and occasionally thoroughly tricky and even the exploration was fairly decent. Enemies and objects are also quite nicely rebuilt and fit the situations well, secrets are well hidden. Visuals are quite beautiful and the areas are all nicely atmospheric. Occasionally, the texturing might have needed some more attention with a few avoidable mistakes and the lighting (especially in the opera) is a bit too dark, but otherwise there's a lot of eye candy. It's still a bit less interesting for me than a completely unique release, but still a very good and recommendable level. Found all 18 secrets in 4:25 hours." - manarch2 (12-Nov-2018)
"Before I launch into what will surely be interpreted as a negative review, I need to say at the beginning that this is a monumental effort that took me a whopping 12 hours and 20 minutes to play over a period of several months (while playing other levels on the side). That being said, the most prominent impression I'm left with is its pervasive darkness from start to finish. Rarely have I played a level series so brilliant but so lacking in the fun factor. The environs were crafted with special care, but everything was so dark that I could rarely appreciate the artistry, much less discern what I was supposed to do next without the help of a flare. The closing credits mention a (hopeful) continuation, and if the builder intends to move forward I implore him to give us more player-friendly lighting in the segments to come. José has provided an excellent walkthrough that from time to time I confused with Dutchy's work product (and that's about the highest compliment I can bestow), and it documents all the secrets (including one I couldn't reach with a wicked rope swing and had to rely on a savegame). The timed boat ride at the end of the early Venice level was unfairly tight, so I had to use another savegame there to proceed. It's impossible in a review such as this to hit all the main points, but I was singularly impressed with the builder's insight and skills as I worked my way through his creation. I just hope he gives us better lighting in the next installment." - Phil (31-Oct-2018)
"In terms of remaking the original TR2 game, while putting its own spin on the various levels, this succeeds rather well. The remastered textures and sceneries are a delight to look at, progression and gameplay is at least varied, the secrets are brilliantly placed and there are enough visible alterations to make this first part of a presumed series a worthwhile raid for around 6 hours. For me though, it was spoiled by a few things: numerous crashes to the desktop after reloading a few times (especially annoying in the earlier levels), a bit too much darkness in places (the final two levels in particular), the swing poles were a bit problematic (although I did learn that pressing action after jumping to one worked wonders), enemies are overwhelming at times and there was too much backtracking across previous areas for my liking, which rather stretched out the duration unnecessarily (then again, the same was true for the original sections) Overall, future installments might need a bit tightening up in places, but nonetheless it's promising for the next parts of the series." - Ryan (09-Oct-2018)
"We are not going to discover Bradley as one of the best builders at this moment. I had the opportunity to be one of the betatesters of this adventure and soon I noticed it could be very good for most players. This time the player will recognize well-known areas from the TR2 original game, but there are also many new rooms with interesting puzzles and features. Excellent design, perfect architecture and texturization, very good atmosphere and cutscenes... Really an adventure worth to play and very enjoyable for everybody. I hope the author can finish the remaining levels to complete this huge project. Highly recommended." - Jose (21-Aug-2018)
"Finally finished this masterpiece. I know it sounds weird, but I prefer this to DOX in unreal engine. For some reason, it just works better for me that way - clunky old controls on a gamepad + precision jumping. * This rendition takes liberties but the ones it does with I not mind and I thought were a vast improvement, especially in atmosphere. It rains lightly in China and as you progress through levels, you even encounter a thunderstorm at night. There are even blinking lights in the Opera house and I thought it was super atmospheric, really like that level. The secret dragons are in new places as well and it is a challenge to find them all. The creator even redid all the cutscenes with new Lara model in which I thought was a nice touch. * Gameplay wise there are several parts of each level redone and sometimes you have to do a completely new path, which might make you rethink where to go next but it is still pretty natural and works well. The one change I did not enjoy was the new broken glass mechanic. Instead of walking carefully through like we have always done, now you have to sprint so your health does not drain fast, which is nonsensical. I am not sure why this approach was taken but it killed me more than once. I hope this can be hopefully changed in a later build. * Game has the mansion as well, but for some reason you canÂ't save your progress (I understand this was in the original like this too but I always found it a hindrance), so if you donÂ't have an hour without interruption, donÂ't try to uncover its secrets. * With sounds, I must say I was happy overal, but not with all. Some of the sounds used are not from TR2 but TR1 and are jarring in comparison to the rest (particularly the dragging noises and I wish shotgun sfx was the one from TR3 not TR2). Music was pretty well placed but I did not like some of the new additions (opera house for example) so I have replaced it with more appropriate ones from the original games. * There are some bugs like certain switches/levers being activated more than once which hinders your progress, swinging bars not appearing, etc. Nothing a reload to an older save canÂ't do, but I would be rather annoyed if I lost all my progress (and this many levels will take you hours to complete). And crows still take too many hits to be killed, come on! :) * The whole escapade finishes with Diving Area and makes you want more. I wonder if you can transfer your save to keep all your items and collected dragons, but I guess we have to see. CanÂ't wait for the part 2! Excellent set of levels and I felt very entertained throughout. Definitely worth playing." - Raina Audron (17-Aug-2018)
"Simply the best i have found in TRLE." - alan (05-Aug-2018)
"Very intresting take on a classic TR2, With alot of new aeras and better graphics, Its good how you stuck to the layout of the orignal but really updated it and put your own spin on it, The secrets were so well done you moved them around so they are not as easy to find as i though (Tho i did find them all), however there were a few minor bugs and crashes but a simple reload fixes it. The only major issue that i found is in Venice where if you push the button to start the timer you cannot push it again so you need to reload." - JoeTheCrazyGamer (15-Jul-2018)
"Although I am not a friend of remakes, this game is excellent by texturing, lighting and atmosphere. After Opera House the following levels are very entertaining especially diving Area, with challenges that keep the player asking for more. The only bad point was massive and annoying lag but thanks to a patch of SuiKaze, friend of the community, I could finish the game without problems (the authors should use this patch for future players).. Thanks for this wonderful remake and I look forward to the second part!" - McRaider (11-Jul-2018)
"Tomb Raider 2 is my favorite game from the series and a i really was very excited to play this game and to see what was made in this reimagination. I really enjoyed playing this but i think the greatest flawn commited here is that it was reimagined for hardcore players, i know that we are in the tomb raider community and it is specific public but i think hardcore gameplay in this case really throws away some magic that was in the original game. I think that difficulty was put in front of the pleasant experience many times and that should be something that should be avoided. I was bothered too by some backtracking, specially in bartoli's hideout. The game is very atmospheric with outstanding visuals and i don't have anything to complain about this aspect. I congratulate the builder to have the patience and time to give us this very good reimagination from this part of tomb raider 2 game. Recommended!" - Adriel (10-Jul-2018)
"Apart from the many crashes suffered, I really appreciated these 6 levels reference to tr2. I hope to see more. There are new ideas compared to the original but everything is well done and gives a taste of novelties very nice. Some levels are very long like the last (diving area). Highly recommended." - Drakan (05-Jul-2018)
"First of all a great praise to the builder for the enormous effort in creating this project! DonÂ't know if he works alone, but if thatÂ's the case ... he spend a lot of time. Overall there are ups and downs, for me the Offshore Rig work much better than the midgame in the Venice Levels. Every level has nearly perfect texturing and most of the time the new sounds and lightning achiev to create a dense atmosphere. Also the builder integrated a diary, where you can participate at LaraÂ's thoughts and get some story. Nice idea! However the gameplay is the biggest problem: sometimes the new tasks are quite interesting, but unfortunatly I often found myself backtracking or shimmy much too long at walls and around corners. Regarding the backtracking I have to say, that most of this situations rise, because you were searching for the right way, but soon realise you need to come back later. This defintivly need to get improved (some more hints for easier pathfinding)! Nevertheless this is a mustplay for every TR2 fan." - The Boo (05-Jul-2018)
"While the general production values on offer here can be quite impressive, I can't help but feel a bit shortchanged by Tombraider95's attempt at remaking the first third of the main TR2 game here. On one side, you've got the reworked gameplay, higher-res environment texturing & reimagined levels with new areas to explore, reducing the general feeling of 'going-through-the-motions', in order to keep the experience fresh. But on the other hand, prevalent design issues such as poor lighting effects at points or game-breaking glitches & inconsistent updating of certain aspects like enemy/object models, music, sounds or the storyline for example, holds back this project a great deal from achieving its full potential(with several levels greatly outlasting their welcome as a consequence). At the end of the day, there is still a lot to like here regardless. But with a bit more thorough testing and mindful design ethos, it could have greatly elevated this remake for the better. As is, this is merely a flawed but above-average attempt that just misses the mark of being a truly great re-imagining. Hopefully the builder keeps this all in mind for Part 2." - Ceamonks890 (03-Jul-2018)
"What a wonderful re-imagining of the first six levels of TR2. I certainly hope this will be completed. I spent 10 glorious hours here and thoroughly enjoyed every moment. The levels themselves have the same basic layout as the originals but the tasks you are required to complete encompass a whole new methodology than the original game, which keeps this adventure fresh and new, so much so that it is easy to become lost. Side trips are completely different and innovative. For example, going for the last secret in the T Rex lair in the Great Wall level, you are tasked with finding the three gear cogs from The Lost Valley level of TR1 to enable you to raise the cage covering secret 3, the Golden Dragon. Clever. Each and every secret was sequestered somewhere other than the placings in the original game and many where damn hard to find. In the Venice level the timed run with the speed boat required a sprint maneuver else you would fall short of your goal. Some of the timed runs were tight but not ridiculously so. Any Raider worth their salt would be able to get these after a few tries. There are new moves for Lara which added that extra ability to stretch the tasks and encompass new ways forward. I just loved the whole concept. Thanks Bradley." - Torry (02-Jul-2018)
"Excellent "DirectorÂ's cut" :). Pros: Very good texturization and the new tasks are respectful and faithful to the original. Cons: many crashes when you reload a savegame (a bit annoying), too many areas with poor lighting (e.g. Opera house) and, in my opinion, some level is a bit too long (Bartoli's hideout). My favorite map is Diving Area with very enjoyable and nice challenges. Highly recommended" - requiemsoul (27-Jun-2018)
"Gameplay & Puzzles This remake has given TR2 a wonderful, fresh face full of exploration, keeping the original puzzles while adding new areas to explore in order to solve them with more of a complex challenge. The geometry was treated with a more realistic approach so finding new methods to climb and traverse were very enjoyable. Enemies, Objects & Secrets It was very nice to see enemies polished over with some new textures, though with all TRLE games, they sometimes come into a few problems such as attacks not harming Lara or getting stuck upon a place they do not belong. With things being relocated in some places, I found it refreshing to explore in order to find various pickups. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras I loved how classic sounds from the original were mixed into more realistic and clear sounds as it worked rather well in my opinion though mainly it shown best when around ambient or environment sound effects. The new camera angles and flybys also were a wonderful treat, giving you a good look of those more open areas to take it in and see where you can explore. Lighting & Textures Of course, the most noticeable change is the new textures and coloured lighting that was not in the original and this is what gave the game a brand new depth to it which made it totally feel like something new to old and new players alike and it really gave a good sense of atmosphere as rooms were lighted accurately based on the environment which can make it feel quite tense at times. Overall an awesome remake of the classic TR2 and I will look forward to seeing the next part in the future!" - TombRaiderTim (27-Jun-2018)
"Amazing work. This is a very faithful remake of the classic game. The only flaws I noticed were the old generation sounds like Lara's footsteps from the original TR2. The levels are totally next generation and because of that I think that using old sounds like these are very, very strange and doesn't fit at all... So please, please switch them to next generation sounds in the future! I found some wrong rotated textures in some places also. I think Great Wall is a introduction level and its meant to be easy and not so challenging like the author modified it. This took the classic feeling away from me a bit, it felt a little different from the original. But anyway, this is a incredible project, so thank you for this. The new areas and challenges are very nice! I hope we can see the full game too, so please take your time and don't give up. Congratulations for this!" - Gabriel Croft (25-Jun-2018)