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ORC18 - The Alaska Incident by Topixtor

Baratheon 8 8 8 8
Benjamooky 8 10 10 9
Cbl 8 10 8 8
Charles Kane 9 8 9 10
Chel 9 8 8 8
DJ Full 9 9 9 9
dragooncroft 9 10 9 10
Feder 10 9 10 9
Jay 7 7 8 8
Jose 6 7 7 9
Mahetus 10 10 10 10
manarch2 5 7 6 6
McRaider 9 9 9 9
Mehrbod 10 9 10 10
MichaelP 6 7 7 7
Mman 8 8 8 8
Nuri 9 9 10 8
Orbit Dream 7 8 9 9
p1kaa 7 6 8 9
Phil 8 8 9 9
Ryan 7 8 8 8
Sabatu 8 9 8 9
SlyRaider 8 7 7 8
SrDanielPonces 9 7 10 9
Torry 6 7 7 7
Treeble 7 9 10 10
Wolf7 8 9 10 9
release date: 15-Sep-2018
# of downloads: 99

average rating: 8.36
review count: 27
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file size: 26.60 MB
file type: TR2
class: Base/Lab

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"All in all, this was a really fun, short (took me 35-40 minutes) romp through an oil rig/Tibetan themed setting. There were a LOT of enemies, which can sometimes fall flat or get old, but I felt that it really worked here. The spawn timing was also pretty clever; I would say I was surprised more often than not. The absolute standout was jumping over the hub area in the snowmobile while being shot at by flamethrowers and a shotgun goon on a platform. In my opinion, that over-the-top excess is TR2 in a nutshell! XD" - Benjamooky (01-Nov-2022)
"Man, I never thought this ORC could be so intense: I ended the level with no medpacks left, my lifebar has been depleted, I feel Lara could die from a poke by any enemy. Still, I'm really amazed how this level can mix the main and water rooms' gameplays nicely without being boring at all. Maybe the only thing really lacking is the existence of the 3rd secret, which might be placed together with the M16. This and Feder's ORC (which coincidentally are both using TR2 engine) proved that you don't always have to rely to TR4 engine to make a great ORC level." - Charles Kane (08-Apr-2021)
"Short but very enjoyable level. First thing that is noticeable is the improvement of the author from his previous level. Everything is well constructed and polished in every aspect. Proper balance in enemies and difficulty of the level. Good hide spots for secrets with a decent reward. Definitely Recommended. To be honest I want to see more levels by this author." - Mahetus (12-Feb-2021)
"Not big fan of snowmobile specially with the very small ereas of this level made it really frustrating, eventho I died because of a small stupid jump of the snowmobile, that's what I really didn't like about this level, everything else was great, I didn't read the readme file so I spend 20mins after i finished the level looking for the 3rd secret, everybody knows that tr2 levels has three dragons, it's not like tr3 it tells you how many secrets are there even if you don't find any, big regrets xd, I enjoyed playing the level, even it was too short, it was nice to play tho, made it more intense starting with no guns. I give this level 7/10, Really fun to play :)" - p1kaa (06-Sep-2020)
"There are a lot of good ideas in this TRLE level, but I'm finally disappointed by this experience. Starting the level with a Lara unarmed and facing a flamethrower mercenary is a great idea, you're directly thrown into the hostile atmosphere of the level... but I'm still convinced that the author could have made something more best. • Gameplay & Puzzles: Most of the puzzles are pretty well thought out: location of levers, access cards... but it lacks innovation. The snowmobile jumps are really bad though, I died dozens of times trying to do classic jumps... • Enemies, Objects & Secrets: The difficulty of the enemies is strangely balanced. Ammunition is not numerous (especially the harpoon gun), it adds an interesting stressful side, but the mass of enemies at the end is quite exaggerated in my opinion. The golden secret is interesting to find, although the entrance is buggy. The jade secret is given on a died enemy, too easy to find. And no silver dragon? • Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The musics start at the right moment and the camera is well managed. However, I had some problems with the tracks: Lara's voice from the manor is sometimes triggered, replacing a music track I guess. It probably comes from I... • Lighting & Textures: Nothing special to say here except that some textures are enlarged or crushed, but overall, the level remains clean." - SlyRaider (24-Feb-2020)
"After playing two lenghty TR2 level sets in a row, it's very refreshing to play a faster paced entry. And pacing really is the keyword here, you start out weaponless and facing off a flamethrower right off the bat. You quicklybuild up your arsenal and although I finished with one remaining small medipack, I think a couple more would have made me feel "safer" -- yes, you guessed it, lots of combat. In fact, considering the small areas, the combat bits are slightly more challenging than usual, especially when they involve snowmobile dudes. There was also one fun, albeit short, snowmobile sequence which resulted in me watching the poor thing explode quite a few times until I finally nailed the jump (with two flamethrowers providing 'fireworks' to the spectacle). I played this quite late into the night, so it might have been just my eyes, but everything here looks more sharpen than the original game: all textures, objects and especially the sprites looked particularly good, and the high quality sound effects also helped enhance the overall experience. Gameplay mostly consists of finding levers, swimming against currents and collecting keys, but it doesn't drag on for too long so it doesn't outstay its welcome. 25 minutes, 2 secrets. 09/19" - Treeble (29-Sep-2019)
"A fantastic custom level using the TR2 engine. Right away we have to avoid getting burnt to a crisp by the flamethrower guy without the aid of Lara's handy pistols. Later we have to defeat a gunman using only the harpoon gun. I loved the challenge and the constant barrage of foes, especially during the snowmobile sections. The underwater parts weren't too tedious which is a feat in itself; in fact, it added to the exploration. I only wish the level were longer." - dragooncroft (29-Jul-2019)
"Wow this level was better than expected, mostly because of the level setting and the action going on. Lara has to fight different typed of enemies on land and in water, while investigating the rooms in this level. There's also a little fun with snowmobiles. A few guns and also a few secrets are hidden in some corners. Level ends with an irritating, funny camera view. Funnily enough, I had to play this twice, because after playing quite a few TR2-levels, I realized that there was no background music at all. After a little research I found out that the Tomb Raider full-screen-border patch is the reason why this glitch with the music happens, so I had to uninstall it. And I noticed that I missed a lot of the atmosphere of the level, which is also set very well. ...(Can't wait for drilling site)" - Nuri (04-Jun-2019)
"I've betatested this level! And I frankly loved this level! But I can't understand why it's so underrated! Gameplay is fine, the first fast part is rather unique yet hard and sets the tone of the game (yes, I had an hard time with enemies). The aesthetics of the level are gorgeous for a tr2 level! The mix between snowy textures and off-shore rig was rather new, yet it worked pretty well. Lighting is pretty fine for a tr2 level! What else I can say? A very underrated game that is worth playing! Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (15-Jan-2019)
"This is a TR2 map with an Oil Rig theme plus some snowy elements. Objects and textures are used well to create a convincing setting, with good architecture as well. In following TR2 the gameplay is quite action-focused, but there's some good elements of exploration and puzzle solving too (including combat ones like the starting no- guns part), and it does a good job hiding the small area it takes place in with interlinked design and lot of foreshadowing of other sections. The Snowmobile bit felt like it was stretching things a little for the amount of the space, but it's not very long. A strong entry that does a good job with it's TR2 engine-based design." - Mman (26-Nov-2018)
"Another ORC level with a very good design, the architecture and texturization are excellent and the objects are well placed. The gameplay is not so friendly, with excessive and dangerous enemies in all rooms, even when you'll find enough guns and ammo and the tasks are not very tricky (only the swim agains the current near the big fan); near the end I got out of medipacks so don't waste them. I was not able to do the jump with the snowmobile (always exploded) over the intended way, so I had to drive over one of the pillars with the flamethrowers at full health. I missed some more musics here and there too. Anyway an interesting TR2 level worth to play. Good work." - Jose (21-Oct-2018)
"This brief TR2 level gets pretty intense at times. It does turn into quite a shooter at times (although I thought that the final massed attack was positively cathartic), meaning that the gameplay doesn't have much variation to otherwise (and it really isn't my favourite kind of game) but you have to admit that it is solidly constructed within the limits of the TR2 engine and the builder has managed to pack quite a lot in to the One Room concept." - Ryan (15-Oct-2018)
"Objectively this is a rather well conceived adventure, but I have to say I hated playing it. Just not my kind of level with the relative abundance of annoyingly hard to kill enemies (frogmen, flamethrower and snowmobile guys) and with a snowmobile jump that took me too many attempts to finally land without dying on impact. It starts out easy enough with a quick search for a number of underwater levers and key cards and there is good use made of the fans, but for me it went downhill from there. Guess I will never warm up to the TR2 type levels out there really, but I am sure others will have fun with this one." - MichaelP (09-Oct-2018)
"I'm usually not keen on TR2 levels, but this one was quite nicely done. The 45 minutes I spent here were action packed and presented a few surprises, including the ability (a necessary one at that) to use the harpoon gun out of the water. In terms of gameplay this is probably the best of the three ORC levels I've played thus far, but my enthusiasm is tempered by the fact that, yes, this is after all a TR2 level. A fun raid nevertheless." - Phil (01-Oct-2018)
"Amazing how this author manage to include so many elements in only one room despite of the complications of the engine itself. Gameplay starts right away as you need to run from a flamethrower guy and finally drawn him, a brilliant task! After some common base styled tasks, you run into a snowmobile section where things start to get challenging. Enemies are plenty specially from this last part, but the ammo provided is enough to take care of them. Nice convination of textures, decent lighting and a great atmosphere. Absolutely recommended!" - Feder (30-Sep-2018)
"What a novel way to deal with an enemy when you find yourself without weapons - drown him! I thought that got things off to a good start. This TR2 level rattles along at a good pace and it was interesting to interact with divers again, although I still maintain that the harpoon gun is the worst weapon of all time. Whilst this is very much a shooter and other gameplay is somewhat minimal, Lara does access a fair old arsenal along the way and, hey, there are snowmobile battles - that lifts shooters into a whole new category." - Jay (28-Sep-2018)
"In terms of raw coherence, discarding the size, it's not just of the best offshore maps we got from the tr2 engine but it also blends with icy tiles of tr2gold as flawlessly as you wouldn't expect. If there were any transition tiles applied, that would be a 10 from me. Other than that, I love how the gameplay unfolds, giving choices and options for various strats. Only two secrets and therefore no weapon bonus, and a pity because that's where the extra uzis could finally be. The combat is hard so new players will take some medis but if you practice and gain pro strats you will not have much trouble so the balance is rather fair. Probably my favourite level of the contest and still despite of the fact I played it as one of the first in order. Good job." - DJ Full (27-Sep-2018)
"I think it has had a good idea, the game is entertaining, the level is short as it is an ORC, but I had a good time. It is not normal in this kind of levels to have a TR2 but the author has brought out the best. My score goes specifically to the gameplay, atmosphere and effort put by the builder." - McRaider (25-Sep-2018)
"This level certainly has a lot of design creativity behind it. I like how simple TR2 is however the builder managed to keep the gameplay interesting. I was enjoying it very much at the beggining - the enemies randomly appearing to me was fun at first, however it started to get boring and even annoying near the end - more specifically where the snowmobile is. I can't count how many times I tried to do that part, because the snowmobile enemies seem to have crazy huge HP and it takes so long to kill them. I even ran out of medipacks and had to go back some savegames to be able to save it - after many deaths of course. The environment is very alike the TR2 levels and I haven't seen any issues with textures. The gameplay itself was really good, specially for casual players - I love how the builder uses cameras to give hints and even though some switches seemed hidden, I managed to find them out before I started getting bored from looking (which usually happens in many custom levels), so praise for that. This level overall was good despite the enemies issue, so I'm looking forward to more levels by this builder :)" - SrDanielPonces (25-Sep-2018)
"This has elements of a shooter style level right from the word Go, but it is admittedly more intelligent than many of those category as acquiring the necessary weapons and finding strategies to overcome certain enemies are required rather than just shooting at x enemies coming from everywhere. I find it a bit unfair to downrate this level because of disappearing enemies because the builder mentions in the readme that pressing F7 solves this problem and in the one situation where enemies vanished on my end this indeed worked. There are, unlike most TR 2 adventures, only two secrets to find here, not too well hidden but a nice addition overall. The looks are a bit blocky and sameish at times, but there are attempts on creating a more diverse geometry which mostly worked fine and the camera work is also creative. Textures and lighting are solidly applied; some textures do blink in and out sometimes but this is more a problem of the game engine. All in all a good 16 minute raid that has its moments and marks another middle-of-the-road entry in the competition." - manarch2 (22-Sep-2018)
"That was FUN! An impressively large series of indoor, outdoor, and water chambers combining elements of the Offshore Rig and the Alaska levels of TR2 Gold, it’s easy to forget that gameplay takes place within only two editor rooms. If this had been a level in TR2 Gold, it would have been one of the most enjoyable. From amusing moments, like a particularly creative disposal of a flamethrower-wielding bad guy, to difficult sequences blasting through waves of goons on foot and on snowmobile, this level kept the rapid pace going throughout. The shooting sections, and there are a lot, are made interesting through the use of terrain and structures to hide or swim behind, making it possible to lie in wait and strategize. This is, in fact, necessary given the low medipack count. However, this is offset by the impressive arsenal Lara amasses even in the short thirty minutes of gameplay. Given the limitations of the TR2 engine, the textures and lighting were fairly basic, noticeably reusing original assets decorated with the symbol from Xian. Puzzles also predominantly consisted of fans and water currents or disarming certain dangerous tech in order to get colored key cards, but there were clever connections between rooms that made navigating the level itself quite interesting. I was particularly impressed with the snow, which was an object rather than floor textures, allowing the illusion of the more complex geometry that wouldn’t appear until TR3. When the level ended, I felt satisfied (and happy to have survived the last rush of baddies and the snowmobile jump between two flamethrowers!), but would have happily played considerably longer. Definitely recommend." - Cbl (21-Sep-2018)
"I am sorry but this level is just terrible. Not in game play so much but the enemies and objects kept disappearing from the screen so whilst you knew you were being fired at you could not see your assailant UNTIL he dropped dead. Only then did he become visible. The same for the textures. They kept fading in and out which made progressing through the level extremely difficult as you are simply unable to discern what is a wall, a door etc etc. Terrible.
After the fix the author supplied in October 2018, I replayed the level and all the texture and enemy drop outs experienced in my original playing of the level were rectified. This enhances the players experience no end and so I submit an updated score." - Torry (20-Sep-2018)
"Well, there is only a few tr2 levels which can be named Good. and this is one of them. If you imagine this level was made in "If you can call it" editor / Unofficial DXTRE3d, then this is really great level. Again, you can see few errors in textures ( half texture is under the floor) which is a limited possibility from dxtre3d. But still, this level is pretty good. There are only a few levels made in dxtre for tr2 and tr1 . and this level can be placed on the top of great tr2 levels. Good Job" - Sabatu (20-Sep-2018)
"Interesting that TR2 was actually used for this custom level. So kudos for that, nice to stand out. Unfortunately it pays homage to a game I am not the biggest fan of - but the way it was presented made me forget my prejudice and just enjoy the game. Great work on making something so unique in the ORC." - Baratheon (18-Sep-2018)
"This level was absolutely bonkers and I had a blast. I nearly cried with laughter that the builder forces us to actually kill a land-based enemy with the harpoon gun to regain the pistols. I loved that the level starts off hot and keeps on ramping up the fights and bullets and kill count as Lara progresses. It became so insane at the end that I had to take a breather. I have never seen so many machine-gun snowmobiles in my life and I hope I never see so many packed into such a tiny area again. Ever. Only way it could be worse would be if the builder had thrown in those spear-wielding warriors from the Floating Islands level along with the rest. There is a method to the end madness, which I liked. The player has to use a bit of strategy to blow away the baddies. Good use of the Offshore Rig and Tibet environment and textures. Nice use of the TR2 engine overall, which shows its age very quickly. Then again when you have 15 enemies coming at you at once you don't really notice that!" - Chel (18-Sep-2018)
"A truly TR2 perfection from a talented author. I must say WELL DONE to the builder of this level. Such a great level I hadn't ever played before within a TR2 game system. There were no flaws throughout the level, and the new patches worked perfectly fine. Thank you!" - Mehrbod (16-Sep-2018)
"This is a quirky and rather fun homage to the more aggressive moments of TR2. Taking place within an Alaskan Military compound,there's not an awful lot of thinking to be done here (aside from working out how to get secrets and key cards);and a heck of a lot of killing.In fact,it gets rather insane toward the end,with bullets and snowmobiles galore;but also rather hilarious.I seem to recall that this builders previous (and debut) level was a 'round-the-houses' shooter;and so it is here,but in a far more succinct way.There were only four or five areas,and they all link up as you progress (which makes route-finding rather easy).The construction is well handled. Lighting,textures,objects and cameras are all used proficiently to create a pleasing environment;but it's the enemies which are this levels strongest feature.I spent 40 minutes here;which was just the correct length, without the player becoming too bullet fatigued. An enjoyable piece of old-school excitement." - Orbit Dream (16-Sep-2018)