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ORC18 - Gateway to Atlantis by AgentXP

Baratheon 8 8 8 8
Bigfoot 9 9 10 10
Cbl 9 9 8 10
Ceamonks890 8 9 8 9
Chel 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 8 8 9 9
Drakan 10 10 10 10
Feats 10 10 10 10
Jay 9 9 9 9
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 8 9 10 10
Killer Gameplayz 10 10 10 10
manarch2 7 7 8 8
Mehrbod 9 10 9 10
MichaelP 6 8 9 10
Mman 8 9 10 10
Nuri 9 10 10 10
Orbit Dream 8 9 10 10
p1kaa 8 9 8 8
Phil 9 10 10 9
PhryneCroft 9 9 10 10
Ryan 9 9 9 10
Sabatu 10 9 10 10
Torry 9 10 10 10
Troye 7 5 8 9
vandit 7 8 8 8
release date: 15-Sep-2018
# of downloads: 180

average rating: 9.09
review count: 26
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file size: 99.40 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Not much needs to be said about this author and his levels, again this one is in good quality, smart use of the little space available, also nice background music. For my taste there could have been more enemies, especially in the dry areas. Also, I didn't find every camera hint helpful. I personally liked the ORC entries "Secrets of Babylon" & "Egyptian Adventure" better, but as mentioned at the beginning it's a good level." - vandit (18-Nov-2022)
"After playing Secrets of Babylon I quickly jumped in to this level and had a blast! As is Agent's trademark her levels are always beautiful to eyes and there was some nice and fitting music to accompany the visuals. Gameplay was enjoyable too, with some sneakily hidden stuff to keep you on your toes. I do quite like this One Room Challenge concept, while epic long TRLE's will always have their place its nice to just have a quick TR fix every now and then. Will be trying some more ORC's in the future for sure! Would highly recommend this level anyways!" - Feats (01-Sep-2022)
"Underwater levels are my cup of tea I really love, however this one didn't feel the same I think because the area is too large that exploring is not fun because you have to refill you air everytime which bothers me so much, the level design is so lovely and so beautiful I really loved it and the puzzle pieces wasn't so hard to solve yet a bit challenging" - p1kaa (30-Jun-2021)
"Oh god, what a relaxing level! This is yet another level in this ORC-competition, where gameplay is mostly made up of puzzling/exploring. The only enemies you can fight are some sharks. Others have to be whacked in another way. So I didn't quite get the point of finding a shotgun. Starting in a big underwater-cave, Lara has to make her way through a base,into a mysterious sunken temple. I like the puzzles and tasks in this level, although I personally think that they were a little too easy and obvious. The environments in the whole level were absolutely beautiful and I like that you get to choose between two outfits for Lara." - Nuri (04-Jun-2019)
"One of the best levels from this contest. Not because the author is one of my favourite builders, but the tasks between water and dry areas are well balanced, and after the first exploration through the initial UW area all takes sense and the gameplay is more fluid. The last part in the cave with the dangerous boss was particulary original and nice to play. If you add the excellent architecture and texturization, and the good use of cameras and musics you get a solid level very worth to play and quite entertaining. Highly recommended." - Jose (02-Jan-2019)
"I like the style of agentxp game and naturally I played this level that as usual enthused me. I am amazed at the gameplay in such a small space. The texturing and ambiance are excellent and I enjoyed this small level." - Drakan (27-Nov-2018)
"This is an underwater base along the lines of TR3 Gold, but with some BTB Greek aspects too. The theme is very well executed with all kind of details and a great merging the natural and artificial environments, along with consistently good lighting and a good sense of progression later on. The gameplay is a bit item-hunt heavy earlier on, but there are more distinct puzzle elements as it goes on, along with a couple of rarely-used extras (like a jump- booster). There were a couple of events that seemed to trigger slightly earlier than they were supposed to (an item appeared early that was seemingly supposed to only appear after I shot a crate, and the boss-kill event before I used the switch for it), but it only slightly impacted the gameplay. The last level I played in this contest is one of the best ones, and only a couple of others match it." - Mman (26-Nov-2018)
"To me this was the best and most fun to play of all the ORC levels. It oozes atmosphere and provides adequate lighting for the player to see everything with distinctiveness and clarity. Playing in god mode removed all anxiety associated with underwater exploration, and Dutchy's well-written walkthrough kept me moving along as the builder intended. There are no secrets to be found, but that's okay. I liked the feature of the harpoon being usable in water as well as out. I also appreciated the ability to kill the Medusa-creature by some means other than having to scoot from safety periodically while trying to focus the laser sight on a vulnerable eye (an exercise I've always detested). I think I've now played and reviewed all of this year's crop of ORC levels, and it was a fine competition indeed." - Phil (17-Nov-2018)
"This is an awe inspiring level in terms of how it has been constructed, textured, lit and additional features and audio used perfectly to create a sense of place and fantastic atmosphere. Very impressive indeed. Having said that, while I enjoyed looking at this adventure, I had very little fun in playing it. For one, that is because searching under water for elusive cracks and levers is one of my most hated gameplay mechanisms - just short of running around in pitch black mazes. And I always felt I kind of got it long after I read in the walkthrough what I should be doing next. Yes there are text hints (and they help) and yes there are cameras, but they often just Show you a place and you do not know where that could be and some seemed at odd angles and I was not even sure if they showed what they meant to show. But again, that is just me and you may be smarter and more observant than I and swim through it easily. Certainly worth persisting for the neat last section of this 30 minute adventure. Defintely one not to miss, but keep that walkthrough close by." - MichaelP (23-Oct-2018)
"This visually stunning TRLE starts you in an underwater scenario, as your looking for clues your forced to deal with a vicious hammerhead shark !! Work your way through the underwater facility, search out the clues while opening and closing water airlocks. Eventually emerge in Atlantis and ultimately defeat Medusa. The soothing music, well thought out puzzles and design work from Agentxp are sure to please any TR fan :)" - Killer Gameplayz (22-Oct-2018)
"This one has a tough start in the sense that it's hard to know exactly where to go and what to do. Then it goes into a smoother mode. Still, it has excellent graphics and overall atmosphere and it's quite a great level, full of cleverly thought ways and solutions, for the One Room Competition. Recommended." - Jorge22 (21-Oct-2018)
"This is a wonderfully constructed level that clicks well on all counts. The waterlogged atmosphere and setting is masterfully done and really draws you into this experience and the lighting and textures are nothing less than stunning (I particularly liked the grandiose temple area near the end. The gameplay, despite the constraints of the contest is thought out very well, having you revisit certain side areas off one hub room without it becoming too annoying (and there's more than enough underwater exploration to be done as well). Highly recommended." - Ryan (17-Oct-2018)
"I think it will be my final review for the ORC 2018, I can't play the 3 others levels I not reviewing :-(. Like a lot of players, I'm a big fan of AgentXP levels and since the beggining of the competition I was very curious about what will be the theme of this game. And it was a very good surprise to discovered a level based of HD textures of Sleeping with the fishs of TR3GOLD. However some objects are very well hidden and I spend a lot of time to seaching them like one of the 2 plugs. I have also meet sharks in dry room lol. It's not a big mistake and I can forgive that when I see how is textured the level. The use of the textures is incredible and give a real TR3GOLD atmosphere to the level. The final part of the game in the sunken hidden temple was a real big surprise too. I'm very curious to see how AgentXP create the design of the level. I can just congratulate the author and recommanded highly this small adventure. If the author read this: I choose personnaly the london outfit version for keep the TR3gold atmosphere ;) !!!" - Bigfoot (08-Oct-2018)
"I'm not gonna lie. I got lost plenty trying to complete the first half of this level, especially without using the walkthrough(as I wanted to give myself more of a challenge, in spite of increased annoyance trying to figure out where to go next). Thankfully, the beautiful calming ambiance made constant backtracking significantly tolerable and even caused me to stop, taking in my surroundings from time to time in-between surfacing for air pockets. Gameplay on its own however, starts off as a fairly run-of-the-mill underwater expedition. But upon getting to the second half of the map, that's where things start to get very creative(including the use of a water spout to reach a higher ledge or utilizing aspects of the environment, in order to defeat a Medusa-styled laser head boss and obtain your prize among others). General atmosphere is also brought to life splendidly, giving the room a true sense of place via effective use of lighting, texturing, objects, enemies and previously mentioned ambiance. So in conclusion, a tricky raid. But an ultimately rewarding one nevertheless." - Ceamonks890 (29-Sep-2018)
"Another one of the pack with 50/50 balance of old vs new, however the timing of both could be more evenly distributed - the first half is rather classic, new ideas come in the second, so if you like it old it's gonna suddenly end for you halfway, and if you're into innovations you will need to wait through that half. Nonetheless I love the sunken stuff, the ambience and musical immersion binds everything together coherently enough so I can totally feel it makes sense. I got some glitches like a prematurely activating rollingball but they don't take a lot from immersion. Of course the sharks tend to float outside of water but it happens in every level they inhabit so it's been long since it stopped to feel like a bug and started to feel like a meme feature... chomp chomp." - DJ Full (27-Sep-2018)
"Well I did quite a lot of drowning in this one, mainly because I'm a rotten swimmer. That aside, I had a good time. It's an inventive game and there certainly is a lot packed into one room. I particularly enjoyed the latter part of the game, once Lara had found the temple, and the nifty way of dealing with the final enemy. A good looking and enjoyable raid." - Jay (25-Sep-2018)
"Was hard to enjoy, but I managed. Atmosphere was mesmerising though! Goodjob on that!" - Troye (25-Sep-2018)
"Inspiring to see the full extent of a deep water dive all within just a couple rooms of gameplay. Lara returns to some old haunts, combining elements of TR1 Atlantis (even if by reference only), TR3 Gold SLInc, and even drawing some inspiration from TR: Cradle of Life and TR Underworld Mediterranean sequences. I particularly enjoyed the switch between vastly different atmospheric environments, from the murky blue water cave to the harsh light of the submerged research station to the classic temple. I appreciated the on-screen thoughts Lara had to share, which provided guidance for some puzzles. For all the vastness of the undersea cavern, I was surprised to find only a few nooks and crannies for pickups, and baddies were confined to a few sharks and then the two supernatural beings. No SLInc workmen to surprise in a portable toilet this time! Even though as far as I know this is just extra bells and whistles, I did enjoy the Underworld-esque choice of outfits at the beginning (I went Drysuit . . . I wonder how many chose each one?). I had some difficulties with the hopping fountain, to the point that I wasn't sure I was doing it right, although I did like the idea, something like the booster platforms in TR2 which helped to navigate the room. The wonderful music and lighting were incredibly immersive. One thing jolted me out of the smooth and beautiful gameplay though: certain sounds were quite high-pitched. Lara's guns and some switches were also marred by unpleasant high-pitched sounds. I also thought that the game would have looked more polished with attention given to the inventory objects: the small and big medipack sizes looked off. While by itself this doesn't change gameplay at all, compared to other levels like this ORC's Maria Doria in which every object was rotated perfectly in the inventory, it did occur to me that this could have been more polished. Cameras were well-placed and I enjoyed solving the puzzles that required jumping back and forth between the airlock. A beautiful and creative level, that manages to be nostalgic as well as deliver some fresh gameplay!" - Cbl (24-Sep-2018)
"I'm always astonished when I read someone else's review of a level I've played,and they declare that it took them "only 15 minutes".I sometimes wonder if we've even been playing the same game.I won't dare to reveal my duration of play;but you could comfortably watch a feature-film in the time it took me to get through this level.It's not that it's physically big,but it utilises its size extraordinarily well;and combines exploration;moderate backtracking;puzzling and lever activation to a masterful degree.Perhaps the gameplay momentum was a little sluggish during the underwater lab section of the level,where the pattern of the game was "activate something inside,then swim outside and discover what it did;before swimming back inside and searching around for the next thing to activate,etc".But the change in scene for the final third was awe-inspiring,and really helped to move the plot tangibly forward.(Of all of the levels in the competition,this one really gave the impression of having a solid tale to tell).The slight obscurity of some of the tasks (those involving shooting)brought things to a standstill on a couple of occasions;and I felt more could have been done with hiding things in the initial underwater area. On the other hand,objects (particularly in the latter half) were stunningly well presented;and the technical side of things is nothing short of exemplary.Imaginative,involving and ingenious." - Orbit Dream (24-Sep-2018)
"Hard to believe the ORC constraints have really been respected here, but they are indeed despite many different areas - that alone is impressive. The level is based around two major puzzles of which the first involves a lot of switching between under and above water, this necessarily includes a few backtracks but they are not so annoying. I liked that there were a few parts where it's not immediately clear on how to progress, but perhaps shooting the object to release boulder was a bit obscure (there's a slight hint though). The second one includes a nice way of getting rid of a laser robot, including some clever platforming parts. No secrets to find here sadly, but enemies and objects are quite well done here, e.g. the crane. The atmosphere is quite convincing and there are lots of nice views out or in some rooms; the lighting and especially texturing are quite accurate too. 15 net gameplay minutes until I reached the finish." - manarch2 (22-Sep-2018)
"As always amazing level from Agent. I really love your atmosphere. Especially Water effects in the whole level, even in dry rooms .. I am always trying to make dark water like tr1-3 but you are living prove that even bright water will make good looking level." - Sabatu (20-Sep-2018)
"Once again a nice level of you, the atmosphere was very nice and the textures were great. I am looking forward to beautiful further level of you. Well done!" - PhryneCroft (19-Sep-2018)
"Another delightful ORC game. I wish I can see more after this game... please... I'm waiting for another great surprises for the next few months, or years... Who knows? Thanks a lot. Recommended ORC." - Mehrbod (18-Sep-2018)
"Short review: Creative and rewarding is how I would describe the game-play. Loved the use of the indoor/underwater room. Simple story, but enough to make the level interesting. Atmosphere was something else (so good!) - I have to say the music of this level made it incredibly difficult to play, it was so relaxing, so good but... so distracting!" - Baratheon (18-Sep-2018)
"AgentXP has yet to disappoint me! This is a marvelous raid under the Mediterranean sea and I was so sad when I reached the end. The ambient music and lighting for the underwater areas was absolutely perfect. I didn't even mind the fifteen minutes I spent swimming about looking for quest items. Very nicely done with item placement and puzzles. I was challenged a bit but didn't want to pull my hair out, which I appreciate. The finale bit was awesome. It was great to see some of the BtB 2016 objects used again, and I enjoyed the final few puzzles. Sequel please!!!!!!!" - Chel (18-Sep-2018)
"Another short level that takes way too long to find all the switches and objects. Should take 15 minutes but took me a good 45 minutes. You spend an equal amount of time outside the structure in the water as you do inside the structure. Fortunately there are three air pockets so that you can breath while exploring. The underwater Medusa creature was a wow moment for me but don't stare at her too long as she kills from a distance. Quite enjoyed this one, thanks." - Torry (17-Sep-2018)