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Incan Ruined City by Mohrruebe

DJ Full 9 9 9 8
Drakan 9 9 9 8
eRIC 6 6 7 7
Gerty 9 9 8 8
Jay 9 9 9 9
JesseG 8 7 6 7
Jose 8 9 8 9
manarch2 8 8 7 8
McRaider 9 9 9 9
MichaelP 9 9 9 8
Phil 9 10 10 9
Ryan 9 9 9 9
Troye 8 9 9 8
release date: 12-Nov-2018
# of downloads: 128

average rating: 8.42
review count: 13
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file size: 52.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: South America

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"For a first level , the levelbuilder did certainly made a good effort, although i did not enjoyed it, sorry for that. Its' a long one and there are plenty of activities , traps , combats , key hunting , jumps , everything is here... The setting although with squarish rooms is somehow believable, except for the trees placed in strange places (even on a roof) , good texturing and rather competent lighting for a first level (some places with too much shadow are less pleasant). Some good objects used but too many of them , and esp. too many vases to shoot of which the minority of them are shootable , all this shooting for sometimes flares or flares again was boring. Some enemies are well placed , others easily stuck somewhere. You can push a crate that goes through other objects , and in a couple of places you can reach very easily the top of the world (one where you will have to reload a savegame for you can't come back). With some proper beta-testing these annoyances would surely have been avoided ; even so i don't think i would have rated much higher , for me this level was mostly only work and not much fun , but apparently i may be the exception here." - eRIC (18-Jul-2019)
"This is seriously impressive as for the first try, and would be even better if the author bothered to fix skips, sounds and lighting - unfortunately even today, 11 years after the release, Peruvian set remains one of the most difficult to light and might shoot you in the foot if chosen for the first project ever. The main problem with TR4 engine is you can always tell a colorful texture from a grey texture tinted with colored light - and unfortunately, to save on resources, package creators chose the latter, which later appeared to almost never work..." - DJ Full (08-Jun-2019)
"One of the best debuts I've ever seen. I take my hat. The level is huge with hundreds of tasks to accomplish, the enemies are well balanced and there are enough pickups so you can't get on trouble, all the rooms are well ornated with all kind of details and the enviroments are nice to explore. Nothing really innovative here, only classic tasks and no fresh puzzles, but entertaining enough to keep the interest and be recommended to play. Hopefully this author could continue building in the future. I hope so. Congrats!" - Jose (18-Mar-2019)
"I had as much fun here as I did in Lara's Computer, more so than in any other levels I've played this year. If I had to pick a favorite I'd have to go with this one because of its atmospheric surroundings. It's dark in places, but the builder has supplied more than enough flares (I had 215 in my inventory at the end despite having used them with wild abandon during the two and a half hours it took me to finish the game). As for weaponry, the seven well-hidden secrets provide more than you could possibly use. Enemies are little more than a distraction because of this, even the T-Tex you meet about halfway through (I decided to hop down and engage it immediately rather than waiting as suggested in Dutchy's walkthrough). I agree that nothing really new is presented here - then again, when's the last time you saw something completely fresh in a custom level - but there's plenty to keep your brain cells stimulated if you try to make it through on your own. For a builder to get it so right in a debut release is a hopeful promise of many more levels of like kind still to come. High recommendations." - Phil (23-Dec-2018)
"For a debut level this gets two thumbs up. Exploring is a must, as well having pretty keen eyes. There are however some problems but most of them are already mentioned in other reviews. It was a bit too dark for me at places although flares were enough, I just don’t like playing around in the utterly dark areas. Textures could use a tad more attention and collision could be a tad better but I blame it that the builder used objects already made by others and I know that some of them might look great but the collision of them is sometimes way off. At the start of the level I had the speed of the jeep in the right hand corner of my screen on and off, no idea why that can occur though. But all in all it is a nice adventure you go though and lucky me… I found all secrets and… a big bonus, as I never had to fight the T-Rex, he simply disappeared when I jumped down into his area." - Gerty (26-Nov-2018)
"Dito to the previous review, this is a lately uncommon case of a debut level where the builder took his time and built something that is not entirely beautiful and without mistakes (several sound problems or end of the world moments mostly), but still has a decent appearance and enjoyable gameplay. There are no outstandingly novel tasks in here, but the way the (not too simple) tasks are connected to a level is quite remarkable and it seems some severe planning has gone into the construction. A few parts are a bit unexciting, but not overly so and in general there is a lot of good stuff to experience here. The texturing is quite nice as well as the lighting, the enemies are well placed (although they tend to run into objects), the seven secrets are fun to find. There's really not much more I would expect from a debut. Took me 75 minutes to finish; of course recommended." - manarch2 (25-Nov-2018)
"For a debut effort, this is very accomplished, and definitely one of the more complex single levels I've ever come across in my raiding career. I'll deal with the (minor) negatives first. The lighting was a bit too gloomy in those underground tunnels (although there's no criticising the amount of flares, there's bucketloads of them), the collision of some of the objects was a bit of a hindrance, the enemies were a bit too easy to take care of as they became stuck in the scenery and there were a few minor sound issues that could have been cleared up (although they weren't too annoying, just a bit distracting). Apart from those complaints, everything else was pretty much spot on. The gameplay is engaging and requires a bit of thought (and preparation, particularly with the multiple timed runs) while never becoming unreasonably difficult, the Peruvian setting is extremely pleasing and competently built, and the secrets are sneakily hidden. All in all, I got 100 minutes of entertainment with this level, and I highly recommend it. I'm looking forward to this builder's (hopeful) second effort." - Ryan (23-Nov-2018)
"Lara explores a large Incan temple in order to murder its guards before leaving again. Gameplay was a nice mix of traps, combat and exploration. I particularly liked the timed runs. I would have liked to see more puzzles used though, and there is a bit too much potential for backtracking for my taste. The enemies had a bit of trouble with their zones, raptors kept running into walls instead of at Lara, making combat not as interesting. Decorative objects are plentiful, but some of them cause collision issues. The geometry is a bit too square and unnatural, hurting immersion. It also leads to some odd glitches like Lara climbing to the top of a ladder to get stuck above an invisible ceiling. The sounds needed more attention, some were missing and others were out of place, especially with the enemies used. Camera shots need timers so that the player doesn't have to move Lara off of the trigger to see her again. The textures are stretched in many places and a bit wallpapered, but not too bad. Lighting is a bit flat and could use more color. Overall several issues across the board lead to an unpolished feel, but there is still fun to be had in this level. 1 hour 50 minutes." - JesseG (19-Nov-2018)
"This really is a most assured debut level and great fun to play. The jungle is well realised and believable (well certainly if you can bring yourself to cope with the compys sounding like mummies) and the gameplay is consistently entertaining. There's a really good variety of tasks to achieve and it's challenging enough without ever reaching hair tearing out territory. Perhaps a touch dark in places, but if you remember to shoot every group of vases you come across there's a decent amount of flares (and other provisions) to be found. Definitely recommended and I look forward to this talented builder's next level." - Jay (19-Nov-2018)
"I had a good time in this adventure.. I think the author has done a good job for his first release and for sure to take it into account for future levels. The level is entertaining and its gameplay is good, definitely recommended.. Good job Mohrruebe!" - McRaider (18-Nov-2018)
"Now that is quite a debut for a new builder appearing on the scene 18 years after the release of the level editor! I actually only wanted to play into the level a little bit for the purpose of capturing screenshots for the level info page but then got hooked with the very immersive and clever gameplay placed in a good looking Peru setting. The level is not without problems and would have benefitted from a few rounds of beta testing, as there are a few smaller sound issues and you can reach the end of the world in a few places and avoid one path due to a fairly obvious shortcut. It also has several rather dark spots and even though these make sense where they are and an ample amount of flares are provided, this still could have been handled with more diverse lighting choices. But that is really all I can find to complain about - the rest is pure joy. Not easy for inexperienced raiders with a few creative timed runs and does require a bit if thinking and a keen eye at times to spot that next crack you have to reach - but it is all very logical and never tries to outsmart the player. There is also quite a fair amount of the expected enemies around and in the first hour or so I ended up being a little tight on medipacks, but then played more carefully and found more than enough later on. At the end, this took me almost 3 hours to get through (and a reload at the end because indeed that soldier dropped the jeep key into a place where I could not pick it up...) and I found 5/7 secrets. All in all, a fabulous and ambitious debut - not to be missed!" - MichaelP (18-Nov-2018)
"Honestly, what a perfect first level. The atmosphere is absolutely stunning. Not to mention the lighting that made it perfect. Even though it's your first level the geometry does not look blocky at all. Great work! Keep it up!" - Troye (17-Nov-2018)
"For a 1st level, Mohrruebe has made a very big level quite complex. We must look because there is a lot of vegetation. Armed men gurgle when they shoot, there are other strange noises like the sound of harpies for example. We can access the end of the world in places. The puzzle of the 3 raising blocks made me goat lol (I do not know if it is said in English). Many objects and greenery, and pay attention in the end to recover the key of the jeep. The texturing is not perfect but I liked the whole level. I recovered 5/7 secrets" - Drakan (13-Nov-2018)