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Tomb Raider: Anniversary II - Definitive Demo by Bojrkraider SrDanielPonces

ameliacrofty 7 9 10 7
Bloggy 7 8 10 10
Cbl 8 10 10 8
Ceamonks890 9 9 9 9
Dark Sheep 9 9 10 10
DJ Full 9 10 10 9
Jay 9 9 10 10
JesseG 8 9 10 9
JoeTheCrazyGamer 10 10 10 10
Jose 8 10 9 10
manarch2 6 9 9 9
Phil 9 9 9 10
Ryan 9 9 9 9
saintjunia 8 9 10 10
SeniorBlitz 10 10 10 10
Sethian 7 9 9 9
The Snarky Lesbian 8 6 10 10
TimJ 7 8 8 9
Torry 7 8 9 10
Troye 10 10 10 10
Victoria 10 10 10 10
Wolf7 9 10 10 10
xManuelCroft 8 8 9 10
release date: 01-Jan-2019
# of downloads: 4528

average rating: 9.11
review count: 23
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file size: 153.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Remake

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is the kind of level set that make me feel uneasy when time comes to review it. Should I review the work that has been done or the result and enjoyment I had playing those? Because it would be lying to say this isn't worth seeing, particularly for Venice, but in my opinion it is not really interesting to play either. It's a very mixed bag of very high points and very low points.
=== Great Wall ===
I did not really like it. The idea of keeping the old and mixing it with new ideas was good, but I would have made it more surprising by keeping the whole first section exactly the same, without changing the secret and adding a new item to gather. Moving the silver secret to put a random new puzzle with hard-to-see monkey swing isn't an improvement in my opinion. It unnecessarily hinders the progression of the player. From the moment the player gets to entirely new sections, the game gets better. The authors tried to mix elements of TRII and TRA and it doesn't always work (at least for me, certainly because I don't really like the ledge moves from the Legend trilogy). The poles above the knife throwers were the only noteworthy addition in my opinion as it clearly had an "Anniversary" feeling, while keeping the original trap idea. By the way, I don't understand why the authors chose a skin for Lara based on Legends rather than Anniversary.
Texture work is not perfect, but generally well thought out. I played the level twice and if at first I found the choice of some very bright grass textures to be questionable, it was less bothering the second time. I still think that those very saturated colours between the sky and the grass give a very strong contrast that doesn't fit the atmosphere. Some of Lara's new animation make her seem heavier and are clunky, jolting at times, particularly the shimmying. Some of the traps also were a bit jerky, like the rolling blade. The T-Rex was running in circles and never attacked me. A highlight was the animations and new model of the characters and particularly their face during the cutscene. It was absolutly perfect and astonishing! 8/9/9/9
=== Venice, Piazza San Marco ===
This is the main appeal of this demo. I must say that the achievement in reproducing the Piazza San Marco is impressive, but what purpose does it serve? The real Venice is accurately remade, but feels very empty. The TR Engine is not the Assassin's Creed Engine and adding a few NPC (including fellow British Hero Cate Archer, hello there!) won't make it feel less artificial, even though the work is astonishing. There are many beautifully crafted details, like those small fountains, but most statics have really flat textures and shading. I'm also more and more certain that high definition textures accentuate the "blocky" feeling that's imposed by the old TR engine. The opaque water texture also gave a wallpaper effect to the canals. I believe that unfortunately this old engine isn't made for such recreation, however impressive they are, and that sticking to low or medium definition textures is better, letting our magnificient brain complete the rest with its imagination, as the recent "Create a Classic" levels, notably Rome by AgentXP, have demonstrated.
The only real elements of gameplay involved finding a quasi-invisible pushblock in an enormous and empty city and then running around to find two "Xian Clan Sign" parts (by the way, the gang of Bartoli isn't "Xian Clan" but it's the "Fiamma Nera"). The secrets aren't really hidden. The venitian masks are even more discrete! Except the last one which is below an invisible trapdoor. If only it had been a sewer entrance among others, it would have been less ridiculous. Going from "just sitting there" to "impossible to find except if you roam around all the level with a flare" really isn't good secret design. Regarding the venitian masks... INVISIBLE PUSHBLOCKS ARE BAD LEVEL DESIGN! I'm fed up with this, really. At least put a small clue on the block. And don't use this trick in gigantormous levels like this one. 6/7/8/10
The choice and work of the textures themselves (not their application) is remarkable. Some of those truely look like HD version of those from TR2. Among the details I noticed and appreciated: The new animation for the small lever was rather convincing. Some pickup items were also noteworthy, the canal house key was finely crafted, I liked the Wudang Relic and the Venitian Mask. There was a different fog effect when underwater than above water, wow! Those are things you remember.
I've got the weird feeling that the author didn't use the original TR2 music but a very close remake of those that sounded like a midi file interpretation without the subtlety of Nathan McCree... (the interpretation that was included in the previous demo was actually more original in my opinion).
In short, this is an interesting remake with an over ambitious second level that is visually stunning but absolutely boring in regards to gameplay. Give this is a go if you're curious, but you wouldn't miss anything by skipping this demo." - TimJ (15-Aug-2022)
"Gameplay & Puzzles: 8/10. The first level was interesting and not challenging, a nice intro with self-explanatory puzzles and a few tight traps. Venice, however, made me frustrated with the amount of running around just because the keys were behind doors that I had no idea could open. In such a huge area, hiding the cafe and library behind dark, inconspicuous doors seems like a bad idea. Nevertheless, I loved the platforming and new moves. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: 9/10 Objects are designed very well, all fit the atmosphere perfectly. Secrets are somewhat hard to find. However, the enemies seemed weak. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: 10/10 I was completely immersed in the atmosphere, in my opinion, it is done perfectly. The flyby on the wall showed an impressive view, and Venice sounds polished the city atmosphere. Lighting & Textures: 10/10 The levels looked real, that's why I put the max. I would expect such lighting from a sunny day. OVERALL: 9.25 The 2-level demo is a masterpiece from a visual point of view but lacks in gameplay a little. The player can get easily stuck in Venice without any clue where to proceed. With the help of a walkthrough, however, or if you like to run around open areas looking for answers, it becomes a very enjoyable 2-hour game." - saintjunia (26-Feb-2021)
"While remakes are not so exciting to go around this one definetly takes the cake,great wall was remastered in a way that was fun to play and beatiful look into it.After great wall second level of the demo is definetly inspired from Parisian Ghetto from AoD takes and original spin to the remake and basiacly a context level of how Lara break into the Bartoli's place,unlike great wall this level wasn't that good and it felt like I was playing Aldwych,it was diffucult to get around but still had its qualities like its atmosphere Seeing how this demo remastered the game,I hope this project gets its full version succsesfully,you should definetly give this one a go If you looking for a refreshing nostalgia trip" - Bloggy (22-Jan-2021)
"This is quite something and fully deserving of the name “Definitive Demo”. It takes everything its predecessor demos did wrong, makes it right, and then builds upon that creating a really great experience. I had no idea this project was around – I don’t know if it has been abandoned like so many of these released demos tend to be, or if a full game and remake/re-imagining of TR2 is still being worked on by these authors. Needless to say, I sure hope it’s still alive.

Gameplay & Puzzles: These levels seem to have succumbed to the peer pressure from other reviewers, this being the constant criticism that these builders should stop remaking an old game and instead create something new. The old gameplay from the original TR2 Great Wall or Venice level never bothered me however; but I can definitely say that I did also enjoy the changes made in this new release. That first Great Wall level has become great indeed, with so much new stuff to do, and actually giving us a bit more of the actual Wall to climb on and explore - something the official game actually lacks in. Some cool gameplay additions I really liked: how part of the walkway on the Wall has been broken off, so we can’t get to that keyhole but need to find a way to a different keyhole on another side to get into that tower; the swing pole setup beneath the Great Wall to get past some traps (finally a FUN swing pole setup that didn’t have me swearing at the Universe!); the extra ‘lost valley’ area that opens, leading to the Relic, and also showing us where the T-Rex charged out from in the first place. And of course, the new traps are brilliant.

Where the first level is awesome to play, the second level sadly isn’t, and is the only reason my score for that isn’t a 10. Don’t get me wrong – it looks amazing and had me gasping in awe when we first see Venice revealed to us in that opening cutscene. But boy is that some uninspired gameplay – endlessly wandering around a deserted city that feels like a maze, hoping you’ll find a random crack you can climb up on or magic door that will open if you approach close enough to it. What happened? Where is the genius inventiveness the builders showed with the opening level? Driving the boat through the bigger canals and under the bridges was definitely fun; but this is sadly a rather short-lived experience compared to the endless wandering you’ll be engaged in just to find something to do, like looking for a needle in a haystack. Having said that though: the idea behind the St. Mark’s Square level is brilliant, and beautifully described in the postcard you find if you search for all those masks: it shows Lara’s arrival in Venice and how she gets to that iconic alleyway where it all begins in the TR2 Venice level. That idea, and how we actually jump over that fence at the end of the level, is the saving grace here and makes up for a lot of the boredom and bad gameplay of the St. Mark’s level.

Enemies, Objects, Secrets: The enemies are great, have the correct sounds finally, and are really beautifully textured. I really liked the updated version of the cutscene at the end of the Great Wall, especially with the added effect of the actor speech heads, and the fact that they actually blink their eyes and don’t just move their mouths. On that note also, some of the new animations in this release really are stellar. While I’m still not a fan of the Legend-inspired-flappy-hand jump; that simple update to the small switch pulling animation in Venice is sexy af. I also loved the new addition of the “Muddy Key” she finds underwater with some mud added to its mesh; however this creative and unique idea for key names sadly doesn’t continue over to the St. Mark’s level where you get to find a “House Key” – wonderful; a House Key… in a city… that narrows it down. The Secrets however are incredible… would you look at those Silver/Gold/Jade Dragon meshes?? WOW… I don’t think I’ve ever beheld such a beautiful pickup item spinning in my Inventory!

Atmosphere, Sound, and Cameras: All around it’s great of course, and I leave the authors to their stylistic choices. However, I couldn’t fail to notice that actually, both locations seem to have swapped the original atmosphere and weather theme. In the original TR2, the Great Wall feels a bit “grey”, it has grey blue rocky textures, and the sky and weather feels a bit cloudy. In this remake, everything has suddenly become warm, tropical, and sunny. Then, in the original TR2, Venice is made to look warm and sunny, whereas in this remake it seems to be a rather overcast, dreary cloudy day. It’s an interesting change, and an interesting choice. I wasn’t such a fan of the water in Venice… but I guess that was done to create the idea of distance with the view across the Grand Canal. I think underwater though, the blue fog that was used was a bit excessive. I mean, if you’re going to go for some murky Venetian water realism, instead of grey and blue, why not go for what those Venetian canals are REALLY filled with and give us brown and green? Regardless, the amount of time and effort put into the realism of both levels is truly brilliant – especially in the Great Wall and how we can look into any direction and actually see the Great Wall stretching off into the distance, either as part of inaccessible room geometry or as part of the horizon graphics.

Lighting & Texturing: While the texturing is of course close to perfect (only downside I would call out is the wallpaper feel at parts of the Great Wall) I actually thought that the lighting took a bit of a step back from the previous Demo that was released. While the way down into the ‘lost valley’ isn’t as dark as before, some of the other areas actually don’t feel as atmospheric as before. And as already mentioned, while St. Mark’s is crafted with beautiful detail and realism, I actually wasn’t such a fan of the cold drab grey look that everything had. Especially the rooms inside the houses seemed to lack any form of good lighting or atmosphere.

Even though I’ve pointed out some faults and tried to give some constructive critique, I did love the entire experience and this is a truly great level-set, and a really good remake. I think the Great Wall level really is far superior to the St. Mark’s Square level, even if that one has stunning meshes and architecture. I like the idea behind the second level, and I really hope they manage to remake the entirety of TR2, with some additional How-Did- Lara-Get-There and How-Did-Lara-Get-Out-Of-There levels as the St. Mark’s level implies. When it comes to gameplay, the first level really outdoes the second level, but both show something truly phenomenal in the works when it comes to re-making and re-imagining all of TR2. Amazing job!!!" - Sethian (18-Aug-2020)
"The Great Wall. Wow, Wow, Wow. I absolutely loved this. True to the original from 1997 yet different enough to add new challenges and exploration. Textures are brilliant and I spent many an occasion just peering at the vistas Gabriel and Bojrk had created Simply stunning. I really am peeved at some of the negative reviews. (This is just the same as the original, nothing new here.) It's a remake folks. It's supposed to be identical. The upgraded cut scene with Bartoli's thug incorporating the original sound track was masterful. I only found one secret, the last one. I saw the second but was not about to stop running to pick it up but the first eluded me entirely. I did find all five gold bars though and manged to finish without a single peek at the walk through. Score 10, 10, 10, 10. St. Mark's Square. Now I do have to agree with my fellow reviewers on this one. Whilst the graphics are amazing the game play is downright boring. I spent a good hour wandering about the maze of streets, alley ways and canals before I gave up and pulled the walk through because without that aid the raider is doomed to frustration and failure. This one is not a remake of the original Venice level from Tomb Raider 2 but a whole new scenario entirely. I really do dislike these maze type levels with little to do and only dumb luck to rely on to find your way forward. So much so that I simply gave up and followed the walk through verbatim. Score 4, 7, 9, 10. So to be fair the overall score will be the two individual scores for each level divided by two. 7, 8, 9, 10." - Torry (03-Oct-2019)
"Third time's the charm, as Daniel's newly formed collaboration with Bojrkraider has helped to strengthen the quality of his general take on remaking TR2 for the better(of which the two previous demos he worked with alongside Xopax, while promising in their own right, suffered from a general sense of being rushed out the door before being properly ready, that is thankfully not the case here). The Great Wall level is moreorless the same as Demo 2 for the most part(albeit with one or two new areas added/reworked while others are removed, alongside a number of new secrets to uncover). It may not be much in the grand scheme of things, but the amount of confidence and sense of accomplishment on display is nevertheless awe-inspiring(with some impressive in-game animation for the famous end level cutscene between Lara and the Bartoli thug, despite using original TR2 audio still). St. Mark's Square on the other hand, is a level made entirely from scratch with a sense of scale that looks incredibly daunting at first glance(especially if you're intending to track down all the secrets). The amount of background detail within areas like the cafe or library is again, very impressive to experience first-hand and an incredible technical achievement at re-creating an actual place within the editor's limits. I may not have found all the secrets myself, but seeing an expert spelunker find every one on YouTube and learning that you can unlock postcards with behind-the-scenes comments from the builders about how they went about making the levels, is a neat little reward for 100% both maps and gives more of a reason to hunt for 'em beyond bragging rights for a change. In conclusion, an excellent outing that demonstrates how much SrDanielPonces has improved over the years as a builder and how refined his general vision for this long in-development recreation has become. If we can expect this kind of continued quality for the eventual full game in future, than I think the community can look forward to something truly special. Recommended!" - Ceamonks890 (31-May-2019)
"In the first level there are some similar TR2 areas like in the original game, but also some new rooms and tasks; not hard to play. The second level is totally new, and it's easy to get stucked 'cause the new objects and elements you can interact with, the small ledges and another stuff; I've got some problems here when swinging from pole to pole. Visually the levels are beautiful/marvellous, with an excellent architecture and texturization, great views and a lot of exploration in the second one, but I missed some puzzles to make me think a bit. All in all an extraordinary work from those experienced builders. Looking forward to the final release. Good work!" - Jose (01-Apr-2019)
"First of all, congratulations for this interesting game. The levels and textures are really wonderful and worked, and cinematics were a surprised for me. When I played, it made me feel nostalgic, remembering me as a kid playing TR2 with my brother, an incredible moment of my life. However, there's some things that I would like to talk about in order to improve some aspects. First, I think that there should be more music and themes in levels, which I really miss about. Another thing is that I know that you can exploit more the scenarios and make more innovations, with the classic TR's essence, of course, as Tr Retold did for example. I also think that it would be great if there's could be more enemies and puzzles, that I think it's very important on these kind of Tomb Raiders. I hope you'll still making this awesome project! ;)))" - xManuelCroft (16-Mar-2019)
"Great even as for a demo. From the screenshots I was afraid the HD buildings will look like paper but it's not the thing when you try the actual game. City gameplay has some confusing parts just like a city should, but the cabinet key just crosses the line - there should be some unmissable cabinet to teach you how to use it, because a lot of people will try this custom level as the first one in their life and they will be totally clueless you can even interact with those things. Some other things are plainly unfair, but those are all meant for minor or major secrets, what may or may not change in the final version but you could still debate if it should or shouldn't. Gotta take one point from graphics because I just couldn't ignore thousands of bent bricks - and while those can get compressed in real-life scenarios, it never happens on the surface, and in this Great Wall it's so notorious the entire room grid should be revised. That's all for now, waiting for the full version while this is already one of the best demos ever. Gooooooood job." - DJ Full (09-Mar-2019)
"I had a joyful surprise when I started the game as it really got the "Anniversary" point, so to change-the-game-and- improving-the-graphics. The game shows indeed the great ability of the authors, that cared a lot about the appearance and refreshed a little the gameplay. A demo of what might become a great remake of the, in my opinion, greatest Tomb Raider game. Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (09-Mar-2019)
"It’s been some time since a level’s atmosphere truly took my breath away, but this one did. The vistas that open out in the course of both levels are stunning: seeing the winding battlements of the Great Wall disappearing in the distance or the impressively accurate skyline of Venice across the water were both beautiful. The atmosphere made the levels fun to explore, since almost every moment looked gorgeous. The gameplay itself was largely exploration based rather than puzzles or traps, and I appreciated it immensely. Traversal is one of my favorite parts of early Tomb Raider levels in official games, and after all, these are meant to be introductory levels in a longer game rather than complete levels by themselves. The addition of new climbing and parallel bar swinging moves (and animations) for Lara made navigation especially fun. I found two things jarring: Lara’s scream when grabbing a ledge after a fall caught me by surprise since it really sounded painful rather than like an exertion. Also, the landing animation after a jump, with Lara’s slight stumble and screen shudder, became annoying over time. I also found some of the textures, while beautiful, to look squashed or stretched unnecessarily, especially underneath uneven ledges. That said, these issues are subsumed by the achievement of the grand scale visuals and one of the most faithful recreations of real places I’ve seen in a Tomb Raider level. Fun, easy to play, lots to explore, and lots to look at." - Cbl (03-Mar-2019)
"As an avid fan of Tomb Raider 2 I definitely had to try this, however it isn't necessarily what I expected in a remake. It has TR4s controls, yes it is in TR4's engine, but with a lot of the weird extra controls TR4 has, including some I've never seen before, even in other levels. Leaving me dumbfounded in many areas until I started pressing random buttons and found out that Lara can do wall leaps ala Assassin's Creed or tosspot games like Tomb Raider: Legend. They do however work fairly well here, that fairness I have to grant. And similar goes for the graphics and textures. They are much more high res and artistically sound, slight changes to the geometry of the original levels were used to create way bigger areas than the original presented, rewarding the player with some stunning views and vistas from little waterfalls, to grassy caves and deep dungeons. Especially the second level (which is not a remake but a new level entirely that bridges the gap between the original first two levels in a nice way) is an artistic achievement. Presenting you with a little part of Venice to explore for yourself, and that level is gigantic. With the whole cityscape and little NPCs that do not move it is, as mentioned previously an artistic achievement of the highest degree that will definitely surprise you in a good way. However... The problem herein is, that in order to create a great Tomb Raider level you do not just need artistic talents, you also need to be a good level designer. And this is this level-set's biggest issue - Level Design. While the Great Wall level isn't as problematic in this because it tries to somewhat follow the original's design, it still kind of mianders around with a lot of open and empty areas, and this game has very little pickups overall. Worse yet, the second level. As stunningly pretty as it is, I'm not sure I'd consider it an actual "Tomb Raider" level as 90% of the level is spend running around the city like it's some kind of maze to find something, anything. And after a while you have already seen all the cool city walls, and you see it for what it is underneath. A bland boring hedge maze. The whole thing containing about 5 enemies in total. Defeating me made me almost feel a rush of adrenaline as it allowed me a break from the tedium that is the rest of the level, which goes the following way: You find two keys, each of these keys opens some kind of little hut, which has a enemy inside that drops one half of a key item. Put that key item into it's keyhole and you can essentially enter the area the vanilla game's "Venice" level starts in. That is about 10 minutes of actual Tomb Raider gameplay and 90 Minutes of Secret Files: Tunguska coupled with finding side-grade secrets. Otherwise the entire level does not have a single form of ammo pickup. Wait I'm lying, I found blue shotgun shells somewhere. Then like 3 med kits and that is it. Though in all fairness, maybe I felt that way because I'm an old school TR2 shooty-bang-bang knucklehead. So if you really enjoy a bit of (often fruitless) exploration, don't mind a bit of downtime from the action but absolute love seeing some magnificent artistry, then you will love this Demo. The textures alone might change your perception on what is doable in this older engine. If however you are like me, and not being able to shoot a mass of pixels for like 10 minutes gives you a prickly feeling on your skin, then you are unlikely to enjoy this." - The Snarky Lesbian (25-Feb-2019)
"We've had our share of TR2 remakes lately, complete with the annoying and totally unnecessary FMV sequence from the original release. At least the one here is abbreviated. For some reason it's been given the name "definitive" demo, whatever that means. It could be an intended slap at Tombraider95's partial remake released back in June. Probably not, however, since that one was not billed as a demo, but the inference is certainly reasonable. Anyway, we once again get to explore the Great Wall and Venice. To me Great Wall was little more than a rehash of what we've seen many times before, with tigers and crows and spiders and - you get the picture - and it's unnecessarily dark in too many places, but the remote views of the wall and surrounding countryside are breathtaking. For my money, the reason you play this one is the delightful romp you get in St. Mark's Square. It's remarkably accurate (I know, I've been there) and a far cry from the Venice levels we've been offered to date. You spend a little time in the water, but most of the gameplay takes place in and around the iconic buildings of Venice's trademark tourist attraction. All told I spent about an hour and a half here, but the latter segment was by far the more enjoyable. Highly recommended." - Phil (15-Jan-2019)
"So much fun in what seemed like so short because playing this made time go by fast! Venice was my favorite demo level. The atmosphere and the graphics were just amazing. I can't wait for more levels to be released!" - Victoria (13-Jan-2019)
"Wonderful atmosphere, nostalgic however with new and very well built scenarios. I loved every detail, congratulations to the work." - Dark Sheep (12-Jan-2019)
"This is a very promising demo with excellent looks, both parts of the first and the whole second level are pretty stunning to look at and especially the second level is a very realistic picture of Venice that makes this game worth to see. Not sure if I can say it's worth to play, because the gameplay is really not to my liking. Much of the first level is highly reminiscent of the original level and even if some traps and jump sequences are different, it wasn't that interesting to follow. The second level is basically an extended sightseeing trip, as said it's nice for visiting all the locations alone but there's little to do actually, else than finding a lot of items (most are secrets in one form or another). Sometimes a few decent acrobatics make up for the change. I wished there were a lot more puzzles and actual tasks in there. All the secret items are fun to find but there is not enough substance to the main gameplay path. What could have been better were the many parts where Lara just looks onto plain walls, often there is something important around but not where she looks at, but that's a minor thing - all other aspects are very professional and it's an extremely beautiful game, despite a few textures needing some more attention. I also liked that you get an explanation on how Lara enters the "real" Venice level at the end. Maybe there is more to come in other levels of the full version, I really hope so because otherwise the talent of the builders is not used to its maximum. Finished in 50 minutes." - manarch2 (11-Jan-2019)
"Lara explores the Great Wall and Venice just like the old times. Gameplay is mostly exploration and traps with a fair amount of combat, but a bit lacking in the puzzles department. The levels are decorated nicely with a variety of objects, including people that help Venice feel just a bit less sparse. The geometry is good and the levels are immersive, I particularly liked the new part of the Great Wall level and how it gives a sense of a vast landscape. The cutscenes are put together very well. Textures are applied well, a few get warped due to the geometry which prevents them from lining up with each other, but that is a minor complaint. Lighting is nice but more color variety would please me. Overall I am impressed with the attention to detail and this reiteration of Tomb Raider 2 blew away my expectations. 1 hour 15 minutes." - JesseG (08-Jan-2019)
"Simply stunning. I personally don't enjoy the original Tomb Raider 2 that much but this pack is simply stunning. the new areas added in the Great Wall are mesmerizing. The entirety of the second level is just great. Amazing work! Can't wait to see the full game!" - Troye (07-Jan-2019)
"TR Anniversary 9/9/10/10 What a treat this is: a beautifully updated version of the first two TR2 levels. The Great Wall level is truly impressive, but for pure, jaw-dropping amazement just wait until you get to Venice and view St Mark's square. It's entirely realistic and, as someone who adores Venice levels in all their incarnations, I was happy just to wander around sight-seeing before getting stuck into any actual gameplay. It's not a slavish re-creation of the original levels (although quite a few parts of the Great Wall will seem familiar), more a re-imagined version of the old favourites, with Lara's up to date moves and vastly superior graphics. There's plenty of fun to be had with the gameplay too, whether emulating the fun traps etc., from the Great Wall, or the largely new aspects of Venice. I had a wonderful time and was really sorry when it ended. I just hope we don't have to wait too long for the full version, but obviously games of this quality can't be rushed. An absolute must-play." - Jay (07-Jan-2019)
"A very impressive Demo that improves on all aspects of the previous Trials, the new areas are integrated in such a nice way, without feeling like they were shoehorned, I also have to praise the implementation of the alternate secrets and artifacts, the amount of things to collect might be overwhelming to some, however, the implementation of such felt right, well hidden, but not cryptic, with a nice in- sight into the development of the level and some extra trivia as a reward. The atmosphere was spot-on, full of visual details and a sleek look, the highlight for me however was the new level, a really nice intro and it fills in the plot gaps really well, with nice pacing and build- up." - SeniorBlitz (05-Jan-2019)
"I have to say that this demo really improved from the last one, the great wall level was really beautiful and enjoyable but I saw some distorded textures and some strange shadows that makes the room kinda weird. As for the second level the gameplay gets slow, basically you just walk around and search for keys to go forward and the map is really difficult to follow. I got lost a lot of times, the first level was great but the second needs more improving, looking forward!" - ameliacrofty (04-Jan-2019)
"Remakes of official levels aren't among my favourites, as it would have to really surpass my expectations for me to find it worthwhile to play without getting a sense that I've been there and done that (but that's just me, others might feel differently). So I was actually very pleasantly surprised by this effort and found it thoroughly entertaining (rather perversely). It's based around the Great Wall and Venice sections and manages to be faithful to the parts that are recognisable, but it adds a significant amount of new gameplay to the format, making it a much more enjoyable and rewarding experience overall. The locations themselves are also beautifully crafted and textured. In particular, Venice looks absolutely stunning with the new textures used. The secret system is very different to the one from the original game. You still get the pickups reward for collecting all three in a level, but you can also acquire gold bars and Venetian masks in the respective levels for a bonus of a little behind the scenes look at the project. Not as useful as ammo or medipacks but a nice touch nonetheless. Overall, I enjoyed this much more than I expected to, and I'm looking forward eagerly to the next sections." - Ryan (04-Jan-2019)
"This demo looks good, has amazing gameplay it also has a good atmosphere, 100% recommended, Can't think of any reason not to give a full score. Can't wait till the full game comes out." - JoeTheCrazyGamer (01-Jan-2019)