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The Coast of France by Rudolf

Adrian 7 7 8 8
Chel 7 7 8 8
DJ Full 9 9 10 10
Drakan 10 10 10 10
Jay 9 10 10 10
Jorge22 9 10 10 10
Jose 8 8 9 10
Josey 7 6 10 8
manarch2 8 7 9 9
Phil 9 9 10 10
Ryan 9 9 10 10
release date: 11-Jun-2019
# of downloads: 226

average rating: 8.89
review count: 11
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file size: 147.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Castle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Excellent work from this author. I loved the architecture and texturization, the well placed objects and the not difficult gameplay, usually based on exploration and the interaction with new objects. Perhaps I missed some more enemies, but the adventure is entertaining and enjoyable anyway. The best for me was the perfect lighting and the good use of the cameras. Recommended." - Jose (19-Sep-2019)
"Enjoyable set of levels set in and around some coastal ruins in France. While I did have fun with these, there were also some very annoying aspects - namely the odd cause and effect tasks that were necessary to move the level along. When picking up items causes doors to open, etc. it becomes frustrating. The majority of the game play is like this. Shooting random barrels and statures causes jump switches to appear and doors to open which isn't the best gameplay. I felt like there wasn't much logic in the level progression at times. The last level also suffers from some truly terrible lag, and I was unable to find a way to remedy this. I have a rather high-end PC that I built myself specifically for gaming, so I know that in my case this wasn't a hardware related issue; something went awry with the game engine here that unfortunately wasn't resolved in time for the level's release. It took me a few sessions to complete this last level because the lag was making me feel queasy/drunk! Very unfortunate, because I like the harbor setting and atmosphere. As it was I powered through this bit as quickly as I could just to be done with it. :( Really nice to see some innovative new traps used here and there. There's some potential here for nifty ideas to become awesome. The barrel traps and cannons need some animation enhancements, but I appreciated their inclusion. Level design and atmosphere was nice, with the lighting being spot on for the most part The cellars beneath the seaside fort were made creepy by some well-placed ambient music. Some spaces were wide open and felt empty, the dunes in particular, but overall everything came together nicely and had a very pleasant aesthetic. I'm definitely interested in playing whatever Rudolf designs next, and I hope he continues to grow and improve. :)" - Chel (11-Aug-2019)
"A good game, very atmospheric, with a lot of different actions (some of them difficult to guess) and objects. I had a difficult time with the gameplay for three reasons, not to mention the lagging already pinpointed by everyone: (1) a serious bug when Lara tried to jump back from one column to the following one; I saw at the Forum that at least two other members found the same bug; (2) the labyrinthic passages of the game, and the boring need to break an endless series of windows in order to find the right one, the window that Lara had to climb at the end of a quite tight timed run; (2) last, but not least, the need to shoot an object that seemed to be a quite strong religious symbol, namely, an image of the Holy Mary, Mother of Christ and an object of particular devotion for me. (In fact, I just found in another recent game a need to shoot the chest of a Buddah image; and even if I am not against the use of some religious symbols as game objects, I am certainly against a need to vandalize them, whatever religion they belong to.) For the rest, I found interesting the spikes' use to block corridors, found no flaw with atmosphere, sound and cameras, and the almost absence of enemies means nothing to me." - Josey (09-Jul-2019)
"I was a bit disappointed by the start of the level where the atmosphere did not really click with me - the lighting on the shore is pretty flat and the place isn't exactly nicely textured. But that was almost the only place I disliked, as the rest of the levelset has a great atmosphere and is designed professionally. I especially admired the large open areas and the harbour in the last part, even though some cause quite a bit of lagging. I had the problem that I could not reload at all in the second and third level, so I had to switch to another PC to be able to finish. The gameplay relies a bit too much on picking up objects to trigger an action, but it is still very creative, traps are a challenge and very nicely designed (with a lot of customized traps) and puzzles are spot on as well. I feel a few of those larger areas are a bit underused, as there is relatively little to do actually else than traversing them and doing a few simple tasks. Despite good usage of objects overall, I think a few secrets and more enemies would've been helpful to spice things up. Overall a nice return of the builder with a lot of things improved from his debut. There is a lot of talent visible so I hope to see more from him soon... Finished in 1:15 hours." - manarch2 (27-Jun-2019)
"In his succinct review, Adrian has pinpointed my two major disappointments with this otherwise masterful release. It seemed to me that there was a little too much of this business of clearing passages of spike traps and performing complicated tasks just to open the next door. There were no secrets, either, but you get everything you get from normal play, which is sufficiently taxing in its own right, so there's no just reason for deducting points because of the lack of secrets. The lag in the harbor area--which is the most scenic and picturesque in the whole game--was just pronounced enough to be annoying, and I'm wondering why this couldn't have been fixed prior to release (even through mention is made of the situation in the readme). Indeed, I use an old computer and operating system, but the phenomenon was apparently experienced by everyone. There are few enemies, and the player's progress is largely enabled through the process of figuring things out. Dutchy has provided his typically thorough walkthrough to take the guesswork out of this, which I was grateful to have. My high marks are prompted mainly by the lush surroundings and the freshness of the tasks (other than those involving triggering spikes and opening doors), and it's surely a worthy candidate for Hall of Fame honors. My total playing time was just a hair shy of two and a half hours. High recommendations." - Phil (27-Jun-2019)
"This was a level set with great potential, which was very good , but didn't quite live up to its promise. The early levels were very linear with simple gameplay, but improved in the last two levels. I thought the textures & objects were engaging & imaginative. A lot of effort was put in to them I feel. However the two real negatives for me were the lag in the last level (improved for me by killing the tomb.exe initiated rundll process hogging 40% of my CPU time) and repeatedly using the picking up of an object inexplicably causing an distant action (e.g. a door opening or moving of a structure) - poor gameplay in my book I'm afraid." - Adrian (23-Jun-2019)
"This is a really nice and creative game and I enjoyed it so much so I was sad to see it end when it ended (I was hoping for some more - wishful thinking). True, one has to get into the spirit of the gameplay before one's able to understand how to proceed as, at the start, every place seems to lead nowhere. I rather liked the atmosphere and I've nothing negative to say about the lighting and the colour use as that's actually very personal and I thought everything looked globally great. The Coast of France, hmm? Yeah, I think it fits. Very well done indeed (and without the need to use messy exes that are only good for confusing both antiviruses and players). My 9 in gameplay is only there because things may get a little too confusing at times... But I'm still left wondering as the game's creative feel could probably make up for that in ways... I don't think I found any secret. Were there any secrets anywhere?" - Jorge22 (22-Jun-2019)
"It is a very good level with a lot of thought, it is very well textured and enlightened. I just regret the lag in the 2nd part of Coats, and I was in a hurry it was to finish this part because of that. The dune level is huge but there is not much to do, I took the grate jumping from behind, I do not know if it was the right way. Excellent with new puzzles and few enemies (rats). No secrets found . Recommended." - Drakan (20-Jun-2019)
"What a wonderful atmosphere this game has, especially the coastal section with the waves pounding the shoreline. The whole thing is beautifully made and a pleasure to explore. There’s not a lot of enemy action (which never bothers me to be honest) but otherwise the gameplay is well rounded and interesting, with some excellent custom objects to ponder over. Some of the areas are large and there may be only one action to undertake so it’s easy to think you may have missed something, but it’s all so good looking that I was more than content to be a sightseer in places. The builder very carefully channels the player by closing doors to areas and inserting spike traps in passages, thus avoiding too much ‘headless chicken’ mode, running around wondering where to go next. I appreciated that! Innovative and hard to put down, you must not miss this, it’s something very different." - Jay (18-Jun-2019)
"What a lengthy and enjoyable game this was! The surroundings are imposing and attractive, while the atmosphere is topnotch, with the seagulls squawking and the waves crashing in the background and the general construction is well up to standard. Gameplay should be mostly accessible to all groups of raiders, although a couple of the timed runs and trap sequences might prove difficult, although there's nothing insurmountable to get through. I particularly loved the sweet usages of the various objects, including the ships and the rotating "spinning tops" (affectionately named in the walkthrough) in the first level. The only issues I had were near the end where I encountered some persistent lagging problems in the last few areas. It wasn't game-stopping and I was able to make the timed run without too much trouble, but it was an annoyance nonetheless. Luckily I was near the end so I won't complain too much. Apart from that irritation, I had a wonderful time here and I would recommend this to anyone who is relatively experienced. As DJ Full said, it's nice that the builder took the feedback from his first game into account and has crafted a more well rounded experience. Looking forward to the next one." - Ryan (16-Jun-2019)
"This is probably the most creative thing I played this year so far. I only take two points, one for notoriously badly tinted objects, another for certain gameplay nonsense which would have me pull my hair if I didn't have both hands on the keyboard - and with such a great betatest team onboard I will assume it was rather the builder ignoring their advice... oh well - whoever fault it was, it damages the game so have 9,5 instead of a perfect 10 and I hope this thing gets into Hall of Fame because it's unique and it deserves so. But probably the best thing was to see THOUSANDS of miles of progress you made as a builder since your last release. Congratulations!" - DJ Full (14-Jun-2019)