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The Vagrant's Villa Mortal 2 revised by piano_raider

DJ Full 7 9 9 8
Drakan 9 8 8 8
eRIC 7 8 8 7
Jay 8 8 8 8
Jose 6 7 7 7
manarch2 4 5 7 6
Mman 7 7 8 7
Nuri 5 8 9 8
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 7 8 8 9
Torry 9 7 9 8
release date: 12-Aug-2019
# of downloads: 168

average rating: 7.57
review count: 11
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file size: 85.10 MB
file type: TR4
class: Remake

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I wish it included ammo counter and kill counter to better grant the TR1 impression. Maybe also white flares. And tbh if I was making a revision, I would revamp graphics a bit more and surely eliminate basic visual errors. The rest is not bad and the remake might be useful for people who have trouble running TR1 levels." - DJ Full (30-Nov-2023)
"Wow, what's going on? Just after finishing the "The Vagrant's Journey to Sumeria Remake", I've seen this and immediately downloaded it. I'm so glad that people redo the amazing levels of the Vagrant. This revised version actually doesn't offer anything particularly new. It's just the same level with the better TR4 effects and a much more detailed Lara. I didn't notice any changes in level design at all. Therefore this level was a nostalgic trip back to some beautiful known areas. I however am a little underwhelmed, because there was nothing new for me." - Nuri (15-Jan-2020)
"Not a bad remake, but the author could add new features or puzzles to that cool areas, because the gameplay is poor, only exploration to kill animals, pull switches and move blocks. You'll find a TR1 taste in this level; the old textures, the old enemies, the old sounds... The secrets are not hidden, there are enough guns and ammo so you don't need to continuously use the pistols and there are some flybys to create atmosphere, but not a very entertaining level except for those nostalgics who like exploration. Anyway worth to play for me." - Jose (18-Dec-2019)
"Another remake of a legendary Vagrant level who at the time, was leading the Unofficial Editor scene with his outstanding visions of Tomb Raider 1. This is an expanded version of the original but it plays pretty much the same and the atmosphere is true to the original. I did find the enemies particularly difficult to kill except for the lions so the hit factors may have been increased somewhat. The newer weapons, once you find them help a lot with this. The wow factor at the Diana Statue was not as grandiose as the original unfortunately but still pretty good. I enjoyed revisiting a classic with the new updates." - Torry (03-Oct-2019)
"I am somewhat more grateful of remakes of TR 1 than for the other types because playing the original ones can be hard and/or frustrating due to engine problems. However, I still think that the time would be spent much better with creating unique levels. This level does not try to be original (as the remake of Journey to Sumeria was at least in parts) and rather tries to rebuild everything as faithfully as possible. This did not work so well because there are many badly applied textures, wallpaper effects, not very nice looking lighting and a lack of custom objects. The level still looks decent overall, but this is mainly the effort of The Vagrant. The enemies are done decently, but there is a too large difference between the HD Lara model and the old school enemies. Many enemies are also popping up out of thin air, some even falling down from midair, pick ups are also floating in the air. The gameplay is okay, with a few platforming parts added for some diversion and a bit of exploration as well, but no real puzzles and the like and many rooms do not serve any function at all. This was already an issue of mine in the former version where gameplay was rather neglected as well. Anyway, I spent 20 minutes in here making up for a not unpleasant, but not (anymore) memorable raid. Found all three secrets." - manarch2 (23-Aug-2019)
"As the name suggests this is a recreation of TR1's Villa Mortal 2 (which itself is essentially a finished version of 1) into TR4, and my thoughts on it as an actual level can be seen in my review of that. As a recreation this does a good job, with all the general design and ideas as they were (including the complex statue object). By locking off the exit behind a key it also makes the level feel more coherent with a slight tweak. Combat is a bit tougher as the TR4 versions of the enemies are a bit stronger (outside of the weirdly weak Lions). The weak point is the lighting, even outside of the TR1 nature making it just white, it also feels flatter than Villa Mortal 2 itself; I'm not sure if it's more a change in how the engine handles lighting or simply a failure to recreate the subtleties of The Vagrant's version, but this area could have took a few more liberties. Since this recreation added some ambient music changes a few more music cues would be a nice addition to the original as well. Despite a couple of imperfections this is a great way to experience one of the best TR1-based maps if you can't get around the clunkiness of getting the TR1 engine working properly." - Mman (21-Aug-2019)
"Don't remember much the original level so i will rate according to what i saw here. The gameplay is intriguing , appearing and being often easy but not completely predictable so that's good. It's mostly based on exploration and finding a few levers with some swimming and jumps. Good atmosphere sounds and enemies, mostly gorillas , with also bats lions and crocs. Easy secrets , the third one is original with a giant statue , there is also some pillars you can jump upon. short flybys with Lara not deactivated in the beginning. The setting globally stands solid, with some stretched or squashed textures, the textures with greenery are often not used to the best effect and you can easily reach the top/end of the world in some places. Lighting is convenient. All in all a good raiding with pleasant progression so i would have liked it to be a bit longer and maybe with a better ending and a more coherent texturing. Good work though and thank you for this revision (not all players can play the TR1 levels nowadays)." - eRIC (18-Aug-2019)
"I’m frequently unsure about the whole remake genre, but in this particular instance I have to say I approve. The builder has taken an old, and most enjoyable, TR1 level and recreated it, more or less intact, in the crisp visuals and more versatile TR4 engine. It does make for an enjoyable experience and those wonderful St Francis Folly textures look splendid. Quite a treat." - Jay (16-Aug-2019)
"I love much this type of level. Despite some imperfections (packed textures, lack of obvious objects in these large rooms ...), I knew by starting this level that I will go to the end with pleasure. There are many enemies (gorillas, lions, bats ..) but we have enough ammunition. I loved the statue of Lara (beautiful) and this light at the top, was very attractive (smile). Excellent." - Drakan (16-Aug-2019)
"This is an enjoyable and fairly easy remake of a TR1 level I probably didn't play when it was first released. The TR4 version has an extended game map, but the player comes full circle at the end to use the key that ends the level. There are tons of gorillas, crocodiles in water-free areas where one wouldn't expect to find them, the occasional lion, some huge bats and even a couple of rats to round out an assortment of enemies. The three secrets provide you with the necessary firepower, and there's plenty of ammo to find along the way. The lighting is just fine, and I don't think I had to light a single flare. I glanced at the original walkthrough, and there appear to be only cosmetic changes in this revision. I spent more than an hour here because I was writing a walkthrough as I played, but you get a decent raid for your download. I'll never tire of levels that give us this kind of quality entertainment." - Phil (15-Aug-2019)
"Throughout the time I spent playing this level, I was in a bit of a quandary over how best to rate it. Do I rate it similarly to The Vagrant's original work for remaining faithful to it, or downrate it for the same reason? In the end, I decided to go for the first option as I was feeling in a generous mood. Anyway, it's certainly a creditable debut effort, and the builder has recreated the feeling of the original quite nicely and the surroundings are great to look at, and I didn't think that the TR1 textures were as grainy this time around. The pickups are generously supplied, thankfully so as the enemies do gang up on you at times. There's nothing too complex to overcome and it did seem to end rather suddenly, but otherwise I actually quite enjoyed this one and look forward to this builder's next effort." - Ryan (15-Aug-2019)