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The Myth of Khonsu by Igor Gois

alan 6 6 6 8
DJ Full 4 8 8 7
eRIC 6 8 7 5
Jose 4 8 6 7
Lizard Queen 9 5 5 5
manarch2 4 7 6 5
Phil 8 9 8 6
Ryan 6 8 7 6
release date: 11-Oct-2019
# of downloads: 129

average rating: 6.50
review count: 8
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file size: 240.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

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Reviewer's comments
"Extremely tiring due to task repetition and lack of flares. Large size and dragging puzzles also with fake hints make it never want to end. Audiovisually good and technically decent but absolutely not recommended for gameplay reasons. Apage." - DJ Full (27-Nov-2023)
"A very long, complex level with very dark lighting. There are many levers to pull, some complicated puzzles with doors, pushing blocks, etc. Also some pretty tough boss fights, especially the scorpion one. You better use flares wisely because I don't think there will be a time you won't need them. Not bad but it was too dark and complex for my taste." - alan (28-Apr-2023)
"Perusing the Review Wishlist as I often do, I have seen this level time and time again, just sitting there patiently waiting to be reviewed. And yes, I was intrigued as to why it was still there. So here I am to the rescue, ready to free this poor level from wishlist purgatory and give it a valiant try. What I liked about this level: 1) I’m fond of mazes, so the multi corridor hub at the start is a nice way to link different areas in a maze type fashion. 2) Inclusion of the aqualung is an excellent addition, although I wished for it sooner. 3) I surprisingly enjoyed the timed run with the sloped blocks in the lava room. 4) Nice idea how the underwater maze drained and became a land maze… same area, yet so different. 5) I liked how the crowbar doors were consistently textured so you knew they would always be crowbar doors. 6) I really liked seeing the number of ammo on screen when arming weapons. 7) The underwater Bird & Eyes door puzzle was fantastic fun. Especially nice was the fact that Lara still had the “aqualung” ability even though it was not in inventory for the 2nd level, which made the puzzle that much more enjoyable. 8) The Trigger tile/Door puzzle was also very enjoyable and very well designed. What I didn’t like or thought could be improved: 1) Not fond of enemies to begin with so having them attack “en masse” all the time was a bit much. 2) I can’t stress enough, there were simply not enough cutscenes to explain what pulling switches or triggering tiles does. 3) A significant part of the surroundings are very, very dark, flares are scarce and textures a bit too monochromatic. 4) Got stuck on doors in the underwater maze which can get frustrating when you’re short on air. 5) The clue provided after completing the fire pillar task was not particularly helpful in the dark maze room. 6) No compass? C’mon, dude. 7) There’s a hatch (trap door) that stays closed until you pickup the CROSSBOW (of all things). If you listen closely right after picking up the crossbow, you’ll hear a faint click and that would be the hatch. If you don’t pickup the crossbow first (I missed it completely), all you see is a closed hatch which left me searching forever wondering what switch I missed. 8) Shooting the ball in the very high ceiling without a lasersight from ground level is not fun (or fair, really). I used the SHOTGUN technique and had quite a few hit and miss episodes with it. Conclusion: There comes a point in time (and life in general) when you just have to “bow to the absurd” and so I did when playing this level. Instead of being eternally frustrated with the darkness, I embraced it and lo and behold started enjoying the level for what it was. Aside from the darkness issue, I have to say this type of gameplay is right up my alley. So if you don’t mind a level where the main challenge is to figure out what switch did what in mostly darkness or don’t mind consulting the walkthrough a lot and are not put off by underwater mazes, then you’ll eventually get to see some really nice puzzles and actually enjoy playing this level. Due to the tight underwater segments, tricky blade traps, tight timed runs and not to mention the “shooting the ball with the shotgun” requirement, I think it goes without saying, not appropriate for beginners." - Lizard Queen (01-Jul-2021)
"All issues have already been named so I won't go much into detail here - darkness, excessive backtracking and repeating of tasks, missing camera clues - but I really think the builder is capable of much, much more because there were a few decent puzzle and trap ideas and even fun timed tasks in this one (unfortunately, because of the necessity to repeat most of them up to five or so times, I was annoyed by those as well at the end). I especially detested the eternal swimming sequence where you get to find the lung with infinite air only towards the end. Visually there is also a lot to be desired, the areas are way too large and because of the permanent drabness and similarity of the areas there is no real sense of place in this game, although it is visible that the builder can handle lighting and at times also texturing in an agreeable way if he really wants, but this can only be seen in a handful of areas. Cameras are mainly absent while music is aptly chosen at time; enemies and secrets are decently placed with not too many and not too few pickups provided. All in all the good ideas together with apt lighting settings could've formed a decent, say 45 minute, but not a 2:15 hour long level (and you know I'm rather fast). I was more than glad to have reached the finish line after an eternal pushing sequence and an equally endless boss fight." - manarch2 (28-Mar-2020)
"A couple of long levels, not too huge, but very laborious because there are thousands of levers to pull, and most of the times without a camera shot to show what the player is triggering. Not very agree with the gameplay, always leaving closed doors behind and always forcing the players to go back revisiting the same places only to pull a switch, go back to previous places to pull another switch, return to the previous room to pull (yes) another lever and so on... In the second level, the jump with the rope hanging over the roof was really nasty; I had to try it dozens of times. The enemies are well placed, there are enough ammo for the extra guns (the big scorpion at the end of the first level was incredibly and unnecesary hard to kill) and the secrets are not hard to find. Not a bad atmosphere, and the texturization is usually good, but the general lighting is too dark in many rooms, and the provided flares were not enough for me. Anyway a builder with a good potential, but forcing the players to repeat the same movements again and again and the continuous backtracking without puzzles to solve I think is not good for many players." - Jose (05-Jan-2020)
"While there is undoubted potential in this incredibly expansive adventure, at the end of the day it felt like too much of an ordeal to be fully enjoyable. I do applaud Igor for attempting something ambitious for his first offering, but therein lies the main problem: it's TOO ambitious (and therefore more irritating than I would have liked) for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the encroaching darkness levels. With the exception of a couple of rooms at the beginning and the third boss level, everything is close to pitch-black throughout the game, meaning that the gameplay was nowhere near as involving as it should have been, instead I had to light countless flares just to get through one small section. The second reason is the monotonous backtracking segments and long, long passages. 95% of the time when you complete or trigger an action, you have to trek back a hideously long way to try and locate what had happened. The latter is difficult in itself as camera clues are at a premium unfortunately. Lastly, the obscure door and lever puzzles. I have to give full credit to Phil (as well as Doggett and TombTitan) for being able to figure these out and lay it out so clearly as I was at my wits end where these were concerned and eventually ended up following the walkthrough word for word. Another annoyance is that the giant scorpion and demigod were far too time-consuming to take down, while the pushable puzzles were also a bit too tedious, but they're relatively minor irritations. But enough of the negatives as there were some enjoyable sections in between in the form of a couple of nifty trap sequences, exhilarating timed runs, well placed enemies (minus the two noted above) and the aqualung was a neat addition. If more work had invested into the more enjoyable sections and the length toned down quite a bit, then this would likely have been far more enjoyable to play through. As it is, I was rather relieved to finish this one and I felt like I was enduring rather than enjoying the game, which isn't a good sign." - Ryan (28-Oct-2019)
"This debut effort bears all the marks of a seasoned veteran, but one thing the builder failed to allow for was the sensibilities of his playing public. As others have noted, the gameplay is engaging and quite competently put together, but it's so dark in places that you can scarcely see what you're doing. At such times I tried to conserve my flares by firing my pistols continuously to provide just a little bit more light, and to my surprise I found that there were 28 flares remaining in my inventory when the game ended more than four hours later. Similarly, although I had to force myself to keep playing during the early stages, I found myself becoming more and more engrossed in the unfolding saga as the game wore on. If not for the ever-faithful DoggettTV and his videos, not to mention the technical advice provided by TombTitan, I never would have been able to make it all the way through. The kill factor (whatever the proper term for that may be) for the giant scorpion and the demigod at the end was set abnormally high, but if you discipline yourself by using pistols only for the "routine" enemies you should have plenty of high-powered ammunition when you really need it. I followed the video walks in preparing a written walkthrough, and although I haven't explained what every last switch accomplishes, there's no real need for that if you just do what I've indicated should be done, and when I've told you to do it. As they would always tell me when I was a buck private in the Army, you don't need to know why an order is given, you just need to obey it. I hope the builder keeps at it, and that he'll give us a more player-friendly offering next time." - Phil (27-Oct-2019)
"A complete adventure with a storyline illustrated in game by some texts appearing on the screen explaining why you are there and why a few things happen. Some interesting parts in the gameplay with for example good ideas of traps, some jumps also are interesting, none of the individual actions are very hard even if in some places you need to be on your toes. The first level (level 1) is the biggest (took me 2 hours) and what is the most complicated is the many doors and switches , and as there is not many cameras you need to backtrack to know where to proceed next. It is in this one that the most of the traps are, i liked much the timed actions. Some parts are really mean or not well designed though , the deadly tiles in one part where you have symbols high up but you can't see them well. Also the second time i went in the lava room with the timed trapdoors i notice it was harder for one of the trapdoors, not sure what caused this. Generally you don't really know what is timed and what is not. One more annoying element are some white trigger tiles on which you need to step upon , some of them are located in places you don't logically need to go to. So there is some confusion which is seriously aggravated with the persavise darkness and that goes for the whole game, only in a few places you don't need a flare. The two following levels and the second part of the first are shorter with generally less areas to explore but some complicated puzzles await you : an underwater area with many doors and UW switches where you need to take notes at least mentally what you have already done, and big puzzles with pushing blocks and globes, before getting your prize. The setting is solidly made but average , not many beginners mistakes except there is no textures for the water , textured with the typical Egyptian NG textures. Lighting has been worked on. Enemies are two types of ninjas with some dogs and big bats , and two bigger enemies that take long to kill. There is enough ammos and medipacks but not enough flares. A game that is a challenge -and not because of the darkness alone- recommanded if you are very perseverant." - eRIC (13-Oct-2019)