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Create a Classic 2019 - Tomb of Thoth by Dreamfall

ameliacrofty 9 10 10 9
Cbl 7 9 8 8
DJ Full 7 8 8 7
dragooncroft 7 8 8 8
Jay 8 8 9 9
JesseG 9 8 9 8
Jose 5 8 9 8
manarch2 7 8 7 7
MarlenaCrystal 8 9 9 8
MichaelP 9 7 8 8
Mman 9 9 9 9
nerdfury 9 8 8 6
Phil 9 8 9 8
Ryan 8 8 9 9
TombExplorer 8 8 9 9
Torry 7 9 10 7
release date: 05-Nov-2019
# of downloads: 100

average rating: 8.22
review count: 16
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file size: 27.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Fifteenth of the Create a Classic 2019 competition that I actually played, this was quite a nice raid.
This adventure is set in a TR4-Styled Tomb at night-time(what a sweet setting!) and graphically, despite using said TR4 textures, it doesn't feel bad at all!
Graphically it looks very pleasant and unlike some other people, I don't find it too dark at all!
Gameplay-wise, it's mostly a platformer and especially the first half is very fun and engaging. The second part of the level, on the other hand, was a bit slower paced but not too bad either.
What really stands out and is memorable of this level is actually the last boss fight. A bit buggy, but it's original! I really love when authors focus on custom boss fights, and I really think the idea here was great. Good Job!

Overall, this is a simple but slightly challenging level that has some cool ideas and great setting and I really was not expecting this when I downloaded the game.
Of course, it's not the best level on the site by any means, but it does what it wants to do greatly. Good job!

Recommended? Yes, definitely.

Difficulty? Medium-Hard

Duration? Approx. 1-2 hours.

" - TombExplorer (09-Oct-2022)
"This level takes no prisoners and players that are new to trle should probably give it a wide berth. And no, it is not actually overly challenging in itself, but requires you to be quite routinely happy about managing jumps in tight corners, with plenty of curves. And while I do enjoy that in principle, it feels a bit overdone here - as if the builder wanted to show off that he can make almost every jump a little more tricky than it needed to be. Aside from that you get plenty of tasks to do in the 90 minutes or so that you will spend in this tomb, including a few timed sequences (which again, are not so tightly timed, but require strong precision in your moves), push puzzles, torch puzzle, mirror room, 4 golden skull secrets. So once you get the hang of the trickier jumping it is all quite fun, well until the end where the builder spoils it some more. Sure, the idea of getting the hammer god killed by luring him onto a spike trap - twice - and then again - twice - on another spike trap is kind of innovative - but it is also kind of hard to guess that this is what you need to do and on top of that it is quite random whether you succeed or not. And then you make it and your sigh of relief has not yet ended and then the earthquake starts and accompanies you until you somehow figure out the way to the exit - oh, including a pixel perfect corner to corner jump while your screen is shaking... very bad choices here and I would have scored the level evn higher than I did without this finale being on such a low note. Still - a very competently designed and built level, maybe a bit too clever for its own good and definitely only for the seasoned raiders out there." - MichaelP (20-Jun-2021)
"(9) Gameplay & Puzzles
This level is gonna be a bit tricky to rate because I loved the gameplay aspect, and I don't want my sour opinion of the lighting to affect the gameplay category. I loved the challenging platforming sequences and timed runs, the need to angle your jump *just right*, the variety of creative puzzles and the thrill of dodging various traps. Many sequences I had to repeat over 20 times to get right; however, the amazing feeling I had once I finally conquered a platforming sequence was worth it. My favorite aspects of the gameplay was the torch-fetching and the crazy trap gauntlet after inserting the 2 star keys. I would have given a 10 for gameplay if not for the very obtuse beginning of the mirror room puzzle.

(8) Enemies,Objects & Secrets
I enjoyed all of the enemies (aside from the final boss fight) and the builder used decorative objects very well from start to finish. About half way through the game, I thought it was super cool that an Ahmet jumped out of nowhere and scared the bejesus out of me. The final boss fight was creative and original, but it just wasn't very fun.

(8) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras
The builder did a wonderful job with crafting a grim, spooky atmosphere; however, I felt like none of the rooms were memorable in terms of architectural design, if that makes sense. They all kind of blended in with each other. Music was used well during tense moments or when discovering new areas, although I thought it was weird that there was no tense tune when a timed run commenced. Flyby and standard cameras were great. The earthquake was too strong at the end of the game and was quite annoying.

(6) Lighting & Textures
Texturing was perfect. The darkness in this level is too omnipresent; it needed a change of pace lighting-wise. Perhaps some more brightly-lit side challenge rooms? The player is given a good amount of flares at the beginning of the game, however, as I progressed further, I had a sneaking suspicion that the builder wasn't going to provide any more. So, I was stuck with the conundrum -- do I use flares whenever I feel like I need one (i.e. all the freakin' time), or do I try to conserve my flares in the hopes that they will last me till the end of the game? I chose the latter, almost ran out of flares, and found myself constantly squinting or using binoculars way too often during the adventure.

In sum, I really do appreciate the creative gameplay ideas that the builder came up with. However, I didn't have much fun due to the omnipresent darkness, resulting in me squinting way too often to look for shimmy-able ledges. I would recommend ToT to expert players who enjoy dark levels, and don't mind reloading over and over in order to succeed in unforgiving platform sequences. 9/8/8/6." - nerdfury (21-Oct-2020)
"It was very clear to me that the level was built with the competence needed to create a great custom tomb. There were plenty of traps, puzzles and timed runs which make for a great game. The biggest flaw in my opinion had to do with the over-reliance on precise and awkwardly angled jumps, especially with the NG movement system which makes Lara slide a bit more. An expert player might find the gameplay to be perfect, but even a veteran like myself found the constant awkwardness of angles and jumps, and frame-perfect traps to be a bit excessive and unenjoyable. The puzzles were good, but perhaps more lenience and less awkward jumps would have made the game more enjoyable. The enemies were very fun to battle, however there is a major savegame glitch where if you save during the bossfight, the boss disappears upon reloading. This completely prevented me from finishing the last run of the game-- escaping the tomb. I really enjoyed the puzzles involving pushing the blocks to the right spots, and the spike puzzle. Atmosphere and puzzles were pretty good, however I would argue that many of the rooms felt stale (i.e. square rooms with angled pillars). Lighting was a little dark in all the rooms. Overall I appreciate the work that was put into this level. I only wish I could have finished the boss fight and felt the satisfaction of beating the game, since it was definitely a challenge." - dragooncroft (26-Jul-2020)
"Not agree with the other reviewers; this level was not nice to play for me with all those tricky jumps and hard tasks forcing me to continuously reload and reload. Even more, the ambience is too dark, and I didn't found enough flares to use so I had to play often like a blind man. Near the end I was not able to lure the hammer gods to the marked tiles, so I needed to download one of the Dutchy's savegames. Not good. The best, the good architecture, the cool atmosphere and the texturization (when I could see anything). Sorry but not recommended except for expert players." - Jose (28-Jan-2020)
"Here we have yet another one of those complex levels but the saving grace in this one is that generally the next "to do" item is quite close at hand. The only thing that really hinders progression in this level is the darkness, as it is often difficult to see a shimmy crack or corridor in the darkness. Now in fairness plenty of flares are provided but seeing a shimmy crack is still difficult. The whole level revolves around (sometimes difficult) platforming and whilst I actually like this the author's use of triangular quarter tiles and corridors makes even this at times more difficult than it needs to be. However, it is definitely one of those levels where you need to refer to the walk through right from the start. The puzzles were nice and the rolling ball one specially well thought out." - Torry (01-Jan-2020)
"This is an overall good looking and polished level, but unfortunately it looks all the same all of the time, which makes it tedious after a small amount of playing time. The gameplay consists mostly of difficult platforming with tight timeruns. Maybe the level would have been more enjoyable, if it was a little bit easier sometimes. I know some other levels of this author, so I know that he can do much better! Took me an hour to finish and I found 3 of 4 secrets." - MarlenaCrystal (30-Dec-2019)
"Those custom levels I least enjoy playing are the ones that are dark, cramped and trap-filled. And that's a fair summary of what you'll find in Tomb of Thomb. However, since there's not a fun/enjoyment rating category, it's not fair to mark down a level just because it may not be your particular cup of tea. Any time Dutchy feels it necessary to provide a whopping ten savegames to mark one's progress, you know the difficulty is high indeed. Since no one to date has posted a video walk, I had to rely on his written instructions, and with a lot of effort and numerous tries over a net period of two gaming hours I was able to keep going without having to resort to a single savegame. And this reminds me of another pet peeve of mine: difficult timed runs made even more difficult by the placement of a low ceiling in the player's way. Nonetheless, despite the darkness, despite the cramped quarters and despite the felt necessity to save every minute or so, I can recognize the creative energy that went into this production and reward it accordingly. And although flare pickups were limited, the builder provided a generous number at the very beginning, so you can use them freely but not indiscriminately. A grueling raid that leaves the player exhausted at the end, but with a sense of fulfillment." - Phil (24-Dec-2019)
"This is another Egypt-type theme with a heavy night-time style. The visuals are highly detailed and consistent, but a bit too much so; the level has a consistent cold blue atmosphere and everywhere feels quite similar despite a lot of interesting geometry and creative object use (including some cutscenes). Even the dip into horror elements (with a great surprise trap) doesn't land like it should because it's not really any gloomier than the rest of the level. It's a shame it's level down by this one issue because everything else about the visuals is excellent. The gameplay is relatively challenging with some tough agility tasks, and there are also some nice puzzles like one that puts a slight twist on boulder/trapdoor challenges. It escalates well enough as it goes too, and it's one of the few maps so far to have somewhat of a notable finale. A great map let down by the slightly repetitive atmosphere the lighting creates; without that issue it might have been my favourite so far." - Mman (09-Dec-2019)
"This Egyptian-themed level is not for the faint of heart, there are more than a few very tight timed runs and tricky jumps to perform before you reach claim the prize from the tomb. I liked the boulder puzzle, although it wasn't fully clear where the boulder needed to go. There are plenty of traps and enemies as well. The constant earthquake at the end of the level gave me a slight headache. Texturing is applied very nicely, but the lighting is a bit dark and flat. There are a good number of sconces, but a bigger variety of decorative objects would seal the deal. Overall an enjoyable raid that keeps the player active. 1 hour 17 minutes." - JesseG (06-Dec-2019)
"This is a decidedly lively adventure and possibly not for inexperienced players, although I must say some of the timed runs and agility tests are great fun. Attractively made and full of good ideas, I enjoyed myself a lot, although freely admit I had to consult the walkthrough from time to time, especially regarding the boss ending with the hammer god. Enemies in general are well used, particularly the mummies in a room where Lara has to throw four switches and then pick up her torch, with a lurching mob trying to stop her. If you’ve played previous levels by this builder, you’ll be expecting something creative and you won’t be disappointed." - Jay (30-Nov-2019)
"A most of the time very monotonous game; even if all rooms are cometently designed, textured and lit, it is not a good sign that you cannot distinguish one room from another. The lighting is also fairly dark, not too problematic but there is no break from the ever the same lighting which makes the darkness quite oppressive. The gameplay is actually the standout element in this game and there are many smaller and larger tasks which make this game quite enjoyable. The timed runs and jumping parts are excellent and (despite a few less inspired bits) I had rated gameplay higher if it would not be for a game-stopping bug in the mirror room as when you reload after using the floor lever, the open door "reappears" and prevents Lara from using the jump switch. The rest is at least bug free and for me quite entertaining, it all culminates in a very nice boss fight and a thrilling escape. Good stuff that might have been better with more variety and care. Found the four secrets in 45 minutes." - manarch2 (29-Nov-2019)
"I swear I thought all levelinfo screenshots are from the same room, but I'm shocked to discover that NOPE - this level really looks identical for 90 minutes of it, and of the entire gameplay I guess only 1/4 was good... For the love of Thoth, be wise and cut whatever is redundant, for if you don't, it shall backfire... I don't know what is with Dreamfall, he builds awesome stuff then not... then awesome stuff, then not... therefore my hopes are high for the next one, since I just believe this is a non-demanding break from his adventurous epic. Bugless and polished, but not really recommended..." - DJ Full (28-Nov-2019)
"The atmosphere was a great touch here, I enjoyed the puzzles and gameplay although there were some hard jumps to make, the story is simple but interesting and the tomb design it's well made, the textures and lighting are nice too, in general, a good level for sure (I didn't play before the update so the boss fight worked fine for me)." - ameliacrofty (20-Nov-2019)
"The initial atmosphere of this nighttime Egyptian level is soothing, as Lara departs her camp to explore a convincingly ruined Egyptian tomb. The beautiful blue lighting punctuated with red firelight belies the dangerous, and often demanding, traps and puzzles that lie in store. While I found the lighting to be a standout feature of the level, both it and the consistently gray and brown textures began to get monotonous as the level progressed. I kept expecting a change in atmosphere or a change in the types of traps that Lara would have to deal with, but the entire level uses both throughout, with a special reliance on spikes. Spike traps in TR4 are finicky and more than once I found Lara suddenly bled to death because I was *near,* but not touching or even on the same square as some spikes. While this is an engine problem that can’t be fixed, what could have made a difference was the placement of necessary traversal in these spiked areas (for example, hopping up onto the bridge in the central room, even the walkthrough points out that a curved jump is necessary to avoid the invisible extent of the spikes). Curved jumps and jumps requiring movement on triangular ledges or navigating a sharply sloped ceiling above are fine in moderation and offer some extra challenge, but I found myself becoming frustrated with the countless number of jumps that involved this kind of geometry. Occasionally this even interfered with gameplay: there is a 4-click sloped roof inside a short chamber to a lever, but if you try to run past it, Lara can be pushed out through the fence and fall back down to the neighboring room. I really wanted to explore such a pretty temple, but the non-stop tricky traversal and lack of distinctively lit or textured chambers inside made the exploration far less fun and less rewarding once complete. There was one room that stood out involving trapdoors and a boulder that I really enjoyed solving, although I wish spikes had not been involved yet again here as well. Enemies were good: I especially enjoyed the drop into a dark mummy room, and the build-up to the appearance of the Ahmet monsters was especially well done and built tension. The final battle was a cool concept, and I commend the builder for this, but admittedly I would have had no idea what to do here without looking at a walkthrough, especially the need to damage the hammer god multiple times. The first time I played through I raised both blocks and the hammer god was still alive, which left me running around wondering what was supposed to happen. I found 3 out of 4 secrets, 1 hour and 40 minutes to play." - Cbl (15-Nov-2019)
"I've always admired the Karnak scenery and thought that it provided the most eye- catching environments in the original TR4 game. This level expands considerably on that theme and offers the players fast- moving and frenetic entertainment. The darkish, night-time atmosphere is well executed without becoming too oppressive, the textures are pleasing throughout and there's plenty of involving gameplay to get your teeth into. The timed sequences are engaging, the jumps challenging without being insurmountable (although in no way too easy) and you are required to think outside the box on more than one occasion. In terms of enemies, it initially starts out rather light in that respect, but don't be lulled into a false sense of security - they eventually turn up. It all culminates in a most dastardly boss battle against a hammergod. Here I felt that the builder went a tad overboard because you have to damage him using spike traps four times. If you don't do it quickly enough, you're not permanently stuck but resetting the levers turns out to be rather obscure. You have to lead the boss into the room he came from and get him to trigger the very end tile, which is no mean feat, I tell you. Still, I appreciated the fact that you couldn't just go ahead and shoot him dead and the resultant climb out of the crumbling temple more than made up for it. Overall, a good all-rounder." - Ryan (10-Nov-2019)