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Fading Light 2 by Cowboy

Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
Casual Raider 10 10 10 10
Chel 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 9 10 10 9
Drakan 10 10 10 10
eRIC 9 10 10 10
Hedteur 10 10 10 10
izzynoodles 9 9 9 8
Jay 10 10 10 10
JesseG 10 9 10 10
JoeTheCrazyGamer 10 10 10 10
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 10 10 10 10
Juan Carlos 10 10 10 10
Juno Jim 10 10 10 10
Lizard Queen 8 7 10 10
Mman 10 10 10 10
Petaludas 9 9 9 9
Phil 10 10 10 10
requiemsoul 10 10 10 10
Ryan 10 10 10 10
Teone 8 10 9 10
Torry 10 10 10 10
tuxraider 9 8 8 7
release date: 05-Nov-2019
# of downloads: 354

average rating: 9.70
review count: 24
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file size: 460.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Mystery/Horror

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Reviewer's comments
"A fantastic sequel to an equally fantastic part 1 game - I can't decide which one I like best. Diverse and unique locations, and well placed secrets, well used soundtrack that truly immerses you with perfect ambience that fits the specific location. I was confused by the statues in Hall of Secrets that did nothing but were identical to ones that had a significant purpose - just my opinion, but maybe there should have been different designs for decorative statues. There were some spooky and unique features in Shadows of Opulence. (SPOILER ALERT: The hornets nest secret in Fountain of Youth was classic TR with a whole new area added so long as you actually find the secret!) I started to get quite irritated by the barrage of enemies that constantly poisoned Lara, this felt like an unnecessary addition. Great game overall, recommend. Took about 9 hours to play" - izzynoodles (04-Oct-2022)
"One of the longest games, almost 10 hours of net gaming time played on two periods of time as i decided to have a break at the beginning of Fountain of youth as the sunlight exposure challenge put me off after the complex Blackbeard's fortress level. No need to say there is a lot to do , and a lot of creativity has been put in this formidable work. The gameplay is quite intense , yet i did not found any very difficult tasks to do except for one timed door. Favourite levels : San Pablo mission, Shadows of opulence, The abyss , Blackbeard's fortress and the second half of Fountain of youth." - eRIC (02-Oct-2022)
"This got great game play, decent level design, a good variety in level themes. Somehow I didn't really like the first level, but as I played more, it improved very much in my opinion. The game became harder with each level, which is how it should be. The game play had a certain consistency and logic, yet it managed to surprise. (How to explain this? Although there's a mystery theme, it never used cheap tricks to break the logic of the game play and forcing the player to brute force every wall. It still got surprises, like resetting Lara's position in the jazz club, or the disappearing whiskey bottle in the haunted mansion, but they enhanced game play instead of making it cryptic.) The enemies got pretty tough towards the end, like skeletons that immediately poison and kill Lara on touch, or burning mummies. Maybe this was a bit overused and made some parts too hard (I had to give up on some save games because I saved while Lara was too close to some of these enemies, annoying). Remember to conserve shotgun and grenade ammo. There's some imbalance with the medipacks. Some levels have these crosses that auto-heal Lara, so you don't need medi packs, while other levels don't have such healing, plus there are situations where having many medi packs is helpful because you can easily take excessive damage by touching poisoned things. I ended the game with dozens of unused medipacks, because I reloaded every time this happened, instead of just using a medi pack. Another tough thing were mean, tightly timed time runs. At they came with a visible countdown (every level author should enable this). The art (textures, architecture, etc.) was good, not always amazing, but sometimes, and sometimes not so good (the town was particularly "blocky"). Apparently there was a story (didn't get much of it because I always play without sound), and the cut scenes were overly drawn out. Apparently the curse of TR4's unskippable cut scenes and cameras lives forth. Players who like story will get lots of it." - tuxraider (20-Mar-2022)
"Overdone! While a work of major art, I don't understand those cliche passages, which are why I wouldn't play this game without breaks, unlike the other top releases. Listen, once and for all: if you're building a timeless levelset, and some things are less than amazing, just THROW THEM OUT or they will poison the entire work - and speaking of poison, do you know how many times I reloaded (no, providing a billion medikits is NOT a solution). In the end, it was still okay but I'd cut 1/3 of the content - reduce 4 elements to 3, replace 3 with 2, change 2 to 1 - because such trim doesn't damage the game yet helps actual good things sink into memory. Graphics also left me mixed: I treasured spots of contrast, but soon the line of visual glue beyond which dynamics are lost was crossed the further the further I played, while for some reason material transitions appeared less and less. Absolutely top-notch elements are cinematics, voiceovers and soundtrack, and probably the best build-up to a boss fight I can remember in an aquatic level - even this sole last thing is enough reason why you should know this game. I also enjoyed how secrets affected gameplay depending on if you picked them up or not, but they should give more chance to be found, without so much penalty if you don't." - DJ Full (17-Oct-2020)
"I started this level a while back when it first came out but binned it during the Abyss level due to my inability to progress. But I decided to have another go, so here I am. What I liked about this game: 1) Disabling of the weapons in the gangster bar! 2) The distraction with the whiskey! 3) I know it may seem like an odd thing to be impressed by, but I love the trellises!! I don’t know if they’re built from paper thin walls or are climbable objects placed there, but either way I think they’re brilliant. 4) The consistency of objects. You know when you see a type of block, it’s always going to be pushable. 5) You can trust the builder to make sure you don’t get stuck, that you have everything you need before you carry on. 6) Loved the swan dive into a very small pool. What I didn't like: 1) The frame rate lag in the Shadows of Opulence was brutal. It seems that the level was a bit too opulent for my computer. 2) The underwater Abyss level was tough to do with the water currents messing my ability to aim with the harpoon gun… so stressful!! 3) The scales puzzle was misleading for me as it only worked if I poured facing the bowl in a particular way and I had to consult a video to make sure I wasn’t wasting my time thinking it was working when it was not. 4) Too many enemies that will only be extinguished via explosive ammo or endless shotgun blows over ledges decreased my overall enjoyment of the level. 5) The Fountain of Youth was very complex for me that even the written walkthrough didn’t help and I had to resort to video to know what to do next. 6) The exposure to sunlight was a nice change to poisonous gas but limited the ability to explore freely. If the exploration were less complex, then I would understand the sunlight aspect but adding both was a bit much. Conclusion: I have mixed feelings about this level set. It is a masterpiece for the amount of time, effort and creativity put into its creation. However from the Abyss level onwards I simply wished for the game to end. Given the complexity of gun shooting skills required, some tricky timed runs and super lethal enemies, probably not suitable for beginner or average players." - Lizard Queen (17-Aug-2020)
"A must to play level...even better than fl1...Gameplay was so good, wanted playing more and more without boring..Levels different and fascinating..The castle is top 5 levels i always remember..tricky secrets, good music, good scenario..Do u need anything else??" - Petaludas (14-Aug-2020)
"Certainly the best level of 2019. It's a real pleasure to discovered Lara and other characters of Fading light in this sequel. This time, fountain of youth is the goal of Lara and our favorite adventurer vill visit so many beautiful locations. I loved this game so much. There are woodoo magic, priestess, vampirs, new orleans streets. It remember a bit season 3 of American Horror Story with witches. The difficulty of the game is average. The firsts levels of the adventure are a mix of easy/medium. The last are maybe a bit hard sometimes but nothing impossible. The news objects and enemies are just marvelous and give a real new atmosphere never see in a custom level. A very big Thank to Cowboy for this great adventure with Lara and I can just recommended the game for everyone!!" - Bigfoot (06-May-2020)
"Here we have old-school vibes, vampires, and a huge variety of places to explore. A large amount of puzzles, traps, and combat in the mix definitely kept me satisfied, along with an interesting story to tie it all together. My biggest criticism: about a third of the way into the adventure, almost every enemy instantly poisons or ignites Lara by touch, and this gets tiring after a while. It leads to a lot of reloading saves (I can't imagine a player using a medpack after every touch). My only other complaint is the "light switch" in the haunted mansion, which is really obscure because other lights look the same and yet are not switches. These are minor concerns considering how wonderfully crafted this adventure is, and I would highly recommended giving it a go. 7 hours 8 minutes." - JesseG (29-Apr-2020)
"I have a mixed feeling for this game. Recalling how I enjoyed the first Fading Light while playing this sequel, I felt more nostalgia than enthusiasm. Technically it's almost a perfect game but I found some parts a little boring, particularly the underwater level, despite of the perfect design, I couldn't wait for finding the exit trigger. Next, in a jungle with a wet, fresh and shade design the "Exposure to sunlight" bar doesn't make much sense. Definitely the parts I enjoyed most are Texas and Louisiana levels. Instead, I played the caribbean levels with a swinging feeling between boredom and the hope to find something surprising, which arrived only in part. For these reasons and with the utmost respect, I take responsibility for interrupting this 10's sequence given by the reviewers who preceded me." - Teone (15-Feb-2020)
"A complete profesional game is always somthing to thank! Every detail has been carfully made. Textures, lights, Lara, objects, the complete environment is amazing. Game is very good, a lot of levels, a long and very interesting history. Lara becoming vampire, very interesting game. I surely recommend to play it." - Juan Carlos (14-Feb-2020)
"Months ago, when I was testing this amazing adventure, I thought that after the release it should have very high ratings, and I wasn't wrong. For me, all is almost perfect here, from the gameplay to the lighting. Perhaps some sections shouldn't deserve a 10 but a 9, but the very good taste you get after finishing this great adventure forces you to give the highest points in all sections. A must-play adventure. Masterpiece!" - Jose (12-Feb-2020)
"I've been nursing this mammoth release for several weeks, on the heels of Amber Life, at the expense of the Advent levels which I now need to go back and play. It's truly a herculean epic that took me a little more than 10 net gaming hours. The variety of tasks and environments really makes this a classic raid that will soon take its inevitable place in the Hall of Fame. Of the eight levels I enjoyed the last one (Dark Omen) most, although I decided to bag the game at the end because ol' Blackbeard refused to cooperate by positioning himself in front of the blue windows. My only real gripe is the several FMVs sprinkled throughout the game. To me, FMVs are like commercial breaks during televised sports--they interrupt the action, they're annoying, and they add nothing to the enjoyment of the game. There's even one at the very end, just before the concluding Blackbeard fight. By that time, what's the point? Anyway, I debated deducting a point from gameplay because of this, but I decided I wouldn't be the one to spoil Cowboy's perfect record to date. I'll leave that to Ceamonks890, although he shies away from reviewing the really outstanding releases for some reason. Fading Light 2 is destined to become a classic that all serious raiders should download and play." - Phil (07-Feb-2020)
"What can I say? This level deserves to be called a masterpiece. Cowboy created an immersive, beautiful and stunning game right here. I can totally see the author's style throughout all his levels and Fading Light 2 is no exception: he made an excellent continuation of his previous chapter that was already a must-play. The graphics are gorgeous, the story is intriguing, the gameplay is fun... I really like some of the new features, the few boss fights and the scary/spooky bits are really drawing the player into the game's universe. Honestly, I can't really say much more, because I can't think of anything wrong with the level. Another frank success made by Cowboy, and a must-play for any TR fan." - Hedteur (02-Jan-2020)
"This is a totally immersive adventure that took me 6 hours in game to complete but in reality whiled away three days at the keyboard. Everything a good raid promises is represented here. A great story line, good hints, both in on screen text messages as well as regular diary updates together with decently thought out cut scenes so that the player always knows the task at hand and what is required and which avenue to take next. Puzzles are simple if you give them some thought and hints are always there. Atmosphere is grand and I cannot rate this extraordinary achievement highly enough. Throughout this whole adventure I only needed to refer to the walk through on three occasions and this only because I generally missed something, although the Great Hall had me perplexed for quite some time. The door on the third floor refused to open and whilst I shot the gem in the mouth with the crossbow (as the fixed camera indicated), it did not shatter (but it did with the pistol) and that took me some time to work through. Still, a grand raid and well done Cowboy." - Torry (30-Dec-2019)
"All I can say is WOW !!! What a great long game - would be hundreds of dollars off the shelf... The only problem I had was saving semi-auto ammo for the ending, when I needed shotgun ammo. I had over 1,000 rounds I never used - LOL may go back & see if they work on the last sequence... Anyway, what a great game - lots of variety, everything, & fairly linear - only had to look at the walk a few times. Great work Cowboy & all the others that contributed !!!" - Juno Jim (18-Dec-2019)
"This Levelset will Reach the HOF it is that good, I'm a huge fan of the Mansion and Swamp Levels. It was also a good idea to make use of the health stations (Although i ended with over 30 Medipacks) Great to see the Coyote Creek Guns again. I cannot think of One Reason not to give a 40/40 This is is Definitely Recommended." - JoeTheCrazyGamer (15-Dec-2019)
"What a tour de force! If you played the first Fading Light and were loath to leave the zombie infested bayous and pirate hideouts, then you’ll be treated to another visit in this brilliant and breathtaking game. From the beginning part in San Pablo Mission to the final battle with Blackbeard, every detail is meticulously crafted and looks amazing. If I had to pick a favourite section (and that’s not easy as it all pleases) then I’d go for the amazing creepy, mouldering mansion in the middle of a swamp, peopled with ghosts and moving furniture. The gameplay is excellent, with a marvellous mix of puzzles, agility tests and timed runs, but I found it all very do-able and didn’t need help at any point, which means this should be within the scope of most players. As with Fading Light 1, the enemies are very appropriate, which only serves to enhance the realism. Finally, I did so enjoy that fabulous New Orleans jazz music. Thank you, Cowboy, for many hours of absolutely first class raiding." - Jay (11-Dec-2019)
"One of the best level sets I have ever played! It's difficult at times but not to the point of frustation - traps are well placed and there is time to enjoy sightseeing as well, so player can admire how beautiful these levels are and still be challenged by it. Perfect mix of gameplay and well built environment. Each level has it's unique style and yet fit very well in whole story. It was amazing to play through this Tomb Raider custom. It's a must for any Tomb Raider fan, you will find here everything what good level should have, in my opinion. This is so good work and I just love it!" - Casual Raider (08-Dec-2019)
"Definitely one of 2019's must play offerings. This baby is destined for the Hall of Fame. Well crafted puzzles and environments, excellent atmosphere and just the right amount of difficulty to challenge experienced players. The hordes of undead sea-monster/pirate zombies were great. The story is well told through cut-scenes and the progression of each level into the next is very well done. My favorite levels were the Abyss and the 2-part Shadows of Opulence, but all of them are excellent. I spent well over 10 hours with this one, which is on par with my cumulative times for the first 2 Core Design games. I haven't played the first Fading Light, something I'll need to remedy in the near future. Thanks so much Cowboy!" - Chel (29-Nov-2019)
"I didn't know a sequel to Fading Light was on the way, so this was a nice surprise and lives up to what it's building on. Many of the basic themes are along the lines of first (New Orleans, crypts, swamp mansions, sunken ships and ruins and lush jungles), but they're built on in interesting ways that gives them a new style and atmosphere that doesn't just regurgitate the old themes; outside of the occasional more simple area there's very little wrong visually. There's also a ton of unique objects and interactions, with the addition of various new features that add surprises and gameplay twists. There's also quite a bit of cutscene and voice acting content, and, while it was mostly fine, the mod also comes with transcripts if hearing it is a problem.
Gameplay is strong too, with a lot of the diversity and twists; amoung them new timed elements, swamps and tweaked enemies. the journal is also used for puzzle clues quite a bit too. Despite the use of new/non-standard elements the design does a good job with visual clues and locking you in areas to stop you overlooking things. I did feel like the journal was a little too overt with puzzle clues a couple of times, and maybe a distinction could be made between hints and outright solutions, but I guess it's better than hitting a brick wall. The levels are somewhat larger than the original Fading Light, which leaned more on the relatively bite-sized gold style, but they still keep a good flow and don't overstay their welcome. I did have problems with story visuals between levels and the credits not showing properly (despite trying various display options), but you can at least just look at them in the game files, and they're not essential like the actual diary is. A sequel to one of the best TRLE sets out there, and it's even better. A must play." - Mman (28-Nov-2019)
"I did not play fading light but I think I'll do it. FL2 is a great adventure that is difficult in some places but always feasible. There are several timeruns that are not always easy, but if you do it in the right way, you can do it quite easily. The atmosphere is impressive with beautiful music. Many secrets some quite easy and others a little more complicated, the enemies are tough, do not hesitate to use the appropriate weapons, I often used the v.pistols + scope to remove the head skeletons corsairs when this was possible. Textures and lighting are perfect. Recommended." - Drakan (28-Nov-2019)
"Well, thank you so very much to whoever played that Tomb Raider music cover on the slide guitar - I was totally struck and so pleasantly surprised when I first listened to it almost at the start of Shadows of Opulence, toppest atmosphere ever in any level set. But, boy, did I enjoy the music, all of it, plus the accompanying sounds, the lighting, the puzzles, mystery, discovery, traps and the rather original enemies mix. As another reviewer said, it is an instant classic. Not perfect but perfection is a myth, it's just highly well made, with lots of imagination, mastery and an excellent atmosphere throughout. My favourite levels were, well, all until Fountain of Youth (even Abyss) and that only means I don't like jungle-like levels as much, so the ending levels (not faulty in any way, quite on the contrary) follow in a close second. Apparently, I managed to save captain Grant, so that's yet another plus. I think I'm going down to New Orleans now but I'll have to stop in some old saloon before getting there. Thank you so much again." - Jorge22 (18-Nov-2019)
"A welcome return from this renowned builder, seven years after his last offering, as part of the Coyote Creek 2 project. If you've experienced any of Cowboy's previous works, then you'll know to expect something of superior quality and this is no exception. The surroundings are nothing short of breathtaking, the pirate enemies were a neat touch, the voice acting was brilliant and the gameplay throughout is thought-provoking without ever dropping into the realms of obscurity or unfairness. I could complain about the ubiquitous spike traps or annoying puffer fish and the slight unpredictability of a few of the flame traps, but those really are minor issues and pale into insignifance when you consider the whole thing. A job well done indeed. Highly recommended." - Ryan (17-Nov-2019)
"An instant classic. A masterpiece. One of the best level of the history of this community. The gameplay and the atmosphere are perfect, varied, with unique moments and breathtaking places. Each area deserves the hall of fame by itself. Worst? Perhaps, the diary gives us many hints. Thank you very much, Cowboy. Absolutely essential!" - requiemsoul (13-Nov-2019)