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Don't obey the Virus by Neltharion

BlackWolfTR 5 6 4 5
DJ Full 6 6 7 6
HaniHeger 5 3 7 6
JesseG 4 4 3 3
Jose 2 4 5 4
manarch2 3 4 5 3
MichaelP 4 5 7 5
Phil 5 5 5 6
Ryan 4 5 5 4
release date: 16-Dec-2019
# of downloads: 117

average rating: 4.72
review count: 9
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file size: 64.60 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

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Reviewer's comments
"Yes, like Jesse said: swimming, pushblocks and darkness kind of sums up this 30 minute adventure. And even though it is relatively short it does feel like it drags out for too long, with a lot of running, simple platform jumps, back and forth through the caves - with little else going on really. I did not mind the darkness that much, as it helps creating an at least somewhat spooky atmopshere and those froglike alien guys and even the wasps worked ok in that, but ninjas? Really? I also thought the few moments with fixed camera worked well, but aside from that, this raid is probably more for the completionists out there." - MichaelP (15-Jan-2024)
"This level could have been better if it had been more polished. It's very unpolished. Constant visual errors, weird and totally out of place areas, locations where you can easily see the outside void of the map and so on. The level mixes up several themes such as Reunion, Scotland, France and it breaks the atmopshere in my opinion. I'm in the cave and then somehow I got to a city and later I'm in a scottish castle. It kills the immersion. Not to say that the skybox is very weird; from the cave you can literally see a city in the background. At least the lighting is good and few areas look pretty atmospheric. But then we have areas where lighting is almost non-existent and very bleak. Lots of objects don't react to lighting which results in them being pitch black even if I light up a flare next to them. Gameplaywise, it's very simple and straightforward most of the time. There were numerous empty rooms without any gameplay. At least there are few tasks that are actually quite interesting and pretty engaging. Nothing more to say. Design is lazy and gameplay is simple. Not really recommended." - BlackWolfTR (01-Oct-2022)
"I won't rate the black fog disputed, because it might be the builder, or another unfixed "feature" of TRNG... but (and I said it before) I wouldn't rate to 2/10 and harm the builder when the problem is totally fixable :/ - just don't save the game with the bug active. Begin with volumetric fx OFF (and maybe soft full screen ON), then save in the first problematic room, then it should work even with volumetric fx restored. When fixed, the game is very digestive, however it still has issues like following the same long path twice (even with shortcut provided), returning to the same room too many times, easy reaching of the end of the world, illegal slopes and too many pushblocks, all of which you might or might not get used to. But the puzzle structure is probably the best of what I have seen made by Scourge so far, the key items are very satisfying to get, and the sound work is also good - I particularly enjoyed the tune in the sacrificial pit. Not bad." - DJ Full (16-Nov-2020)
"As you would expect the horror aspect and atmosphere in here is well done and just might creep you out, as much as the end is done poorly I like the idea of it being at a bloody textured dead-end, with the skeletons and mummies behind you, helps for the horror theme a horrifying end. For the rest this level seems clearly half-finished, you are given a revolver and laser sight that... don't really need to be used, and also a "forest" room that breaks the immersion for a little while with the TR3 India soundtrack. It is exceptionally dark in the beginning, but I think the intention is for the player to use flare really. Well anyway there is a little of a story here which is nice, though the title just makes me confused about where it falls into it." - HaniHeger (07-Oct-2020)
"Here we have lots of swimming, pushblocks, and darkness. More specifically, shadow bulbs that are so intense that they absorb light from your flares or guns, making it impossible for you to light the way. My best workaround was to use the ricochet from my guns to figure out where the walls were. Unfortunately that isn't possible underwater, so when the shadow bulbs are used there, it is a tedious trial-and-error experience to get past the turns. I missed the cave key; apparently a second one used to exist, sadly that seems to have been removed, making for a long backtrack. The environment is quite eclectic, with a myriad of textures from TR3 and TRLA thrown together. Combined with the mist, it all certainly makes for a spooky atmosphere, but unfortunately not one that provides for an enjoyable raid. 39 minutes." - JesseG (17-Mar-2020)
"Just in the first rooms where I coudn't see anything even with flare in hand, I was about to abandone the level, but thanks to Phil's walkthrough I could continue through the next rooms with no much problems; but after a bland gameplay I arrived at the jungle area; there, I had to swim through an underwater passage and soon I found the way totally BLACK, again, where flares were useless. Of course, I tried to advance and tried to find the exit, but after some dozens of blind turns in the darkness leading me always to the start of the tunnel, I decided to send the level directly to the recicle bin." - Jose (19-Feb-2020)
"Manarch2's review may have reflected accurately this level when it was first released, but after a couple of subsequent attempts the builder has provided an updated level that can be played to conclusion and even enjoyed to some extent. I therefore recommend that prospective players disregard the first review. Even with the updates it's still no better than an average level in my opinion, but certainly worth the time and effort to download and play it. The technical obstacles have been corrected, and while the level is still dark by my standards you have enough light to see what's going on around you. If this builder is an Osvaldo protegé, as I suspect, I recommend that he refrain from putting any more releases "on the market" until they have been thoroughly tested by competent third parties." - Phil (19-Jan-2020)
"It's clear that this level hadn't gone through adequate beta testing in its first instance, as the inclusion of a third updated version shows. Even in this new version, a couple of things still irked me, although it can be played to completion so I was able to send in this review. The lighting in a few of the areas is extremely dodgy and a few of the textures failed to render properly and even flares can't shed any light on the surrounding areas, so to speak. I therefore had to rely purely on luck, although Doggett's video seemed entirely unaffected. The backtracking across different portions of the level also got tedious quickly and I noticed a couple of invisible blocks around that caused some weird camera bugs. The atmosphere and music choice isn't too bad, though. A bearable level to go through, but not one I'll ever replay." - Ryan (19-Jan-2020)
"Thankfully the builder has reacted to the fatal problems in this level and now flares actually work somewhat better than before (even if if problems with this still appear) and the game can actually be completed to the end. There's still not much to write home about else than the occasionally effective horror atmosphere. A lot of texture problems here and the outside area is not well designed. The zombie enemies work nicely here but the ninjas... Gameplaywise it's fairly basic with several mazes (that underwater maze is a downer) and very few actual tasks else than running around and using the next lever, often in the darkness and with a lot of to and fro. Overall at least playable but still not really recommended. Found the one secret in 20 minutes. Jan 24th, 2020" - manarch2 (02-Jan-2020)