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Turin Incident by Naxheel

Chel 8 7 7 8
Gonxii 7 7 8 9
Jay 8 8 8 8
JesseG 8 9 8 7
Jorge22 8 8 8 8
Jose 6 7 7 8
manarch2 6 7 7 7
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 8 8 8 8
TombExplorer 7 8 8 7
release date: 28-Dec-2019
# of downloads: 34

average rating: 7.65
review count: 10
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file size: 361.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Naxheel's debut level is set in Italy in a location that takes heavy inspiration by Tomb Raider 2 Gold's Nightmare in Vegas bonus level.
As I love that expansion and that level in particular, I was super happy to try this level out.
It has some elements from AoD (which I personally am not too much of a fan of) but it's personal preference here.
I will start with the gameplay. It is very "hub-based" and it has a lot of backtracking, but I didn't mind this too much. I liked the kind of pace with all the rooms to explore. It has a bit of everything, and difficulty-wise, it's totally not too hard.
Regarding geometry, it's very simple(which doesn't always mean it's a bad thing), and texturing is "different" and not perfect, it kinda looked like a classic Tomb Raider game, which is still a style of it's own.
The lighting in most of the rooms was either pitch black, or flat. Maybe the use of more bulbs would have enhanced the level better, but it was still enjoyable nonetheless.
Two things are remarkable about this level: the huge amount of easter eggs, and... the big amount of graphical glitches and, even worse, crashes.
In many rooms and occasions, pressing "action" or "forward" at the same time would make the game crash. It could even lock you in same areas(like in the swimming pool) preventing you from getting out. It's very serious.
Luckily not all the areas were that way so at least the level could be finished.

Overall, this level, despite being simple in both the graphical and gameplay aspect, was still worth my time and was fun, crashes aside. Would like to see more.

Recommended? Yes, especially if you like hotel levels or/and Nightmare in Vegas.

Difficulty? Easy.

Duration? Approx. 1h-2h.

" - TombExplorer (16-Sep-2023)
"Here we have buildings to scale, soldiers to shoot, and explosions to create. Unfortunately there are some areas prone to crashes - I believe it is caused by pressing the action and forward keys at the same time (thankfully not while climbing ladders, but while Lara is on foot or jumping). I bet the cause has something to do with TRNG environment flags. Either way there is a lot to explore in this hotel, which I generally enjoyed, but maybe it could have been made a bit less vertical so the player didn't have to run up and down so many stairs. Some pickups and switches are dark and difficult to spot, as well as a few unmarked flame traps and an unmarked crowbar door which seem a bit unfair to the player. While a bit rough around the edges, I still found this to be a nice hotel raid. 1 hour." - JesseG (20-Mar-2020)
"Another good debut, we'll see what this author can offer when the adventure is complete. At this moment, only explore a big hotel looking for artifacts and switches to pull, running very long distances and shooting some soldiers and dogs on your way. The rooms got a good look, and some musics are well placed, but often the cameras wont help you so much 'cause the hotel is full of rooms and all the doors are similar. The climbing and monkeyswing outdoors were too long and a bit tedious too, and when going out of the upper pool in the high terrace I suffered some crashes. I expect the author can fix all he/she wants. Good luck!" - Jose (24-Feb-2020)
"Nice teaser level that is slightly reminiscent of Nightmare in Vegas due to setting. There's plenty of combat, though I wouldn't say that it's a shooter level. The usual tasks with keys, buttons and switches, but the exploration through and around the exterior of the hotel keeps things interesting. Only downside to exploration is the backtracking up and down that staircase. The elevator was kind of helpful, and I understand why the builder made the stairs that way, due to scale, but ye Gods so much up and down! I experienced issues with crashing around both the pool off the main lobby and the rooftop pool but everything else seemed to be kosher. My greatest complaint is the looping, overlaid BGM. I eventually deleted the file for the track that looped from the get go, then the one on the top floors. Sometimes less is more and that's the case here. I don't dislike either track outright, but after hearing them over and over and over again it was both distracting and irritating. Music should add to the mood and atmosphere. Otherwise very enjoyable level with solid designs and decorations (the hotel kitchen and walk-in fridge/freezer could use a bit more love with stations, shelving and products. I'm married to an executive chef so that's just me and I can't help but notice those things!). Love the overachieving Ocellaris clownfish in the lobby aquariums, the detail in the hotel rooms and suites and the overall feel of the level. The 70's action music and the encounter with the boss lady were odd, though... Lara vs Uma... I kinda liked it. I'm stoked that not only is this a debut level, it's also the first in a series of 3 levels. TRLE is seeing a wave of new and talented builders lately, which is awesome. Loving the potential I see in Naxheel's work and looking forward to future releases. :)" - Chel (03-Feb-2020)
"Somewhat reminiscent of Nightmare in Vegas but not that much of a shooter actually, despite quite a bunch of soldiers and dogs on your way. The gameplay is heavily based on finding items and levers but the way it is done here is not bad and there are a lot of laser traps and platforming sequences and a few smaller puzzles as well; I liked the idea in the room with the broken glass floor. The architecture is fairly boxy to be honest but the outside areas have their certain something, the scale at least is impressive. I enjoyed a few of the audio tracks but they lasted too long and an ambient background music for the majority of the game had been the better option. The texturing is a bit eclectic and higher and lower resolution ones did not clash together well but still the whole thing has a quite nice look and feel because the builder dared to try out a few things and often it worked nicely enough, despite of some slightly awkward parts. I also think lighting is rather decent, but one or two rooms are unnecessarily dark and even objects did not illuminate with a flare in hand. A few crashes were also present if you have a weapon in hand and/or press action in some parts, but nothing too serious. Overall a nice enough debut that ends a bit too abruptly after 40 minutes, with three nice secrets to find (however, the first was a bit too easy)." - manarch2 (17-Jan-2020)
"This seems to be intended as the first installment of a three-part series and in that sense it works quite nicely and augers well for the possible continuation. Fair enough, it is a bit of a shooting exercise at times (and the abundance of guards even elicits annoyed and unladylike comments from Lara herself) and the backtracking gets a bit onerous after a while, also I encountered a couple of crash issues in the rooftop area but overall it's a competently constructed raid. As mentioned, there's a lot of ground to cover, but the addition of three generous secrets, a couple of neat puzzles, a keypad sequence and the overall exploration factor keeps things entertaining, while the layout and design work is pleasing. The ending was a bit abrupt but I suppose that is a given in this case. I came away feeling that this builder showed definite potential and I'm looking forward to what he/she makes next." - Ryan (13-Jan-2020)
"This is a fairly straightforward romp through a fancy Trump- like hotel that presents a few surprises but nothing to take it beyond what I would call a good, solid level. The posted video kept me on task, as otherwise I would have been tempted to go down various rabbit trails before their appointed time. Lighting is good throughout and the tasks are accessible to the mainstream player. The download is bloated to five or ten times more than its justifiable size, and this is largely attributable to the gigantic sound files that add nothing to the playing experience. In fact, they're downright distracting. At least they were to me. Builders should think twice before padding their downloads with unnecessary and even annoying frills. Other than this minor gripe I had a good time for the hour or so that the raid lasted, so I can recommend it with the noted reservations." - Phil (13-Jan-2020)
"From the readme, I see that this is intended to be a demo for a three part adventure and it certainly does whet the appetite for more. The hotel is huge and you will have to do a lot of running around (and crawling through ducts), with occasional guards and dogs to deal with, but the gameplay overall is most enjoyable. I particularly liked the brief forays to outside areas, such as a rather lovely roof garden. Definitely an assured debut level and obviously a builder to look out for in future." - Jay (09-Jan-2020)
"Well, I thought, mostly because of the relatively simple looks of the level, that it was just going to be, oh, one of those raids... Well, yes, it's a large enough map and the architecture doesn't feel overly solid almost things are in their place but it's not just a get-up-and-go and it has, in fact, a lot of interesting twists and turns that render the whole experience interesting. The teleportation rooms (or whatever that was, maybe magic?), exploring the outside areas to explore the inside areas, the good placement of the baddies, the occasional puzzlement of it all make this a better-than-most level. I did have crashing problems in more than one area, not by using ctrl but simply by using alt gr (which I had to) and thought the final ending was kind of sudden but I still thought it was intriguing and enjoyable." - Jorge22 (06-Jan-2020)
"I enjoyed very much this level. It was a very nice and pleasant raid. There's no chance of getting stuck because the tasks are one at the time and there is a very good use of cameras when you activate switch or pick some key items. I would say that the gameplay flows rather smoothly. Enemies were well-placed and not in hordes. Just a some SAS soldiers and dogs. The design of the hotel was really accurate and perfectly designed. I loved the exterior part very much with the monkey swings and the fact that you have to travel from room to room to continue the adventure. I really look forward for more levels from this builder." - Gonxii (31-Dec-2019)