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The Rescue 6 - The Evil-Spell from Osiris by MagPlus

Akcy 10 10 9 9
alan 8 8 9 9
Bex 10 10 9 10
Boris 10 9 9 9
CC 10 9 9 10
Cuqui 10 9 9 9
Dimpfelmoser 9 9 9 9
DJ Full 8 8 9 9
eRIC 10 9 9 10
eTux 7 8 8 9
Gerty 8 8 9 10
JesseG 4 7 7 8
Jose 5 7 7 9
Kristina 10 9 9 10
Leandro 10 8 9 10
MegaGamer 10 9 10 10
MichaelP 10 9 8 9
Mman 8 9 8 9
Mytly 7 8 9 10
Navi 10 10 10 10
Phil 8 9 9 9
Qwendo 10 9 10 10
RaiderGirl 9 8 9 9
Relic Hunter 9 10 10 10
Ryan 8 9 9 10
Sakusha 8 9 9 9
Sash 9 8 7 8
Staticon 8 8 9 10
TC14 10 9 10 10
Torry 7 8 9 9
Treeble 10 9 10 10
Wendee 10 10 10 9
Whistle 9 8 8 7
release date: 10-Aug-2001
# of downloads: 87

average rating: 8.92
review count: 33
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file size: 186.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Unfortunately this level is full of design issues, so I'll get those out of the way first. The first impression I got was getting stuck in a dead-end because I guess I found two secrets prematurely and dropped into a chamber with every door closed and no way out. There is also a return of those bizarre invisible columns for Lara to run into. The main gimmick of this level is its waterskin puzzles, which could have been great fun, but there are so many ways it can go wrong. First off I couldn't decipher the glyphs because I had missed some of the clues and couldn't backtrack to them if I wanted to (I ended up using a video walkthrough to see what I missed). Speaking of backtracking, there is only one place to fill the waterskins and you'll have to keep going back there to get the next amount of water you need to progress. There's no visual indication which vase the player is supposed to use (or in one instance, which vase needs which amount, as there are two used at the same time). On top of that, the clues that indicate which water levels you need are placed poorly – you will see a clue in the first vase room that gives you a number, but it turns out this clue is for the next vase(s), and the current vase requires an amount you saw several rooms ago, which is so cryptic. There are two other ways the player can get stuck for good , one is if they fall into a pit before raising some floating trapdoors, and the other is if they bring the torch to the wrong place first (granted there is a clue for that but the player still needs recourse). On the plus side you will get some demigods, do some timed target practice, dodge some blades and spikes, and use an ice wraith to freeze water. The lighting is stronger than in the previous level, and the visual change on Lara is a nice touch. There are some good ideas, but overall this level is too punishing for players that are not on the same wavelength as the builder, and and that isn't something a player should have to worry about during a raid. 48 minutes." - JesseG (24-Mar-2021)
"The next part of the Rescue series is set inside some caves or something like that, most of the rooms looking similar to others due to the textures, but they are very nice applied. There's even a change in Lara's body: she's got some scratches and stains of blood, probably caused by the fall at the start of the level. This makes it more realistic. There are many traps to avoid (some of them that I hadn't seen before) and enemies to dispatch. There are 3 puzzles with vases and waterskins, which is quite difficult to figure out how to solve. A nice level, though quite difficult, but some parts are enjoyable anyway." - alan (03-Jul-2018)
"Wow, what a level. Very difficult but fun. Gameplay can be obscure at times pouring water into a vase rather than a scale), but in the end I liked it. Nice textures as well as traps to avoid. On to level 7." - Ryan (07-Jun-2016)
"This level begins just like the series did, in an earthquake shaft with overlookable stopper - that's because of an easy secret shortcut I again wasn't sure if I meant to follow, so just like in the first episode I endured few rooms of screen shaking before I figured out the real way. In addition the initial drop costs half health like the initial drop into level 3 did, so it seems like if the author took bad previous beginnings and compiled them into even more sinister variant. The rest of level is more solid, again the whole structure is appreciable for integral thought instead being just a series of rooms, though the puzzles are once more risky, the hints might be considered misleading, some places force a repeat if misunderstood and in case of fail at waterskin filling, the pool is miles away behind a set of stargate traps. I now see you can do it all without backtracking if you follow the author's brain, but what's the chance for this to happen - in the end this single unit took me a whole savegame folder. Even the climax room remains a mystery as I have no clue if I was supposed to pick the goal amulet up but I just assume this will get clarified later and I curiously move on to the next level, as I very much like stepped pyramids. SUMMARY: Quite cryptic and unfriendly but still a very solid episode with an extraordinary mind behind. The tip to playing in a single session more or less applies to all levels, but it's definitely "more" for this one." - DJ Full (11-Apr-2016)
"This level feels slightly more traditional in terms of theme than the early maps, but that's in part because it sticks to the "seth tomb" theme without the inconsistencies of the earlier maps. The setting is also relatively cramped with no major landmarks, but it works with the sense of trepidation invoked by the level's brutal difficulty. There are some nice touches like the use of see-through crystal-type shapes though. The lighting and texture use is also at it's most solid so far here. The waterskin receptacles being normal looking pots was odd though.
Right from the start you take a bunch of forced damage (though you can minimise it somewhat with some probably- unintended precision jumping), and this level shows no mercy. While annoying, I did like how the forced damage was linked into the story by making Lara have some beat up textures. There's a constant gauntlet of traps along with some tricky action-based puzzles. The waterskin puzzles here have an interesting set-up with a number system established, but it ends up being the most annoying part of the level due to deceptive design (the numbers in the scale rooms actually tell you the solution to the next puzzle) and the last one requires incredibly annoying amounts of backtracking through a bunch of traps if you don't have your waterskins filled right. Flawed in some ways due to the lack of mercy going so far it feels straight-up unfair at times, but most of the challenges are enjoyable and it's confident enough about what it is that I could at least admire that. This almost feels like it was intended to be some sort of climax to the series." - Mman (19-Feb-2016)
"Oh boy, this level was CRAZY! The gameplay and puzzles totally got harder. This is level that isn't made for beginners, but experts could do this. Enemies, objects, and secrets were well placed, but the secrets were very hard to find, and the enemies made the level even harder. The atmosphere was great. It felt like you were in a temple going through Osiris's curse. The textures great and well used. If you are an expert, play this level. Beginners may have a tough time and may need the walkthough at all times. Still a fun level though :)" - MegaGamer (23-Mar-2014)
"The level started out great with a massive drop, followed by a water passage with challenging circular blades. The corkscrew spikes and the timed platforms were just as interesting later on. The crystal pyramids are a nice decoration, and the tiles were beautiful, as well as distinguishable. While I did appreciate the waterskin puzzle in Tomb Raider 4, in this level, it was hard to identify the vase where Lara could pour the water into. The vase appeared to be an immovable object that didn't require pushing, pouring or shooting. Moreover, there were two vases in each segment to add to the confusion. Finally, even when Lara pours the right amount into the appropriate vase, if Lara isn't positioned correctly, the monster can still come out of the cage. Overall, this is a level worth playing, and getting past the obstacles is particularly fulfilling, but there are a few issues to keep in mind." - Sakusha (24-Oct-2013)
"My reaction to this and the previous level in the series is quite the reverse of what an earlier reviewer stated. I was much impressed with the 5th level but found some things to be desired in this one. I echo what the more recent reviewers have said concerning the fairness angle. I'm used to using walkthroughs whenever they're available, so I don't notice it as much when I come across a move that may not be so intuitive to someone winging it. Yes, those jugs are normally used only for decoration, since you can't shoot them and you can't push them, so I can understand why a player's first reaction might not be to pour water into them. And that underwater maze at the beginning is why I play in god mode, so that I don't have to be bothered with the hassle of running out of air while I'm looking for the next switch to pull. And yes, I can see that the torch puzzle at the end would definitely cause problems for anyone not knowing the proper order for using the passages. So in summary, it's a fun level to play when you know in advance where to go and what to do, and the environs are carefully crafted and eye-pleasing, so I give it a thumbs up while also agreeing with the criticisms that have been registered." - Phil (05-Sep-2010)
"The gameplay in this level is often quite unfair - right at the beginning, Lara falls down a shaft and onto a fire (!), so you have to keep feeding her medipacks until she falls further down into water. Later in the level, if you miss or misread one of the clues for the water puzzles, you have to backtrack through a dozen or so traps to refill the waterskins - and then back again. And speaking of the water puzzles - each of them includes one or more dummy vases, so that you can decide which is the right one only by trial and error - assuming that you even realize that you're supposed to be pouring water into the kind of vases that are normally used only for decoration. And then, of course, there's the painfully tough underwater maze at the beginning. I generally like exploring, and I love tough gameplay. But I do not like the gameplay in this level, because it is so player-unfriendly that I almost gave up on this game.
The secrets continue the unfair theme. Normally, I would not complain about secrets, as they are optional. But as the secret stars are necessary to access the bonus level, they feel like an integral part of the game. I wonder how anyone managed to get the secret star in this level on their own - it is impossible to see because of the fixed camera angle. And even after following the instructions in the walkthrough, I managed to get to it only by jumping blindly in the general direction several dozen times until I accidentally reached it.
Lookswise, this level is pure eye-candy. My only complaint about the lighting is the overuse of arbitrary shadows. There are some interesting new objects, like a corkscrew blade, as well as unique geometry, like the lovely blue crystal pyramids. I like how Lara's outfit is torn and she sports a few scars - a result of her long fall at the beginning of the level, no doubt.
Overall: A level which could have been great, but only winds up feeling tiresome." - Mytly (26-Aug-2010)
"In this level the gameplay is definitively harder. More traps and more enemies that can harm Lara. Nice use of an ice wraith that freezes the water over so you have to find another way to continue. No walk in the park but hard work to finish this part of the series. Nice use of the waterskin puzzle (three times) and a great new puzzle for the torch. Again exploring is high on the list and going back to places you've visited as well." - Gerty (01-May-2008)
"What a good work in this level from a great builder. I think this is an inflection point in the work from this person. Good architecture, intelligent puzzles, good lights and textures,... but there are still some bad defects in the gameplay. I don'nt know how the players can imagine they have to throw the water into those green vases, evenmore there's not only one vase in every room, there are two or four vases and it's easy that players get stucked. The worst for me is the bad gameplay I lived near the end of the level with the torch; I had to light some wall torches under the crystal pyramids and I couldn't do it in any order 'cause there is a gap into one of the passages where you can't go back with the torch in hand (you have to left it to the end). When the final grate door opens you can climb the small ledge in the corridor and jump back 'cause a giant stone block falls from avobe and the way is totally closed and you have to reload as many other times in previous levels. Definitively a very good work from this builder but not a good gameplay; I think that when expert players have to read a walkthrough it's a sign that it's not a good level." - Jose (23-Oct-2007)
"This level force us to use the best of our raiding skills, Lara looks just how I felt. The tough puzzles and timed tasks were to my liking. I managed it so far without medis, but at the beginning of this level had to use a small one, making it through the level with quite low health to start with, was challenging, with those wraith chasings and other foes. So gameplay is superb. But the puzzles are the highlights, and of course the secret within a secret. Level 5 was a bit of a disappointment for me, but this level remedied all." - Akcy (29-Nov-2006)
"Things turn up a few notches in this hard, yet satisfying level. Corkscrews, timed trapdoors, lava rooms, oh my. A great level with even better tasks and puzzles awaiting, ones that will put your raiding ability to the test. The waterskin puzzles from TRLR make a return here, but with a rather unique twist to them - You won't plainly see the answer as a few lines, but it'll be more of an Egyptian mathematics equation to figure out how much water you'll need to have. The trend of the beautiful architecture continues here with wonderful interiors, filled with traps, enemies, and other devious tricks that will come in your way. I was almost going to give the level a perfect score, if it weren't for some moments where you can get stuck eternally - You need to look all over the walls in the level for the water-equations, because there is a point that when you get to one of the waterskin puzzle rooms without the correct amount of water, you won't be able to continue the level. Near the end, with the torch puzzle, you can also get stuck if you happen to go into the wrong tunnel at the wrong time, as you won't be able to go back with the torch to light the other torches to open the exit door. Those two bugs didn't bother me too much, as this is a wonderful yet difficult level that will leave you with a good feeling of satisfaction at the end. One of the best levels in the series if I say so myself." - Relic Hunter (04-Jun-2006)
"This one is very impressive too and includes really nasty traps. From the beginning of the level you're falling from heights to fall in a water pit with spiked stargates within WHOO! And it becomes more and more difficult even needing your brain to solve the waterskin puzzles. A really cool setting there too especially with translucent pyramids well done. And the storyline unfolds a bit too with the Amulet of Horus resting in the final Osiris Hall. Another top level for the Rescue series." - Thibault (11-Jul-2004)
"Pascal doesn't come short with the goods when it comes to puzzling here he gives you a fantastically built timed raising trapdoor and target shooting puzzle a torch puzzle that has you taking it where you don't think possible an underwater maze filled with levers and water filling vase puzzles with helpful coded hints placed along the way. Set in a temple this level was probably the most linear of the series and unfortunately the least visually attractive but with those great puzzles a whole load of varied traps and some of the harder enemies skeletons harpies demigods beetles and wraiths to battle you will definitely have one hell of a time. Like most of his other levels you will have to do a bit of backtracking to collect some of the secrets of which I found 5 and this only added to the great fun to be found in this 80 minute level. So if you still have any doubts whether to play this level realise one thing it's a Pascal Ducey level and that should help make up your mind!" - Sash (19-Sep-2003)
"Whaaahoooooo! what a drop. I did this drop a few times to see if there was anything along the way to grab or do no joy. I can't use dozy in this level so that's that. Then through circular blade traps while swimming and to a room with vases one with beetles then to a corridor with spikes shooting up and a 'clue' on the wall. What does this tell me? It tells me that it's going to be a wonderfully constructed level beautiful to look at I need to use my brains take notes and I'm going to die a lot. And that's exactly what happened. Wonderful jumps runs climbs slamming blocks monkeyswing past fires from all directions multiple rope swings blade traps descending corkscrews falling trapdoor in a timed run hopping over fires. Wonderful gameplay. I loved the lava rooms. A brilliant and long lived torch puzzle underneath a huge room with four glass pyramids. And finally outside to get the bike which is the start of the next level. We have the old waterskin and red hairy monster puzzles but this time it's different I'd have a look at the walkthrough if I were you. Because to get some secrets (if that's what you want) you have to 'fail' the waterskin puzzle. Of course this released the monster but lucky for me the stupid thing got stuck in a column and I was able to run around unmolested. Perhaps we need those skins in a later level! I'd recommend saving a lot as one challenge comes immediately after another all through the level. Poor Lara is covered in bleeding cuts and looks like what the player may feel having finished this level. I'm now at 19:43 hours 43012m 29 secrets and 4 stars. Evil spell my eye just plain evil will do thank you very much. Seriously though a brilliant level to play." - CC (24-Aug-2003)
"At the start of Level #6 Lara can find two secrets with a tricky jump one of them a star so I am having three of those stars now from all levels. :) The level itself is rather difficult and it becomes more and more difficult as you progress in it. But that did not disturb me as my Lara loves challenges - and the designer gives her some here. Graphics are diverse and well designed. Puzzles were not easy but there was a nice hint for the water bottles. The underwater maze was also a challenge and then Horus and the torch puzzle. My Lara decided not to pick up the ankh with the blue gem as she burnt when she did ;) There is water not too far away but so far my Lara made it through the series without using a medipack and she did not want to sacrifice a big one for this :)) The ankh with the red stone gets lost in the level somehow (?). At the end Lara finds the bike which she takes with her to the start of level 7. Lots of praise to the author - this was a brilliant level." - Navi (11-Mar-2003)
"WOW! For me this level is the most difficult one for Lara to survive not to mention the puzzles which need your whole attention. I have one word for you symbols those will help you through the entire level so watch out for them. I also believe this one has the most traps blades stargates spikes. Not to mention many wraiths and some skeletons plus the mutants that I hate horrible creatures. Climbing much swimming and a sharp mind is what you need to play it. I couldn't finish myself without the walkthrough a complex little thing. The room with the amulet on fire and the glass pyramids was very good. There are also two demigods there that made me struggle to end the level with no medipacks in my inventory that was not the only reason as mentioned above there are many traps. I loved the torch puzzle not to mention the flyby and the cameras. Pascal's levels have a unique way to capture you you can't stop when you start playing but I had to wait for the next release when I first played it and it was a torture I'll tell you. One more great adventure a must play." - Kristina (02-Dec-2002)
"What a beautiful level! Very difficult. The puzzle with bottles is clever and not easy. Gameplay always exciting. Atmosphere and lighting perfect too. I found the room of crystal pyramides wonderful and the puzzle with the torch very fun." - Cuqui (07-Nov-2002)
"Loved it! I am one of those people who really like nasty devious and challenging levels so it's no wonder that I loved this one so much. This has everything cryptic puzzles superb atmosphere gorgeous surroundings tricky jumps a brilliant timed run over collapsible trap doors... the list goes on. Everything else has already been said. Plus I find it hard to put into words just how much fun this level is. If we had been given more flybys this would have received a perfect score from me. Excellent stuff get it now." - Bex (10-Sep-2002)
"A spell? *laughs like mad for a moment* This was a real curse! I don't know what a man (a woman in this case) must do to be punished in such a horrible way! The level is superb with the smart puzzles and traps well placed enemies nice textures but.... I didn't like it. I was too frustrated to have any fun with this level I had to replay this level a few times because of those giant deadly spikes that come down from the ceiling sometimes my savegames screwed up and I had to restart from places which I didn't want to redo at all and there were just too many blades (as circular so the horizontal and maybe even a few others) for my liking. True this is not all the authors fault and I did realise that there would be levels like these when I started the 'Rescue' series but as I said I was way too frustrated to have any fun while playing this level and the 7 I gave it is only for the waterskin puzzles. There were great moments and parts of the level like the exploding floor the last torch puzzle but this did not make up all those things I didn't like about the level so much. Lara's new look (ripped top blood in some places) really told a lot how I felt when playing this level. I'm sure that better things are yet to come in the series so I'm moving on to part 7 now." - eTux (25-Jul-2002)
"Whoa what a great level this is! These are the highest ratings I give to this series and I almost would give a 10 to objects but there was something strange. I don't know if I installed the level wrongly but most of the fire traps didn't work to me. Lara wouldn't be hurt by fire. This is a good bug but it took good part of the challenge away. One hour of pure fun with ingenious puzzles - the waterskin puzzles especially. I don't know if I would finish the levels without a look in the walkthrough because the level is really hard! In the final area where there was the Amulet of Horus (that I couldn't pick up or else Lara would be set in green flames and die) and Horus statue I reloaded the savegame at least a hundred times. I don't need to say it's worth a download do I?" - Treeble (11-Jul-2002)
"An action packed start which right away deprives you of a big medipack to survive and then one hell of an adventure to follow. This level really has it all in terms of gameplay. Nice use of some codes for the return of the waterskin puzzles from TRLR fabulous glass pyramids and use of freezing water tricky swims in a water maze a variety of enemies (beetles skeletons mummy ahmets harpies bats demigods and ice and fire wraiths) puzzles where you shoot diamonds out of lion mouths while standing on timed trap doors devious traps with corcscrews slicer dicers blades spikes and fires on your way. An absolute highlight in this almost 1:30 hours (on second play with walkthrough) level for me was the torch puzzle 'with a new twist'. Definitely one of my favorite levels of the series and actually of all levels out there." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"Let me say right at the start that this is a very tough level and I believe too tough for the average Tomb Raider or Raiderette. As is my way I have slightly decreased the gameplay score because of this but other than that what a superb level it is. A few highlights were at the beginning the nightmarish underwater maze (oh for some scuba gear) and the wonderful return to the waterskin puzzles although I do know that sometimes a bug prevented this from working in some conversions of the level. I was fortunate and everything worked for me. The jumps involved were tricky due to ceiling placement and although I never cocked up on the water puzzles and therefore didn't release the nasty beasty to play with I was happy enough to continue without those particular secrets. These and other areas were actually non-essential unless you simply HAD to get the secret or the pickups involved but you could (as I did) bypass these without effecting play or progress through the level. All in all I thought a far superior level than it's predecessor." - Torry (21-Jun-2002)
"It is a tactical level very beautiful that reminds me a lot of the ending level of TR4 but with many differences this time Lara doesn't die! The level is composed from 3 fundamental rooms where you have to fill water of the vessels to the correct level to open gates and other avoiding the exit from the cage a dangerous crocodile and the final room with Horus. While the rest of the level is composed from rooms with traps ropes levers and new planes rotating that require a notable ability. The time to end this difficult level is about 2 hours and 30 minutes with 5 secrets to find. I have found a bug at the beginning of the level in the frozen water where Lara stuck to contact with the freeze. However I recommend to download this fascinating new level." - Boris (21-Jun-2002)
"Bravo bravo bravo....this is really a prefect level (if you are into real 'puzzling' levels!). The way Pascal captures the player is really unique. Brilliant puzzles (water bottles) timed switches on the verge of the possible firetraps and all designed in a way that your heart barely misses a beat. Enemies - a bit of everything - are not the main element but nicely integrated into gameplay. Quite often I almost gave up but there is always one way further even if very difficult at times. Secrets are also fantastically placed and after above two hours of gameplay you are at the same time happy and sad to have completed another masterpiece from Pascal. Level 7 and 8 are eagerly awaited..." - Qwendo (21-Jun-2002)
"A superb level! Nothing else to say: excellent puzzles and traps; perfect textures; almost perfect lighting; superb atmosphere! Only a few bugs but nothing really bad... It's a must have to any Tomb Raider fan...." - Leandro (21-Jun-2002)
"This was the hardest level in the series for me and quite a challenge. I think I had used a total of four health packs in the first five levels and probably used that many just in the first ten minutes of this level. After a long fall during which you catch on fire you end up in a water tunnel filled with circular slicers perform a series of actions before a giant corkscrew kills you escape from an ice elemental duck under an horizontal slicing blade then find yourself in an underwater maze full of confusing twists and turns in which you must find and pull four underwater switches - all in the first ten minutes! And this level stayed exciting till the end it was great to see some of the more memorable puzzles brought back from The Last Revelation such as the water skins and water puzzles the switches you can only get to after an ice elemental freezes some water codes hidden in dark recesses or engraved on walls and rope swings over beds of spikes. The author has packed many challenging puzzles into this level and they don't give you much time to stand around and enjoy the great scenery. With giant corkscrews coming down from the ceiling platforms that collapse only seconds after you land on them a room where most tiles kill you instantly and the rest catch on fire soon after entering slides over lava and spikes timed platforms and groups of sliding blocks you have to keep moving - just make sure you save as often as possible. This level was like the world's fastest and largest roller coaster - scary and tough but you just can't stay away. I found five secrets including two you can only reach by using an incorrect amount of water in one of the water puzzles. If you like a good challenge and an exciting time you'll love this level!" - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)
"Pascal told me that this was his hardest level yet. Boy-oh-boy was he correct. You begin by initially falling through a cave opening (you'll be back so don't worry about trying to catch) swimming through blades a wonderful water puzzle killing mummies (take heed of the thing on the wall Lara's so interested in) then off to try and figure out how the heck to solve the water puzzles without being eaten alive; only to take you to more. And that's just the first 1/2 hour! This level is full of crafty puzzles enemies to defeat and requires the full and constant attention of the gamer. If you miss something you'll wish you hadn't. I'll leave it at that. I love Pascal's levels. Every one is professionally made and has brought hours of enjoyment. This one is no exception. My approximate time (with walkthrough) 1 hour 45 minutes." - Wendee (21-Jun-2002)
"A level not for the faint hearted. Pascal could have for some gone to far with all the possible back tracking you may have to do if you don't get the correct route or water puzzles solved early. However despite having gone through the blades umpteen times I did find the level gripping and very enjoyable. Level 7 here we come." - Whistle (21-Jun-2002)
"Wow! I thought the last level in this series was hard but this one seemed just a little more so. I have always classed myself as an eternal novice with a poor sense of direction so this was a very challenging level for me. I had a few difficulties with the opening water-filled passages but what got me was the underwater maze. I spent ages in this and to my shame ended up re-compiling the SCRIPT.DAT file with the fly cheat enabled to help me get through. But boy am I glad I stayed with it. Once past the water maze I could not help but be totally drawn into this beautifully textured and lit level. The camera work was excellent with only a couple of those terrible fixed camera shots the action was fast and furious and the puzzles - well play them and find out for yourself. Total game time for this one was just over three hours but in reality this took me nearly three full evenings to play and once again thanks to Tombaholic for the excellent walkthrough. Right now for level 7." - Staticon (21-Jun-2002)
"A very challenging level one of the more difficult I have played. Once again in this series this level has very good puzzles (hieroglyph numbers or shooting puzzles) and textures but it is still different from the previous. The dominant points are the many traps traps of every kind and some timed ledges puzzles are very hard. You will have to be accurate in all what you do. In this level Lara uses many medipacks and dies often. Finding all the secrets is pretty hard they are like little dangerous games in Lara's global mission and you will have to make tricky jumps or deal with more enemies like red ahmets or wraiths to find them all. If you want to find all the secrets this level is rather long (almost 2 hours) and when you finish it you have a great feeling of accomplishment. Very good atmosphere and various difficulties. A must play for all good raiders." - eRIC (21-Jun-2002)
"No rest absolutely no rest for the wicked! I played part one to six in a row (and just started with part 7) and I have to admit it's highly addictive and rather unhealthy (not enough sleep and too many cigarettes); also right now I can't really tell were one part ended and the next began as they go so well together. So first of all this series is definitely a winner and I'm over 12 hours of net gaming time so far which gives you an idea of how much there is to see and do. I didn't get stuck as much as in part five but this doesn't mean that it's a walk in the park. In fact my only complaint gameplay wise is that Lara dies way too often. Well maybe it was just due to me being slow and incompetent but I'm not a big fan of the circular slicer and the underwater maze where air is rare. But the torch puzzle is brilliant the timed trap doors my favourite task anyway and the wraiths that chase you are always a great thrill (especially if you're dangling from a rope). And just when you thought you've escaped the deadly corkscrews via a tricky jump involving slopes and a pole there is another one coming down on you and before you have time to contemplate your strategy you have to hop onto the collapsing wooden planks (but hopefully you're wise enough to save). What an action packed adventure to be sure of. I remember that I made it through level one and two relatively unharmed and wondered what all the medipacks were for. Well now I know (great idea to modify Lara so that her appearance corresponds with the deadlyness of the level). I'm not quite sure what the use of the elaborate waterskin puzzle is if you can reach some secrets only when you get it wrong (but I dimly remember that it was the same in TR4). Doesn't make sense to me really. But this is a mere detail and doesn't spoil your enjoyment. Less levers than in the previous parts a great atmosphere that we come to expect from Pascal and a rather linear course compared to part five. What can I say if you loved the original Tomb Raider adventures and -like me- think that Core/Eidos lost it with TR Chronicles this is the way to go. Oh yes before I forget again Big Thanks for the walkthrough. Tombaholic you're a saint!" - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)