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Resident Evil - The Mansion Incident by abbath81

AaronD 8 8 10 9
bERT 8 9 10 10
Ceamonks890 5 7 5 6
Christian 8 7 10 10
DJ Full 5 7 7 6
eRIC 3 7 5 5
Jay 7 8 8 8
John 5 7 6 7
Jorge22 7 7 6 7
Jose 5 7 8 8
Lara_Fox_Croft 6 9 9 7
manarch2 2 6 6 5
Mulf 2 6 3 5
Phil 7 6 6 7
Ryan 6 7 6 7
ShadowZia 8 7 9 7
Treeble 6 6 6 6
release date: 14-Feb-2020
# of downloads: 313

average rating: 6.75
review count: 17
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file size: 159.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Mystery/Horror

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Should I write a regular review that everyone understands or will writing 1000 times the word Wow be explanatory enough? Well, what can I say but OMG. This is the best Resident Evil attempt with the TR engine I played so far. It's not just enough to use the original atmospheric music and sounds to recreate that game. I think near the end there was also a non Resident Evil one, maybe from another game? No, this builder is a true fan and succeeds in creating the great enviroment perfectly that we know from the first part of the very first game. No, the builder did not recreate all the puzzles and such but pulled it off anyway to recreate the vibe of the ones from the original. And then you still have to confront 'that one scene'... I took a deep breathe (I get the chills again as I write this) before going further in 'that' corridor with 'those' windows as I simply knew this builder was going to try to reenact that iconic jump scare with the dogs. Though he does create a scare it is not EXACTLY how it happened in the original but it is nevertheless well done. Now, I can understand many of the other reviewers' critique but I do believe they may have missed the point here a little bit. I think this level DOES stand on its own merits, reason why I give it these high marks. A job well done mate!" - bERT (26-Dec-2022)
"Here is one of those mansion levels that's mostly all about finding keys to progress unfortunately with any other puzzles or challenges being quite scarce. I appreciated the the dark theme and setting but it did literally feel like running around a maze inside a mansion with a lot of rooms or areas looking the same with the same search tasks! that is apart from the area with the push-able objects. Something i did grow to appreciate was the enemies and there placement, that definitely spiced things up a bit especially with the jump scares later on with them but overall the gameplay here is quite disappointing and basic despite its promising premise" - John (15-Aug-2022)
"Nominally a mansion level, which would be bad enough, but it’s actually a maze. A maze of doors and corridors which you have to criss-cross several times in order to retrieve some keys and then use them elsewhere in order to reach more corridors and doors. Construction is sound, textures are fine in themselves but all-samey, lighting is underused, and audio mostly absent (the mummies’ retching is your background loop). The camera clues are unhelpful; not only does everything look the same, the door shown may also be located in an area you haven’t even been to yet. Enemies are numerous but harmless, even the big spiders that are triggered out of thin air at one point barely cause any damage. There is a pushable block that you can’t climb up or stand on, presumably so you can’t easily evade the spiders, but it’s a serious immersion-breaker and a throwback to pre-patch times; a different kind of pushable would have done the job just as well. The spiders are nicely remodelled, though, and the level sports some other fine objects as well (in a few cases the creator went overboard with the ‘shiny’ feature). Some of these I believe I’ve seen before, for others I’m prepared to give the builder credit as soon as he comes up with a proper readme file.
I spent one less than engaging hour in here and found all three secrets, as did presumably everybody else. The game contains one simple colour-coded pushable puzzle that would fit better in some magical mystery tomb I’d say, but apparently it’s not out of character with the Resident Evil franchise. If the fanboys among the reviewers are right, there’s no reason to engage with the original as it would be terminally boring; but when have fanboys ever been right. Still, it looks as though the builder hobbled himself by subscribing to the ‘faithful’ approach to adaptation, which never works; and if it did, the result would be redundant. I am aware of the fact that for some, the mere recognition of previously encountered elements is sufficient to stir up a surge of endorphins that others need to reach under the counter for. I am not that easily pleased. ‘I want’, as Mr Andrew Eldritch aptly put it, ‘more’." - Mulf (28-Feb-2021)
"Too big. Definitely too big. Gameplay is almost exclusively keys and doors with some zombies and switches inbetween, but it has several good moments, the goal and the proper ending. Sometimes after kilometers of running you open a cute comfy room and wonder if it's still the same map, so I noticed the builder can build, only needs some more finetuning. Until then, not really recommended." - DJ Full (14-Nov-2020)
"As a Resident Evil fan, I highly appreciated this stage! I yearned to keep going and play this game as if it was a full game. Kept screaming to the screen, "I KNOW WHAT THE NEXT ROOM IS AND I DON'T HAVE TO LOOK AT A WALK THROUGH!". Considering for what it was, I loved that you kept it original and more or less had everything where it was suppose to be. I would just say it would be amazing to not only turn this mod into a full on RE 1 mod with the different levels, but to also start a series. I highly enjoyed it!! I would just put a tad more enemies around the different areas, have it to where the only time you can save is in a save room (not sure if that is possible), have the RE bgms play on loop for their specific areas. Maybe also put more puzzles since you don't want it to be to linear and have it to where you can find clues around the areas, just to make it little longer. GREAT JOB I HOPE TO SEE MORE! PLEASE" - Christian (26-May-2020)
"Raiding a mansion with more corridors than regular rooms , trigerring here and there mummies looking like zombies , wandering everywhere to find a few keys and pressing buttons showing the opening of a door you can't really know where it is located, that's what you will do here for the most part. To be fair there is also a good puzzle with colours (i like this detail that the statues change colour when placed correctly to fit the clue) , and a few hellish dogs to kill. The atmosphere could have been good , there is some good sfx sounds , but in many places you play with no background audio loop and the lighting is almost inexistant, so the looks appear rather flat and unappealing. The fun here is restricted to killing mummies (two shotgun shots is enough) so that they stop their horrible noises." - eRIC (09-May-2020)
"A level with okay but generally underwhealming horror atmosphere, a few decent enemy encounters, drab looks and almost no gameplay at all except of the joy of opening dozens of doors, either manually or with buttons and keys (a really great variety). Pointless at the start, massively tedious at the end. I was really glad to leave this game after 25 minutes having stumbled on all three non-chiming secrets. Not recommended." - manarch2 (02-May-2020)
"I am writing this review just as the remake of Resident Evil 3 is being released. While I wouldn't call myself a fan of the series, I've played a fair share of the games, including the one (well, the remake) which inspired this trlemake. Considering how poor the Tomb Raider engine actually is for this type of level, it's not all bad. The general layout of the Spencer manor is pretty much spot on and in many of the rooms I already had an idea of what I was supposed to do as the author tried to replicate the original game, I guess, but that's where the limitations come in. Most of the rooms just look and feel empty, whereas the source material felt cluttered all over (and intentionally so), and even if a million objects had been in place, the huge grid system just wouldn't allow for a more faithful recreation. Although many remember the game for its survival aspect, it was actually very focused on puzzles, and here you only get one, which replaces the armored knights in the second floor with two colored lights. The colored stained glass puzzle has also been replaced by a series of buttons which just trigger enemies instead. Plus all keys are single-use only, so actually most of the time in this level is spent running all over the place in search of the next door, and the infinite pistol ammo plus actually killable zombies (in the mummy slot) made this all too easy, resulting in a truly empty and quiet manor in the end. The animation for the crates in the safe rooms is wrong, and the author might have forgotten to include a background track as most of the time it's pure silence, with the occasional event piece. 40 minutes, 3 secrets. 04/20" - Treeble (05-Apr-2020)
"Again this author took much care with the texturization and the atmosphere, but not with the gameplay where you only need to run around and around several kilometers only to press buttons, search for keys and shooting zombies and soldiers engaging only a simple puzzle. The mansion is really a labyrinth wher you'll often find closed doors and keylocks, being forced to run and run long distances only to find a button or a key and return to the same places to find more buttons and/or keys. Boring. The cameras are well placed, always pointing to the opening doors you are triggering, but in a huge mansion where there are a lot of doors and hallways which look the same, it's not very helping. Definitely, if you want to take a try with this level, I'd recommend to follow the walkthrough." - Jose (04-Mar-2020)
"Everyone knows that I'm one to care less about judging textures & so forth. I look for the atmosphere vibe & the enjoyment of the gaming of the level. I have to say for being limited using trle engine, ya did good job on the mansion. As I was playing right away I recognized how the stairs and rooms were so similar to the video game.The only thing I would suggest is add bit more dead walkers cause in the game itself there were least more then 2 peeking around abouts. As for the sounds good spook ones, but I would of darken it a bit not to where u need a flare all time but enough to still be able to see since base on a horror game it would make it more bit spookier. OF COURSE THE SPIDERS TOOK ME BY SURPRISE ALL KNOW CANT STAND EM THINGS! I first got trapped in the dining room cause I wasn't able to get out. Perhaps the door should be able to open from inside as well. For a mansion being maze like was easy to miss the fact that door opens outside of that room. With the balcony having bit open area, one thought to drop down without knowing if the door would open from inside. But I'm happy to the fact a horror related level was made its been a while since last one I played. Altho the mansion look nice add bit of paintings & furniture I don't care where u get it from or if you made them. It just makes the inside more attractive. Overall I enjoyed the gaming." - ShadowZia (26-Feb-2020)
"G&P: in the very first minutes of the game I got soflock, I mean if you go in the dinning room by the 2nd floor (without opening the door in the first floor), and go to first one, then you're blocked in the dinning room. So I was quite disappointed at first. I tried again, and finally made my way through the level. It is quite close to RE1, with nice references to it. But I believe the builder felt limited by the engine, I guess a lot of script would have help to recreate some puzzles from RE1. The gameplay was pretty maze like. I had to visit rooms several times, to remember were key holes were etc etc. E,O&S: secrets were nice, and quite easy to find (got the 3 of them) Enemiies were nice, even if a bit of variety would have been nice. objects were quite nice, but all downloaded from internet I think, I suppose the builder doesn't know how to make his/her own objects. The level would way better with objects that would have fit the rooms. A,S&C: Atmosphere was pretty nice, quite close to RE1, less creepy of course. Sounds were nicely choose and fit the level, but after a moment there was no musics at all. cameras were not very useful, too close to the target, so it was hard to know where the door was etc etc. L&T: it was quite ok, the lighting was very flat, textures were very nice. To sumup a quite nice level, but if the builder skills were more developped this level could be very unique and amazing game." - Lara_Fox_Croft (24-Feb-2020)
"This is actually less spookier than the Resident Evil title would suggest (I've never actually played any of the entries in that series so I have no real basis for comparison, but I do know a little bit about the atmosphere and the background) and it feels more like your regular mansion level than anything else, with the addition of a few enemy jumpscares. It's not a bad rendition at all and the texturing and lighting is certainly decent, but the very silent ambient track compromised the atmosphere quite a bit and the gameplay could have done with a bit more pizazz and excitement, as the extended backtracking and door-opening exercises got tedious fairly quickly. Enemies are easy enough to deal with (even the zombies can be taken out with regular weaponry) and the level ends after around 40 minutes. Not a bad raid, but not one to particularly stand out either." - Ryan (22-Feb-2020)
"You would not believe how long I spent trying to evade the zombies and frantically searching for some explosives before I realised they could be killed with pistols! In my defence, I know absolutely nothing about Resident Evil. This mansion is a real warren and I kept getting turned around so it took me quite a long time to finish what I’m guessing is a much shorter game than it appeared. Apart from said zombies, other enemies do appear later on – dogs, soldiers, bats, spiders great and small – but decent firepower is provided. I think you might have to be a Resident Evil aficionado to get the most out of this level, but I found it entertaining enough." - Jay (20-Feb-2020)
"I have no knowledge of, or interest in, the Resident Evil franchise from which this release gets its name, so I have nothing here to identify with externally. But what I do see is a rather mundane custom level with rather crude surroundings that plods along quite methodically and predictably. I was forced to bin the builder's first release due to the incessant crashes, but I was able to play this one to completion. It provides a moderately entertaining raid despite the spartan textures and improper animation when pushing buttons and searching chests. The atmosphere is somber and spooky, but not so dark that the player has any trouble seeing what's going on. Even so, there are no flare pickups, and you start off with only three in your inventory, so it's best to use them only when and if absolutely necessary. The three gems are intended as secrets, as anyone can learn by reading the file entitled README FIRST!!!.txt, although you don't hear the telltale chimes when you pick them up. Certainly playable, but one to be quickly forgotten in my case." - Phil (20-Feb-2020)
"As a Resident Evil fan, it was great to play part of my favorite RE game, remade in a custom level. The design is really well done,and faithful, RE fans will quickly know their surroundings and where to go, there are obviously minor gameplay changes though. Game is a bit short and definitely could have been a bit longer, maybe with a few more puzzles, but the puzzles it did have were very well done, a trle take on the originals. Music was great for the most part, was nice to hear it play in the correct spots, could be looped better and volume adjusted correctly. Atmosphere was good but lighting could have been better to fit with the RE vibe. Overall this is a great little tribute to RE1, of course it's different as it's made in TRLE, but they did a great job with what they had to work with!" - AaronD (18-Feb-2020)
"Despite the builder's best intentions, I found this release to be very underwhelming largely (despite some spot-on recreations of many rooms from the original Resident Evil game on PS1 with some quite good texture work, lighting utilization & object/enemy choices throughout that fit the environment well). I also thought the only puzzle within this level was pretty decent, moving large columns onto the right coloured squares in order to correctly line up with the colour schemes of the lit wall lamps and obtain a key. But those endearing qualities aside, a concerning number of issues hold this release back from achieving its full potential (including incorrect interaction animations, mostly flat atmosphere as a result of the ambient music not looping and enemies that simply don't feel scary, easily becoming overpowered by your pistol with unlimited ammo). I didn't even need to heal myself till the Umbrella mercs started spawning in towards the end and even then, they're still overpowered by the revolver & shotgun most players are likely to pick up along the way. And this last one is a bit of a personal quibble, but I found the narrative explanation for returning to the Spencer mansion after the events of RE3 to be very contrived and inconsistent with established franchise lore. The Spencer mansion got destroyed by a bomb in RE1, so how is it still standing? This issue could have been dealt with through some collectible notes players could find that would help to clear up some plot holes, but since the builder didn't plan ahead and implement such a feature, the final game just feels poorly-researched and lacking in some much-needed depth & gameplay challenge as a result. In conclusion, not a terrible game. But I know the builder can do much better than this." - Ceamonks890 (16-Feb-2020)
"Maybe not a spooky mansion, most certainly a mazy mansion though. I think there's something lacking in the atmosphere in spite of the efforts in creating a nicely- looking design and filling it all with different sorts of enemies (being able to shoot down the zombies isn't a novelty, but it's a welcome feature), including the said zombies/mummies, rabid dogs, bats, smaller and larger spiders and soldiers. I guess it could be the lighting. Or one getting tired of visiting the very same places so many times. Or the fact that it's basically about finding keys, gems (what were they for?) and, finally, the whatever-it-was sample against viruses. Some of the animations are clearly wrong too, as in when Lara pushes buttons and when she opens up boxes. The ending is kind of sudden too but that's not a major issue. In fact, there were no major issues, just something lacking. But I must say it was enjoyable nonetheless, so don't be put off by my words. It is a good effort." - Jorge22 (16-Feb-2020)