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Temple of Danger II by Opaque79

BlackWolfTR 7 8 7 9
DJ Full 7 8 7 8
eRIC 8 7 7 7
Jorge22 8 8 7 7
Jose 8 9 8 10
manarch2 6 6 6 7
MichaelP 7 7 8 8
nerdfury 7 8 8 9
Orbit Dream 7 6 7 7
Phil 8 8 9 8
Ryan 8 7 7 8
StudBuddha 8 7 7 9
Treeble 8 8 8 8
Wolf7 7 8 8 9
release date: 27-May-2020
# of downloads: 924

average rating: 7.63
review count: 14
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file size: 20.10 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cave/Cat

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Another level that follows the formula of this builder of being very competently built, being relatively short (at 20-30 minutes) and being fun and entertaining, without offering any huge surprises or challenges to the player. The rooms with the different colored floors were interesting though and Lara needs to watch her health with the huge rotating blades and during the one gauntlet through traps a bit, but otherwise there is actually not that much danger to deal with in this temple." - MichaelP (16-Mar-2024)
"Sometimes I just need a pretty level which works and this is it: 25 minutes of danger then escape and goodbye. Of course I got 42 shells and still managed to miss the shotgun (which would fit better on that round pedestal) so I replayed for proper combat. Secrets weren't that useful but it's still a short sweet level best played in chain with the prequel." - DJ Full (17-Nov-2023)
"(7) Gameplay & Puzzles: I had a great time with the traps and the platforming here, especially the trap hallway with the hammers. Exploration isn't the main focus, but rather conquering action-packed rooms, one after another. Progression moves along at a comfortable pace and I always felt engaged. Although the initial 2 temple keys can be grabbed in any order, it's mostly a linear game, and it's unfortunately too short to feel substantial. There were also no real puzzles, or rooms/situations where I needed to stop and think. I am ambivalent about the teleportation tasks to reach 1 temple key -- on one hand, it is creative, and I love how the floor would change color depending on your progress, however, it felt too trial-and-error and I would have preferred to see clues in the environment to show which teleporter is correct. (8) Enemies, Objects & Secrets: Aside from the final boss fight, the enemy fights didn't feel that thrilling, as most of the time the enemy is dead before they get close to Lara. I enjoyed the trap variety, however, I would have liked to have seen more decorative objects as I recall a lot of functional objects, pillars, and not much else. (8) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The eerie atmosphere is excellent, and I think the builder "spiced up" geometry in a clever way so the layout never felt too boxy. The background ambience and music cues were on point, although I think there should have been more cameras (a shame that there was no flyby to entrance the player into such an attractive setting). (9) Lighting & Textures: The builder knows what he is doing in this category, and the color usage is wonderful. Although there aren't many dark areas, there are a few, and I would have liked to have seen 1 flare pickup aside from the one in the secret. Overall, a visually-attractive, thrilling short adventure that's action-packed, but underdeveloped in the exploration and puzzling aspects. 7/8/8/9." - nerdfury (09-Dec-2020)
"A quickie at 23 minutes, but a fun quickie nevertheless. Opaque79 has become one of our dependable builders in the style of Osvaldo, offering imaginative and fairly challenging raids without the glitz expected of the top-flight builders. Some of the traps required more than one effort to conquer, and I liked the idea of providing an easier way back once the gauntlet had been successfully run. More, please." - Phil (05-Oct-2020)
"Sad thing that just when you have level of the builder you enjoy (unlike his latest), it is over just way too soon after just 13 minutes. The colour "labyrinth" with interesting flipmaps, while hintless, is amusing as well as the trap sequences and a few platforming sequences with breakable tiles and more traps. Progression is fluent, almost too fast at times with little time for exploration, but the game manages to be dense from start to finish. Texturing and lighting are competent and I liked some more creative approaches on architecture, while other rooms are still a bit more on the functional side and a few sounds are missing as well. Enemy attacks are very predictable and monotone, while the two secrets are nicely hidden but also not so hard. Overall, fun for the time it lasts but I wonder what would happen if the builder took all of his obvious abilities to produce one larger adventure instead of many levels with mixed quality..." - manarch2 (18-Aug-2020)
"Another good level from this author. A pain that the level is too short, because I was enjoying every room. True to his natural style, the rooms have a good design, very well lightened and textured, the tasks are not too hard and the enemies and pickups are well balanced. Correct use of cameras and sounds, secrets not hard to find, I liked the sequence of rooms with the teleporters. If you enjoyed previous levels from this author you'll enjoy this one too. Recommended." - Jose (06-Aug-2020)
"Nice little raid along Semerkhet's domains, with everything you're entitled to - breaking tiles above lava, boulders, black dogs, blades, fires, spikes, hammers, small and giant scorpions as well, demigods... But the one room I liked the most was the one in which traps weren't present. The jump switches have no sound. A globally interesting experience, containing plenty of action but never actually too demanding." - Jorge22 (12-Jun-2020)
"A short level which I went through in 18 minutes. Gameplay was straight-forward. There were a lot of traps and really cool and original riddle with transitions, when you choose wrong way, you were taken back to the beginning. The level is very nicely textured and lighted. The atmosphere was quite good, the sounds also but at the end of the level two soundtracks mixed up, lol. I got 1 secret. Depsite the shortness of this level, this is one of better levels of Opaque. Overall, I recommend it. Thanks." - BlackWolfTR (10-Jun-2020)
"I took a break from my never-ending 2002 raidlist to play this for the purposes of writing a walkthrough and I am glad I did. What you have here is a short and sweet raid through environments that resemble the Guardian of Semerkhet level (no bulls in sight, however). You set off on two short fetch quests for four puzzle items and each room presents its own challenges. Funnily enough, my favorite was the "warping" doorways one, the only one of the four which isn't based around deadly traps. The trap setups are nice, too, of course. Visually it's also pretty enthralling so I can safely say I enjoyed my brief time here and this was a much needed respite from the massive levels I've been powering through. 25 minutes, 2 secrets. 06/20" - Treeble (08-Jun-2020)
"Another solid outing from Opaque, this time situated in a seemingly more compact environment. You basically explore off only two main areas - the first to obtain two keys and then the second to obtain two gems. Actually, it's really only the incredibly short duration (25 minutes) that lets things down a bit, as otherwise it's performs well all-round, with decent lighting, texturing and construction and surprisingly action- packed gameplay, with the "passageway puzzle" and the trap gauntlets being the most involving. Overall, a short but very decent adventure." - Ryan (08-Jun-2020)
"Gameplay & Puzzles - I really enjoyed this level. When I first entered I was worried this would have been too basic. But I'm glad I was wrong. The danger set in for me quickly and I died several times from my thinking lol. My only disappointment was that it was too short. I finished in under 20 mins. But after finishing, that gave more than enough energy to go back and find the second secret. Enemies, Objects & Secrets - I thought the jackals were placed well and the statics as well. Didn't see anything wrong there. I like the secrets as well. Besides the jackals, I didn't see much of a reason for the Baddy or the Egypt guy. I asked myself, why is this there? Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras - I thought the geometry could have been more sophisticated overall. Especially to fit those pushable smashers. But overall I liked the atmosphere. Some of the music did overlap for me. And I did get confused once in the red room on which door opened because there was no camera hint. Lighting & Textures - This was pretty good. I thought better than my levels. It taught me a lesson this time around actually. One thing with the texturing. I thought it could have been more varied in some areas. Overall, a very good level I will have to play more of your previous levels. I'm liking your style more and more. Maybe the next game could have a story and something a bit longer." - StudBuddha (31-May-2020)
"Oh Boy, I had so much fun with this ... so shameful I completed this in 13 minutes only and found only one of the two secrets. Easily one of the best games after Jurassic Jungle, although we are not near yet to the quality Forbidden Jungle, Quest for the Golden Armour and Jurassic Jungle were, but we are close enough. The gameplay is fun and entertaining, I even found an almost QRS' and TC14's challenge near to the end! The mark is ruined by the short lenght of it, 13 minutes it is just a warm up compared to the length of other releases of the authors. The author finally managed to fight against the emptiness of the rooms, providing a little bit of combating and two secrets, of which I found only one but cleverly placed and I have my theory where it could have been, but felt lazy enough to not check! Atmosphere is good as it usually is in the author's game, while not being any actual flyby or camera effect it, I did still find appropriate this mark for this section. Lighting and texturing was pretty good! Did not feel flat at all - except one of the last rooms - and this is really something the author is good at! A pretty good filler, I'd recommend it. Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (28-May-2020)
"Lasting only 25 minutes but satisfying straightforward raid with good challenges , varied enemies , good placement of objects and ideas appreciated. I particularly enjoyed the collapsible tiles , the puzzle with successive rooms with reinitialization if you choose the wrong way and the big room with the big rotating blades. The gauntlet with hammers/spikes/fire burners was easier than what it appeared. A few details could be better : no holes for the spikes, no static objects (or appropiate texture) for the wall switches, and if Lara appears in 3D the lighting is always the same, but these details did not temper much the experiment. Found 1/2 secrets. Good fun." - eRIC (27-May-2020)
"You can't really go wrong with an Opaque level. This remains true to form with fluent and fast-moving gameplay;plenty of athletic challenges;an entertaining variety of nasty enemies to defeat;and not too much pondering required from the player.It basically consists of two large areas,which the player needs to navigate around and exit from.The trippy sequence for a puzzle piece was entertaining - although the solution seemed a little trial and error;while the final gauntlet was perhaps a little too vicious to be entertaining - but there was absolutely never a dull moment anywhere here. I found no secrets,but all the technical niceties were presented efficiently with no cause for complaint;and the result was this modest but entertaining,and absolutely action-packed,30 minute blast." - Orbit Dream (27-May-2020)