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Mount Parnassus - Palace of Pericles by Sabatu

Bigfoot 10 9 10 10
Casual Raider 9 9 10 10
Chel 8 7 9 8
DJ Full 9 9 10 9
dragooncroft 8 7 10 10
eRIC 9 9 8 9
Feats 10 9 8 9
Jay 8 8 9 10
Jorge22 8 9 9 10
Jose 8 9 8 10
Manymee 10 10 10 10
Mman 9 9 9 10
Ryan 8 8 9 9
StudBuddha 8 7 7 8
release date: 05-Jun-2020
# of downloads: 318

average rating: 8.91
review count: 14
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file size: 121.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Rome/Greece

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"After playing Secrets of Mount Parnassus I decided to give what I believe to be the sequel a go as well, and what a step up in quality it was compared to the first level set! A lot more well crafted, more expansive and puzzles were a lot more intuitive. The camera's for pulled levers were still glitching but they at least had accompanying sounds to help determine what had happened. Would definitely recommend giving this one a go especially if you love a bit of the TR1 aesthetics (which I do!) and if you were disappointed by the original level in this series and didn't play this one, I'd say give this one a go!" - Feats (21-Aug-2022)
"Sometimes I prefer it more concise instead of epic, and here we have a bit of both - a smaller (as for Sabatu) main hall, and expansive ascending sidequests. Not betatested enough since the rollingball camera bug is notorious, but the destinations are always close enough so I wasn't stuck at all. This is a good recommendation for any Greek geek." - DJ Full (27-Jul-2022)
"This is pretty much a direct sequel to Secret of Mount Parnassus, with the same (successful in terms of faithfulness) heavy attempt to evoke Tomb Raider 1's aesthetic and gameplay quirks. The visuals follow in managing to take the TR1 look far despite the intentional limits, and this might even be slightly better looking than the previous one, with pretty much no flaws for what it's going for. Objects continue the same way too, but there are some more set-piece type moments like collapsing rooms this time. While only one level this time, from what I recall of the previous set this single level is longer so comes quite close in length to the original set despite that. The main focus is on large rooms with lots of exploration to do, but there are some action moments too, including a lot of rolling balls like before (although slightly less overkill this time). There's also the nice addition of a couple of bits of story here. Overall it's more engaging and challenging than it's predeccesor, but I do feel it loses a little momentum in the last area, where it slows down to a switch hunt in a large area with enough space to make what enemies there are pose little threat. Quite familiar after the original set, but this is overall a small improvement and one of the best TR1 maps out there (despite not literally being a TR1 map)." - Mman (04-Nov-2020)
"A very long level for TR1 nostalgics. Lara with limited movements and features, a lot of classic traps to avoid and I think excessive lions, crocs and bats to shoot, even when I found enough ammo for the extra guns. As usual from this author, the architecture and texturization are very good, the best of the game, but the last camera shots were totally unuseful 'cause the very short time to show the triggered objects. I liked the old TR musics and the location of the secrets too, there are a lot of jumping, running and swimming, but usually the tasks are not too hard. A great level for everybody. Thanks, Sabatu!" - Jose (11-Aug-2020)
"This was something of a treat for me, having all the nostalgia of TR1 without the inconveniences of the TR1 engine. I’ve always loved those Francis Folly textures and I thought this was very beautiful to look at. Gameplay is slightly constrained by TR1 Lara’s lack of moves, but that only makes it feel more authentic, and there’s still plenty of action to enjoy, although Lara’s wholesale slaughter of several prides of lions is a bit disturbing (but perhaps slightly less disturbing than her pronunciation of Pericles). If you fancy a feel-good trip down memory lane, I heartily recommend this." - Jay (23-Jul-2020)
"Gameplay and Puzzles: Lots of exploration through atmospheric environments with plenty of traps and platforming along the way. This level is immense, and each area is very tastefully done. I really enjoyed exploring the entire location. Some of the jumps and navigation are a bit challenging without being frustrating. Loved the bits involving the debris falling after picking up the spike-trapped key. Also, thank you for using the TOMB4.EXE with the TR1 plug-in. It mimics the old engine to a T and is much easier to run on current OS. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: Standard TR1 Greek enemy fare! The enemies got to be a bit much, to the point that it was a bit annoying there at the very end. The lions were oozing out of the woodwork and it became predictable, such that I simply kept the shotgun in hand while exploring. Good ambushes are great, but the onslaught had me constantly on guard so the element of surprise was completely lost. I kept hoping there would be a gorilla, just for some variety and old times sake. The room with the bats cracked me up, though. It was comically ridiculous paired with the dramatic music. There are more than enough pickups; I had plenty of ammo left at the end of my adventure. Plenty of medipacks to spare as well. I still love hunting down each and every pickup for the fun of it. The secrets were nicely done. They weren't super obscure, but instead encouraged me to look around a little bit more and to look closely. I thought the uzis secret was superb. The location was the highlight of the level for me, and I enjoyed diving down, down through the foliage into the pool far below. Located all six! Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The atmosphere is primo - audio clips suited the mood and location perfectly. Enjoyed the blending of classic TR1 pieces with the ambient bits from Anniversary. Some of the sounds were off for the push-blocks but that's not a huge deal. The overall effect was immersive and very professionally done. I would replay the level for this alone, honestly. Some days all I want to do is get lost with Lara and this level cranks the escapism dial to 10 (pixelated '96 textures notwithstanding!). The camera bug struck every time for the switches, which was a bit annoying. It wasn't overly difficult to find the gates and doors but it's irksome when something simply doesn't work the way it's supposed to. Cameras are solid, otherwise. Lighting & Textures: Melding of the TR1 Greece with TR5 Rome textures was nicely done, with everything fitting together into a robust and harmonious whole. I thought it was an interesting choice that you chose not to apply one of the smooth wraps (not a builder so I am not sure what exactly they are called) to the textures, and instead left them as-is. The effect is very nostalgic, so stylistic props for that. Some of the lighting could have been turned up just a tad. There were some locations that I had a hard time navigating underwater due to the overall murkiness, and some spots on land were also a bit awkward. Mostly while climbing around rocks in caverns or through some of the rubble strewn hallways. It's no fun not to be able to see where you're going when you don't have muzzle-flash or flares to lean on for some help. Misc: I didn't encounter the gate bug, for which I'm grateful. The saving process was a bit cumbersome, and my audio kept regrettably cutting out immediately afterward. Not sure if it's a limitation of the plug-in? Some of the hitboxes for plants were wonky, as other reviewers have mentioned. Overall no big deal, but still detracts somewhat from the overall experience. Lara's key animation was missing. These little details don't affect overall play, but they do take away from the level's polish. Really enjoyed this one, Sabatu! I look forward to your next level, because I know you'll keep getting better and better. :)" - Chel (19-Jul-2020)
"Gameplay and puzzles: Excellent puzzles that felt challenging and authentic. Exploration was a big factor in this level and made for a very enjoyable experience. One criticism I have is the overuse of awkward jumping angles where walls often got in the way, or jumps that should connect but don't. I found the short early on to be out of place, especially since it was computer generated voice. One thing I liked was that there were a few instances I thought I soft locked the game, but there was always another way around that got me through. This shows careful attention to level design by the creator. Great job! Enemies, objects and secrets: I felt the level was saturated with way too many lions. Basically every turn or entry you could expect to pull out your shotgun to take care of a pair of lions. Also every pool of water had at least one crocodile, making it less of a surprise. I really liked the bat room swarming Lara! This was a fun challenge that had me chuckling. Many of the items were from TR1 and were placed tastefully. The vegetation in some parts often got in the way, creating an invisible barrier especially when collecting the first golden bar. I really loved the anticipation leading up to the UZIs secret. That was a real treat plunding through the ceiling. Atomosphere, sound and cameras: The atmosphere was stunning! The whole level felt like something that could have easily been in Unfinished Business, maybe even better. The ambiance, which I believe was borrowed from TRA and remixed a bit, fit very well with the level. Lighting and textures: Pretty good for setting the mood of a TR1 game. Nothing was too dark. Some of the textures were from TRC Rome levels, and they actually fit in well with the level. One misc. thing I want to mention is I think the loading system needs some work. When saving, the music completely disappears, which is unfortunate since it's really nice to hear. Reloading fixes the issue, but it became somewhat of a nuisance reloading every time after saving. It might also be better to consolidate the load and save journals into one journal like in TR1-3. Overall I really enjoyed playing this level!" - dragooncroft (09-Jul-2020)
"Were it not for the infamous dreaded gate trigger glitch that locks you in a particular room without warning and leaves you stuck in a proverbial rut, this could have been an excellent trip down memory lane as it otherwise plays really well for the hour and a half it lasts. Reports about the bug seem to be rather ambiguous as it seems to be an entirely random event, but it left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth and it is a bit crushing to find yourself stuck after you've been treated to a sufficiently enjoyable raid, but I was. Luckily I was able to proceed thanks to a useful bug I found in a video walkthrough, and it may prove handy for anyone who found themselves in the same situation as I was (to do it successfully, collect the key, make your way down by employing a few fake grab moves to ensure that the rubble isn't in the path of the block, then push the block through the gate and keep holding action once you have done so, so Lara glitches onto the block. Hey, fight fire with fire is what I say. Well, bugs with bugs, anyway. Maybe the Level Editor was being quirky, but still... Anyway, to the level in question. This is a sort of sequel to the first Parnassus level, only with a lot more ground to cover. The exploration factor of the gameplay is really quite extensive but also well executed, as you are required to utilise all of Lara's agile manoeuvres in order to make it to the exit trigger. Puzzles and jumping sequences challenge but not frustrate the player, the secrets are decently placed and provide a generous reward and the architecture is absolutely inspiring, with a great sense of place and ambient music that complements the atmosphere perfectly and not even the camera hint bug could spoil that. I did think that enemies were rather boringly placed, often coming at you in annoying droves, but enough supplies are provided to get you through. Sabatu has proven himself to be a solidly dependable builder whose levels I always enjoy and if he can just iron out some of the kinks, he could be up there with the greatest builders. Nonetheless, I look forward to his next offering." - Ryan (18-Jun-2020)
"Best level I played in quite a while. This is a level set in Greece, TR1 style, and unlike the Nordic Adventure by Feder that I could not get running at all, I had no trouble playing this one. I like TR1 games for their rather straightforward platforming and themes, so I downloaded it as soon as I saw it. I encountered zero bugs. The exploration was glorious, the temple beautifully built and decorated, no secret too hard to find (although I ended up missing out on the one with the slide-and-spike entrance because I had already progressed through the other exit and did not want to redo all the stuff, but I ended up getting the Uzis in my next secret anyway, thanks for that :) ) It was kinda fun to run into the old lions and crocs from TR1, as you know how they roll and they are easy to deal with. Puzzles were lovingly constructed and led you seamlessly, true Core Design style, from simple to elaborate. Atmosphere was spot on, it really felt like being back in the old classic game, well done! Sound was 99% right, only the push blocks sometimes made sound before being pushed, but I can't see that as a reason to dock a point. Cameras were ok, I adhere to the old CD rule that if you can't see what your lever did and there is no camera hint, it's because the door(or whatever you moved with that lever) is right around the corner, and that held true throughout the game. For a while I was stumped searching for a third gold bar, but in the end found that was not needed at all. Lighting and textures were a lovely mix of old, no-flare-needing TR1 style and nice ambient lighting. Loved this level and now I'm going to check out Mount Parnassus, which I have not played yet. :)" - Manymee (17-Jun-2020)
"An absolute must if you want to revisit the earliest Tomb Raider, including that most annoying delay when jumping (or not jumping at all!) and the little coloured squares and rectangles-filled sceneries. Loads and loads of exploration, coupled with well-placed, easy traps and entire hordes of lions (where do all those lions come from?) with a rather mortal bite, crocodiles and truly flapping bats. I'm starting to enjoy the TR1 experience (no Atlanteans here, thank God) and I would have enjoyed this one much more, hadn't it been for the dreaded gate bug after finding one of four keys - and you do understand it's not the coolest thing on earth to only be able to proceed thanks to somebody else's save. Still, I found it rather enjoyable. A lot can be done with these old textures and the interesting thing is it's all achieved by using the TR4 engine. Well done, all in all." - Jorge22 (12-Jun-2020)
"Really well-built level - everything in this level reminded me of good old Tomb Raider 1 experience. Puzzles and gameplay are very nice, not too hard but few times left me searching for the right way. A lots of jumping and finding way through the level. Textures used are really well placed and music was used in good way, building up atmosphere even more. I just love this level, one of best TR1 themed levels I have played and enjoyed every minute of my playthrough." - Casual Raider (10-Jun-2020)
"I was very happy when I saw this new level of Sabatu. Like the story says, it's a sequel of the original Mount Parnassus. A kind of Mount Parnassus Gold. Since the beginning to the end I really enjoyed explore the various beautiful aeras. The mix of tr1 greece, tr4 coastal and tr5 Rome textures is perfect and give an original and nice atmosphere never seen before. I specially loved the various hanging gardens we encounter through the palace during the adventure with the plants of the lost valley because the mix of these objects is so cool. The only thing I not really enjoyed is all these lions everywhere. In tr1 I never liked this enemie too boring to kill. So to conclule, it's a very beautiful game not very difficult and can be easily play by everyone, specially for those who have nostalgia of the first Tomb Raider. Highly recommended and thanks again Sabatu for this new trip to Greece with Lara." - Bigfoot (08-Jun-2020)
"Gameplay & Puzzles - I felt some of the geometry got in the way of the platforming and theses are some difficult jumps. In my opinion, because of the geometry, some platforming and back travel wasn't executed well. I had a few issues with Lara getting stuck. Once in the tilted geometry with the land/water. She kinda teleported into a wall with a shotgun ammo pickup underwater. It's too close to the wall. And to get the Uzi secret I fell through the wall. This all doesn't stand of the way of the level because the gameplay here IS heavy and strong. This was certainly an enjoyable raid. The exploration is top notch and pretty smooth. The platforming is also still amazing. Enemies, Objects & Secrets - I thought the enemies were quite a weak point. I thought the ambush idea was too much and them sneaking behind you. I didn't think the way they were placed was strong either. And I ran out of ammo by the end. Some pickup ideas I didn't understand. Like putting the Uzi ammo inside the 2 lions den when I needed it beforehand. A lot of them were running into walls as well. I thought the selection of enemies were great though. I didn't care for the collision on the foliage when I picked up the gold bar. That was kinda weird. I found 4/6 secrets. I thought they were placed pretty well. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras - The atmosphere alone is more than enough reason to play this level. It's fabulous. The reason why I gave you a 7 is because I played through this twice over 2 1/2 hours. And your cameras don't work. I had to do a lot of guess work to what I had opened. I didn't enjoy this part either time. I'm not sure what's the problem here but I put the lever switch trigger, flyby trigger second with a one shot (OCB=Make,snap,cut), then the other triggers last. I think the Lion was missing a sound and a few other sounds are missing. Lara's key animation is also missing. Lighting & Textures - The lighting is superb actually. I did think the underwater was too dark for it to be so vibrant. And a few too dark spots on land as well. But overall great. Texture choices and placement was great. A few squeezing, stretching, and I do remember a distorted texture. I enjoyed this level. It is very reminiscent of Tomb Raider I. Besides these things that I did not enjoy in my review, I was more than ready to give this level a higher score." - StudBuddha (06-Jun-2020)
"2 hours of net gaming time in this level that oozes atmosphere from start to finish. I enjoyed it so much that i hunted all pickups even if i did not needed them all , i was also surprised to have found all 6 secrets as i'm not often too good to find them. Plenty of discovery , jumping , climbing , a few traps , the level is easier than the first Parnassus level , anyway i did not met any timed door. It is not without some technical flaws : weird sounds when Lara pushes a block , a wall with ladder texturing that is not climbable , and there is again the bug with the camera but that did not hindered the gameplay for what the switches did was always evident , this tells that the progression is always logical. Many lions and crocs , also some packs of bats. There is no flares but they are not really needed. Several big areas are pretty impressive with good architecture and harmony in texturing and use of greenery. Also the few places where we have voice overs for the storyline , and some moments very well put in scene were much appreciated. Thanks Sabatu for this enjoyable level, i did not wanted this quest to end." - eRIC (06-Jun-2020)