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Ancient Temple Remake by Larysuh13

DJ Full 7 9 8 8
eRIC 7 8 8 7
Jose 5 7 8 8
manarch2 6 7 7 7
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 7 7 8 7
StudBuddha 6 6 6 6
release date: 11-Jun-2020
# of downloads: 7696

average rating: 7.21
review count: 7
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file size: 78.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: Rome/Greece

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Remade even too much. Might impress with richness of activity but then givet too many options to remember so there was a phase when I learnt the map, then a phase when I started to forget it sooner than I learnt, and I eventually checked the walkthrough for some obvious place I should have found if I was focused instead. I finished mixed but still leaning towards the positive score since the ending was strong and had a proper resolution. The level is worth checking mostly for the spider cave, and you will know why when you get there..." - DJ Full (17-Nov-2023)
"Not really remembering the classic TR 3 game by Jirka008 but I still think that there is little need of remaking what is still available. At least the visual side of things have been improved in this one, texturing and lighting are good and despite of a relative simple architecture the atmosphere is nice enough, also with good sound usage. The gameplay could've matched the original with its numerous interesting traps you have to avoid in sometimes non-obvious ways, decent (if slightly lengthy) block puzzles and exploration, but that backtracking once again diminuished the good feelings I had - can't remember the amount of times I passed this one circular blade hallway. Just way too much to and fro and at the end I was really glad when it came to the conclusion. Despite this relatively major issue, a solid game with four decently hidden secrets that took me 40 minutes to finish." - manarch2 (19-Nov-2020)
"Not very nice for me to play this level with a lot of backtracking an even with a situation (pit with raising trapdoors) where you can get trapped forever and forced to start the level again (not in my case). I found some very tricky jumps where I had to reload several times but some interesting tasks too. I liked the design and some new ideas, but unfortunately once I reached a switch in a high niche (room with moveable block) the game crashed all the times after the cut scene, so I was forced to abandone the level. The best: the atmosphere with well chosen musics and placed cameras. Perhaps if you play under a different OS (like W10) you can finish it." - Jose (03-Sep-2020)
"My memories regarding the original TR3 Ancient temple are a little fuzzy, but I do recall enough to state that the visuals here are a definite improvement over the original, with much cleaner texturing and lighting, and resultantly the atmosphere feels a lot more involving with some nice usage of classic audio tracks. The combination of various texture sets including India, Peru and the Temple of Xian seems a little incongruous at first, but the overall aesthetic is quite pleasing. The gameplay undoubtedly has its highlights in the forms of various tricky trap gauntlets, raptor battles and even a bi-level pushblock puzzle which I have to say was really neatly executed despite the inevitable laborious slow pace. The progression was marred slightly by an inclusion of an underwater maze, too much backtracking over previously explored territory and a repetitive crash issue while pulling an underwater lever in the aforementioned maze section that seems to be unique to my experience. However, I found that I could circumvent that by waiting for the gate to open, then pressing the Look button to cancel the cutscene (it actually is possible here despite the cutscene being in the traditional letterbox format). But despite these few deficiencies, it provides a lengthy, solid and entertaining raid." - Ryan (22-Jun-2020)
"I have mixed feelings about this level, but in my mind the good outweighs the bad. I seem to have played and reviewed the level upon which this remake is based, but that's so far back in the recesses of my memory that the remake was a completely fresh experience for me. The gameplay is remarkably complex, perhaps to a fault. Some of the hazards have to be braved two or even three times, you're constantly having to go back and forth between areas, saving sections recently accessed for later exploration, and I would have been hopelessly confused without Doggett TV's video to guide me along. On the other hand, you're provided ample weaponry and ammo to deal with the numerous enemies encountered along the way, and the lighting rarely requires the use of a flare. The secrets could have been more plentiful or more judicially distributed, as all four are found before you're halfway through the level. I was writing a walkthrough as I was playing and therefore may have taken longer (two hours in my case) than others, but I enjoyed my time here and can recommend the level without reservation." - Phil (21-Jun-2020)
"This was a bit on the challenging side at times , nothing too difficult but there are a few interesting jumps and tricky traps gauntlets. Depending on the way you are progressing you will have to do again some of the traps passages (swinging spiked bags/stargate blades or fire emitters/stargate blades) trying the best method to not lose much health, The level is not completely straightforward and as a consequence with more or less backtracking. More atmospheric than the original level, i'm not sure if the gameplay is different, it was too long ago. You have also a few movable blocks , moving spiked walls , a puzzle with doors and switches, and a ride with the quad at the end. The setting is a mix of different textures and objects : Tinnos , China , Egypt , india , South Pacific and Greece, i'm not sure this works all the time. Perso, i would have prefered a mono-theme. Regarding enemies, some bunches of raptors and green lizards , a place with plenty of big spiders and a few others ; the grenade gun was useful, the builder has provided enough medipacks and ammos. No binoculars and a few fixed cameras. Found 3 secrets out of 4 , getting one of them was at the limit of fairness. Globally this is solid raiding, one of these long levels that is gripping and that you don't want to stop." - eRIC (18-Jun-2020)
"Gameplay & Puzzles - I thought it would be more proper for me to play the original Ancient Temple by Jirka008 before I rated this level. I did play this level first. I had to play this twice because of a trapdoor issue with back travel. But I did enjoy this level so I didn't mind giving it another try. I thought the back travel was quite tedious with its traps. I thought the flame emitters and the star traps from TR4 were quite brutal compared to Jirka008's level. I didn't understand why you didn't use the spinning wheel from TR2 that would have been better. But other expansion ideas I thought were pretty nice. Like pushable to flip map the room above. There is quite a bit of expanding in its gameplay and puzzles. I will admit, the placement of some doors and keys made this a bit confusing with the back travel. I also had a geometry issue and a few crashes. The underwater maze was an issue to me and I struggled to see the reason for the bike section. Enemies, Objects & Secrets - Enemies were quite selective. We have raptors in this one along with spiders. I did enjoy the spiders. The TR4 Egypt guys can totally be avoided. I see why you placed the objects the way you did. But I didn't understand why there weren't many when I needed them the most during all the traps. I thought a small medipack here and there wasn't enough. I found 3/4 secrets. I thought one secret with the "hidden ladder" was kinda weird. I didn't find all the secrets in the original level neither here so I didn't take this into account to my score. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras - Atmosphere is better than the original. But I wish the gameplay section was somewhat more relaxing like Jirka008's level to really appreciate it. Like the underwater is more of a maze and I didn't find an air pocket and it is poorly textured. Added more stress to me compared to the original which is similar but not so much of a maze and better textured. Sounds were okay some are overlapping and a few are missing and incorrect. Lighting & Textures - The underwater maze is where it started to fall apart to me. It was textured quite poorly compared to all that I had seen before and I was quite intrigued by your selection of textures from the beginning. Several themes like TR1 Peru and TR3 India in the end just did not add up to me. Some ending parts seemed rushed along with it. But I thought overall the lighting and texturing was better than the original. There is no doubt Larysuh13 can present some great ideas for a great raid. I hope the next level will be better executed with perhaps more time and I can help you with beta testing and other things. 1:10 mins" - StudBuddha (16-Jun-2020)