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Jungle Race by Philer1988

alan 1 0 5 4
Anurag 3 3 2 2
bERT 2 1 5 3
Catherin 1 1 4 2
CC 1 0 1 1
Ceamonks890 2 1 3 2
Dimpfelmoser 2 0 4 4
DJ Full 1 0 2 1
eTux 2 0 2 1
G.Croft 0 1 2 2
Gerty 1 0 1 1
Jay 2 1 2 2
Jose 1 0 1 1
Kristina 2 1 3 3
Leandro 0 0 2 4
Magnus 2 0 3 4
manarch2 1 0 1 1
MichaelP 4 2 6 3
Obig 3 0 3 4
Orbit Dream 2 1 2 1
RaiderGirl 3 2 4 2
Ryan 2 1 1 1
Sash 2 0 4 4
Scottie 1 0 2 2
Tombaholic 0 1 4 3
Torry 2 2 5 3
Treeble 2 1 1 2
Yoav 4 1 5 5
release date: 06-Oct-2001
# of downloads: 42

average rating: 1.94
review count: 28
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file size: 13.37 MB
file type: TR4
class: Jungle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Similar to author's "Motodrom", only that this time Lara rides through the "jungle". And that's pretty much it!" - alan (21-Feb-2023)
"A "jungle" level? Only because the textures 'cause I couldn't see a single plant in all the entire track. A short ride with the bike through a very dark passages where the only danger is a jump over a pit near the place when you get closer to the starting point, and continue driving againg until you are tired of the same route. Not worth to play." - Jose (19-Dec-2017)
"Missed this one, in hindsight probably on purpose. Missed some textures, hmmm. Two pet hates of mine in here, bike and dark. Need I say more?" - Gerty (28-Aug-2017)
"How could I miss this undoubted masterpiece of level design? A bike tour through large and dully textured and lit areas with only a single jump over an otherwise deadly gap and/or a secret route to find is really everything a player desires of a game, so what are you waiting for? Download now... ;)" - manarch2 (06-Sep-2016)
"This is just about as uncomplicated as it gets. Ride a motorbike round a track (or two, if you find the hidden one). That's it." - Jay (05-Sep-2016)
"This level seemed like Motodrom I recently played, only with a hidden route and worse visuals. Still okay for a fun diversion." - Ryan (08-Apr-2016)
"Practically identical to the builder's initial debut release 'Motodrom' in terms of quality, only there are no enemies or other objects present at all, its much shorter and the lighting isn't handled nearly as well as the former. So best to just skip this one, if you aren't a racing enthusiast." - Ceamonks890 (29-Jun-2015)
"I feel obliged to give 1 point for the cameras. They were quite good. The whole rest cries to heaven for vengeance, with the lighting crying the most loudly. You can't see almost anything, especially when driving through the secret track. Secrets should be reward, not pain. SUMMARY: I'm sure TR is an universal game which can comprise of good race levels as well as of the adventure quests. That's why I hope someday we gonna see a really good race level released. But for now on, most of the rides are less than average and this is one of the worst of them, with the most annoying lighting I've ever seen. Not recommendable unless you are a bat or some other species which can use echolocation to find the way through the dark." - DJ Full (24-Oct-2010)
"Lara is here somewhere in the jungle. Though there are no trees, but if one has a look at the textures, it must be somewhere in the jungle. She catches the motorcycle, drives once around the block and is after a few minutes again at the place where she has driven off. I would like to write more about the racetrack, but you can't see your hand in front of your face in this darkness. Everything what I could see, was a cross-country distance with a few hills. Motocross drivers would have here certainly a lot of fun." - Scottie (26-May-2009)
"All you have to do is flip a lever to open a gate, jump on the bike there & cruise on it in the circuit prepared by the author in jungle style. All the repeated textures give the level a crappy look. Plus there isnt much to do in this level. Ialso found some of the textures on the wall were missing." - Anurag (08-Feb-2006)
"You just push a lever and then go on a motorride. If you like motorrides it might be your level. But the ride is shorter than the download. Textures are repetetive and stretched, the atmosphere and cameras are ok, though I have no idea why this is classified as 'Jungle'." - Tinka (27-Oct-2005)
"This is an easy level for using the motorbike. It's not a hot stuff, but maybe it worth a try. There are no secrets, and the level has no end, so we can complete as many laps as we want to. During the race the only challenge is that there's a gap. Even walkthroughs are not needed (pulling the lever, entering the door, riding the motorbike). The whole level is like some kind of a demo. Those who like to ride the motorbike can try it. :) You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version), savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (29-Sep-2005)
"It's not a race it's you (Lara) on the motorbike driving through what is more or less jungle scenery. Although that could be debatable. You can go round as many times as you like you will always come back to the start." - CC (13-Aug-2004)
"Short Jungle Race track - in some places it's dark without any obstacle. Net only driving." - Yoav (02-May-2004)
"Well for what it is I quite enjoyed it once I got on the sidecar. The race track is lit a bit like in the discotheques 70's-80's style with bright colors here and there. Static camera views added to the 'race tension'. But that's all the tension there is after all there's only you're Lara who's doing it. Why you should load this one up: well I bet you want to race the track at least three times like me just to do that cliff jump." - bERT (22-Jul-2003)
"Don't imagine wild animals chasing you or a jungle for that matter. It was a try to create a jungle but I don't think the author succeeded with those textures. It's quite dark and the only thing you have to do is push a lever drive with the motorcycle jump a gap and it's over in five minutes. Not that I found a finishing trigger. Not a real level." - Kristina (23-Dec-2002)
"Again I found this quite fun for the time it lasted. The cameras and the dark secret (I actually enjoyed it quite a lot don't know why) are nothing special and the textures and lighting not worth to mention. Download it only if you like race levels." - eTux (13-Dec-2002)
"I thought it was great fun for the time it lasted. Well it lasted only for 3 minutes but I appreciate it when the author knows when to stop and that he doesn't try to drag out the gameplay with tedious crawls. The camera angles around the one gap you have to jump over with the bike where quite good and the atmosphere wasn't that bad either. Shame about the missing textures though." - Dimpfelmoser (13-Oct-2002)
"As the title suggests this is a driving level. Ride the motorcycle through dark huge rooms. One lap took me 2 minutes. But why 'jungle'? Well I do not think that to create a nice jungle level all you need is to apply the India Jungle textures on flat walls and ceilings... Apart that it is worth a look only for the curious ones." - Treeble (21-Jul-2002)
"If anyone has played 'Motodrom' from this same creator then you will see the obvious similarities. This is nothing more than an organically built track set supposedly in a jungle but looking more like an enclosed cave where all you need do is navigate your way around with an added secret piece of almost pitch black track hidden behind a semi transparent wall. All up this took me maybe 5 minutes to play with no real excitement and maybe a little too much darkness." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"With 20 rooms only this is a short race-track similar to 'Motodrom' by the same author but this time with some jungle textures (though not really jungle architecture). I like some of the camera angles and bike jumps and the spooky atmosphere created by the headlights." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"Why they call these levels races is beyond me. Who are we racing? It's only Lara after all. In this one we drive around a particularly bumpy course mostly in the dark and it was way too bloody dark even with the headlight from the motor cycle. Again what was the point and why bother for 5 minutes of two wheeled mayhem?" - Torry (21-Jun-2002)
"If you feel like taking the motorbike for a spin around a motocross course this one's for you. Like the earlier 'Motodrom' level that's all there is here. No puzzles traps objects pickups or enemies. 1 'secret' allows you the use of a somewhat more extensive track. I'll give it some points for a couple cool fixed-camera shots." - Tombaholic (21-Jun-2002)
"This isn't a 'real' level this is if you love driving the motorbike and want to go for a ride!" - G.Croft (21-Jun-2002)
"It's just a 'nothing to do' level. First you open a gate pushing a lever (whoa! How dangerous!!). After that you ride a motorbike and go around a stupid track and 'finish' (finish? I didn't see any finish trigger!) in 3 minutes. And I can't forget to talk about the terrible architecture (wasn't this level to been in a jungle?) and horrible textures. But I can't ignore the nice use of lighting effects. Anyway this is the only good thing of this level... And I don't think you'll download it just because of the lighting..." - Leandro (21-Jun-2002)
"I think the author had a great idea here I just wish he had put a little more work into it. You start out in a huge square room with the same texture used on every tile a door and a floor switch right beside the door. Then you get to the motorcycle race course with a short little track that took me about four minutes to get through. The track itself is easy enough with only one small jump some bumpy roads and a few twists and turns - but many areas were so dark I had a hard time figuring out which way to go. Once or twice I had to get off the bike and light a flare. I found a secret passage but never actually saw anything to pickup and that area was even darker than the regular course so I may have missed something. I would have liked this more if the whole level wasn't just made up of large single texture rooms and dark passages - maybe a few more jumps could be added and a little work done on the textures." - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)
"A short race on the motorcycle that can be finished after two and a half minutes. The jungle is very ugly with repetitive texturing and the level is very dark. There is however only one lever so this might be a good level for those who don't like levers." - Magnus (21-Jun-2002)
"There is no reason why 'Lara Racing' should be thought of as a poor idea for a level; indeed it makes a change from running around Egyptian tombs. With a little care and some thought (timed jumps perhaps; or multiple routes) it would make a fun diversion. This isn't it unfortunately. The texturing is lazy as is the construction (wafer thin walls in the very first room). There is a secret area to find but it's as dark as the rest of the level with nothing to do but bash the Motorbike around various pitch-black corners. I presume there wasn't an exit as such as all I did was bounce around until I arrived back at the start again. It all looked very slapdash. There is still a good reason for a 'Lara Racing' level though. Maybe someone with more patience will give it a go." - Orbit Dream (21-Jun-2002)