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Military Headquarters by Astraf

Cerebralfire 6 7 6 8
dinne 8 7 6 7
DJ Full 7 8 8 8
Jay 8 8 9 8
JesseG 6 7 8 8
Jorge22 8 7 8 8
Jose 7 8 8 9
lilutong 8 8 8 8
MichaelP 6 8 6 6
nerdfury 5 8 9 9
Orbit Dream 8 8 9 10
Phil 8 8 7 8
Ryan 7 8 8 8
Sethian 6 7 6 7
StudBuddha 8 7 8 7
release date: 03-Jul-2020
# of downloads: 208

average rating: 7.55
review count: 15
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file size: 88.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: Base/Lab

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This starts somewhat poorly with a missing collision on the object right in front of you in the first room and then I was wondering if I had some strange sound bug, until I realized later that it is an animated object that is causing the strange noises. There is also a wrong animation for the button, I sunk the bike into the floor once with no way of getting out again and also had one crash of the game happening. But all of these rather minor negatives aside, you get a very decent little adventure of around 30 minutes here. The overall space seems a bit too vast and empty and as if it was built around the objects the builder want to use in the level, but progression is not difficult and the 3 secrets are a nice addition along the way. As expected you get to kill a bunch of guards and their dogs before making your escape on the bike. Worth a look." - MichaelP (19-Jan-2024)
"Short but pleasant. Would be even better as a part of something bigger, as it has vibes of middle level. You will need a bit of memory to progress, as not many hints are given. But it is perfectly doable. Recommended." - DJ Full (14-May-2023)
"Very nice to play this short level, the author took much care to create convincent environments very well textured. No puzzles to solve, the gameplay is based about pure exploration to find artifacts and finally get the extra boost for the bike so you can save a water pit and exit the level. Some guards and dogs to shoot, the secrets are accesible, some old musics to create atmosphere complete a solid level very worth to play. Good work!" - Jose (09-Oct-2020)
"I tend to enjoy base/lab levels. Right. I enjoyed the clear lines that mark the general design, but I was also a bit dismayed by the excessive vastness of some of the spaces. The gameplay is relatively straightforward and simple, even though my memory betrayed me as I thought I'd already put the blue liquid container in its place and spent a lot of time trying to figure out why it had disappeared from there and why I couldn't get an underwater door open (my fault though). At the end of the day, it's all about building a top canister for the bike, so Lara can jump the gap and get to a sudden ending. Done. Entertaining." - Jorge22 (08-Oct-2020)
"(5) Gameplay&Puzzles To be frank, I loved everything else about this level aside from the gameplay (and lack of original puzzles). There are very few traps, they're super easy to avoid, and I couldn't recall any challenging jumps or maneuvers that made me feel engaged and tense. The only memorable part of the gameplay was the motorbike jump; aside from that, it's just a lot of collect so-and-so object, insert it elsewhere, and rinse and repeat. Lara getting stuck in invisible areas while navigating the underwater maze drove me absolutely crazy. (8) Enemies, Objects & Secrets Astraf uses many interesting static objects to populate his world, although I spotted a few areas where objects could be more polished: 1) the ON/OFF switch has Lara using the incorrect lever animation, 2) the "Satellite Accesser" has no image in the inventory and is misspelled. I'm fine with the enemies used in this level, and while I thought the first bathroom secret was clever, the underwater maze Deagle secret (and its ease to obtain) didn't make sense to me. I mean, all I had to do was navigate a different path of the small maze, and ta-da! (9) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras The level has fantastic atmosphere however it would be a lot more believable if Lara started without her pistols. The excellent use of diagonals really enhanced the atmosphere. Regarding cameras, I felt like there could have been more camera hints. I didn't notice any flyby sequences, and I feel like at least one would have been engaging to the player (perhaps an overview flyby once Lara left the bathrooms). (9) Lighting & Textures The indoor texturing seemed perfect to me, however, the outdoor rocks had some not-so-good texturing at times (this is a minor issue though). The lighting is absolutely stunning in this level. While the majority of the level has a blue glow, I love how in some areas Astraf incorporated other forms of lighting/texturing to balance out the blue (example: the giant green circuit walls). There were a few minor lighting issues (underwater maze lighting is flat, small cave where the blue liquid is found has unrealistic lighting, some static outdoor objects are too bright given their light source). I hope the above feedback was constructive to Astraf. In sum, this is a gorgeous, short level with rather plain gameplay. I would recommend it to players who want a quick, easy adventure. I wouldn't recommend it to players who want a challenge. 5/8/9/9." - nerdfury (23-Sep-2020)
"This is a short, lively level set in a most effectively rendered base with an excellent atmosphere. Lara gets to explore, shoot guards and dogs and do a spot of bike riding. OK, I could probably have done without the underwater maze aspect, but otherwise I found myself enjoying this more than I expected to and who could fault the cool exit by bike." - Jay (19-Aug-2020)
"A short level in a base/hi-tech style, easy to complete and simple to understand. I have to say this level is quite unpolished and I'd suggest the author to be less impatient in publishing levels, but to work more on them to improve their quality. It had potential to be much better, in my opinion, by just polishing and enriching some areas and details. The main thing that makes the level appear unpolished is the squared-empty style of several enviornments, although the colors of the lights are well used. Other unpolished details are the starting missing collision of the bed (you could use a ghostblock or a bridge), and the fact that Lara has guns inside a prison, that's quite odd, then we have wrong sounds of the enemies, ugly sounds of the machineries that seem creatures or steps sometimes and that totally kill the atmosphere (plus silence, no background track), sand in the main square with no transitions (you could put some asphalt with transitioning sand or something, or the sand being -1 click than the asphalt so that would be understandable to have such a clean street next to it), some badly placed textures are present and the quest of lifting rockets is creative but odd (Lara could theorically pass there in real life, I think it could have been arranged in a different way, maybe making the rocket way bigger or with an untrepassable structure around). Traps are a bit poor, very easy to avoid. On the good sides I appreciated the double usage of the motorcycle with and without the nitro, the no-backtracking part at the end where you place the yellow liquid (unless you skip the Knife, so for that I'd have suggested to put a mandatory crowbar door before the whole final area, to ensure the player got the knife), the underwater maze is also really nice because it's the first time I finally see a "doable" underwater maze, because of transparency, that is given by something legit in this environment (nets), and the overall gameplay doesn't suffer of significant unfair parts or softlocks. Anyway, the main critique I give is still the fact that the author could have spent time in polishing this level instead of rushing it. Details reveal it and also the fact that the Title is the tr4 default one, like if there was no interest in honouring a bit the level itself. So I'd put more dedication in everything, yes. // Side note: I noticed you used 3 of my objects on trsearch but you didn't credit anyone for the asset and not even betatesters if any. It's instead good practice to follow this netiquette//" - dinne (18-Aug-2020)
"This level is a big improvement on Astraf’s previous work. While it isn’t anything profound, it stops making the mistakes of his previous levels, and finally feels like it’s moving into the direction of something that could pass as being from a real Tomb Raider game – in both its good aspects and sometimes illogical aspect.

The Gameplay and Puzzles are both fairly straight forward – in fact, there seem to be no puzzles as such, with the exception that there are some out of reach areas that can only be accessed once you have the bike. It really is just a continuous key quest, and there isn’t much ‘solving’ anything involved, only having to find your way and figure out where to go. Finding the bike and the petrol canister is a special moment that is then however short lived since you can’t get very far and the entire major trek through the rest of the level is to find the special magic pipe that Lara can combine with the canister to be able to finally use the bike to get over that big gap for her escape. I think perhaps this could’ve been structured a bit differently in order to make the discovery of the bike more spectacular.

Once again, we have a bit of a terrible underwater maze and swim sequence given to us by Astraf. Why, oh why? This time, it’s not like in the first level where it goes one for too long and the room geometry will entrap you and cause you to keep drowning. No, the underwater ‘maze’ is actually very short and it’s clear enough as to where one can go, and you can even make your way to a secret without too much confusion. But for whatever reason there are some very nasty collision boxes all over the place in this maze. It almost is as if these have been placed intentionally in order to make it more challenging, or its some bug that hasn’t been fixed? Either way, you’ll sometimes not able to swim around the corner, or die drowning right when Lara’s about to reach the surface, simply because she’ll be stuck endlessly swimming against an invisible barrier.

There’s a whole mix of Objects in this level. The enemies are pretty standard, although there is one moment where you will hear a mutant grunting somewhere – this got me excited that perhaps there is more going on in this military base than meets the eye. Alas, those grunts were just the badly assigned sounds for a swinging chain trap. Another odd choice was the huge rubbish bin that seems to expand out of the earth like an accordion. That aside, the level does a really good job at striving to create a believable environment. The locker room showers were a nice touch, as were the janitor’s brooms and buckets with disinfectant placed here and there. The best objects are the rotating cameras that seem to follow Lara’s every move; the only downside to these being that after 10 minutes of wandering around in this level you’ll be sick of hearing them making their little buzzing sounds as they swivel back and forth.

The atmosphere is good enough, and the few sound issue aside, the author makes good use of music to give us that classic TR3 Nevada/Area 51 feeling once again. Camera placement is something that could be improved on since they are often awkwardly positioned, or not actually looking at the target they’re meant to be looking at. That aside, Lighting and Texturing are also good this time around, and give a good sense of realism to the place. A few rooms are a bit big and bland (particularly up on the roof) however the gorgeous horizon makes up for a lot of that.

The level is short and sweet, even if the story makes very little sense – why is Lara trapped in a cell with and easy exit point and in possession of her weapons? Why are there so many draggable corpses all over the place that no one has cleared away? Ah, the mysteries of Tomb Raider." - Sethian (13-Aug-2020)
"This is another level that is set around the "escape from a prison cell" concept and it's nicely set in scene, right up to Lara's spirited and brisk exit, via bike, from the compound. It's also more player-friendly than Lara's Capture, and therefore more enjoyable to play. Gameplay is mainly focused around combatting the various MPs, avoiding laser traps and gathering key cards, which could possibly be a little too simplistic for some players, but it progresses along nicely and swiftly in a generally linear fashion, the environments are solid and pleasing and as mentioned, you get a neatly executed motorbike sequence as well as three nice secrets to sidetrack for. A very decent raid." - Ryan (17-Jul-2020)
"A brief raid where you help Lara plan an escape on the motorbike. Gameplay is mostly combat against some guards, along with a few traps to crawl under as Lara explores the different parts of the military base. There is some sporadic wallpapering of textures, but there are only a couple of rooms that have enough of it to be distracting. The lighting was pretty good, although some other colors to balance out the blue would be good. Overall it's a relatively average level that I would recommend to those looking for a shorter raid with Nevada inspirations. 37 minutes." - JesseG (16-Jul-2020)
"This level bears a striking resemblance to Lara's Escape, which was released about the same time. They're both short at about thirty minutes, and the objective in both is to find a way out of a place of confinement. They're both player- friendly and fun to play without undue taxing of the brain or physical dexterity. The three secrets here aren't too hard to find, and they provide suitable weaponry to deal with the numerous guards and military police encountered throughout the level. Lighting is good, so that the use of a flare is rarely necessary. The motorbike is also used to good advantage, and the builder cleverly required two pickups, one of which isn't found until the very end, to provide enough boost to make Lara's escape. A nice raid." - Phil (05-Jul-2020)
"This starts out as an 'escape from incarceration' level - complete with yet another spectacular oversight in prison cell design,allowing our heroine to easily attain her freedom (in this case,a very generously sized ventilation duct). Once that bit of clichéd business is over,however,the player is in for a little gem of a level. The location is a large and impressively put- together military desert compound;replete with radar dishes,missiles,prowling guards,laser corridors,giant ventilation fans,and a motorbike that you can drive everywhere if you wish. The textures are well chosen,and excellently applied;the lighting is very well handled;the gameplay fluent,and built around exploration (perhaps one or two thinking puzzles wouldn't have gone amiss). There was a nice banana jump to a secret;good use of Nathan McCree music;appropriate object placement;and just the right amount of sinister hi-tech atmosphere. Plus - it all builds to a fun 'motorbike jump' Finale. 50 minutes of absorbing fun." - Orbit Dream (04-Jul-2020)
"The building is grand and epic.The appearance of enemies is just right.Trust me, the game is really worth playing." - lilutong (03-Jul-2020)
"Gameplay & Puzzles - This was a fun level and it's nice to see your work in Tomb Editor. Even for it's simplistic story we get a fun adventure starting with Lara in a cell and ending with her flying out of this place. In between there's a bunch of variety of gameplay to rig this place. Collecting the items needed to boost out of here with the motorbike. I'm really happy you added the motorbike to get around and used it wisely in this section. Enemies, Objects & Secrets - Enemy choice was good. I thought they could have been spaced a bit more better to have then not look like clones. Maybe even a few more here and there. Objects are pretty good. I like how you decorated the place. Secrets were okay I only found two. A few collision issues. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras - Even though the motorbike fits the map quite well to get around for travel back. Some places the geometry is left to be desired. But I loved the way you used diagonals in this level. The underwater section was nicely done. I liked the how you designed this Military Headquarters. Lighting & Textures - I actually really liked this section. The lighting was pretty nice and I like the effects. The texturing though, I felt there was a bit of a rush job on parts throughout the level. Lines with geometry aren't correct causing cracks in your textures, there distortion and wallpapering. A pretty nice raid. 52 mins." - StudBuddha (03-Jul-2020)
"Lighting and textures are nice; enemies pop out to startle you which I like. In game atmosphere music is almost non existant, but camera angles are on point and don't cause problems. Gameplay is as you would expect from a TR3 level, just a shame it is such a short level. It's a basic level, but a well put together basic level. Thanks to the builder for 30-40 minutes of old school TR3 raiding :)" - Cerebralfire (03-Jul-2020)