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The Legend of Ka'ni Rean Vol.1 by nusretsirin

dinne 7 6 8 7
DJ Full 8 9 9 8
eRIC 8 8 8 8
g12STL 10 7 8 8
Jay 8 8 8 8
JesseG 8 8 8 8
Jorge22 8 7 7 7
Jose 7 8 8 7
Reggie 7 8 9 8
Ryan 8 8 8 8
StudBuddha 8 7 8 7
release date: 10-Jul-2020
# of downloads: 143

average rating: 7.82
review count: 11
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file size: 86.10 MB
file type: TR4
class: Jungle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Not a masterpiece but it shows traits of the builder already, as it has some things done very correctly. I'd say try it if you don't mind the graphics... and watch out for THAT key." - DJ Full (15-Nov-2023)
"I absolutely loved the TR3 aesthetic in this level, along with some interesting new traps. I like to see innovations like these that make the level unique and stand out from other levels. The platforming was good, nothing too intense for the most part. The objectives to complete the game were very clear, despite a larger map. It was all very clear where you had to go. I guess my only complaint I have was the modified climbing animation. While it is a lot faster, I've had her bug out by either going past the top of the ledge and dropping down, or glitching through the map (only happened once). Other than that, I'd love to see another TR3-themed level like this!" - g12STL (24-Jan-2021)
"This is mostly about exploration in very challenging environments, a few tigers along the way, rather complicated ways of getting keys and a Shiva at the end. I admit I had to resort to Doggett's precious help just here and there, as there were no perfectly clear indications on my way and the path was rough. But I suppose that's not believed to be cheating, right? It doesn't equal the perfect game planning either... The settings were interesting and varied in the jungle way. It is a good debut, yes. What I liked less, what I didn't really like, was the earthquakes, especially the long earthquake just before the finale. So avoidable... There were also some weirder animations, but nothing special. And the lighting could have been somewhat brighter. Looking forward to more thoughtful future levels, as this one was promising." - Jorge22 (16-Oct-2020)
"Really a good debut, this jungle adventure has got a classic taste, with some extra touches to create atmosphere when you pick up some keys. The gameplay is not very lineal, but cameras and flybys will help you to find your way; there are few enemies to shoot and the secrets are well hidden; some pushblock puzzles and a lot of gymnastics everywhere. The architecture is good too, but the worst were the few care applying textures, they usually don't fit and stretched in small surfaces. All in all a very promising builder, I hope there are more levels in the future. Good work." - Jose (13-Oct-2020)
"What a very decent debut level this is to be sure. It’s a very traditional jungle level so cue the tigers, Shivas etc., and some (always fun) clambering around on roofs and in treetops. There’s quite a large area to explore overall and some of the actions do become a touch repetitive, i.e. push blocks, shimmying, but that’s well leavened by some nice traps and I found the ‘realism’ aspect of the surroundings pretty good. I look forward very much to seeing what this new and obviously promising builder brings us next." - Jay (22-Aug-2020)
"An easygoing adventure for anyone who wants a relaxing and nostalgic adventure through the Jungle TR3 pack. The level is structured in 2 main sections that will lead to the final bossfight. Gameplay wise, this level is strictly linear except 2 "left-right" quests, the difficulty is gradual but overall very easy and the combat is almost absent as well as the traps: although there are some, the general feeling doesn't bring any sense of danger and the highlight moments are usually "expected". There isn't much to "escape from", but this might be a good thing for some players, even if usually, if the gameplay isn't that "intense", a stunning atmosphere should fill that gap, and that isn't that much impressive. In fact, aesthetics wise, the level appears often repetitive and the atmosphere is often not really on spot (that's good considering the limited pack anyway), this is caused by some unpolished things the level has, such as wrong pitched sounds, broken ladder animations, missing sunbuls in some areas that turns the environment quite "flat", non-colored lights in almost all the level (some colors would've probably broke the monotony), cracks, seams and stretched textures (not necessarily a bad trait if the author was totally trying to copy TR3 appearence, but considering diagonal walls and new animations I'd say this wasn't the case). Background sountrack is repetitive as well and some audio tracks through the level aren't really spot on for the circumstances (like the track while approaching the tree with buttons). Cameras are quite good, just some fixed cameras felt a bit off. Some unpolished details can be relevant for the gameplay flow too: the pushables that have no textures inside looks like doors at first and this might confuse players; important keys should be never blended with the environment and placed in a random tile like the one next to the broken switch, because they aren't "expected" to be there, plus they're camouflaged, so it makes them just invisible (but this doesn't add gameplay); the broken switch might've given space for a workaround here to trigger the door anyway, but it was sufficient to use only 1 of them and it appeared to be just decorative; illegal slopes should be always avoided since they generate softlocks. On the good sides, considering the limits of the pack, trees are very well crafted, the geometry often tries to add variation with success and backtracking is sometimes avoided in a fair way by connecting areas. Also, a good amount of flares won't make anyone frustrated here. The final boss battle appears to be quite disappointing since it can be killed from the top of the structure without being harmed of 1 single HP, and the whole point of the quest looks a bit weird: she leaves the level without any artefact or document in the backpack, imo it seems like she went there just to kill that statue (in fact the nice initial cutscene suggests a higher goal than that, as the story matters a lot here). Last but not least, I found a RotTR Lara texture badly stretched on the floor of a pit. Not sure if this was an easter egg or a leftover, but considering the stretch I think it wasn't planned. Anyway the general flow is totally playable without big problems and the adventure is recommendable for Jungle pack lovers who want an easy-going and relaxing quest. It's a great level for being a debut one and the listed mistakes are pretty common and not unexpected at all. Totally easy to polish for the next adventure of this promising builder!" - dinne (01-Aug-2020)
"This is an enjoyable and competent effort for a first attempt and if not for a few minor issues that could have been ironed out beforehand, it would have been even better (not that they intrude on your gaming enjoyment, however). The gameplay is mainly exploration-oriented, but also has quite a few challenging trap gauntlets, two very well executed pushblock puzzles and well paced combat against the ubiquitous jungle fauna of tigers and Shiva statues. Everything is pitched at a reasonable difficulty level so provided you have at least enough raiding experience, nothing will be too frustrating to accomplish. The surroundings and atmosphere also have their highlights in the form of well placed audio tracks, cinematic flybys (tactfully ignoring a couple of very minor glitches), mostly well used texturing and lighting and some neat little effects with object placement like a piece of rubble preventing a gate from closing or slight buckles within the buildings to aid the ruinous atmosphere, leading to pretty short dead ends. As mentioned, a couple of negative bits did creep in: illegal slopes that were pretty blatantly obvious, an extremely odd ladder climbing animation for Lara that was a bit off-putting for me (although you do get used to it) and a too darkish indoor lighting that made differentiating between the various corridors a little irritating at times. And while the textures were mostly well placed, a couple of the larger areas seemed a bit crudely built to my eyes. But overall, while it could use a bit of polishing here and there, I can safely say I had an enjoyable time here and I'm looking forward to this builder's next work." - Ryan (19-Jul-2020)
"From spikes to giant saws to flames and axes, there are plenty of traps to dodge in these tricky ruins. These are rounded out by some pushable block puzzles and combat against some animals and statues. My main complaint is the amount of backtracking required to complete the level, or when the player misses an important item. The ladder climbing animation is glitchy as well, but not too bad once you learn to just keep climbing and Lara will pull up when her right hand is on top. The builder had quite a bit of fun using camera shots in each area. The textures are used well, except that they are often distorted on smaller surfaces. A bit more work could have been done to help differentiate the different areas from each other as well. Overall a nice Temple Ruins inspired level that I recommend despite some aspects needing more polish. 1 hour 17 minutes." - JesseG (18-Jul-2020)
"An enjoyable 2 hour raid which posed a well balanced challenge on all front. Just enough combat to up the ante, traps which gave plenty of warning and foreshadowing but still a challenge to avoid and a puzzle which was clear at the outset about what to do but can leave you head-scratching for a little while about how and where to find the keys that lead you to the end. A few things set this level back from reaching 9/10 territory including a sound bug around the 70% mark the level which kills the ambience track. The level actually uses several music tracks to its advantage to enhance atmosphere and ramp up the adrenaline during trap sequences. Cameras are used to an almost cinematic extent, with flybys that reveal a little about what to do next while leaving the rest to you to solve as the player. Speaking of cinematic, the title screen and opening cutscene was a great little touch which showcases a glimpse of the builder's skill at animations, bringing Lara to life in a short manor sequence. Finally, the lighting and textures range from a little flat in some side caves/rooms to outstanding in the central/bigger areas. Light rays, coloured light bulbs and a range of ambient room lighting all combine to make a visually impressive level. With a wide range of foliage, this makes for a convincing and mostly immersive jungle setting. While gameplay is well balanced, suitable for newcomers and experienced players alike, it does suffer a bit from a lengthy pushblock sequence near the end, a shame as the usage of pushblocks elsewhere in the level was done quite well. All in all, a level I would recommend and for a debut submission from Nusretsirin, shows great promise for what comes next!" - Reggie (15-Jul-2020)
"Gameplay & Puzzles - This was a very fun well-rounded adventure for me. I enjoyed myself throughout the entire level. This is a more pedestrian adventure. I wish a bit more trap puzzles where present throughout but everything flows smoothly and it is quite hard to get lost. The highlights made me give in. Enemies, Objects & Secrets - Tigers are present. Most items are decent. I did find an invisible block on a door. The ending enemy was nice. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras - Atmosphere pretty decent. I found myself getting more submerged as I played more into it. I thought the camera uses were very impressive. Some blackouts I had and minor animation issues. I did not have any background music which I thought made the adventure feel a bit empty. Very few incorrect sounds. Lighting & Textures - Lighting is pretty good overall. Some dark rooms I felt were a bit dull. Some cracks, distortion and misplaced textures. 1 secret/1hr 36mins. I can't wait to see what's next." - StudBuddha (10-Jul-2020)
"1h35 - 1/4 secrets found. A promising first level. True there is a few things that could be better , texturing in a few places or illegal slopes somewhere at the beginning, a couple of few flybys could have benefitted of a bit of fine tuning , and i got no more background audio loop in the last third of the level. But I liked it , it's mainly exploration , with climbing , a bit of swimming , and some platforming , sometimes in dark areas with not much lighting or in bright sunny places with good lighting. I think the gameplay would be like this til the end but i was wrong , in the last third of the level there is a couple of big surprises (won't tell more) with a gameplay more challenging and an impressive use of an old enemy very well put in scene at the end (i just like how it jumps into the arena). Before this last enemy , there were not many. I think the builder wanted to create a level that looks credible , without an enemy at each corner , also with a good work done to give a realistic feeling to these old Indian temples. Well done anyway." - eRIC (10-Jul-2020)