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Tomb Raider: The Little Things - Hijacked! by Uzi Master

dinne 8 6 9 9
DJ Full 9 10 10 10
Jay 8 9 9 9
JesseG 7 10 10 9
John 7 8 8 7
Jorge22 9 9 8 8
Jose 7 8 8 9
LoreRaider 8 8 8 9
manarch2 4 7 8 7
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 7 9 9 9
Samu 8 9 9 8
The Snarky Lesbian 8 10 9 10
TimJ 8 8 9 9
release date: 20-Jul-2020
# of downloads: 155

average rating: 8.36
review count: 14
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file size: 32.60 MB
file type: TR4
class: Train

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Reviewer's comments
"This is a short be really decent train level! As with every one of those, some backtracking will be needed, but nothing too boring. I really loved the ambiance with the gangsters, the music during the boss fight was really well chosen (too bad it isn't credited in the readme!). The level isn't too hard but it could fit in the shooter category with the bunch of enemies you encounter. Finding the first secret is almost a necessity as it contains the uzis and your regular pistol ammo is limited. Once you get the Thompson SMG at the end, additional enemies are easily dispatched and the shooting becomes even hilarious.
Collisions for some objects was problematic in some places: I had to crouch to grab some items, the desert eagle was hidden behind a counter that pushes Lara back, lamps and curtains made avoiding the deadly malfunctioning doors harder and searching the cupboards weirdly required Lara to be one to two steps away from them. The timed run with the deadly doors was a bit tedious because of the aforementioned point and those doors could have had two more frames where they were fully opened to make it a bit easier. The end of this timed run also had a fixed camera that hid the objective to unnecessarily add to the difficulty. Texturing was generally flawless, I was just surprised with the colour choice for the exterior tracks.
This level is a lot of fun to play, I loved the helicopter mini-boss at the front of the train to get a secret, the ambiance was great and with the short duration you can't get bored of the train theme. Much recommended." - TimJ (28-Jul-2022)
"Both fun, challenging and frustrating this train level as i found myself getting lost several times trying to remember where certain places or items were as a lot the areas and compartments look the same. Getting to some compartments from the roof of the train was also very annoying and frustrating and despite loving timed runs that one with the trap doors to reach an open compartment was annoying but ultimately rewarding in sense of achievement. I really like the other timed run to land on a platform and shoot open a window to crawl in later and the platforming challenges were also fun, most of gameplay is exploring and collecting items and may i suggest to collect a lot of health packs and ammo because there is a lot of enemies to kill and i almost couldnt complete the level because my health was so low at the end with still loads of enemies to kill, but luckily i managed to shimmy across the roof avoiding them at the end haha speaking of the end that was so cool to find a motorbike to ride on for an exit. If you like train levels id say this is (despite its flaws) one of the best out there as most of the time its enjoyable, varied and engaging" - John (05-Feb-2022)
"I'd say it's one of the best train levels I've played. I cannot name what has NOT been customized, and not just that but everything is aestethically coherent, which almost never happens. Combat rules are something you either agree to or you don't, as well as the frame-perfect timed doors, but if you swallow those few medikits, then you are going to enjoy. Gameplay overall is very casual but nicely arranged and with a nice twist in the end. WHAT on earth was this last secret???" - DJ Full (13-Nov-2020)
"A very good design, this train is very well made, with new objects and perfectly textured. The gameplay, even when I found enough ammo, is not very friendly, 'cause in my opinion there are too many enemies, and the timed run through the clanking doors was very tight and not nice; also the lights could be better worked too. On the other hand, the cameras are very well used, the helicopters bring a good touch and there are some interesting tasks (the first timed run is not too tight). Really a professional work. Congrats!" - Jose (23-Oct-2020)
"Train levels - just like mansion levels - are (or so I think) always hard to build in a manner that they may actually be thrilling and, in some way, original. This isn't the most original train level I've encountered, but it proudly gets the second place to me. It's a shooter with limited ammo. And it has all those dreadful broken doors. And the odd moves that make you scratch your head before you ever get there. And baddies all over the place. It's a bit on the hard side, but absolutely thrilling. Fighting the helicopters is a blast (and one connected secret) and so is that final, terribly difficult timed run and encountering Sophia (in case it's her) and her goons - I only wish I'd understood it was a timed run in the first place. The design fits it. So yes, I did have a good time, even though the level can give you a slight headache. Congratulations, I think." - Jorge22 (27-Aug-2020)
"A solid entry that takes place on a train. I've enjoyed this little level a lot, especially knowing the limitations of train levels. The gameplay is simple but interesting, some exploration on the wagons, switches, traps to avoid (I liked those doors as a trap, they were a lot creative and fun to avoid) and a couple of objects to pick up, all of this emphasized with lots of combat (maybe too much in some cases, like where you can move only in 1 square wide and 3-4 enemies show up at the same time). Speaking of combat, the builder could've added more pistols ammo since all the guns (except a pair of uzis at the end) are found as secrets, while enemies are way too many in case someone misses them. Visually the inside of the wagons is really well made and the new 3D objects are top-notch, so hats off for that, maybe there were too many objects in the same place which makes also Lara collide a lot (at least there's no hard collision), a little less on the outside area, especially the rocks on the sides which were a little flat on the lighting (Light Editor of StrPix could be an option to include some shadows or baked textures). In conclusion, recommended, especially if you like combat in levels! 40-45 minutes, 3/4 secrets." - LoreRaider (19-Aug-2020)
"A train level and not the best one out there, with gameplay that offers little else than exploring some wagons until the timed run but hands down even if I love timed runs and challenges this was fairly annoying because of those lethal doors in your way. One of them would've been more than enough but four, twice two in a row, just make it a pretty random experience that had me spamming medipacks en masse. The other timed run was fine. Typically for the builder there are a lot of enemies around and it's too much of a shooter especially towards the end when the whole train is once more crowded with another bunch of them, at least there are some possible strategies on how to get rid off some of them. The four secrets are nicely hidden and provide for more weaponry which is not urgent but very welcome in these regards. Object design is okay too, but some of them are blocking progression because of the collison. The looks are pleasant but there's not too much you can do to a train level so it's okay but not really amazing. Cameras are a bit undecent with a few annoying fixed cameras in moments where you really don't need them, especially for the timed runs. More varied gameplay and less of these annoying doors might've helped to create a more enjoyable experience, but in the end I was glad it was over after 30 minutes." - manarch2 (15-Aug-2020)
"As others have noted, there's only so much you can do with a train level, but they're rare enough that most of them do provide an entertaining raid whenever they come along. This one is no exception, and you have the added delight of shooting down enemy helicopters along the way. Two of the secrets add to your formidable weaponry, but the other two seemed to me to have little point, particularly the last one where you have to back flip so quickly that I never determined whether I added a tangible reward to my inventory or not. The collision had to be fought tooth and nail to pick up the Desert Eagle, but maybe the builder intended that. The timed run from one end of the train to the other was fun and not too hard. The back and forth gets a little monotonous after a while, but it's all over after about an hour, and you certainly have the feeling that you've bagged your quota of enemy goons for the day." - Phil (15-Aug-2020)
"A train level with a formidable sting in its tail. Like this builder's previous offerings, this leans heavily towards numerous challenging combat sequences against guards of all shapes and sizes rather than complex puzzling gameplay. Due to the fact that Lara's ammo is rationed, trying to preserve her health can appear to be a rather daunting task. However, despite the shooter-centric style of gameplay, I actually rather enjoyed this one. Granted, maybe just a little more ammo could have been provided to alleviate any additional pressure, but there is enough to spare even if you do kill everything in sight, so overall it's fairly well paced. As others have mentioned, the timed run through the malfunctioning doors was possibly a little too much reliant on luck rather than skill, largely due to the dodgy collision (or maybe it's the opposite in this case, and the collision was working a little too effectively). There was also a weird experience I had associated with the first helicopter: if you approach it and it starts firing, try not to retreat too much. It will stop and Lara can still target it, but it CANNOT be destroyed. Not a game-breaker, but odd nonetheless. But to end on a positive note: the construction is supreme and first class and it certainly provides for an action-packed experience, so why not give it a shot?" - Ryan (15-Aug-2020)
"This is a particular level to review, first of all because it's a train level (with its limits) and secondly because of its almost-shooter style. I'll try to give a review taking in consideration the supposed vision of the builder too and not just my impressions alone. Aesthetic wise, there aren't many critiques to give, just the environment around the train is pretty cheap compared to the quality of the rest of the asset and there are some unpolished details, like objects floating (pistols, a towel on a bed) and flickering aircrafts (I'd have avoided them in general if this is the result). The asset is beautiful and if it's made on purpose for this level then my compliments. Gameplay wise, I'll have to say lots of things. I can totally get the goal of this level: making you think about how to use your limited ammo, where to escape, where to go first, learning to fight a bit more and learning new moves. But here the difficulty of the combat faces 4 levels: limited ammo (really limited, not "generous"), tight spaces with many enemies or open space but with small maneuver area because it's a 3-tiles train with separated wagons, faster and reactive enemies that won't let you hide or roll near them that easily, and increased damage of the enemies (without balancing their HPs, or not enough anyway, plus the white enemies have some kind of "protection" that make you loose ammo without hitting them). This level of difficulty makes the level even harder when you understand you took the wrong path of the game too late and you finished your ammo, being forced to restart the game (I had to restart it 2 times because I had literally no other way to proceed). This is the main downside of the gameplay for me and it's not strictly tied to the difficulty, it's only about: running out of -options-. I would call these softlocks anyway... (You know, in games, usually, when you run out of ammo you can anyway proceed with a cheap knife or punches, or by escaping/stealthing, but here the only option was restarting). I found some enemies to be excessive in some areas, like in the wagon with the secret uzis because of the too small space + collisions with kickdoors that block (only) your bullets + straight corridor. About traps, these are quite difficult for who doesn't know about using roll to surpass stargate traps, but they're really a great and original idea for a train level. I am ok with the secret with the shotgun, that implies to fall down with the "fake grabbing", because it's a secret. But in some cases, these "hardcore moves" (how to call them?) are used also for the game progression and this it a bit too much in my opinion for average players, since they can't even learn them on the place with hints or anything. For the rest, tasks are interesting, this level is not boring at all (if it wasn't for the countless reloads) in terms of steps to do here, and also rather short. I've got 3 secrets and I didn't get how to take the 4th, I missed something tied to the button on the pushable block I think. So about the gameplay, I would give 9 for the idea of challenging players and how, but 6 for the playability of this idea. I am honest, I wouldn't "recommend" this level, because its audience is very selective. But I would recommend the "idea", it's just that it has to be perfectioned and tested by many different users before releasing, in my opinion. It's been anyway a fresh experience." - dinne (14-Aug-2020)
"This is one of the most engaging train levels I've ever played, and also one of the most difficult. There are a large number of enemies, which come in a nice variety. You even get to fight against a few planes. The pistol ammo is limited, which is always a risky design choice, especially considering how many bullets the enemies in white suits can take. I ran out at one point and had to run past some of the enemies until I stumbled upon the shotgun. The last part of the level hands you several weapons in a row, so it does get easier, but I would have made the beginning a little lighter in combat to compensate. Another source of difficulty are those sliding door traps, the timing required to get past them painlessly is a little too precise for my tastes, especially when you need to dodge four of those during a timed run. The train looks great and is nicely decorated, and the audio adds to the atmosphere. Overall I would recommend this to raiders who enjoy combat and tests of agility. 33 minutes." - JesseG (10-Aug-2020)
"Besides being a train level, this is also a shooter. Even though, shooters in general are considered not the best levels out there, I liked this one a lot. Ammo in this level is limited for every weapon including the pistols and to kill all the guys, you need to do some additional quests to increase your fire power. Already early in the game, I ended up into situations where I was running out of my pistol ammo and the fights were getting also too tough to handle with pistols only. This forced me to explore other parts of the train to get better guns and more ammo, so that I can finish the fights that were too hard before. So, instead of being a mindless shooter where you just go and kill everything that moves, you actually need to think a little bit what you are doing. Apart from shooting, you have to complete some really nice timed runs that involve going through door traps. Visually, the level looks like a typical train level with nice textures and good use of objects especially in the interiors of the train. Flying helicopters were cool as well and there is even a one helicopter that you can fight against. To conclude, this is so far the best shooter level that I have played and even though, some fights in the interiors of the train can get pretty chaotic and messy, overall, I like this one a lot." - Samu (10-Aug-2020)
"I like train levels so I was really looking forward to this one. For the most part, I really enjoyed myself exploring the luxurious carriage interiors and battling Venetian style henchmen, which made a change from ninjas. The gameplay is entertaining and having limited ammo gives an additional frisson to the whole affair. The only possible game stopping moment is an absolute beast of a timed run through a corridor full of murderous opening/closing doors. Could I achieve it? No of course not, so my poor long-suffering husband had to do it for a second time (he’d already played the level). If you like train levels and are really good at timed runs (or know someone who is) then I’d have no hesitation in recommending this." - Jay (05-Aug-2020)
"This level might be the best train levels I have ever played, both in terms of gameplay and in terms of scope, partly because it isn't just TR4's train level with slightly different enemy spawn positions, but because it transforms the whole train-level concept by adding wagons with lots of interior areas to explore. The flow is also generally more interesting, by advancing the classic levels "go to end, then go back" to multiple acts of moving back and forth in a fairly interesting way.
The first thing that one notices when starting this level, and one thing that stays with you throughout the level, is the unbelievably high amount of custom objects found within the level and the high amount of detail put into decorating the interior areas of the train. It's both interesting to explore, as well as seeming real. Like everything has a believable structure, with only a really tiny amount of switches in weird places to open doors somewhere entirely different. For the most part, the immersion in this level absolutely unparalleled. Same goes for the weapons and enemies, all custom, all fitting the level's tone and era in history. Everyone wears suits and machine pistols, or dons sabres and robes. You really get some kind of "Raider's of the Lost Ark" vibe. The cream of the crop being the ambushes in which you find something important, and suddenly the train seems infiltrated by these guys, likely having spawned from the admittedly quite high tech looking helicopters. In short: It works. Atmospherically it absolutely works and it is very commendable for that.
However, what is slightly less great, is how these elements interact with the general gameplay. The aforementioned wagons are still quite tight, so whenever you open the door of one of the room, be it to enter or to leave, those doors then stay open and make it very hard to pass through the corridor because they have collision and are kind of blocking the way. This becomes especially bad when these doors open next to little drawers in said corridor, making you spent a few seconds trying to finagle around them every time you wanna pass these sections. Similarly, there is an area with sliding doors, or "clanky doors", they have a big annoying hitbox that - while fitting it's graphic perfectly - are infuriating to get past without getting hits for 1-2 frames. And in said corridor with these sliding doors, there are 2 lamps that make it extremely hard to reach the side of the shifting door that is safe the longest, so if you wanna pass through you need to find just the right finicky position, and then you have a really small time frame to roll through. And there are 4 of these doors. Also, moving between wagons can be finicky too because the roofs are so low, so half the time you hit your head and die unless you jump just right.
Here is the thing, if all that existed just by itself I probably would not care much, just move a bit slower, take your time and do it right. But here comes the kicker. This entire section described by me, is part of a timed run. A tight one. So tight I had to take a break to buy lube. I spent over an hour on that section in which I perfected a way through the sliding doors and sprinting through the corridor blocked by custom objects and doors, to reach the point from where I could jump into the room with the still open door, but the place from where you jump has a TR4-style fixed camera that shows Lara from a diagonally flipped position, making the jump even harder for no reason. This timed run is extremely infuriating and the timer easily could have been increased by 70% and still be a challenge.
Another element that went kinda hit or miss, is the limit ammunition of the guns. I know I specifically wished for more levels with completely limited ammo, but the structure of the level does not make it obvious whether you move forward or backwards first, and if you go backwards first you will likely run out of ammo, but then find gates that need to be shot to open. So on my first attempt I actually got softlocked. Meanwhile at the end you suddenly get two powerful weapons at the same time and suddenly the ammo issue is completely gone. Kinda strange. The enemy encounters, especially the ambushes are also really brutal. Huge squads of enemies will ambush you in really tight situations. But the challenge can be delightful.
To end this, let me say that while not everything attempted here hit the mark perfectly, I feel like this level more than a lot of other ones actually attempted to make a good action level, that explored challenging encounters and ammo management better than everything else I have played so far. It's an experiment in trying to develop these elements nicely, , and again, while not all of it hits the mark perfectly, the attempt is none the less highly commendable, and I can't wait Uzi Master will build next!" - The Snarky Lesbian (23-Jul-2020)