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Turin Incident (Complete Version) by Naxheel

DJ Full 8 9 9 8
g12STL 8 7 9 9
Jorge22 6 8 8 8
Jose 6 7 8 9
manarch2 6 8 8 7
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 8 8 8 8
release date: 21-Jul-2020
# of downloads: 129

average rating: 7.86
review count: 7
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file size: 265.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I did some YouTube videos on this level and it was a blast! Some parts were frustrating but I easily got over it as I progressed through the level. I really enjoyed the comedic bits especially in the beginning. Once the later levels got around, I was a bit annoyed with the backwards-an-forwards traveling with no clear direction on where to go or your objectives. But that can be easily forgiven for the enjoyment of the over-all gameplay. The puzzles were not overbearingly difficult to solve and the combat was good for the most part. I'm hoping to see more from this author." - g12STL (19-Jan-2021)
"Only 5 reviews after 5 months? I think many players not play this version 'cause they didn't want to replay the long first level again. This first level was the worst, with too hidden necessary objects and a lot of backtracking if you choose the wrong way, the second and third levels are better, but I missed a lot more ammo for the extra guns, some more medipacks and some puzzles to solve and not only run from place to place pulling switches and looking for items. The best were the well applied textures and the atmosphere, but in the hedge maze, even when I tried it in different PCs and operating systems, each time I found an enemy and start to shoot, the game always crashed, so unfortunately I was forced to abandone the game." - Jose (14-Dec-2020)
"I must admit that I have only played parts of the first level as it seemed fairly similar to the demo release and I didn't feel a special need to play that again. The second and third levels are enirely new and also feel quite refreshing in terms of style. I liked how the textures were put to use, but I didn't like that there are several cracks and wallpapered parts that felt out of place. The third level feels like the builder tried to make resemblances to all classic TR games, while a nice idea I thought this overall didn't work so well because the tasks are not so inspired and there is a lot of to and fro without many interesting tasks. What I also didn't like is that massive amount of unmarked ladders Gameplay in general has its share of moments but overall it is too much based on finding levers and items and puzzles are rather few and far. I liked the creative usage of enemies and objects, as well as the nine secrets that can be found. The choice of audio was also quite fitting. To sum things up, a nice and complete game but when a game demands nothing but patience to finish (which I felt towards the end) it doesn't get overly enjoyable. 1:55 hours." - manarch2 (19-Nov-2020)
"I feel much better about bad levels than about good ones which could be great. This one is simply too big: often the next target is on the opposite side of the map, and you don't know where to begin so if you choose a wrong passage order, the runtime is even extended - I literally had 24 kilometers in 3 levels. If this didn't happen, I could see this game in the Hall of Fame." - DJ Full (15-Nov-2020)
"This is a tough one because of the game-killing glitches. Was this game actually beta tested? Or were all the darkest spots simply ignored? Firstly, I'd like to thank vimmers for having taken my saves and somehow helped me play most of the game, as it was crashing inside the water and there was no possible way for me to continue (I can take a lot of annoying care with jumping etc., but when you're in the water you do have to swim or you'll drown). He also let me know (since I didn't have any explosives) he'd tried to shoot the skeletons that come in bunches at a certain part of the second level with pistols, but the game kept crashing. So, I'll admit: because I was interested, I cheated and got all the guns and medipacks. There it is. I confess. Otherwise, there might have been no game for me. I'd already played the demo (part 1), so I was interested in the rest of it. Level 2 was alright, albeit full of those back-to-the-desktop moments one needs to take extra-care to avoid. Level 3 was something totally different altogether, starting in a floating isles scenery but making it through a series of homages to different Tomb Raiding environments. I enjoyed it, even though I thought it may have been a little too long. I liked the atmosphere, the different settings and the general idea(s). I disliked some going back and fro one can't avoid. I hated the crashes, which normally happened in the water. That's exactly how I ended up being unable to play the game to the very end (I watched the last few moments on Doggett's TV). So, how do I downrate all those game- killing crashes? I guess maybe Gameplay & Puzzles could be the most appropriate section for that, still keeping in mind that the gameplay per se deserves a better rating. It's a nice game. Do play it if you can. I really think it needs a lot of technical tweaking - if possible. Otherwise, it's good and sometimes intriguing." - Jorge22 (19-Sep-2020)
"It's always a pleasant surprise to see an eventual full-length release of a previous demo level, and this raid certainly provides you with a lot of gameplay for your download. Initially, it does feel rather repetitive with what seemed like an awful lot of guards to slaughter and a bit of an overdose of backtracking and exploring the various rooms of the hotel (which does appear to have been condensed somewhat in this version), but it does get more varied as you progress through the other levels with some enjoyable gymnastic work, flipmap sequences and more bracing enemy encounters (although the Lara clones were pretty bizarre, let me tell you). The third level was particularly gameplay-intenstive with its vast floating islands section and hub room with four doors. As Phil mentioned, I did feel that section was a little overwhelming, almost as if the builder was trying to squeeze a bit too much in, but the whole construction is solid (aside from a few minor ambience issues in the first level) and the entire game is definitely enjoyable for the most part." - Ryan (29-Aug-2020)
"More than a month after its release my review appears to be the first of this three-level set. I suppose a partial explanation is the ongoing BtB competition, but more recent levels have been played and reviewed. The fact that the first level was released as a stand-alone not long ago may have something to do with it, although significant changes have been made for the final version. Anyway, the adventure as a whole is certainly worth the download, although I felt that the third installment was overly complex and overstayed its welcome by a considerable margin. I was writing a walkthrough while playing, so the four hours plus I spent here was probably not representative of others' playing time, but you certainly get a lot of gameplay here. It's not too difficult and ample flares, weapons and ammunition are provided, even with some of the boss enemies that are quite hard to kill. Doggett TV's glitch-free video walks were indispensable for my continued progress, and I wonder how long it took for him to figure out that third level. A very decent raid." - Phil (28-Aug-2020)