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The Coastal Town by BlackWolfTR

dinne 3 3 3 2
DJ Full 6 5 5 5
eRIC 5 5 7 4
g12STL 5 6 7 7
Jay 5 5 5 5
Jose 5 5 5 6
Kubsy 6 4 4 5
Mahetus 6 5 5 6
manarch2 4 4 5 5
Mister-B 5 3 4 3
Neltharion 6 6 7 6
Orbit Dream 4 5 4 6
Phil 6 5 5 5
Ryan 4 4 4 4
StormChaser 4 4 4 4
Treeble 6 6 6 6
release date: 31-Jul-2020
# of downloads: 83

average rating: 4.91
review count: 16
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file size: 25.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: Coastal

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"The level finished after 38 minutes for me , with the 2 easy secrets found. For a first level this was mostly solidly built if we can overlook a few flaws : stetched textures , you can reach the end of the world at the beginning, one of the pools in the main square has no water in it, or a thin wall at the end. The gameplay is easy and i liked it , with the Coastal ruins atmosphere this was a relaxing raid for a change and i appreciated that. The enemies show up at the appropriate time but are hardly a threat with explosive arrows. A good time with this level" - eRIC (03-Apr-2021)
"Not a bad debut. I enjoyed this short adventure despite some flaws. Rooms are not designed that bad, however they are boxy, monotone and unpolished, even so the author knows some basics of creating a simple room, but also some creativity at making simple tasks and puzzles. Texture placement is sometimes chaotic and not fitting in some areas, more variety will be also welcome. Lighting fares much better though, some rooms have very unique contrast with dark and yellow-ish color. Enemies are from the original "Coastal Ruins" level, they were well placed and executed overall, I don't have any remarks to this. Secrets are not hard to find, if someone is focused on exploring every area, will find them very easily and get a nice reward. There are a lot of hints, that don't let you get lost or stuck easily. In all, there is a lot of potential here, I think future levels by this author will be really good. Recommended for beginner trle players." - Mahetus (01-Feb-2021)
"Actually I enjoyed this one. Aside from some wallpapering and boxy rooms, the atmosphere worked on its favour. Lightning was also good in some parts like the "Church" but also dark. Maybe some people can get confused on the green water zone thinking its deadly. The town zone and the beach is very impressive for a debut. What it could have been worked here is the water on the beach, next time try adding different blue ranges on the water and it will be nice. Gameplay was good with only a bit of backtracking, the only thing that wasn't really good is the door maze but apart from that gameplay was fun and enjoyable. Next time try to add some puzzles and work on boxy rooms. Recommended if you want a short easy level." - Neltharion (30-Jan-2021)
"I played this game a few months back and it was enjoyable for the most part. The map wasn't ginormous so it became fairly easy to navigate and get your bearings. There were some broken elements that I could recall such as broken/non-existent water. The combat was easy, it wasn't anything especially dangerous. The puzzle element of this level was pretty good too in my opinion. It wasn't overly challenging or over complicated. The only time I got stuck was when a random door opened that I had no clue that it opened. My only complaint I had about this game was the long-winded backwards-and-forwards traveling. Other than that, I look forward to more material from the author!" - g12STL (21-Jan-2021)
"To be a debut it's not bad. The architecture is simple, the rooms are very nude of objects and the textures wallpapered; some areas are too huge with no apparent reason, there are not enough cameras/flybys and musics to create a better ambience, the constant backtracking in the nasty maze to see what door opened when you step on a trigger tile was not a good idea, and the final curved jumps on the burning board were not too friendly too. Even so I noticed some potential in this builder and I hope this author can build better levels in the future. Encouragement!" - Jose (02-Nov-2020)
"Plays better than it looks. Has enough camera hints, enough pickups, multiple combat scenarios, useful secrets, prologue, epilogue and core, nailing the basics missing in pro levels... yes yes I wrote this already but it's a pattern ambitious levels neglect those necessities. Go immersive next time, keep the good things, and it's gonna be a HUGE leap in quality." - DJ Full (02-Nov-2020)
"Not a bad level for a new builder. The author did implement some puzzles and timed runs which makes the level a bit more enjoyable. However, the problem with this level is that the areas were empty and scarcely decorated, but the textures weren't stretched which is a plus. Hopefully, BlackWolfTR's next level will be better as this level shows progress." - Kubsy (20-Oct-2020)
"Coastal Town 5/5/5/5 Quite a good debut effort from this new, young builder. The town is solidly built, albeit somewhat austere. There are a lot of rooms to search initially and a lot of them are empty and unfurnished. The usual coastal enemies are in place and there’s a rather fun timed run to achieve, but mostly it’s about the exploration. The maze like area with trigger tiles had me dipping into the walkthrough, but otherwise it’s all readily achievable. Potential here, I feel." - Jay (27-Aug-2020)
"Not bad for a debut level and the use of the Coastal wad gave it (for me) a ‘retro’ feel from the early days of level building. The architecture was fairly simple but functional, but I felt the texturing could have been more varied and there were some squashed and stretched ones present in places. I thought the fire timed run was rather good, but the maze like trigger tiles was somewhat confusing. It could also have done with more static items scattered about, as it looked a bit empty. The lighting could have done with being more varied and there was a water pool that had no actual water in it." - StormChaser (22-Aug-2020)
"New builders are always to be encouraged, because we all have to start somewhere. This maiden effort, although a bit crude by our more polished standards, has some interesting ideas. I especially enjoyed the timed run, which is tight enough to require several attempts of most of us. On the other hand, the five-tile maze was not much fun to negotiate, and I'm glad that Treeble provided a map with his well-worded walkthrough. There's a rich diversity of enemies, but plenty of weaponry and ammo to deal with them. There are quite a few dark areas as well, but an amply supply of flares is provided. Welcome to the ranks, BlackWolf, and I urge you to keep at it." - Phil (21-Aug-2020)
"I've been knee-deep into older levels, but to anyone else who decides to pick this up this will probably feel like a very nice throwback to early days. This is a fairly standard coastal.wad level, probably even using unedited assets as the old known "pillar into knot" issue takes place when placing the artifact into its receptacle. New builders are always welcome into our community and I hope the author doesn't feel discouraged to keep building, as despite the overall simplicity of this level we oughta remember we all started somewhere. Looks are decent and gameplay is linear and predictable. Perhaps my biggest complain would be the "sea" area with the obvious end of the world within sight and nearly within reach as well, although I also managed to land an illegal slope. 30 minutes, 2 secrets. 08/20" - Treeble (16-Aug-2020)
"For a debut (and an old-school Coastal level,at that) I really quite enjoyed this. The texturing is pretty basic;but it generally fits the empty village location. Lighting is decent enough in the subterranean sections of the game;while the Coastal wad's enemies have been placed for maximum 'inconvenience value'. The gameplay is all about backtracking (although the level map isn't too expansive,so it never takes long to traverse it);and fluctuates between the 'fairly tricky' (the timed flame pillars in the water room) and the 'fairly annoying' (the trigger tile maze). Other challenges are entertaining enough;although it's a simple thing to be stuck at the end of the back-and-forth jumping sequence. Overall progression is fluent,though;and provides for a generally enjoyable 35 minutes." - Orbit Dream (11-Aug-2020)
"A decent level for a debut. It's very simplistic both in gameplay as in lighting and textures. The city has repetitive textures and the rooms are architecturally simplified. The labyrinth and the fire with a timer are some of the author's initial steps in trying something more advanced. Still it remains simple. I recommend the author to continue building and try to make his levels calmly, in no hurry to finish, taking care of the details and perfecting himself in the editor. As I mentioned, this level is a decent debut." - Mister-B (05-Aug-2020)
"While the typical beginner mistakes like the known texturing and lighting issues are present here, I think this is an okay debut level with a few decent tasks like the timed run or the pillar puzzle. I could've well lived without the door maze and the backtracking also got a bit annoying towards the end. Some of the outside areas are a bit rushed while others and also interior areas are more cared of; I liked the huge open sea even if the end of the map is of course omnipresent. Enemies are decently used and the two secrets are okay, if quite easy to find. Many doors are stuck in ceilings. For a 15 minute raid this was quite okay and without glaring mistakes." - manarch2 (04-Aug-2020)
"Despite showcasing a few typical beginners mistakes, this simple raid really isn't too bad. The gameplay is quite simplistic and underwhelming (and the backtracking and the door labyrinth dragged on for a bit too long), but is interspersed with a couple of nice tasks, including a timed run and some trigger tile exercises. In terms of visuals, it's also rather mixed. The object design is quite sparse and the textures are nondescript, but you also get the occasional nicer looking room (mostly the indoor areas). Enemies are fairly nicely placed though, and you get enough ammo to deal with anything that tries to stop Lara in her tracks. Not an outstanding raid by any means, but the potential is definitely visible and for a shortish raid, it might be just the ticket." - Ryan (04-Aug-2020)
"A short debut level made with the original Coastal package. Even considering this as a debut and some flaws could be excused, the level is pretty much unpolished and it appears more like an early lazy draft (or just a concept) rather than a finished game. The area, in short, is a main town with all same-looking squared houses, a coastal area with the sea and 2 underground mysterious areas. This level brings the typical mistakes that most beginners make when they rush on releasing something: cracks, bad portals (I assume this is the case of a "fake" water pool), huge flat patternized walls, stretched/squished textures, "squared" looks and flat white lighting. I gave 3 in gameplay instead of 2 because the builder tried to create some puzzles with pad triggers and flames, and a sort of labyrinth. It's difficult to add more dedicated comments with remarkable moments or events of this adventure, I would personally suggest the builder to give him/herself a chance to explore TRLE's large possibilities instead of releasing something asap, also playing more levels to get ideas and inputs to try new implementations." - dinne (02-Aug-2020)