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Chambers of Tinnos by Osvaldo

DJ Full 7 7 7 8
Jay 8 8 9 8
JesseG 8 8 9 8
Jorge22 8 7 8 9
Jose 8 7 8 9
manarch2 7 6 7 7
nerdfury 9 8 7 6
p1kaa 8 7 7 9
Phil 8 7 9 8
Ryan 7 8 9 9
StudBuddha 8 8 9 8
Treeble 8 9 9 8
Wolf7 7 8 10 9
release date: 08-Aug-2020
# of downloads: 135

average rating: 7.94
review count: 13
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file size: 54.80 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cave/Cat

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is again one of the better Osvaldo levels, with decent gameplay throughout (despite some occasionally long climbs and also backtracks): traps are interesting (I liked the timed boulder and the blocking moving in and out of the walls), more timed runs (too easily timed) spice the thing up, block puzzles, platforming and exploration are nicely varied. The visuals are also rather clean, despite a few wallpapered textures and room structures being reminiscent of TR 3. Enemies and secrets are less cared of in this game IMO, but architecture, sounds and cameras are good, especially that noteworty last flyby that (almost) concluded this generally pleasant game after 40 minutes for me." - manarch2 (27-Nov-2020)
"Very well made trle, I liked playing this level so much, the puzzles are so amazing and made with creativity, I think it would be better if the two stars were collected from each two chambers. The textures were nice and fit the theme of the story. There's some things I didn't like about this level, the 1st thing is when you get to one of the chambers and after you collect the item, the earthquake starts, and it never ends till you exit the chamber, it was so annoying and gave me a headache, there's also the camera bug, when you try to look around lara turn her head so the angle of the camera changes and that was very annoying as well when you try to look around. every thing else was great, not too much enemies, for a bit large level at least. I give this level 7/10" - p1kaa (10-Nov-2020)
"This time it seems that this author took more time to build a more complete and elaborated level. There are a lot of tasks to accomplish and a lot of gymnastics. The style is still the same, the old taste of the old TR classic levels, with a lot of switches to pull, the classic boulder traps and the platforming. Few enemies this time, I only got a single secret. The old musics and the cameras are well placed, and the rooms are well textured with a good architecture. Really an entertaining level for everybody to take a good timme. Good work." - Jose (03-Nov-2020)
"For 25 minutes I thought karma hit me for dissing this builder and I'm right now playing his best level, but soon to my dread I noticed a lot of design is copied from Tinnos in different order - element pattern, quicksand, maze, trapdoor room, cage room, hunt for the masks, all of that is here except from the bridge which was replaced by a quite decent, and only decent piece of architecture in the map. Props for nice secrets and unusual enemy usage including the absence of wasps. The ending was also stronger than the beginning, so I added an extra point for gameplay. The problem is still the entire middle, though." - DJ Full (27-Oct-2020)
"My impressions of this level are in line with nerdfury's. Osvaldo has emerged as one of our more dependable builders, always providing an entertaining raid without the glitz and glamor of the more outstanding releases. The gameplay here is the highlight, made a bit more manageable with the help of Treeble's workmanlike walkthrough. There's a certain sameness to the surroundings that kept my enjoyment level down, but everything has been mapped out with painstaking care and it all flows along rather seamlessly. Recommended for a relatively stress-free hour or so." - Phil (01-Oct-2020)
"(9) Gameplay & Puzzles
The variety of platforming and "using your brain" tasks was so much fun and I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality (and variety) of gameplay. My favorite highlights were the 5 lever puzzle, the timed run to access the upper level of the ruins, and the really really tall room with various switches (reminiscent of the tall room in TR3 Tinnos).

(8) Enemies, Objects & Secrets
The flying gem enemies were quite strange, and I feel like the level is missing a certain kind of "epic" enemy (perhaps an endgame boss?). Decorative objects were used very well.

(7) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras
My biggest dislike about this level is that natural areas are too "boxy" (examples are the starting cave that Lara falls into, and the Air rope room). For future projects, improving on the appearance of natural areas would greatly enhance the atmosphere. Although I enjoyed the use of TR3 soundtracks, I felt like the modern Nevada soundtrack wasn't quite fitting for the environment being explored. Camera usage was great, although I felt a bit cheated regarding a certain interactive object in the Air area. I feel that a brief camera hint regarding this object would have been more fair to the player.  Finally, the shaking of the Earth area was a bit too much and it gave me motion sickness.

(6) Lightning & Textures
Texturing in indoor areas involving the ruins architecture is just fine, although wallpapering is evident in some large areas. I found texturing in natural areas (e.g. the rocks, caves) to be quite poor, with many incorrectly applied textures on skinny or slanted tiles. The lighting is quite flat in most areas.

In sum, the gameplay of this level was the highlight for me, and the aesthetics the lowlight. I would recommend this level to anyone who enjoys gameplay that is not combat-focused, and who isn't too bothered by boxy natural areas. I'm looking forward to this builder's next adventure. 9/8/7/6." - nerdfury (28-Sep-2020)
"I thought this level was well done regarding the atmosphere, the platforming and the traps, its classic puzzles and the general architecture and texturing. So, yes, there were several moments I clearly enjoyed throughout, maybe excepting the dreaded earthquake moment. On the other hand, the quest was kind of puzzling because of a few red herrings, such as a ladder on the main hallways that I assume was there just for the decor. The fact that I didn't find the near invisible shotgun right at the start and that I had two skeletons trapped inside the block room (and no shotgun) didn't help either. All in all though, it was quite enjoyable. There was a serpent receptacle by the starting lake room I never got to use, so I'll assume it could have been meant for some secret (yet another secret, starring a few baddies, proved interesting). In my opinion, the ending, after Lara got teleported, felt too long for no special reason and then, wham, quite sudden. Author's style, I guess. Not exceptional, but it does have its moments that quite make it for the lesser ones. Recommended, I suppose." - Jorge22 (27-Sep-2020)
"Gameplay & Puzzles - I enjoyed this adventure. I really liked your platforming ideas here. And I enjoyed the 5 lever puzzle. I don't know if there were hints but I decided to just play with it logically and it went well. The earthquake part made it feel a bit uncomfortable. I couldn't tell where I should go and the shaking did not help. But luckily that was pretty short and didn't get in the way of the adventure. Enemies, Objects & Secrets - Not many enemies here. Only the skeleton and bats as gems which I thought was pretty neat. I really like how you spiced up the place. Made it your own and making the chambers look whole. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras - The atmosphere is really great here I enjoyed this the most! The settings were nicely done along with the music. I like the camera work especially the fly-bys in the end. Well done. Lighting & Textures - The lighting and texturing was pretty nice. I like how you place the textures in the caves but I can see some distorted textures. The lighting was nice overall. I thought maybe some shadow use would have been nice here and there. Overall a solid adventure that took me an hour to complete." - StudBuddha (13-Sep-2020)
"I freely confess I didn’t miss those awful Tinnos wasps one little bit, although Osvaldo generously provided plenty of shotgun ammo so I suppose they wouldn’t have been too problematic. Otherwise, this is a nicely nostalgic slice of Tinnos, solidly built and pleasing. Lara gets to do a lot of exploring and enjoy a good gymnastic workout leaping around the huge rooms and charging down hallways. Aside from using a lot of switches, there’s a decent variety to the gameplay and Osvaldo does seem to be going from strength to strength, which is something devoutly to be wished in such a prolific builder. Recommended." - Jay (02-Sep-2020)
"This is essentially a remix of Lost City Of Tinnos, from the four elemental-themed areas to the "food chain" switches. Gameplay has a good balance of puzzles, traps, combat and exploration, but each of those aspects are relatively simple and I would have liked to see more. The combat is only against smaller creatures like scorpions and floating green gems, and the puzzles are straightforward pushblock movements (although one of them is quite sneaky and blends into the environment well). I wasn't a fan of how some of the flame traps came out of unmarked walls, it would be more fair to give some visual indication, such as a recess in the wall. The hallways have nice architecture but are built unnecessarily large, eating up extra time to get from one area to the next. The cutscene at the end was a bit long-winded but it did help create a sense of closure. Overall this level is not as strong as the original from TR3, but it still makes for a pretty good raid. 1 hour 11 minutes." - JesseG (27-Aug-2020)
"From the level title, you can expect a level heavily inspired by the Lost City of Tinnos from TR3, but it's a homage worthy of its name. The author has incorporated the four elements challenge chambers and also some of the areas are built in similar fashion to the original levels, but it's an original piece all around. I personally loved the (not quite) endless hallways. Gameplay is straightforward and yet quite enjoyable, with plenty of varied tasks as you hunt down two star keys to eventually lay your hands on the big prize. I also loved the retextured objects to better fit into the environment; I know this may seem like such a simple observation but it shows attention to detail. 70 minutes, 1 secret. 08/20" - Treeble (23-Aug-2020)
"After a couple of less enjoyable offerings, this is a return to better form for Osvaldo. The environments are more streamlined and pleasing to the eye in this level, which is advantageous to the atmosphere in this case because it's among the most convincing that Osvaldo has ever done. Music cues are aptly utilised to aid the setting and camera angles are effectively placed (although a couple more hints probably wouldn't have gone amiss in the latter section of the level). The enemy ninjas aren't as intrusive this time around (instead being confined solely to a secret area) and I was thankful for the absence of the Tinnos wasps, instead being replaced by bat-like flying gems which are much less of an annoyance. I also liked the way that the gameplay was structured like the original Tinnos level - having one hub area to focus on obtaining the Oceanic Masks and one area to get the key. Admittedly the corresponding area that contained the mutants in the original TR3 game is much less threatening this time round with scorpions(!) instead. What ended up being rather irritating was the backtracking up and down the temple hallways. Not that there's an inordinate amount, but it interrupted the fast-paced flow of the gameplay which had built up throughout. That must be the only major flow in an otherwise solidly constructed game, as the clue for the lever combinations is there if you deduce from the pictures on the wall. Overall, definitely enjoyable." - Ryan (23-Aug-2020)
"By far the author's best attempt, this level kept me for one hour and a half full of exploring, some backtracking in a surprisingly small amount and with one extremely fun and one good secret. Osvaldo strikes again with another game after a considerably long time that really shows a lot of love and care went into it. Cracks fixed, lighting nicely placed, almost very good gameplay (I'll get to that 'almost' later) and overall two really fun secrets! Environments have a less blocky feel and the texturing appears to be more thought and less rushed, that is really good. The author's previous attempt showed a first level that promising, for then turning into a mess, so ye, I am really happy it turned out all good. The atmosphere is, man, real good. Finally Osvaldo started using camera hints and the ending camera sequence, it is by far the most interesting idea to show the whole way you have passed through! Let's speak about the gameplay, I have pros and cons about it, and let's start with the actual pros. The game does not include plenty of backtracking and the backtracking it does isn't too heavy, the challenges the game provides are actually really fun! I really liked that room in which you needed to put a pushable in either two tiles to open either two door, the two challenges inside were real fun too! I liked the most the rolling ball one, especially in the end. I really liked also the element rooms near the end, pretty classical, but never old! The game though suffers from extremely long and confusing corridors, that made me walk in circles for 15 minutes before actually finding out that the part of corridor I thought I already went in instead was the one I did not enter through because the game in the beginning has a crossroad and I totally forgot about there and then ... ye, you got the idea. I have also a huge problem on how the element puzzle door actually opened, you have 5 levers and you have no actual idea on how to open those, you have to guess a 3 lever combination (and even this is not told) among 8 different possibilities? (I checked out and I am surprised there are this few) and I hate enigmas without an actual clue to it, especially if this complicated. But if you can go through those problems you can actually enjoy by far his greatest level, that I'd really recommend you playing! Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (09-Aug-2020)