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The Secret of the Desert Temple (Demo) by Philer1988

alan 5 6 5 8
bERT 4 4 7 7
Boris 6 6 6 6
CC 5 5 7 7
Daffy 7 7 7 8
Dimpfelmoser 5 7 8 6
eRIC 4 5 4 5
eTux 6 5 6 5
Gerty 6 6 6 4
Jay 5 6 6 7
Kristina 7 6 7 7
MichaelP 6 6 5 6
Nomad 5 6 7 6
Orbit Dream 3 6 3 7
RaiderGirl 7 7 6 8
Ryan 5 6 6 6
Sash 5 6 6 6
Scottie 6 7 8 7
Torry 7 6 6 8
Treeble 4 6 6 5
release date: 06-Oct-2001
# of downloads: 60

average rating: 5.98
review count: 20
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file size: 15.38 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is a level that'll be much easier if you get the secret. I got it but still it was a bit harder for me. Why? Well, because after I was done picking up all of those goodies and was about to leave the area, I forgot there was a long-ass ladder so I fell to my death. And worst of all was: I DIDN'T EVEN SAVE. So yeah, I wasn't gonna do all of that again, so I had to proceed without the weapons. So there I was, running for my life as all of those red ninjas and crocodiles chased after me; although maybe I guess it was kind of fun to run away from them rather than shooting them (and yeah I know I have the pistols but killing those red ninjas is such a pain in the ass). Anyway, I managed to finish this in around 8 minutes, it's a pretty straightforward and easy level with some interesting rooms and cameras. The downside was that looped music which is a classic track in many many TR4 Egyptian custom levels. I mean, it's not bad (hell, even I have used it in one of my levels) but it started playing so early in the level, and that's when I knew I was going to listen to it throughout the entirety of the adventure. I mean, it's good to set up the atmosphere when you're about to fight a boss, or when you're close to making an epic escape, but don't use it as a background track for the whole level. Anyway, as far as the texturing goes, I found this level to be quite well textured, although some lighting is a bit too bright. And yeah, at least the environments look better than in those previous levels about riding a bike through some ugly caves or so." - alan (21-Feb-2023)
"It's a demo and thus even shorter than the builder's previous temple or underground levels, and it really feels like a demo. there is no proper ending. Two rooms with yellow lighting look nice , and one more with the underwater cave with these coloured diamond shaped rocks. Aside from these , the rest of the areas are average , i noticed illegal slopes and an untextured tile somewhere. The very black room with many ninjas and crocs was rather fun, some ninjas were stuck in walls though before you go attacking them , another one was walking underwater and the crocs appeared out of the blue (or the dark). Some nice fixed cameras but i could not stand the audio loop from start to finish. Overall : this was a good demo to a level never delievered. Not my favourite from the author." - eRIC (25-Aug-2019)
"This demo has since remained unfinished so there's not a particularly long duration. But there are a couple of hair-raising moments with the massed attack against ninjas and crocodiles in a huge dark room, or the lightning room that covers deadly tiles. The most remarkable parts are the hefty first secret, the colourful pyramid room and the aforementioned dark room." - Ryan (22-Oct-2017)
"This demo was never expanded into a full level, so it's a bit hard to judge. Buggy as it is, it has a certain potential. The gameplay is lively - in parts possibly more so than you might wish as Lara gets ambushed by several ninjas and crocodiles in an extremely dark room. Other areas are light and colourful by contrast. As this builder seems to have stopped making levels in 2001, I expect this will have to remain flawed and unfulfilled." - Jay (05-Sep-2016)
"I don't really know what to make of this level. There is a weird climbing bug which strangely doesn't bar your progress and the lightning is weird because it is colorful with no obvious reason. It is also too dark for a level with few flares. The level is a demo and thus unfinished but ratings are of course given according to the final product. The textures are okay though, and the level has some atmosphere due to moody rooms and camera work. Gameplay is not bad but too short, still I liked the action scenes with the crowded ninjas and the underwater parts were okay. It would probably be better if it was finished." - Nomad (10-Jun-2016)
"Can a level which has the climbing bug be good? And wrong animations? And a different quality with the lighting? And now and again missing textures? And small problems with the sound? Can such a level really be good? In this case I can answer this question with a Yes. Since in spite of the addressed problems it really gives fun to play this level. The rooms are well built, with the textures there are only seldom problems, one finds enough ammunition and weapons to keep the Baddies and crocodiles at bay and the Flyby looks very good. Here all together one has, in spite of the addressed problems, about 20 minutes his fun. And one can handle the climbing bug if one hangs himself completely on the left or on the right on the ladder. Then though it lasts a little longer, until one is on top, but then, at least, one is on top." - Scottie (19-May-2010)
"It is a level achieved enough, places are well-decorated with sometimes rather lively and pretty colours. With entrance of games Lara is armed well what makes that the enemies throughout the course, the good that rather many, are not really one worries. The gameplay does not pose either big problems and takes place mildly. The author nevertheless gets us a right time, thanks to him." - Daffy (12-Aug-2009)
"I'm usually a sucker for Karnak-WAD levels and this one wasn't different. Despite being short, there are quite a few untextured spots and one fall through floor. If you avoid it, right on the beginning, you get the key to a secret which consisted of three areas filled to the top with weaponry and ammo -- and yet I ran out of uzi ammo during the big fight in the dark room. The revolver then came in handy. The underwater crystals were nice, ok, but they didn't add much to the level IMO. It was nice while it lasted, though. 15 minutes, 1 secret. 08/07" - Treeble (21-Aug-2007)
A fairly straight forward level with a couple of unusual areas, like the underwater room full of large colourful rocks. You may have to start the game a couple of times because you need that first secret. There is one dark room with columns, you enter from underwater. In my game, as I climbed out of the water a few ninjas ignored me and walked away into the darkness. But when I started searching around the columns these ninjas suddenly realised who I was and a frantic battle erupted. This certainly comes across as an unfinished demo. Looking around in this dark room I spotted a scissors trap high up on one of the columns, just hanging there. I liked the whole area towards the end of the level, of a nicely done monkeyswing and fixed camera; and the hidden area where you place the canopic jar, is unusual but easily found, as I was very curious what was behind those statues. Scorpions and a lot of crocs are the other enemies, buttons to find, swimming and searching in the dark. - CC (12-Jul-2005)
"What a strange little level. The gameplay may be extremely linear but the author shows quite obviously he's capable of creating well built rooms. The underwater area with coloured little pyramids is a good example for that. There's also little rooms that show some spirit: the one with the greenish poisonous water with some scorpions in it and overlooked by a sloped bridge. That may not be much but it does create some atmosphere. Here and there (near the end) some textures missing though. Flybys where a bit shaky but not that bad. Though most enemies appear in dark spaces when lighting a flare you see they do turn up from thin air (ninja's) other than that also crocodiles and scorpions make an appearance as well as vases a lot of vases! As sad linear gameplay except for one little sneaky hidden spot to place the canopic jar. Fun while it lasts." - bERT (05-Aug-2003)
"What is it with authors and flares is there hate between them I will never understand why people build so dark levels and give no flares. There is enough invested in the rooms and textures and it's a nice outcome but not enough in puzzles. Ten minutes and only buttons to push one canopic jar and a guardian key I never used. As this is a demo and released some time ago the date now is 23/12/2002 I guess the author never bothered to complete it. Well I don't remember any demo being finished anyway. Ninjas and crocodiles to shoot with a couple of scorpions at some point. Maybe some day it will be finished although I doubt it." - Kristina (23-Dec-2002)
"Quite an interesting demo with some nice ideas like the dark room with the countless ninjas the well hidden puzzle hole for the jar and the colourful water room. The pace is really fast and the demo itself quite fun but actually I'm not sure if I would want to see the full version of this." - eTux (13-Dec-2002)
"It's a rare occasion that I think one of those short levels is underrated but this here is a case in point (you do learn some English on this site; I nicked this phrase from Ian who funnily enough reviewed this level; well this at least explains why it's underrated). I didn't notice that the guardian key right at the start was a secret but yes better make sure you get that as the level will be considerably shorter if you don't have to pick up all that ammo in the secret chambers. You get a fast paced progression through gloomy corridors and waterways with one big exiting battle a nice outside area and quite a few buttons (that have the reach-into-the-hole animation). But I really liked the camera work and the scenario particularly the underwater room that everyone else went mad about. Have a look it's way ahead of your common tutorial quickie; also there is a light switch in the secret chamber that I found rather funny." - Dimpfelmoser (26-Aug-2002)
"Give me more light and finish this demo (I hardly see any demo finished in a full version and that is a pity). You will miss the secret at the start so better reload and start all over as it is very handy later on in this level. So far I came across ninjas and crocs and scorpions. Pushing a button or a lever will open doors. The pitch-black room makes it indeed eerie but it's not nice to be poked by a ninja and your not even able to see him. And when you do light a flare they just pop out of thin air right in front of you. So what's the point of that darkness? Just to hide the fact that enemies popping up? Those crocs made me jump in my chair as they come in a pack (do crocs do that?). The underwater room you just have to see and it will make you reload at least once. 10-07-2002" - Gerty (10-Jul-2002)
"I've seen many demos that have never evolved into their fuller versions for one reason or another and I'm hoping this is not one of them. After being engulfed by the sands of the desert the player finds themselves in a hidden temple with some wonderfully odd and beautiful rooms special mention to the vase rooms full of an arsenal amount of weaponry and ammo that make up the one secret and the totally submerged colourful room full of floating diamond shaped objects. The game play is pretty standard with the need to find and place some key pick ups as well as the usual switch or lever pull and fighting a whole bunch of enemies ninjas crocs and scorpions with one almost pitch black room being the main battle arena. This lasted a little over 20 minutes and played like a small level but eventually as a fuller more expanded level this should be a blast and I'm sure a very interesting feast for the eyes." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"Compared to other demos out there this 20 minutes level consisting of 68 rooms gives you quite a bit of value for money. Be sure to get the secret right at the start it comes in handy in the battle with countless ninjas and crocodiles later on. I found the use of music a little overdone especially the looping one. The jar receptacle is nicely hidden but there is an illegal slope next to it. Still worth trying out if only for the great underwater room with all the 'diamonds'" - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"If this was only a demo whoohoo I cannot wait to see the finished product. What a great excursion into Lara's world this is. From the tricky start to the sneak attack by three crocodiles in the dark you will not be disappointed with this level. I particularly enjoyed the multi-coloured water filled floating boulder room. For 25 minutes of pure fun I recommend this level highly." - Torry (21-Jun-2002)
"In this about 20 minutes demo you have to find a jar press some buttons and kill a lot of ninja in rooms with sand passages under water scramble and find an easy secret. The light effects are good with the use of some intense colors the textures are also good but they miss in some rooms. The rating is symbolic!" - Boris (21-Jun-2002)
"I really enjoyed playing this demo and really hope the author either continues to work on it or makes a new level as it's better than some of the 'complete' levels that I've found out there. There were few rooms but it somehow seemed like a large level and took me at least half an hour to finish. I loved the secret at the beginning the underwater multi-colored floating diamond room and the many attacks from the crocs and ninjas though I finally had to turn down the music as it was getting on my nerves after a while. This was a fun interesting level though and I had a great time playing it." - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)
"I enjoyed the huge sand pit in the beginning but things went downhill from there. The gameplay was very basic and predictable although enlivened by some bright and colourful texturing (the levels most noteable feature) and a huge battle against many foes in a pitch black room. Nothing to write home about and 20 minutes is quite enough for completion." - Orbit Dream (21-Jun-2002)