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Equanimity by nerdfury

Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
billie2001 10 9 9 8
DJ Full 10 10 9 9
HaniHeger 9 10 8 7
Jorge22 9 9 9 9
Jose 8 9 8 9
MigMarado 10 10 10 10
Mister-B 10 10 10 10
Neltharion 9 9 10 8
Phil 9 9 9 10
Ryan 9 9 9 9
Samu 9 9 9 8
StormChaser 10 10 9 9
Zuxuna 8 8 8 8
release date: 12-Sep-2020
# of downloads: 132

average rating: 9.14
review count: 14
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file size: 48.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: Oriental

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is a very impressive debut level, you would think that the author had been building for years. The texturing is beautiful and the architecture is very impressive with both inside and outside areas wonderfully constructed. Loads of interesting puzzles with text or other hints at times to help you out and an impressive amount of traps. Very few enemies as it's mainly exploration based. Lighting is nice with a few very dark areas but not much in the way of contrasting colours. Instead of an atmospheric background sound, there is a looping Oriental piece of music which is OK, but I'd personally prefer an background loop that was appropriate to the area, such as insect and bird noises. Overall a great looking Oriental level, but not easy and probably not ideal for beginners." - StormChaser (04-May-2022)
"I was anxious to play this beautiful level, and I am very glad I finally did. It is truly excellent! Everything you need to know is written by nerdfury in the description, and the story plays out great! While not really difficult, the progression would be nigh impossible for beginners. Everyone else will eventually get through, as any difficult bits are much more related to experience with Lara's skills and limitations than to very tricky manoeuvres. I loved this level, and I can see its author's tastes and character in it, which is a delight :) The only parts I thought were lacking are the looks of the first room, which due to some color use and lighting seem slightly "plastic", artificial. The same goes for a small bit of the outdoor rock formations, and for a couple of pool exits. There are very minor things, and I feel no technical points should be deducted. Everything else is excellently texture, architectured and lit. Subjective rating: (also) 10/10. You should play this level! You will play this level! xD[br] [/br]Thank you, nerdfury! Congratulations on this great achievement. You're great!" - MigMarado (20-Jul-2021)
"One of the most impressive debuts I have played. The real star here is the gameplay full of creative and unique ideas in both puzzles and traps/sequences, and they are both, in a good way, on the challenging side. Enemies are not an important part of the gameplay, only a few around, and I didn't find all the secrets. Unlike other reviewers, I liked the oriental background music. It kinda helps you access any shreds of equanimity forgotten somewhere inside you lol. The visuals are pleasant but not impressive. Texturing and lighting are both "correct" but lack in personality. Not for beginners, but highly recommended to above average players. Thank you, nerdfury, I really enjoyed your level and looking forward to your next." - billie2001 (06-Jul-2021)
"This was a very good level with a lot of interesting tasks, puzzles are unique, platforming and traps here are challenging but really well made so probably advanced players won't have any problems with them. Maybe a bit more of challenge to get the crossbow would've helped here. Secrets were a bit easy, mostly the second one. Atmosphere here is really good together, cameras are also well placed. Sometimes texturing feels a bit repetitive and the same happens with lightning, next time try using a higher gamma of colours and it will look awesome. This was a really good level, looking forward on author next levels." - Neltharion (01-May-2021)
"This is a good-looking level, and I'm a sucker for good-looking levels. Some of the required acrobatics are quite challenging, so I was glad to have José's walkthrough handy for the invaluable hints it provided. The background music was soothing at first, but when it refused to go away I deleted all sound files that sounded remotely Oriental and was then able to resume the game in peace and quiet. A neat touch I had never before encountered was the sequence where you had to toss a torch through a blade gauntlet while in a crouched position, and oftentimes the torch would hit a blade and bounce back behind me, a most frustrating situation indeed. Some of the enemies are quite hard to kill, making the heavy weapons a must. (The desert eagle was part of a secret, but the other weapons weren't.) In all, a well designed level that was a joy to play, both for the aesthetics and the gameplay. High recommendations." - Phil (12-Nov-2020)
"A level recommended for all raiders who like exploration and good puzzles. This level is simply fantastic, as the author's creativity is evident in each room and challenge encountered, making the player need to "think" to solve the puzzles and not just "move forward". Excellent level and highly recommended." - Mister-B (03-Nov-2020)
"Awesome level. I don't remember that density of creative content in any level I played this year. Visuals could be more cared and the looped soundtrack isn't always a good choice, but when I rate gameplay stronger than graphics, you know something is going on. Recommended for any time." - DJ Full (30-Oct-2020)
" . Or you can just do your own research... I guess Lara acts with a sense of equaninimity in some of the situations she finds herself involved in on this level, namely when she catches fire and then extinguishes it by shooting the bell in the next room (not for the faint of heart, doing that while burning up in flames). I rather liked the level regarding the general atmosphere, music included, and how clean and clear it all looked on the whole. On the flip side, I'm really thankful that there are walkthroughs available, because maybe some tasks aren't easily and timely understood without them. So, the level doesn't really contain tasks that may be deemed too hard (nor too easy, let us forget that not), but it can be a bit too obscure for its full enjoyment. It's very original and creative though. A really nice debut, but I believe the author needs to find some more player-friendly balance, now that she's shown how capable she is of crafting the meanest situations for poor Lara and the players. Not exactly easy, but mostly fair. Recommended with all the needed warnings." - Jorge22 (30-Sep-2020)
"Really a good debut, the environments are well builded, the texturization is nice and there's a good use of cameras and sounds. There are innovative ideas in the gameplay, with hints to use switches or dangerous situations to shake your nerves. But sometimes the gameplay is too hard, like the tasks in the first lava room or in the room with swinging mines, even so they are challenges that you can overcome with perseverance and a little luck. So not a lever for beginners." - Jose (28-Sep-2020)
"This debut level seems like an extended version of Ruediger's Nintai entry from BtB2006 (in that tenacity, steadfastness, patience and whatever else are all present, correct and required here), but executed in a much more cleaner and enjoyable fashion. Okay, perhaps the monkeyswing/breakable tile sequence and the moving flame puzzle possibly overstepped their mark where difficulty was concerned, but otherwise everything included here is certainly doable without requiring incessant attempts. The highlights were undoubtedly the "walking" mirror room, the blade corridor with the torch that required you to "bow low" and the timed trapdoor sequence, and actually as a whole there is plenty to sink your teeth into. On the visual side, bar a few dark shadows, it's pleasingly constructed and lit and the architecture does help to create and impressive and imposing atmosphere, although the looping ambient track tended to interfere with the secret chimes. Otherwise, very solid work indeed." - Ryan (28-Sep-2020)
"This was a great debut level, which is short but full of unique gameplay. Author has created several unusual puzzles that really made me think, which is something that I always like to see in custom levels. There are also quite a few inventive platforming tasks that are pretty challenging, although, I didn’t find anything too difficult. I liked also the oriental background music, which creates a nice atmosphere. Visually the level looks rather simple but still very good including solid texturing. Lighting could have used more color but overall, Author did very good job in designing the environment. All in all, I enjoyed this level and I am looking forward to future projects from nerdfury." - Samu (26-Sep-2020)
"Again a marvelous asian adventure for Lara. For a first level it's a very good game with a lot of interesting tasks, sometimes a bit hard but nothing impossible. I also loved the design of the level like the pagodas, caves and exterior aeras like hills and valleys. And the use of objects is very good, like real places. 3 secrets are also hidden and I found the 3 dragons ;-). I can just recommended the level for everyone if someone want discovered a good adventure in China with Lara :-D !!" - Bigfoot (22-Sep-2020)
"Loved the puzzles of this level, they are smart but also challenging, the level has a mostly calming atmosphere that focus in solving puzzles, but it varies throughout it just at the right amount. If you are stuck in a puzzle, I advise you to take a little longer until you go see a walkthrough, because the answer is there! Though there are some exceptions, like when you fall from a monkey-swing to a falling block at the beginning, and to not trigger Lara's animation of absorbing the fall's impact (so you have more time for a jump), you're supposed to light a flare and wait till it's out?? The 5 elements one requires a little more of "thinking out of the box" too, and at the end, the place where the torches are found is more like how a secret would be found, you wouldn't find it unless you're looking for it, and you have no reason to. Atmosphere is good, but I felt that the lighting was used "poorly" without much color and personality, guess it would've given a better look to the all red walls if better used, though the textures and their use was good. Well, a nice level! Nice theme and pleasant sounds, the end with Pierre was a nice touch too!" - HaniHeger (21-Sep-2020)
"This turned out to be very pleasant adventure . For starters, I really like the Oriental theme . Textures are used properly without any errors that I could spot . Interesting combination of some of Croft Manor textures as well . Overall, smoothly applied . Lighting was ok, the usual TR Anniversary lighting with not much color variety in it but it is the builder's choice . Although , I would suggest the builder to experiment with colored lighting in the future too . Not many dark areas, but the ones that are dark really play part with the intentions of gameplay, plus you get enough flares do deal with it so that's good . There are not many enemies around, making this more of a chill adventure, focusing mostly on the puzzles and traps which I don't mind . Secrets are well placed except the Jade Dragon . Unfortunately it is possible for the player to get stuck in the room if you push the block at the wrong direction, which could be really bad if you don't have a backup save to reload and retry . Atmosphere is lovely, like I said I love the Oriental setting . When it comes to sound, I didn't really enjoy the selection of the ambient track. I think it generally get tiring when the ambient is a music track that is on replay throughout the whole adventure . A very subtle sound to add to the atmosphere would be much more effective I believe , with a couple of surprise backtracks whenever I'd visit a new area . I kind of missed that aspect . But overall, like I said previously, I really enjoyed the game, and I cannot wait to see what the author has next in line ! A very good debut I'd say, keep it up :)" - Zuxuna (20-Sep-2020)