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The Quest of the Lost Diamond by Bibi Phoque

Andi Croft 9 9 8 10
Bigfoot 9 9 9 9
CC 8 8 8 7
David 10 6 6 7
Dimpfelmoser 9 9 8 7
Engelchen Lara 9 9 10 9
eRIC 7 7 8 7
eTux 7 6 7 6
Freeman Porter 8 8 7 6
G.Croft 8 8 9 9
Gerty 10 9 9 9
Jay 8 8 8 8
Jbc21 9 9 10 10
Jose 7 8 7 7
Kristina 8 8 8 9
Litepulsar 9 9 9 8
MichaelP 8 7 9 8
Miguel 7 7 8 8
Momster 8 8 8 7
Monika 9 9 9 8
Navi 9 8 9 9
Necro 7 7 8 6
Phil 7 8 8 7
RaiderGirl 9 9 9 8
Ryan 8 8 8 8
Sash 10 9 9 10
Sheevah 10 9 10 9
Staticon 9 7 8 9
Tombaholic 8 7 9 8
Treeble 8 8 8 7
release date: 04-Jul-2001
# of downloads: 118

average rating: 8.20
review count: 30
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file size: 29.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cave/Cat

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Reviewer's comments
"A rather solid pair of levels situated in mostly a jungle environment, I quite enjoyed my time here. The atmosphere and setting, mostly inspired by TR3, is mostly quite convincing and well executed and the gameplay is sufficiently entertaining for the duration. Exploration takes up most of your time here, alongside plenty of treetop exploration and the occasional neat trap sequences. If I had any gripes, it would be that the illegal slopes were a bit annoying, the earthquake irritating and the fact that the beetle sequence at the end caused you to lose a lot of health if you didn't want to backtrack a bit (I've just never been fond of these types of tasks). Still, overall it's fairly entertaining." - Ryan (27-Nov-2018)
"A two part adventure set in caves and jungle areas, this is quite entertaining. There's plenty of exploration, especially in the jungle areas (cue the leaping around in tree tops), but the Egyptian enemies such as harpies do seem a touch out of place in the jungle settings. The gameplay is fairly straightforward, the possibility of getting lost being the main challenge, but it jogs along well enough, with not an onerous amount of backtracking. The only thing I could really have done without was the nausea inducing earthquake in the first part, but once out of the room in question it mercifully stopped. Oh, and not too keen on the deadly beetles in the crawl space either. Otherwise, I found it enjoyable, if a bit too dark in places." - Jay (05-Jul-2016)
"Just built with karnak and cleopal wad, this little adventure is really nice. The author also use the "shore tga" of trle and the result is really good. The gameplay is not really hard, easy for the first level and I really like the flipmaps. I maybe not really like the TRO reference. A good debut even if the game was very old. Recommended for everyone." - BigFoot (28-Nov-2011)
"I'm sorry to report that I was rather disappointed with this one. It's too dark for my taste, and the jungle and cave surroundings are somewhat nondescript. You'll nevertheless find yourself occupied for more than an hour in this two-part adventure, and some parts of it are rather difficult, but I'm afraid it's one of those levels that are quickly forgotten after they're played. I have one more of this builder's levels yet to play, hope it's better than this one. By the way, some of the reviews mention a plethora of crossbow arrows but no crossbow in sight. I put a challenge to Pablito to see if perhaps he could locate a secret that no one else had found, a secret where that elusive crossbow was lurking. He graciously accepted, and within a remarkably short period of time he reported to me that there were no hitherto undiscovered secrets and that he had been unable to locate the crossbow. If Pablito says there are no additional secrets or a crossbow, we can certainly accept that as the final word in the matter. Play it if you like, but I'm confident you'll enjoy any of this builder's other offerings significantly more than this one." - Phil (27-Apr-2010)
"It is time to review the first custom level which I played back in 2001. I remember what a good surprise it was when discovering the TRO-online site with pictures of these levels made by fans. Quest for the lost diamond was my first choice , maybe because of the title of the level , or the pictures auguring of a mysterious discovery. Even if now I see better that this level has its flaws and limits , the crowbar in the 2nd level could be placed better for non backtracking sake , some textures could be better applied , and some of the objects do not really fit in the scenery, I still had a pleasant time playing this adventure , appreciating the author's work and skills to create interesting worlds to discover , the intelligence of the progression in the first level, the features used to make this adventure 'alive' , such as flip maps , earthquakes, sinks, appropriate use of audios, etc.... Well , this is the level that get me hooked with custom levels playing, and I did not had this rare feeling with all the other levels I was downloading at that time. That says it all." - eRIC (23-Jan-2010)
"Here is another example of a great duo of levels. I was a little put off at first with the jungle level as there was no clear pathway so you could have aimlessly wandered around not knowing what to do or where to go but I guess that could add to the challenge. Both levels are full of diverse gameplay and are nicely designed although i did notice a few flaws such as the ground was moving as if it was placed onto water. Still, a very could level and it took me most of the night to complete it so it's well worth a try." - Necro (26-Nov-2008)
"I like more the first caves level, although it's too much dark and you have to explore continuosly with binoculars or flare in hand. The second level is not so good 'cause it's too much no-lineal and it's easy you arrive to the places without the crowbar and have to retrace your steps several times, exploring a huge and dark jungle where you can do a very long journey and finally get back to the beginning of the level and do nothing. I missed some cameras too when triggered something. The best for me was the good ambience and the lot of pickups which can help you with the enemies." - Jose (21-May-2008)
"A nice adventure in the South Pacific jungle (rather cliffs and caves than the jungle, though), with greatly fluent, pretty straightforward gameplay that never really is too hard (well, I never found out how you get rid of the annoying beetles, so healing Lara in a crawlspace while they were chewing on her (a big, BIG no-no!) was a bit of a challenge). The environments are nicely made, and while some areas (the bridge in level 1, the bay in level 2) are pretty awesome overall, it doesn't really stand out with much memorable and at times is ruined by excessive darkness. Camera work is nothing special either - there was one pretty good moment, though - when Lara slid on the bridge and was made aware of the awaiting battle. The progression though fluent, at times is very confusing - and I for example missed out on the vital vases and puzzle parts and had to replay certain parts of the level - but that's not a big problem, since the levels are quite compact - so just keep your eyes open. Overall it is a pretty decent effort, especially for the author's first timer - give it a try if you don't want anything exceedingly difficult." - eTux (04-Feb-2005)
"The atmosphere of the blue caves is very good with water and rocks to climb and jump around and a nice route through them swimming and opening doors with a lot of crocodiles that gave me a few shocks. The giant blades in my game didn't move when I got to them so I had an easy time of it. Perhaps I had already done what I needed to do to turn them off without realising it! I liked the earthquake that suddenly stopped and the awkward monkeyswing grab. The second level brings us out to the jungle and this was a little hard because there are many ways to go with deadly traps but I did like the tree climbing and that tree house was great. Through rocks and caves again to underground temples. I had good fun making the beetles follow me back to the deep pit in the cave to get rid of them. I laughed when I went back and found a few stragglers and had to lure them out too. But once this is done you're safe - for a while. The next lot of beetles need to be dealt with by using a reach-in switch to drop the floor in one of the rooms so the beetles can fall in in my case twice. I liked the jungle although I got lost a lot. I found the Hathor head and stand and made my way back to the double doors where the tree bridge is but I couldn't see where to put it for ages. Winner of First Prize for the best hidden in plain sight placement of an artifact. The first level is easy enough the second consists of a LOT of exploring and can get confusing but well worth it." - CC (21-Oct-2003)
"I always liked Bibi's settings and playing her first level made me realize this girl has talent. All that cave like setting and green looks very good. To be sincere I thought it might be less fun or with bugs since it was her first try but to my surprise everything was well placed. There is some swimming involved and doors to open of course but you can't get bored in it. In the quest for a canopic jar and a vraeus crocodiles scorpions ninjas and skeletons are around waiting to lessen Lara's health. Nothing too difficult some bird blades. I did feel a little lost though after getting the vraeus but with a bit of search I got back on track. I particularly liked the jungle area well it is my favourite and this time in the second level you have to find the portal guardian. All of her levels are very good and this one is no exception." - Kristina (04-Jul-2003)
"I really enjoyed this two-parter. The Blue Grotto was quite straight forward loads of blue watery caves very reminiscent of the South Pacific levels. The gameplay was fairly linear you have to find a canopic jar and one vraeus to proceed in the game. Not that many traps apart from the swishing blades. The design and textures were lovely and the main enemies in the first part seemed to be the crocodiles. There was also a pitch-black maze that made me grit my teeth but I still enjoyed it nonetheless. My only complaint was it that was far too dark in some places. The Serpent Isle (my french isn't too good!): The second half was a lot more fun (read as in more challenging) lots of deep pits spike traps yet no snakes! This part was certainly non-linear I got a bit confused in some places because I wasn't sure where to go next always thinking I had missed something important. You have to find the Portal Guardian as you progress making your way through jungles and underground temples killed off a few more crocs and had to evade those pesky beetles that like to take a bite out of you...I wish I'd thought of running back to the cliff first to get rid of them! The atmosphere textures and design were a lot better in the second part and I really love the way Bibi hides her secrets! This level is good for intermediate raiders not easy but not a sweat-inducing heart-racing fearsome challenge either. Another good thing about this level is that it focuses more on exploration and using Lara's abilities rather than mind-bending puzzles and complicated switch sequences! Oh and I never did find that lost diamond maybe in the next level?" - Litepulsar (17-Dec-2002)
"The majority of the first level is spent searching some dark caves and underwater areas for the Golden Vraeus a Canopic Jar and the Guardian's key and it will take some time to track them down because of the darkness the large areas and all the backtracking. Except for a few surprise attacks the enemies are easily taken care of and consist of mostly crocs and scorpions. The second level was my favorite and was set in a large (and better lit) jungle with more caves some large trees a few sandy beaches and even a hut in a tree to explore. Here you're in search of the two pieces of the Portal Guardian and your only enemies are skeletons harpies and a few beetles. Overall the two levels are built and textured very well with what is obviously great planning and designing - I just wish they hadn't been so dark so I could have really enjoyed them. I found three or four secrets and spent a few hours on my quest - no diamonds though they must be in the next level. ." - RaiderGirl (07-Nov-2002)
"Two beautiful levels. First took place more in caves and second in the jungle. First was very well designed with good textures and light effects. Very warm colors which gave also a marvelous atmosphere. Somewhat arduous was that absolutely dark maze because one had not too many flares at that time yet. Lara must run much and find artifacts in order to finish the first level. Opponents were well placed crocodiles and scorpions. The second level took place in the jungle and was also well designed. Lara could go different ways which brought her back to some places again. The opponents were skeletons birds and these annoying beetles. My Lara however out-witted them nicely. Camera guidance was not always there but one did not have problems to find out what happened. Sound was ok and suitably used when there was danger or a mystery to solve. The puzzles were not all too difficult. My Lara found four secrets together in both levels. Thus really two pretty levels. One sees the designer worked hard on them. It is advisable to play in the evening or in a darkened room. In any case one to play." - Navi (19-Sep-2002)
"Les Grottes Bleues (8/7/9/7 45 min. 2 secrets): From the moment you drop into this adventure you feel what it is about - exploration. There is actually not that much to do: Find a vraeus a canopic jar and a guardian key in the caves and then move on to Part 2 but the architecture is so nicely and authentically done that it is a lot of fun to make your way through the environment progressing back and forth including nice swimming passages and a few traps and enemies (scorpions ninjas and crocodiles). I thought at times it was a little too dark even though this was of course very suitable for the overall atmosphere. The earthquake flip effect was well done and that one jump with grab to the monkey was indeed rather tricky. L'Ile du Serpent (8/7/9/8) 60 min. 2 secrets): I never really came across any snake in this rocky jungle setting but I had even more fun here than in part one to look in every alcove and every tree top I could get to and often you are rewarded with pickups. Never found the crossbow though despite all the ammo. Again the overall architecture is great and very believable the skull textures give it an eerie feel and it took me some time to locate the crowbar in the treehouse and then the two pieces of the portal guardian that open the door to the exit. Only a few skeletons and harpies to battle along the way which is not a big deal if you found revolver and shotgun. I liked the solution to get rid of those pesky beetles. Bottomline a nice double level for explorers who enjoy roaming around in caves. Great fun to play!" - Michael (14-Sep-2002)
"There are already 15 reviews and most has been said before. But because I liked the level very much I will write a review anyway. One meets different enemies like ninjas crocodiles scorpions skeletons and those golden poisonous birds. I found all sorts of weapons but never the crossbow. Well the grenade gun was good enough for the skeletons. I got stuck because I didn't find the Hathor Effigy but with the help from eRIC I got it. I found the water places/lakes with the current a bit irritating. I thought I miss something if I can't swim further on. The part with the beetles just nibbling away Lara's health was a challenge but I found the way to get rid of them and then I could get the Ornate Handle without hurrying along. In parts the level was rather dark and the binoculars were in frequent use. The level was not too difficult to play but I got lost a few times. I found 4 secrets and my playing time was over 3 hours (statistics).09/2002" - Monika (14-Sep-2002)
"Bibi made 2 different levels here in which we can see Lara in 2 different outfits. It's about a Temple/Jungle game with a nice texture - most of them Stone and Plants texture with only a few exceptions. There are a lot of goodies - but you really won't need them. Dominating are the landscape and architecture - because there are few enemies. You'll see a good camera when you reach the red/black ninja on the bridge. There are some nice ideas - but it was not really challenging for me. A plus for the red outfit - negative for the lot of places where Lara starts to dance and never stops it again ....A nice game to pass the time -but only a little above average." - Miguel (01-Sep-2002)
"This is a huge exploration level I found to be a little confusing. There are only 2 short threads on this that weren't very helpful and while the reviews are quite informative unfortunately not informative enough. Still and all it is an extraordinary adventure when you consider how long ago it was released in comparison with some excellent ones coming out now. In part I 'Blue Caves' gameplay is basically linear with a fair amount of swimming involved and crocodiles as your enemies along with a few scorpions (or spiders it was very dark) and a couple of ninjas in a voluminous catacomb of caves. Your objective in part one is to find a guardian key to gain access to the second part 'Snakes Island'. Part II is ushered in with that reminiscent slide over spikes to the tree we all know and love. Reaching the bottom you are greeted by 2 golden banshees. Dispose of them and start exploring as exploration is what part 2 is all about. There are different paths to choose all leading to danger and death with an incorrect step. I must confess I never figured out to get rid of the scarabs I ended up popping medipaks and running like mad to the area where I entered and hanging off the edge of the cliff to rid myself of them. There's a puzzling jump to a monkey swing over burning water that wasn't terribly hard to figure out but it did have me scratching my head temporarily. Also a good sequence with some skeletons on a high ledge area where you have to pull 2 switches to raise a block having tons of crossbow ammo in my knapsack but not having found the crossbow my only choice was to blow them off the ledges with my trusty shotgun. Your aim in part 2 is to find the pieces of the portal guardian so you can open the blue doors minus the lost diamond. Hopefully I'll find it in the next adventure which I plan on playing now." - Momster (23-Aug-2002)
"A very good jungle level. Lara has here the task of finding the portal Guardian. It had to solve some riddles that are however not difficult. One must dive here a lot activate switches jump through caves and monkey swing occasionally in the treetops. The first level is somewhat dark with too many dark corners. The 2nd Level somewhat better pleased me. Found 4 Secrets one finds the uzi and shotgun twice. The opponents were usually scorpions crocodiles ninjas and at the end also skeletons. The sound was also always suitably cameras did not always indicated what happened. The atmosphere pleased me very well. In all 2 very good jungle levels :)" - Engelchen Lara (22-Aug-2002)
"This is a superb adventure lasting around 1 hour. It brings Lara to another jungle adventure where she has to find the lost diamond (well I suppose it is at least it's what the title suggests) - but I finished the level without any artifacts in hands! The first part had gorgeous areas specially the bridge where the ninja pushed Lara down! The second had nice areas as well but I spotted a few design/texturization errors that could be fixed. Also instead of the blue texture I would have chosen a nice horizon and sky combo that would make the level look very better. You have to do a lot of search in the second level for the two parts of the Effigy in order to open the doors to the end. This is a nice 2 levels set and worth the download! :)" - Treeble (19-Aug-2002)
"This was Bibi's first level and as far as I am concerned it was her best one. She created a superb jungle atmosphere. Your opponents are mainly baddies skeletons and crocodiles all of them well placed (and not to forget the little scarabs in the second part - it took me 7 medipacks until I found out how to get rid of them so I replayed that part and didn't even need one medi). Level design and texturing are very very good. Only the darkness all around makes it hard to find your way and lowers my rating in this category otherwise it could have been 10 too. This level is a must!" - Sheevah (19-Aug-2002)
"Although the two levels in this wonderful game were quite different in not only settings but also moods there was still a great synchronicity between them game wise that made them fit together nicely: The Blue Caves (50 minutes): Set inside a series of dark eerie caves with man made structures here and there this had a nice back and forth progression while searching for the key pick ups to open the gate that leads to Snakes Island. Neither of these two levels have many enemies throughout but this is the only one to have any human enemies although only a couple there is also a great earthquake effect quite a few pick ups and 2 secrets. The Snakes Island (1 hour): This level is by far the better of the two with a brilliantly intricate jungle environment allowing exploration not only on land but also in the treetops where you will come across a cute and very helpful tree house. Again there are quite a few pick ups here as well as 2 secrets the only thing I was a little disappointed in was the lack of camera shots of triggered doors but in the scheme of things that's not too big of a deal. For people who played TR3 you will no doubt see the wonderful replica though slightly smaller of the beginnings of the India jungle level with the slide down the mountain and the large tree trunk crossing it the only thing missing was the monkey! By the way I never did find that diamond so maybe this quest isn't at an end!" - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"If you love TR3 (and who doesn't?) you'll enjoy these 2 levels. The atmosphere is great and very reminiscent of the Coastal Village level (all it needs is some blood-thirsty head hunters). The lighting is quite dark throughout which is fine as adequate flares are provided but was a bit flat and 1-dimensional overall. The first level takes place in a series of caves and plays fairly quickly at about 45 minutes. The second unfolds in both jungle and underground settings and provides a lot of exploring tree climbing monkey swinging and the like and took 2 1/2 hours. Gameplay in both levels is nicely non-linear. Overall a very enjoyable 3 hours of classic raiding and a solid 8 on the rating scale." - Tombaholic (21-Jun-2002)
"The Quest is so far divided into two sections and is obviously open for more levels (as the Lost Diamond is still to be found!). They both take place on a Pacific Island with luxuriant vegetation and cliffs. The first part is a huge underground orientation track in an atmosphere of tropical caves used as catacombs by tribal men. From crocodile-infested seawater pools to cataclysmic earthquakes Lara has to find her way and avoid many traps through this not so linear level. Design is absolutely lovely and textures taken from TR3 match perfectly the spooky and dark atmosphere of the caves although the skull texture is a bit repetitive. Enemies are just a few (some crocs and three 'ninjas' if I remember well). One or two puzzles could have enhanced the mysterious atmosphere of the caves and the gameplay as well! Just one thing... Don't save your game AFTER shutting down the underwater current or you'll get stuck as the flipmaps won't work. I had to start all over again for making this mistake! The second part takes Lara outside the caves in a tropical forest. Those who love exploration will love that one. Climb the trees look for hidden shed jump over deep gaps enjoy the scenery of the cliffs over the ocean avoid the deadly beetles... This level is a real challenge in a wonderful setting sometimes inspired from TR3 (the slide and the tree over it). It is the best of the two levels included in the Quest but again it lacks puzzles and enemies... However it is one of the best exploration levels." - Jbc21 (21-Jun-2002)
"The first of the levels is a little basic and linear. Not too bad and nice use of textures. There is however a serious problem at the end as the switch to turn off the timed water fans can only be used once. Not too much of an issue except that I went that direction first (this is a multi-directional level which you can explore) and then came back as I didn't have the object to open the gate at the end - when I returned with the object I could not get through as the timed fans had come on again. The end of the first level does not lead into the second level (which is just annoying). The second level is however simply superb. A tremendous piece of design with lots to explore and lots to do. There are loads of pick-ups Ninjas to kill a neat section with those darn scarab beetles and generally a really good and enjoyable game. One problem is that there are some slopes on the floor which can trap Lara sliding between floor and walls (trees etc) - very annoying! Took me over two hours playing time to complete this level and I really enjoyed it. Good use of textures - it's predominantly a jungle setting - and interesting jumps swings climbs etc. Perhaps more could have been made of the bottomless pits but that's a minor niggle." - David (21-Jun-2002)
"Good looking levels the first in caves and the second in the jungle as the title says - but I missed the snakes! Fun puzzling not too hard just keep your eyes open!" - G.Croft (21-Jun-2002)
"This is the third level I played from Bibi and I like the ideas of the author a lot. Game play in the first part was not that difficult but the crocs laying in an ambush scared the hell out off me. Also got stuck saving after using the timed water fans luckily I could go back to an earlier saved game. The second part of the level is much more difficult at least it was for me. Got a nice tip in avoiding those pesky beetles thanks Matthias and I was on my merry way again getting the ornate handle. After that I got completely lost and I came for a third time at the start of the second level. Saw a tree branch with what looked like a monkey climb never could climb that tree though but that made me do some jumps and I was on my way to find the ornate head. Never found the grenade launcher or the crossbow but that will be for my next try. Only thing I didn't like is getting stuck in a lot of illegal slopes." - Gerty (21-Jun-2002)
"These are two different levels the first one in the blue caves is a usual not bad standard-level with a lot of pickups and usual puzzles. The only difficulty is the permanent darkness. The second level 'Snake's island' is a very good one but still very dark. There is a lot to explore some treetops to climb good-hidden secrets and many flares which you really need. In the beginning you don't know in which way you start first at the end you are arriving back near the beginning well thought out. In the area with the beetles you know why there were so many medipacks in the first level you'll need a lot of them. Anyway the second level could reach a higher rating if it was not that dark." - Freeman Porter (21-Jun-2002)
"Wow what a great work. I was playing 2.20 hours on this great adventure. The first the karnak-level in this were few crocodiles and scorpions. In the second level were demon-birds and skeletons. There were not so many enemies but this is good in this adventure. The textures are perfect and the lightning is dark on some places. I had to search a long time to find the guardian key in the second level. The beetles in the second part were very hard and I had to use all of my health-packs. I have not found all weapons (only revolver shotgun uzi). This is a level in which all people will have great fun. Download it." - Andi Croft (21-Jun-2002)
"I have always enjoyed levels with swimming in so I found both parts of this level a joy. Part1 is set in a nicely designed cave system and was fairly easy to complete. Part 2 is what makes this level a joy to behold. I can forgive the square trees because there is just so much to see and do in this one. After sliding down a spike infested slope and under a bridge I spent quite a while exploring many interesting places and being chased by pesky beetles and ended up back at the top of the slope with an ornate handle in my possession. I had to go round again to find the head to fit onto it in an area I'd totally missed first time. With both the pieces of the Portal Guardian I was at last able to finish. Total game time - about 3 hours and 40 minutes. A little more camera work would have been appreciated but nonetheless an immensely enjoyable level." - Staticon (21-Jun-2002)
"I liked this double-feature a lot. Never been keen on too much greenery in a level cause let's face it trees made out of cubes look a bit daft but I let it pass this time. The first part is relatively easy; think Coastal Village for the setting and think linear for the gameplay. Nothing to set your pulse racing really so it comes as a true surprise when you finally meet a crocodile with you at a disadvantage. The second part is much better not so straightforward and with some genuine obstacles to make your life just a little bit more unbearable. The best part of it is the rooms with the beetles. They give me the creeps every single time so I panicked and only on my way out did I discover the way to get rid of them. There must be a market for used Uzis somewhere. I found another two pairs which I never used." - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)