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Egypt Return by Pablo David

Alien Autopsy 2 2 1 3
Be Nolee 1 0 0 0
DJ Full 3 3 4 4
eRIC 1 1 0 1
Jay 1 1 1 1
Jose 1 1 1 2
Kubsy 0 0 0 1
manarch2 1 0 0 1
MichaelP 2 1 1 1
Mulf 0 0 0 0
Orbit Dream 1 0 0 1
Phil 2 2 3 4
Ryan 1 1 0 1
Wolf7 0 0 0 1
Zuxuna 3 2 4 3
release date: 03-Dec-2020
# of downloads: 96

average rating: 1.20
review count: 15
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file size: 22.80 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"As some other reviewers have expressed, it may be an unfinished work as things do not have any purpose , like goodies or even places. Many things are missing here. The most amusing detail was the climbing texture applied in the other direction. This release does not have any sense." - eRIC (29-Mar-2024)
"K so it's a bit atmospheric because of original Karnak starter, but everything added to it is, to say subtly, inferior, with rectangular structures somehow sometimes stretched and sometimes not. Puzzles are totally key-door-key-door and though we pick up some stuff, we never make use of it. It feels like if the author got bored of his project and released it about 20% done - not good, but also not tragically awful. Optional." - DJ Full (05-Aug-2022)
"This one is better than the previous one by the fact alone that it only is half as long at less than 15 minutes. It does also look somewhat better due to the Karnak assets used and at least some attempt being made at crafting some landscape. Oh, and where you have to climb you kind of see a texture that indicates that. Progress. Still, another practice effort. Should not have been released. Do not bother." - MichaelP (13-Jun-2021)
"Aliright so we return to the temple of karnak and I don't know why so many flares have been placed outside seeing as this level is soooo bright but whatever let's roll with it. We get to see some newly added "areas" with some pickups and a room that's just an abyss. After using two easy to find key items we find more pointless pickups and the a boring corridor. Then we end up in a ghastly square room with blocks a slope and spikey sand. We then set the floor on fire to open a door that leads to the final room. Finally the author starts to play with lighting. We have just extreme dark shadows and a slightly dimly lit final area. More pointless pickups and a key item and it's over. This level takes like 4 minutes to complete and is a mess." - Be Nolee (15-Jan-2021)
"This is the worst product to come out of the Pablo David factory yet. But how can you tell? you may well ask. Indeed, on the surface it even seems as though this were, quite on the contrary, the most tolerable item in the PD catalogue, given the absence of all his usual aggravations (or trademarks): climbable walls are marked as such, even consistently so; unmarked instant-death tiles are absent or may even have metamorphosed into benign entities (harmless Flame Emitters 2); the overabundance of puzzle items has been cut down to merely two; and last but by no means least, it is very short (in the region of ten minutes). On top of that, it arguably gave us the phrase ‘deplete the flare garden’. What could I possibly hold against it?
Well, how about this. The entire map is a transmogrification of the Karnak project that came with the original TRLE. The ‘author’ chucked most of it, disassembled and reassembled some of its rooms in the manner of that evil kid in Toy Story, and ‘enhanced’ this unholy mess with one or two of his own, instantly identifiable as such for anyone with eyes to see. This does not need unreasonably charitable reviews, least of all by those oblivious to the blatant rip-off (so far the only reviewer to explicitly recognise it such is Wolf7). It needs to be buried in an unmarked grave." - Mulf (14-Jan-2021)
"I think Pablo should stop releasing a level every two weeks (not enough time to make a decent and entertaining level worth to play) and spend a little more time reading tutorials, asking questions in the forums, learning much more about the level editor and spend a lot more time developing more complete and solid levels trying to avoid that big amount of errors. At least try it." - Jose (04-Jan-2021)
"It’s rather sad when the best thing to be said about a level is that it is at least short. This rather reminded me of the earliest days of the level editor, when builders were so flushed with the heady joy of actually having the thing that they rushed to release levels before they were sufficiently familiar with the mechanics of it all. I neglected to play the previous level by this builder and I have to say I’ll probably leave it that way. Sorry to sound so negative, but this really is pretty bad." - Jay (09-Dec-2020)
"Another poorly designed level that you should better avoid altogether. Nothing to add from me else than what has already been said. Spent (wasted) 5 minutes in here." - manarch2 (07-Dec-2020)
"I was intrigued by Ian's comments that this effort didn't meet the standard set by the builder's first level. I didn't play that one, because from what I had read it was a train wreck, but at least Egypt Return unfolded for me without any game-stopping glitches. I may have laid on the sarcasm a bit thick in my walkthrough, but after 20+ years of playing Tomb Raider I can't imagine that I would do any better if I were to try my hand at building a level at this late stage. I'm always hesitant to discourage a new-time builder, but I agree with Ian that before releasing crude work product such as this, one would be well advised to seek mentoring from someone with a little more building experience." - Phil (05-Dec-2020)
"People might disagree with me but I do agree with Ian's review and say that this level is even worse on some degree than the previous one: "but how?" you might ask me, well the reason why is really the fact that this level is partially rooms of Karnak's installment put together with some "modifications" if you want to call them like that, irritating fog effects, useless flares being placed, ladders being showed ... err this makes me give a 1 to the texturing, not gonna lie.
If the last level was irritating because it was awful, this does look better, but what is better is not from the author's creativity! Pablo, if you read this, listen to a Wolfy who is in level editing since 2016 but still has not released for this time being a level, if you cannot follow the tutorial, follow some videos that explain how to level edit properly, there are some, and they can definitively help you with that.
Not really worth it. Wolfy Regards :3" - Wolf7 (05-Dec-2020)
"Unfortunately this doesn't improve on this builder's rather amateurish first effort. It may be less glitchy, but it hardly amounts to a whole lot. The sounds have also gone haywire, the efficiency of the flares is seriously substandard (not that you'll ever need them, mind you) and there's even a dead end situation in the form of a deep pit. I do hope that Pablo puts more effort in his next offering, as these types of levels aren't exactly pleasurable." - Ryan (05-Dec-2020)
"Very short, simple level that seems like unfinished sketch/playground of somebody who is just learning. To improve there are paper thin walls, empty rooms, missing textures, overall logic, lights that are far too dark even though the dark part of the level is clearly outside in daylight. Thankfully there's a whopping 120+ flares (far too many to hoard, but at least I could use them happily). And some ammo and medpacks you are never going to use cause there are no enemies. On the plus side, the author tried to do some decor with the columns. At the end there were some concepts (such as fires lighting up) and logic showing. Don't give up and keep learning :)" - Alien Autopsy (04-Dec-2020)
"Disappointingly not up to the higher standards of this builders previous level. (p.s. Read the Manual!)" - Orbit Dream (03-Dec-2020)
"A really short length Egypt inspired level that took me about eight minutes to complete. The gameplay is all about finding artifacts to proceed around the map. There are no hints of any puzzles whatsoever . Enemies are non existent and I'm not sure if there are any secrets in the level since I didn't find any (or they might aswell have been secrets but without the secret chime) . Textures are not carefully applied since there are many that were distorted as well some untextured walls that were found . Atmosphere could have been worked on more, by adding more sound effects, camera angles etc. Architecture is not characteristic, since most areas aside the main one are plain box shapes with faulty portals inbetween, allowing you to look in the void . Lighting is basic, with hints of intense shadows here and there . Ending was a sudden with no explanation as of why Lara got there in the first place . This is the second level coming from this author, so I'd suggest to him to take his time with future projects so he can share with us more lengthy adventures with polished basic structure ." - Zuxuna (03-Dec-2020)
"Another bad level from this author. I feel like he's not choosing to improve but rather rush rooms, and texture them rapidly which comes out to be bad looking and empty. Hopefully, we will get to see some serious effort from this author in the future. Not recommended." - Kubsy (03-Dec-2020)