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LB Advent Calendar 2020 - Marooned by shabaobab

Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
BlackWolfTR 9 10 10 10
Jason L 4 5 6 7
Jay 7 10 10 10
JesseG 5 10 10 10
John 6 7 10 10
Jose 7 9 8 9
manarch2 5 8 8 8
Obig 7 8 10 10
Phil 9 8 10 9
Ryan 8 10 10 10
tuxraider 5 5 7 8
Wolf7 10 10 10 10
release date: 10-Dec-2020
# of downloads: 56

average rating: 8.50
review count: 13
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file size: 51.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: South Pacific

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Very short level, I want to call it experimental. There is one special thing about this level: the custom wall grab move. I've never seen it in any other custom level. It's rather hard to use intuitively. This level feels like a training level for this new move, because it's used very often, and most of the difficulty lies in using the move. Truth to be told, I really dislike this move. Although the level looks pretty good and has some serviceable gameplay, I would suggest to skip it for its short length and the special move. It will also leave you unsatisfied, because it's a short intro to a longer series of levels that never happened. I would welcome a completed version of this, though. (And, truth to be told, without the new move.)" - tuxraider (18-Jan-2023)
"What a stunning setting around some sunny coastal waters and caves. All of the visuals, lighting, textures are just gorgeous and bright and it makes a perfect environment to want to go explore in and theres plenty of that to do but if your expecting variety in tasks and gameplay you'll be a bit disappointed as i was unfortunately. You'll find the majority of your time is spent manoeuvering and platforming in caves and on cliffs to find switches and pickups, but there is new jump moves, wall scrambles and swing poles to contend with in this level so at least it brings more variety to just the standard tricky jumps to perform. There is a pushable box task and plenty of swimming around but no traps, puzzles or timed runs which would of made the level more fun or enjoyable to play but hey this level is worth a look if you like challenging platforming in fact its worth a look just for the lovely atmosphere, fantastic setting and interesting layout you get to explore in" - John (20-Apr-2022)
"Beautiful beach level ruined by confusing gameplay. Author should have made an in-game tutorial of how to do the wall jumps cause I had no idea that this was even possible until I realised there was a image turotial inside the game files... This level should be more focused on the outside platforms which feel pretty fun and not that much into those claustrophobic caves... The background music is so beautiful, but it ends being a bit annoying hearing it on loop all the game. There's a few nitpick erros that I didn't like at all, as Lara groves disspearing of her hands once she gets the pistols or flares out... I don't know if I understood the point of this level; Is it just an unfinished game released for fun? Still, not recommended." - Jason L (10-Nov-2021)
"Not the "spirit" of a Christmas level, but peaceful with no enemies. Nothing really special here except the great architecture and marvellous environments; I missed some puzzles to solve 'cause the game is only based about a lot of gymnastics with the new moves (I don't know what's the need for that new moves) and pull some switches. The background music was very repetitive too. Anyway an entertaining level nice to play from a very good builder. Looking forward for new creations from this author. Recommended." - Jose (07-Jan-2021)
"What a gorgeous experience! Despite being labelled as an unfinished level from a previous "in progress" project, this was an absolute joy to play throughout. The peaceful and serene tropical setting perfectly fits with the Advent Calendar season and is just the ticket if you wish for a less gruelling raiding adventure. The surroundings are absolutely first- class and cannot possibly be faulted, with the floating island structures being particularly impressively constructed. The sole secret certainly provided an interesting side quest and although the new wall-jump manoeuvres took a bit of practice, they were incorporated sufficiently into the gameplay to allow you to do so. I've probably rated gameplay slightly higher than normal in this instance, but if an extended version ever sees the light of day, I'm confident that we can expect something truly special." - Ryan (30-Dec-2020)
"For a "scrapped level" this one sure does excel. I spent about an hour here while writing a walkthrough, and I enjoyed the coastal visuals as much as I did the inventive gameplay. To progress you need to review and master a couple of "new" moves, the so-called wall scramble and the unnamed "jump back from wall" maneuver. On a couple of occasions the two moves are combined, requiring a dexterity rarely demanded of these old fingers of mine. But they need the practice, having little to caress these days. The surroundings are absolutely stunning, and Christmas in the tropics is definitely time well spent. High recommendations." - Phil (29-Dec-2020)
"The environment and the level itself are very beautiful. The diffrerent variations of the new movement, the wall jump greatly irritated me, but in the end I managed to learn it. :) There is only one secret, and for that the floating islands must be visited. This is only a demo level, I am looking forward to the full one! You can find medipacks, ammos, and flares but none are necessary. You will not survive the big falls anyway. :) Hungarian walkthrough, pictures, and savegames:" - Obig (28-Dec-2020)
"The problem with Lara’s wall jumps is that we get to practise them so seldom that it takes me ages to get the hang of them again. However ... It’s not a Christmas level, but I can’t argue with the builder’s view that after the year we’ve all had a nice relaxing visit to a beautiful island is just what we would appreciate and it certainly delivers the traditional peaceful vibe for this time of year. It’s very short and thus somewhat difficult to judge in terms of gameplay. I’ve probably rated it more on its obvious potential than actual content, but it certainly leaves me wanting more and the surroundings are absolutely gorgeous." - Jay (24-Dec-2020)
"Another very good entry about 1 hour of gameplay through a mystical world. I just loved the new moves and I hope the author will be abble to share it with us because I can just imagine the amazing new gameplay I will be abble to create in my levels. The level is not very hard and very well built. I like how the author use the textures and lighting to create beach, caves and underground lakes. Maybe a bit short even if I spend nearly one hour through the level. I hope Tombraiderxii will create a sequel of this level because it would be a pity to not finish the entire adventure when we see the high quality of this " teaser". Congratulations!!" - Bigfoot (22-Dec-2020)
"A very nice teaser of what is hopefully to come soon, and also a nice Christmas gift. 20 minutes of peaceful exploration and platforming with some nicely used new wall moves in a charming and in the exteriors beautiful tropical environment. It all ended fairly abruptly and there is little in terms of variety of tasks, immersion etc. (the progression is extremely linear), so it might work better in a full-fledged adventure rather than a standalone one, but nevertheless this was an enjoyable level to finish. The only thing I really disliked was that repeating background audio which got annoying after a while. Finished in 20 minutes with the single secret found being a long extra task..." - manarch2 (21-Dec-2020)
"Wow, that level was one of the best visually level I have ever seen. Big colourful ocean, greeny floating islands, huge amazing cliffs and nice caves. While playing it I felt in this wonderful tropical athmopshere. Also there's playing very nice music which is quite relaxing. We also have very cool new moves which makes better gameplay and bigger room for maneuver. That one level was really amazing, fingers crossed that tombraiderxii will succesfully finish his project :)" - BlackWolfTR (19-Dec-2020)
"While this level may not have the stereotypical environment for an advent calendar entry, it certainly has the stereotypical gameplay. No traps, no enemies, just Lara exploring a peaceful, beautiful island along with the lakes and caves within. I'm curious what the story is with those islands floating up in the sky, despite being unrealistic they are incorporated in a much more immersive manner than Floating Islands from TR2. The wall scrambling moves take a little while to get used to (I kept forgetting to hold down the jump button) but they are used in pretty cool ways here. A shame that the adventure ended so soon after pulling a handful of switches, but it seems that the builder will be revisiting this world and I look forward to seeing the final result. 28 minutes." - JesseG (19-Dec-2020)
"An absolutely astonishing teaser to a bigger game I got to try in the version the author thought was gonna be "post mortem", nice to see he is back on track!
I played it yesterday (17th December 2020) on stream for the second time and I can't help but really think this is a masterpiece./
Starting off from the wall jumping mechanic that is actually really good when you get the hang of it! The gameplay is quite exploring based no enigma but some amazing platforming, so I can't help but give a 10 in this section.
Objects were well used, there was not any enemy if I recall correctly but that was for the finest, and the secret of this level, oh Wolfy Gods it was good and satisfying to take! Some amazing platforming with a very rewarding trophy!
The atmosphere would be the section I'd give an 11 if I could, the presentation is awesomely done and the texturing and lighting work with it to provide an amazing experience!
Quite short, not gonna lie, but totally recommended!
Wolfy regards :3" - Wolf7 (18-Dec-2020)