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Adngel 2 2 3 2
Ceamonks890 1 1 1 1
ddaring_dash 2 2 2 2
DJ Full 4 4 4 3
eRIC 2 2 3 3
g12STL 3 3 4 3
Jay 3 3 4 3
Jorge22 2 3 4 3
Jose 2 2 3 3
Kubsy 3 3 3 3
manarch2 1 2 2 2
MichaelP 4 5 5 4
MizzCroft 3 3 7 7
Mulf 2 2 2 2
OblivionJaw 2 2 1 2
Orbit Dream 2 2 3 2
Ryan 2 3 3 2
Teone 1 1 1 1
Treeble 4 4 4 4
Wolf7 2 2 5 2
release date: 28-Jan-2021
# of downloads: 125

average rating: 2.70
review count: 20
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file size: 67.10 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Unfortunately we see a lot of stretched textures, however there is combat and some platforming that can be a nice way to spend your time. A few switches and keys with combat and platforming should be good, except with the large backtracking amount which makes the gameplay a lot less enjoyable. Besides that it's a better level outside the visual look compared to the first one from the author." - OblivionJaw (05-Dec-2023)
"Better than the initial level of the builder, now with chains of events happening. Involves exploration and combat. Drags a bit because of forced running from A to B and from B to A. Nonetheless it's a step up from the previous game." - DJ Full (25-Feb-2023)
"This looks decent enough for a beginners effort and has all the main ingrdients of a most basic level, with switches to pull, back and forth between the doors you successively open up with keys, a few enemies to shoot and the titular awards to be collected along the way - well, or not, as these are entirely optional. Very basic and all over after 12 minutes, but still worth a quick glance." - MichaelP (24-May-2021)
"15 minutes wandering around mostly greyish types of caverns textured with wallpaper effects, they do not look very natural despite the design of diagonal walls. The background audio is pleasant. The keys you find are named Load , some of ladders tend to disappear (probably too big objects for rooms which are smaller in height), a half dozen female soldiers to kill. A very easy level lacking interesting tasks." - eRIC (30-Mar-2021)
"Mulf has probably covered everything you need to know, but anyway, despite the initial area trying to look like the final area of the Peru level in Legend (including Anaya standing at the top, where she eventually gets ambushed in the original game), this is a level of its own, generally built with huge and flat rooms and wallpapered textures. It's kinda funny that the high quality textures and objects somewhat masks this, but you can tell this was built rather quickly. Spotting switches is actually the single challenge in this level, as they're randomly placed against walls without much care. Despite picking up the TR3 shotgun from the floor, the one Lara uses is actually the (much nicer) TRL one, that made me chuckle. I'm not sure we needed two versions for the sake of switching outfits, but I'm guilty of doing something similar myself a couple of decades ago, so I'll just leave it at that. 15 minutes. 02/21" - Treeble (14-Feb-2021)
"This level is a huge step-up from the previous level by the author. But the gameplay is marginal at best. While this level had so much potential with the size of the rooms and the enemies, it should be considered practice. This level featured a switch-to-pull-a- switch-to-get-a-key situation for the majority of the gameplay, which may not be fun for some players. I did enjoy the symmetry of the "temple" area and the map was not overwhelmingly large. Considering how much better this level was to the last one, I expect to see something even better than this for the next go-around, as this level was exponentially better than the last but still marginal as mentioned." - g12STL (07-Feb-2021)
"This is definitely better than the previous level. But this is not enough. Don't make rooms so big. Don't use just one texture on all walls. Take your time, study further and you will succeed! Good luck!" - ddaring_dash (02-Feb-2021)
"A bit better than the previous level, but still many things to improve. The rooms are too big and the architecture is very simple, many rooms are nude, empty of objects and the texturization is flat, with the same texture applied to all the tiles. No puzzles to solve, at least there are a couple of cameras showing the triggered doors. If you want to learn and do things better and better, don't be discouraged." - Jose (02-Feb-2021)
"This is certainly a step up from the Pool Room Remake, but there's still a lot of work required and time needed to make a decent level. The gameplay does have a sense of progression but is somewhat spoilt by the back and forth backtracking (although camera clues are somewhat helpful), the frozen helicopter just looks odd (surely the rotor blades could have been animated or the helicopter itself grounded at the very least?), the textures are bland and crude, the item script needs further work as the items are all named "load", although I did enjoy the female guard attacks and Lara's remark in a posh American Accent was funny. Certainly a playable level, but not an essential one." - Ryan (01-Feb-2021)
"Despite being a lengthier gameplay experience,in many ways this is a poorer effort than the authors previous level.At least the 'Pool Room' gave fewer opportunities for the builder to display their lack of LE knowledge.This time around we have a catalogue of easily correctable errors: Lara taking unfair and unavoidable damage during the introductory flyby gunfight;a frozen Helicopter - which may not even be noticed until a minute or so into the game! (The opening battle occupying all the attention). A lack of object collision. All keys labelled as 'load'.Objects glitching in and out of existence.The texturing was uninspired;while much the same could be said for the gameplay (the 'make your choice' sequence could have been interesting,but lacked any form of obvious logic) On the plus side,I rather enjoyed the battles with the female mercenaries - as this seemed to point to some sort of backstory;and the camera work was helpful. 15 minutes of somewhat dreary raiding." - Orbit Dream (30-Jan-2021)
"Well, definitely short and rushed (better than long and rushed, that's for certain). There isn't any challenge here (unless you count the enemy soldiers as challenging), the textures are clearly rushed in many places, the atmosphere is bland, and the ending trigger, sending you straight to the desktop, is kind of weird. The scene with an ethereal helicopter absolutely planted in the sky and somebody standing above a cliff is even stranger than the badly designed water. It's impossible not to find all the awards, but that doesn't make them rewarding. Calling keys "load" is pretty much careless. The one good thing is there's always an image showing you which door or gate you just opened. Because I think the builder could do much better, all I can recommend is for him to take his time and deliver something more worthy next time. Not the worst I've played, especially because it doesn't seem as it was this bad on purpose, but quite immature." - Jorge22 (29-Jan-2021)
"About the kind of quality you'd expect for a level released a mere two days after the builder's initial debut. Rooms are far too unnecessarily huge, empty and blocky for the simple gameplay tasks on display, wallpapered texturing is ever-present as before, inconsistent lighting is a persistent issue with no real internal logic behind the inexplicable light source being generated in several rooms and the limited enemies & objects included here, feel almost thoughtlessly placed (with enemy encounters being confined to a mere two rooms throughout the entire level). The secrets (which still aren't added to your stats counter upon uncovering them), just feel like they merely exist for the sake of it and not so much as a meaningful reward for thorough spelunkers. And while there are some sparks of genuine creativity here (such as the trapdoor puzzle towards the end where you have to open the right one for the legitimate key), its nowhere near enough to justify the rushed, haphazard design and only serves to undermine any sort of potential this release could have offered, if it was given more development time to better flesh out everything. So please CircusBaby, TAKE. YOUR. TIME! Forcing out levelsets as quickly as possible isn't going to allow you the proper time to improve your skills and will merely compromise any kind of interest in your work at every turn, if you continue to persist down your current path. A lot of great levels exist because the builders of those actively took their time to ensure the best possible quality for their works. If you follow their design ethos, believe me when I say your content will start to become much better received and enjoyed by the community as a result." - Ceamonks890 (29-Jan-2021)
"It's an ok level (a bit better than the author's previous level) but it does present some deficiences such as: empty rooms, a floting helicopter which does nothing, and quite bland texturing to name a few the only thing I liked is the ambience music. I think the author has potential to make a very good level, but please, please, and please take your time and don't rush everything." - Kubsy (29-Jan-2021)
"With that plethora of rushed levels of lately where I keep repeating myself, I'll just advise you to stay clear of either playing those levels and also releasing them in the first place. Finished in 7 minutes." - manarch2 (29-Jan-2021)
"Blimey, two days between releases; frankly this is better than you might expect in such a short time frame. That’s not to say it’s a great level, but there’s discernible improvement over the debut. The action mainly involves exploration, picking up a few objects and ‘awards’, but this time there’s a morsel of enemy action also. It’s undoubtedly rough around the edges to say the least, but it is possible to catch flashes of potential here." - Jay (29-Jan-2021)
"Lately it seems that new builders don't know the difference between a short level and a test. And they don't even know the difference between players and beta-testers. If I were a beta-tester I would not suggest a builder to release such a (test) game. Since I'm a player instead, I can't do without complaining the very low skills of this builders. Boxy areas, wallpapered textures, trivial and boring gameplay, sound errors and an helicopter stuck in the sky like a painting. Sorry but I didn't enjoy this game, and I don't even know if there is a proper exit trigger, because after getting the ultimate award I pulled a lever and the game crashed to desktop." - Teone (28-Jan-2021)
"Truly adorable this second try and much much better than the previous.
Some might argue that the first room looks terrible in terms of texturing and I can quite agree with that, but everything else in the game is actually quite decent and I cannot really give a too low mark, 2 is still quite low, but better looking than other levels I have indeed played.
The gameplay is not too special, actually I was not too much a fun of it, backtracking is not one of the best. But that last bit with the jumping, if you put some dangers it could become very very cool! Also, can I give an advice to the author? I know they read the reviews so listen carefully, to make a trigger happen when you pick up an object you need to do this, click che object and click it twice, then in the OCB put a 64 and press okay, then keep selected the object and select the same space you are on, select a trigger and in the Trigger Type you select pickup and remember to select one shot! Otherwise the trigger will repeat itself too much! Lastly you can put on the same spot the trigger you want to load and you are good to go! ^w^
The Object usage was not too good in the first room, but gets better in the rooms beyond quite frankly, the secrets are quite nicely put but are very, very easy to find, overall it is quite average, I just would have liked to see the first room object wise a little better. Another tip! Rotate the objects you have! And do not put all of them in the same area!
Atmosphere was likely the best in the bunch, the level looked quite okay to me to be honest and the camera hints helped me up during the game, this, solidly is a 5 for me, because it is average, nothing too special but nothing bad either.
Short and quite sweet, especially that Lara message hehe :3 Keep it up, you can achieve a good level, but remember to take your time! Wolfy Regards ^w^" - Wolf7 (28-Jan-2021)
"The title and the in-game item names seem to confuse ‘awards’ with ‘rewards’, but what do I know; maybe that was the original terminology of Legend, at the shrine of which this builder worships. It’s a step up from the builder’s debut of a day or two ago; but then, how could it not. The level contains one gameplay element (a sequence of simple jumps across floating platforms, one of which is redundant), or even two, if you count the attack by female black berets, which starts during the introductory flyby in the shade of a helicopter frozen in time, and of which there is an underwhelming reprise some 15 minutes later, i. e. near the end. (The game likes to pretend that there’s a third gameplay element present when Lara exhortates us, in a heavy American drawl, to ‘choose wisely’ when confronted with a matter of pure trial-and-error.) Inbetween it’s a search not so much for ‘awards’, which you can ignore, but for levers and Loads, that is to say keys—two of the latter, neither difficult to acquire, both involving backtracking between the two areas of which this game consists; thankfully, there are camera clues to show which doors have opened. As in the debut, textures are wallpapered, lighting is absent, and a few diagonal walls and one-click pits fail to disguise the primitive room geometry; some errors in construction are introduced (a dodgy water room, an invisible block in front of a door, a ladder object that keeps disappearing while you’re climbing it); so despite the builder’s exertions, there’s still room for improvement." - Mulf (28-Jan-2021)
"I actually enjoyed this level. Although a bit boxy, the textures were very competent. Some sounds were odd/missing IE: water sounds from enemy gunfire, but it wasn't too bad. Game play consisted of switches and platforming, the usual Tomb Raider experience :P I think this builder will do great things in the future! Flesh out your areas more, give them life! Remember: there's no race to finish these levels!" - MizzCroft (28-Jan-2021)
"A quite short level with TR:Legends ambience. At the beggining there are two choices, Classic or Legend, so you can decide which outfit will Lara wears. I liked how smooth Lara's animations are, but the level itself, is very unpolished, like a TRLE learning exercise." - Adngel (28-Jan-2021)