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The Amulet of Horus by Pablo David

ddaring_dash 2 2 2 1
DJ Full 4 3 0 2
g12STL 2 2 1 7
Jay 2 2 1 3
Jose 3 3 2 4
manarch2 2 2 1 2
MichaelP 4 4 4 2
Orbit Dream 2 1 0 1
Ryan 2 2 1 2
release date: 04-Feb-2021
# of downloads: 100

average rating: 2.22
review count: 9
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file size: 70.60 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Very rarely I give a zero for atmosphere but this level managed - sounds are misplaced or missing, cameras are broken and the soundtrack gets boring after ten minutes while the level lasts for fifty. It's one of those works which play better than they look, and while some puzzles are broken (I could never use two keys), I appreciate the multiple parallel slot which has become the builder's trademark and could benefit the gameplay if betatesting and quality assurance was involved." - DJ Full (10-Aug-2022)
"And so my quick journey through the works of this builder comes to an end. Indeed this one shows a little bit of progress but still maintains most of the issues that the releases have. Big, square rooms with mixed textures, no effort at lighting, unmarked climbable walls, sound errors, odd fixed cameras that annoy instead of helping build atmosphere. But on the plus side, this time, there is a bit of fun platforming to do, one of the four secrets has and entire room of its own, there is a sort of timed sequence in a room where Lara loses health quickly and even a small torch with sprinkler puzzle. So it all ends on a relative high, but nonetheless, building levels is just not for everyone and I would say it is high time for this builder to move on to something else after this sequence of experimental and mostly premature releases." - MichaelP (14-Jun-2021)
"I suppose that an improvement (however small) does have to be acknowledged and there is at least a bit more meat to the gameplay this time around and the textures have been ever so slightly improved. However it still doesn't really amount to much, as the jumping sequences over numerous raised blocks (and back again) turn out to be rather repetitive and a lot of the previous issues still remain: unmarked climbable walls, missing/mismatched sounds, odd and incongruous object placement and pointlessly altered animations. Still not really one I would recommend, sorry to say." - Ryan (15-Feb-2021)
"Well, it notices a bit of progress, at least in the gameplay section with some fresh ideas and new features, but Pablo still needs to work a lot the atmosphere adding some camera shots and flybys (what happens when you move the small lamp?) and not all those annoying fixed cameras difficulting the advance; and, of course, place more musics and sounds here and there. In this level I found a couple of extra keys I didn't need to use, and also in the big lava room some tasks leading to nowhere. Perhaps he should look for some betatesters before releasing the levels. And don't forget to work a lot the geometry and texturization, properly mark the ladders and monkeyswings and take more time with the lighting too." - Jose (14-Feb-2021)
"Well, it’s still very basic and slapdash, but there does appear to be the vaguest hint of improvement, at least in the overall look of the level. As to gameplay, it mainly involves a lot of jumping about and battling an odd mix of enemies. I really don’t know how Pablo expects to make real progress with his building whilst he insists on churning out levels with such ridiculous speed." - Jay (13-Feb-2021)
"An ever so tiny step upwards in terms of gameplay is visible here with some diversity in the tasks, but also with some obscure puzzles without hints, missing ladder textures and also a lot of redundant bits. Otherwise, this is more of the same, the rooms have no atmosphere, sounds are missing, enemies and object placement is fairly random and even in the blocky areas there are a lot of texturing mistakes - yet it agreeably does look somewhat better this time. I'm not sure what the builder wanted to tell players with that obscure final camera flyby after 20 minutes, though. Found four easy secrets." - manarch2 (08-Feb-2021)
"Elements of platforming,and a few hilarious enemy confrontations (especially the Finale),are enough to garner a couple of points for gameplay - but this is as remorselessly 'more of the same' as Pablo David's previous offerings,with the added disadvantage of being significantly longer. Gameplay progression is usually straightforward;but the tasks you need to perform along the way feel entirely random: lighting an incongruous (we're in an Oriental Temple) fire sprinkler in order to cause a spikey ball to roll off a platform;pulling an object causing who knows what to happen;negotiating a whole host of platforms which are triggered into burning (or having blocks raise on them) for no clear reason. Multitudes of keys (some of which are labelled 'ATM Cards') to open out of sight doors (a trick this builder performed in a previous level). Animations which have been poorly altered (her swimming now looks plain silly). Guns make no sound. A re-appearance of the old 'swinging blade that speaks Japanese' gag. Once again the incriminating evidence plainly shows that the builder has been needlessly messing about with things that worked perfectly fine as they were,before he came along and used his natural gifts to 'enhance' them;while still providing ample proof that the Manual remains a largely unread nuisance,which a builder of his magnitude would hardly need to bother with. Nonetheless,there is an indication that he has at least read the paragraph relating to the segmenting of walls;as his textures show an improvement. Lighting remains reassuringly non- existent;objects are inevitably incorrectly labelled;and the entertaining final Fly- by clearly has no idea what it's supposed to be showing,nor even where it's supposed to be going. The author also provides an additional level,which he describes as a 'Bonus'. Although I'd prefer to regard it more as a 'threat',myself." - Orbit Dream (08-Feb-2021)
"While I've played previous levels from the author, this one was marginally better than the earlier versions. I enjoyed the length of the level and some of Lara's altered acrobatic animations. However, some are flawed and game breaking (while swimming, she will glitch out of the water and fall down as if there were no water). The camera angles need a lot of improvement, as they make the the gameplay harder than what it needs to be. While the textures were nice, bright and colorful, they were inappropriate for the theme and title of the level. If you hear "Amulet if Horus," you wouldn't expect an Oriental aesthetic mixed with other arbitrary items from different cultures and times. There was an excessive amount of keys again in this level, which took away some of the fun for me personally. The level had a lot more potential but the rooms were extremely large and some were unclear about navigating or highlighting the goal. Ultimately, you are charged with the task of collecting keys here." - g12STL (07-Feb-2021)
"This level is better than your previous work, but there is still a lot to learn. Very large and empty rooms. Combination of textures is not realistic. Look at the geometry of the other levels and take them as a reference. Good luck! P.S: There is no progress in the bonus level..." - ddaring_dash (04-Feb-2021)