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Home Sweet Home by Pablo David

Ceamonks890 0 1 1 1
Charles Kane 2 1 5 5
DJ Full 1 3 3 4
JimmyBeon 1 1 3 1
John 1 2 1 2
Jose 1 1 0 3
Kubsy 0 0 1 1
LuxQSD 0 1 0 1
manarch2 0 1 0 1
MichaelP 0 2 0 0
Mulf 0 1 0 1
OblivionJaw 1 1 0 2
Orbit Dream 0 1 0 1
Ryan 0 1 1 1
Treeble 1 2 2 4
Wolf7 0 2 2 2
release date: 12-Feb-2021
# of downloads: 132

average rating: 1.22
review count: 16
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file size: 45.50 MB
file type: TR1
class: Home

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Yet another bad manor project that doesn't even make a good job in making a manor. It's not as bad to see more manors if they are at least adding something interesting, FINE, maybe you can call the TR1 sky a revolutionary improvement over the original, but even then this offers barely any quality. Invisible door triggers that you just so happen to trigger, broken and messed up meshes for items, and just generally a meh time at best. At least it looked cool... somewhat." - OblivionJaw (10-Dec-2023)
"The author is getting better at visuals, but the level has the opposite problem than the previous one - not enough interaction. You pass through 9 rooms and that's it. Optional." - DJ Full (06-Aug-2022)
"An extremely short and uninteresting level that has you exploring a few mansion rooms. There are quite a few borrowed objects and textures from other TR games that just make a mishmash of...whatever the author was trying to do here. It sort of just feels like the author was trying to figure out how the level editor works and made some rooms as a test. Overall very bland and boring. No finish trigger either. Not recommended." - LuxQSD (10-Apr-2022)
"You wander around a few home inspired rooms trying to trigger a few gates to open to allow you to enter more similar rooms, theres no gameplay here unless moving around in a hedge maze and moving a block to trigger one of the gates is called gameplay, its all over in less than 5 mins with no finish trigger so theres not much fun or enjoyment with this one unfortunately" - John (03-Aug-2021)
"Well, what I liked about this level is that for some reason it ran without technical issues for me with the tombati exe (as opposed to many other TR1 levels for some reason) and Lara's outfit is kind of cute and it is over very quickly. Everything is just plain useless really. Zero lighting, thin walls, overabundance of objects that do not fit and literally nothing at all to do, unless you count pushing a block to pick up a medipack underneath it a puzzle. Oh and no finish trigger of course. Do not bother." - MichaelP (10-Jun-2021)
"Unfortunately this level is a little confusing, not in terms of difficulty, but in terms of level design. Gameplay and puzzles - are basic and erratic, the level is more of a test level than anything else. Enemies, objects and secrets - they objects work, but their purpose is lost on me. Atmosphere, sound and cameras - the sound and cameras work... and is ok for the most part, the atmosphere is not brilliant though. Lighting and textures - the lighting and textures are flat and crazy. Conclusion - this is a level i assume was made for testing purposes, its ok, its a level, but lots of improvement is needed if this was supposed to be a proper home level." - JimmyBeon (07-Jun-2021)
"I might be quite generous compared to others when I say that the design weren't too bad, only rather unrealistic to see how Lara would have this kind of linear home bounded by grates instead of proper doors. I'd recommend Pablo to give at least 6 months to remake this level into a decent Lara's home to properly live in." - Charles Kane (19-Mar-2021)
"Look Pablo, experimental test levels are all well and good. But this is the type of content that's better left on your harddrive and not for the general public to play (as its just a passable looking series of rooms at best and a waste of time for everyone else at worst). So please take time out to make something that players will actually want to experience going forward, as we really don't need any more half-hearted content being pumped out than necessary from the community at large." - Ceamonks890 (15-Mar-2021)
"Well, it seems that Pablo is experimenting with tomb editor, but please, don't release an experiment as a playable level because it's like an insult for the community players. No option to save, no guns, no enemies, no musics, no cameras, no puzzles... Definitely not worth to play; simply a waste of time." - Jose (18-Feb-2021)
"The tiny bit of improvement in the last level was obviously an outlier. Oh well, Pablo has potential to get the next Cain. Though, at least, those levels had eels..." - manarch2 (14-Feb-2021)
"Had this been released two decades ago, I'm sure it'd be labeled as a test level, although I'm not quite sure what exactly it would be 'testing'. While it looks relatively nice, all you ever do is run from one room to the other, gathering a few objects along the way (funny case being the Pistols, which turns out to be a Gong Hammer, and is labeled Lead Bar in the inventory) and eventually making your way to a bedroom across a series of gardens. 5 minutes. 02/21" - Treeble (14-Feb-2021)
"What an extremely odd little level. By now, you know what to expect from Pablo David and this is no different. I've already elaborated in my reviews of this builder's previous levels so I see no further need to do so here. Textures, lighting and objects just about adequate and gameplay either obscure or nonexistent depending on your viewpoint. No finish trigger and 3 minutes playtime at the most." - Ryan (13-Feb-2021)
"A dread visually okayish rendition of Lara's Home. There is quite really nothing to it, 7 rooms plus lack of end trigger. It is not really worth playing it. Object placing was okaish but soon because exaggerated, Atmosphere was bearable but basically non existent. Lighting was flat and texturing okay. Still not a game, Pablo. Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (12-Feb-2021)
"Pablo David once again strikes back with another level that he rushed as his last level was published on 4th of February. Here we have a nice house but a bit unusual one as you need to step on triggers to open the doors and progress to the next area, kind of like a linear progression (No end trigger). The author uses objects repeatedly (such as the tables outside). Nothing to do much here but don't expect something spectacular." - Kubsy (12-Feb-2021)
"It’s only been weeks since the prolific Pablo David treated us to a rendition of Lara’s mansion, but a builder must keep up with these fast-moving times; so here we are again, confronted with a radically stripped-down remake that daringly asks: What might Lara’s mansion look like if it was built with no stacked rooms whatsoever? The answer is, of course, not like much. Especially not like Lara’s mansion, although textures and objects were obviously taken from it. This time you get to run around a few rooms (mostly the hedge maze, really), push one block, and count the ways in which the static objects are used all wrong. (One room has nine speakers and no stereo.) You’ve seen everything when you reach Lara’s second bedroom, the one in which she sleeps facing a bare wall." - Mulf (12-Feb-2021)
"There is quite literally nothing to do in this level. A grand total of seven rooms to run through,while admiring Lara's unrivalled collection of ham hocks and loudspeakers. There is no Finish Trigger,nor any capacity to save - not that you'll need to." - Orbit Dream (12-Feb-2021)