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Into the Depths of Space by Feder

Adngel 8 9 9 10
billie2001 8 8 9 10
BlackWolfTR 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 9 9 9 10
dragooncroft 10 10 10 10
g12STL 8 10 10 10
Jay 8 9 10 9
Jorge22 9 9 9 9
Jose 8 9 9 10
Mahetus 10 10 10 10
manarch2 7 8 8 8
Mister-B 9 10 10 10
Mman 8 9 9 9
nerdfury 10 10 10 10
p1kaa 9 10 10 9
Phil 8 8 9 8
Raider278 10 9 10 10
requiemsoul 7 8 9 9
Ryan 8 10 10 9
Samu 9 9 10 9
Sarikman 7 6 10 8
StormChaser 9 9 10 10
The Snarky Lesbian 9 9 10 10
Torry 8 9 9 7
release date: 12-Feb-2021
# of downloads: 374

average rating: 9.13
review count: 24
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file size: 51.50 MB
file type: TR3
class: Alien/Space

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is one of the best if not the best space-themed level that I have played so far. I particularly liked how tension was created with occasionally dark lighting, audios, and encounters with the retextured version of the mutants from TR3, including the crawling ones, the big ones, and the spider boss. Apart from several combat sequences, the gameplay is spiced up with couple of interesting puzzles to keep things varied. It is also a short level (I finished it within one hour) with easy-to-medium difficulty, meaning that it should be suitable for players of all skill levels. If you are looking for anything space- or horror- related, this is definitely a level you should try." - Samu (09-Aug-2023)
"this was the first TRLE i played, so i replayed it today, a very good level design, and soundtrack, one of the best TR3 Levels i played so far" - Raider278 (01-Aug-2023)
"A horror game handling suspense very well - usually, you know what's coming, but not exactly when... muahahahah. The shot of the ship's exterior made me wish for a moment where we go on a walk outside, but unfortunately nothing like that happened. We also never get a chance to rescue any crewmate introduced in the beginning. Still, it's one of the top space levels we got, was fun most of the time." - DJ Full (26-Feb-2023)
"Different take on your normal TR3 level but it works just fine. I had trouble with the level crashing if you attempted to adjust the resolution OR the gamma level. The game would simply crash upon trying to save so that forced me to play with crappy resolution and in near total darkness. Hence the slightly lower score I would normally have given. The ending was a different take on the Willard Spider scenario and then the earthquake affect was well, not needed at all. What was quaking? The ship blowing up? I only found one secret in each of the levels and this could be due to the damned level being so dark. I may have missed things I normally would have found and yes, there were sufficient flares but having to CONSTANTLY light one just to see your surroundings is well, crap. Thank God for the Desert Eagle as you certainly need it and those poison breathing slugs got annoying after a while. Still, even with these shortcomings it was enjoyable and took just over 30 minutes to complete." - Torry (01-Aug-2022)
"Another fine levels from Feder. The gameplay is not very hard without backtracking, the enemies are well balanced, there are enough extra guns and ammo so you don't need to use the pistols, the cameras are well placed in strategic places, as the appropriate musics too, and the texturization is near perfection; I found enough flares to light the dark areas. Really a couple os small levels to enjoy and suitable for everybody. Recommended!" - Jose (09-Jul-2021)
"Another high quality level from Feder. This time in TR3 engine in space themed level. Idea and theme as for TR3 is very unique. Level contains some really nice puzzles, jumpscares from creepy enemies and sometimes spooky atmosphere. Enemies itselfs were a bit creepy and sometimes effectively jumpscared us. I also loved the fact how they looked. Feder did good job on retexturing them. Usage of textures and also lighting was very good with much diversity. I found few disformed textures in some places but it's only a little detail error. Usage of soundtracks and music was good, sometimes holding in tense. Ambient music of second level really builded atmosphere of catastrophe on spaceship. It's definetly great and unique level and Feder did very good job in creating it. I can definetly recommend it!" - BlackWolfTR (31-May-2021)
"Good and fluent gameplay, convincing environment, enemies fitting the theme, secrets not too hard to find, good atmosphere, good texturing and lighting as good as it gets. Everything is good and enjoyable but not outstanding or memorable. The fluent and rather easy (but not boring) gameplay makes it suitable even for beginners. Recommended." - billie2001 (24-May-2021)
"This level shows how much the community members are so creative when making, really enjoyed playing this level, much expected from Feder the story is outstanding you don't see this in every trle level, because we used to Lara being around tombs in ancient environments not in the space, as I can see the hard work was put on it, from enemies to lara outfit and even the level build and texture I recommend playing it because it was really fun." - p1kaa (31-Mar-2021)
"We've had several engaging spacefaring levels lately, and this two-parter is a pleasant addition to the mix. Lighting is never a problem in TR3 levels, since the player has the option of adjusting the gamma in-game, and there are some nice views to enjoy along the way, notably a breathtaking view of Earth as seen from space. Those creepy crawly aliens with the poisonous green breath are all over the ship, and the two giant spiders present a decent if not insurmountable challenge (the first one didn't shoot deadly bolts at me as did the second one, and since Lara can easily outrun them she has ample time to perform the needed tasks). I was expecting a timed run at the end, forcing Lara to get to the shuttle bay before the self-destruct timer went off, but I was just as happy not to have to rush to get there. A fun raid." - Phil (26-Feb-2021)
"This adventure starts off a bit deceptively slow and simple, but then Lara happens across the weapons and the action kicks into high gear. The atmosphere of this spaceship is so palpably unsettling that you can't help but admire the work put into it, and there's an effective use of enemy jumpscares to draw you in further that don't ever feel like cheap shots. Texturing and lighting is also very well done throughout and aid the atmosphere well. Contrary to Jorge's review, the Willard spider did actually pose a significant threat in my game so I had to resort to stunning it periodically while pulling the switches. Gameplay is accessible to the average player, not particularly complex or puzzling but sufficiently engaging to keep the interest. So yeah, I'd say it was enjoyable." - Ryan (24-Feb-2021)
"Very good TR3 aboard a spaceship. Not that I haven't played more interesting levels, but it's all in the right place, meaning the spaceship atmosphere, the textures and settings, the lighting (rather well done, if not astonishing), some puzzles, the well placed enemies (poisonous mutants, just big mutants, and a couple of giant spiders), the provided medipacks, guns and ammo, the situations Lara finds herself in and how player- friendly this adventure turns out to be. The last mutant spider made it easy for me, for lack of a decent AI (it just kept moving around the same spot while Lara shot her with her pistols; I don't think that was how it was intended). There's a final earthquake and all, but luckily it's of short duration. So, yes. Perhaps not memorable, but quite playable, and I enjoyed it." - Jorge22 (23-Feb-2021)
"A very solid two-parter in a nice space setting and good design. While this is enjoyable throughout, I thought that this level lacks something special to make it remarkable. I really liked the timed run you have to prepare using the three boxes, as well as the hint for the jump pad puzzle, but the rest of the gameplay is too much about finding and using levers and items. Thankfully, there is almost no backtracking, and progression is remarkable smooth. Of course there are some nice scenes and very well crafted enemy attacks, and the five secrets are also decently hidden. Texturing and lighting are quite good but I felt something was missing in terms of atmosphere, there should be more rooms like the secret cockpit near the end. All in all, a really clean and appealing 40 minute level, but not one to remember for a long time." - manarch2 (23-Feb-2021)
"Well that's sure many steps behind the author's previous work. I was really disappointing seeing a good builder doing something like this. What I loved about this author was the architecture in his levels. Well, here it's gone. Simple rooms with not anything special. The only room that I really liked was where the last secret was located and the outside view if the spaceship. There are few easy puzzles and some nice jump sequences though. What I said in earlier releases about the texturing, it's the same here as well. We keep on seeing HD textures mixed with the old ones. Thank god there was nice lighting, so you can not just pay too much attention on that. Lighting and atmosphere were the best parts here. The author knows how to make use of great lighting in his rooms and create a horror atmospheric sence. I liked that he retextured the enemies, as I got thrilled when I met the spider for the first time in the level. I understood that you gonna fight it at some point and when I did, was the worst part of the game. Willardspider needs a tight corridor in order to work right. The author chose to use a wide corridor and that makes the spider fo nuts and just make circles around himself. I tried more than ten times to play the whole fight and it always was ending up like this in some point. I can't believe that such a great builder did this. All in all,a good atmospheric level, but no anything special to see. Easy gameplay, easy secrets, nice lighting, mixed of old and new textures, lack of epicness again and a horrible boss fight. I didn't expect this author would come with such a disappointing work. You can easily see that he didn't put the effort he did with "Templar secret"." - Sarikman (22-Feb-2021)
"Another excellent TR3 level that is very atmospheric. Texturing, lighting and architecture is very good and I was particularly impressed by the horizon. Very good retexturing of Lara, enemies and other characters. The whole game flows nicely and is not too hard, with interesting puzzles and superb enemy placement. Some nice jump scares here and there. Recommended to TR3 lovers and anyone who like a level with horror overtones." - StormChaser (20-Feb-2021)
"An excellent level, just like the others created by this author. The strong point of this level is the atmosphere, as the soundtrack is well placed, and together with the good lighting and the terrifying enemies bring a sense of fear and make it necessary to be careful in each room where Lara enters. Levels in the "Space" category aren't my favorites, but that level in question is great. The gameplay is focused on the exploration and combat, with some not-so-difficult puzzles especially on the second level. Recommended for all TR3 fans and and players looking for scary adventures. 2 secrets found in 1 hour and 10 minutes." - Mister-B (17-Feb-2021)
"This starts off quite mildly, as Lara begins to explore what turns out to be an enormous space ship, but quite early on she find the armoury and gets kitted out in fine style – a sign that things are going to hot up. Sure enough, it turns out that the ship is absolutely crawling (sometimes literally) with mutant life forms. I must admit I especially liked seeing those spooky ones with the yellow toxic breath again – it’s been a while. This is good fun and extremely atmospheric, particularly in the second part with its eerie sound files. Well made and entertaining, I would certainly recommend this, especially if you’re a TR3/space fan." - Jay (17-Feb-2021)
"This is two-level set with a BTB Space theme but done in Tomb Raider 3, with a horror concept. It's mostly focused on the space ship theme and does it well, with some nice views into space and other sections at time, although individual areas tend to be quite confined (though it fits the theme). Using TR3 as a base fits the horror theme quite well as it already has the objects to support it well. The lighting is appropriately gloomy as well without being too dark. The gameplay is relatively straightforward compared to some of Feder's other releases, but it fits the more atmospherically realistic designs that it's going for. There's some observation required, and various tight spaces to work through though. There's also quite a bit of combat in tight spaces and some nice set-pieces built around enemies, but you get plenty of equipment to handle everything. It also makes great use of the "Willard" enemy for some boss encounters. A very good release that makes creative use of TR3's style to create a sort of horror experience, even if I didn't find the gameplay quite as engaging as some of Feder's earlier releases." - Mman (15-Feb-2021)
"It's been a while since I've played a good challenging TRLE with the perfect balance of enemies and jump scares. The official TR3 was notorious for jump scares, so this TRLE indeed lived up to such a thing. Even the atmosphere shifted nicely. At the beginning, it was all calm and somewhat civil but then everything got dangerous and creepy. This author always makes great TR3 levels from what I've played. There was no far traveling (in terms of backwards-and-forwards) as well as excessive keys or levers. I recommend this level to be played! I look forward to the next level from the author. Oh, and the music choices were phenomenal as well!" - g12STL (15-Feb-2021)
"Master of classic engines strikes again with another great custom. This time there are two levels with extraordinary quality and atmosphere. Gameplay is very well constructed with a slow start that many players will not like, however after 10-15 minutes the true gameplay starts and the atmosphere becomes tense and somewhat scary. It reminds me of an "Alien" movie series which I am a big fan to this day. Enemies are well balanced and placed very often they are used as a jumpscare so be aware players. Secrets are pretty hard to find; you need to watch every detail to find them and then you will be nicely rewarded by finding them. Very good usage of textures and lighting, everything has its own place which also creates a lot of atmosphere. Overall I recommend this level for every player and you'll not regret it." - Mahetus (15-Feb-2021)
"Another really good set of levels by Feder, and while it doesn't have any direct flaws, it wasn't my favourite of his, possibly due to the scenario not being my favourite. Or partly because some of the enemy mechanics seem a bit old these days. The best example for this, is the Willard Boss that appears twice throughout the two levels, in both of his appearances he works exactly like he did in the Original Tomb Raider 3, so you shoot him until he gets stunned for a few seconds, which you then use to do something in one corner of the room, in this case pressing switches. And yes, that makes for a nice ammunition dump and serves a nice bit frantic action to crescendo a level, but in that it is more functional than fun. Maybe it just shows the downside of Tomb Raider bosses, that not much can be done with them. But I feel like the damage threshold bosses (Tony, Puna, the Guardian of the Talion in TR2) can serve this purpose better, despite not being mechanically different either. Feder used iterations of the previously mentioned bosses in previous levels of his, and in my opinion it cloaked the rigid design of these bosses fairly well, with Willard it is just noticeable how gamey interactions with the boss are: Round Room for him to circle around in, 4 corridors moving away from the middle that will have you trapped if you do not stun him first. And this sequence happens twice in this level.
Another thing is the Zombie Enemies. In the first level I really liked their inclusion because they really made the experience quite creepy and knowing that every single one of them could poison you with a single hit, was quite the pressure, especially because the med kits in this level were very limited. I respect the intentions behind this a lot, and they might work even if we could limit the save loading that can be done throughout the game, but the way it is right now, in combination with the small amount of medkits available, will mean that it invites save scumming to the utmost degree. Save scumming you feel like you have to do, rather than because you want to be save. It just feels THAT bad to waste medkits because a Zombie clipped you behind a corner.
What DOES however push this category back into a 9 for me, is how otherwise well the Secrets were hidden, how vital and rewarding their contents are and much I enjoy the pickup balancing. There are not a lot of pickups, and the ones that are there are fairly well hidden, you will not need them in the first level necessarily, but the second level has you bloody thankful for all the Desert Eagle ammunition you found in the first level, in the end I had so little ammunition left, that I actually had to use the rocket launcher, a weapon I keep calling the Meme Launcher because it's that badly balanced in the original. Well it had a use against Willard. I definitely squeezed all the value out of my Desert Eagle. Balancing the Desert Eagle in any TR level is a huge challenge, but I think Feder did it right here, to the point where it felt like an equal contender in your list of weapons. Kudos.
Everything else here in on the level of quality we expect from Feder. Dark corners, gloomy corridors, steam engines in the engine room, nice setting up of ambushes, the puzzles all flowed quite naturally too. With me having to take notes for one of the puzzles too, very nice. And something I quite enjoyed directly at the start, the retextured HSC inmates as Crew Members. First we got to meet the crew, then we got to meet them zombified in the bowls of the ship, it really felt like we were helping out our crew mates. And Feder being good at this, we also have a nice bit of thematic escalation: We start save with the crew -> it gets darker and more mysterious -> dark and rusty machine room with zombies -> Monster in the ship -> Mutants everywhere -> Duel with the monster. You progress deeper into the darkness throughout your adventure. I am amazed!" - The Snarky Lesbian (15-Feb-2021)
"Its strong point is the atmosphere. Very accomplished and oppressive. Its challenges are somewhat simple. A step back from your previous releases." - requiemsoul (15-Feb-2021)
"A couple of levels that took me few more than 30 min each one and I only found 2 from 5 secrets. The gameplay is lineal and build nice tension on several moments with the monsters. The ambience I liked and I think it was very nice for a TR3 engine level, some areas of the spaceship looks great and with their (sometimes creepy) personality. Enemies are not scarce so there are options to shooting the weapons. It was a nice run." - Adngel (14-Feb-2021)
"(10) Gameplay & Puzzles: The first 20% of the adventure started off a bit slow; I was thinking to myself, "this is good, but not great... the gameplay is pretty tame". But then Lara discovers some yellow blood, and gasp! SPOOKY things start to happen, and the gameplay really takes off. The exploration was so engaging going forward, and while there isn't anything very challenging in terms of platforming or traps, the gameplay still feels very "fresh", with a solid sense of progression. The problem-solving aspects are very innovative, and I enjoyed all of the puzzles, particularly the one involving the red floor. (10) Enemies, Objects & Secrets: Combat is thrilling and so much fun here; you have to be smart about confronting the poison-breathing mutants, as well as generally being wise with your weapon choices. For example, the mp5 is clunky to "run and gun" with, so is best saved for the slower mutants. I was very happy to see the TR3 High Security Compound friendly guys as well. Object decor was meticulously done and I enjoyed the interactive objects and traps that don't get utilized often these days, bringing back a sense of nostalgia for TR3 Nevada. (10) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The atmosphere is just a treat for the eyes (and ears, but I'll get to that part in a moment). I really felt like I was on a spaceship. It was such a treat to be able to look out of the spaceship windows and see other parts of the ship. I loved the subtle detail that you can originally see Earth in the distance, but towards the end of the game you see some other star. Sometimes in other levels, builders will mash together textures and objects of different cultures/civilizations and it breaks immersion; that is not the case here. The builder added a sprinkle of TR3 Nevada and Antarctica, and blended it in a very polished manner with the BTB2018 space textures. The sounds were eerily excellent, and I particularly enjoyed the spine-tingling ambient background in level 2 that sounded like a cow (unintentional, I'm sure), as well as the cheesy sci-fi music during the final boss fight. Camera hints were excellent and I never felt lost. (10) Lighting & Textures: This was done perfectly. There's so much attention to detail with regards to color balance despite the texture set being predominantly metal colors. It sure gets dark at times, particularly towards the end of level 2, but the builder provides ample flares throughout the adventure (an issue I had with SFTSGC Remake). Overall: This is one of the few TRLEs that I can say has truly made me "feel". Highly recommended to everybody, regardless of whether you're a beginner or an expert, or even if you're not particularly keen on sci-fi, like myself. Play it alone and with the lights out. 10/10/10/10." - nerdfury (13-Feb-2021)
"Brilliant. This was absolutely phenomenal. I was expecting a great game from Feder, who has given us great corkers in the past using the TR3 engine, but this was perhaps one of the best custom shorts I've played in awhile. And that's saying something, considering I'm more partial to the classic "Tomb" themed levels. There were excellent puzzles, like the X-ray machine, which had me stumped for quite awhile. The levels were creative while still remaining authentic to the Tomb Raider formula. The story itself was pretty interesting, too, and very well represented. I especially loved the mutant astronauts, and Lara, both donning custom-designed space suits. Lara looked fantastic in the suit! The atmosphere was remarkably done. I was very creeped out in some of the areas, in a good way, so much that I felt immersed in the environments. The second level's ambiance was very fitting, too, especially making the darker rooms more eerie. I hope that this level will be considered for the Hall of Fame, because it really deserves it." - dragooncroft (13-Feb-2021)