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Sanguis Virginis (Demo) by PedroCroft_

BlackWolfTR 8 8 9 9
DJ Full 7 7 8 8
Jay 8 8 8 8
Jose 5 6 6 7
Mahetus 7 8 9 10
manarch2 4 6 7 6
MichaelP 6 7 9 7
nerdfury 7 7 6 9
Phil 8 8 8 8
Raildex 4 4 5 4
Ryan 7 7 7 8
SrDanielPonces 4 6 4 3
TOMBSAGE 8 9 9 9
release date: 24-Feb-2021
# of downloads: 11032

average rating: 7.02
review count: 13
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file size: 171.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Venice

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Thought I wouuld go through the 3 Sanguis releases in sequence, so starting with this first released demo and it really does have much more going for it than the scores and some of the reviews indicate. I found the atmosphere and overall sense of progression to be the strongest part as you first explore sewers and then move into a small museum section including some duct exploration and towards the end to a dig site. And the entire setting is really quite accomplished with a lot of objects thrown in to reduce the emptiness of the rooms. Gameplay overall is a bit too dull though, with mainly a few switches to find and even the flooding and draining of water reservoirs does not give you a good sense of accomplishment. Guard enemies behave oddly and make sure you still kill them as one of them drops a crucial key. I could have done with fewer rats and there are a few smaller technical glitches here and there, but by and large I spent a little over an hours in this one and was quite well entertained." - MichaelP (02-Jan-2024)
"I remember I disliked the new demo but I surely had better vibes from this old one. That's weird, but I'll rate it higher..." - DJ Full (08-Mar-2023)
"The settings in this game are interesting and from time to time atmospheric, with some decent allusions to AOD without being a remake. On second look the texturing could be improved a bit and the lighting is also a bit too gloomy, but it's still a solidly enough designed game from a visual standpoint, also with some nice object usages - on the other hand, sometimes objects are simply overused. Gameplaywise, it is playable and not horrible but there is a lack of interesting tasks, not much platforming and few puzzles. The secrets are rather easy to find and on the whole it took me 45 minutes to finish this okay but not very outstanding level." - manarch2 (22-Sep-2021)
"Not very pleasant to play a level without puzzles, only running from place to place looking for switches to pull. I found a serious bug in several places so when Lara was shimmying or climbing a ledge inexplicably she dies for no reason. Some areas are too dark and near the end there is a very tight timed run I couldn't get in time (I suppose it was a secret). The texturization is correct, but in some places the textures don't fit correctly. In the first part (sewers) I think there are too many objects scattered all around the rooms, creating confusion. Even so the level is still playable, but not very enjoyable. We'll see the final version." - Jose (02-Sep-2021)
"This is a solid, well-built level that's quite fun to play despite a little more backtracking than I like. Two wet-blanket reviewers have brought the scores down somewhat; the rest of them have it just about right. During his time in purgatory this builder has obviously been working on his skills, and I hope to see more of the same from him in the future. In addition to the backtracking, one other feature I didn't particularly like was the Golden Rose "rewards" for finding four of the five secrets. That final secret was a near-impossibly tight timed run that took me a number of attempts to conquer, but when you finally make it you get a wealth of goodies for your efforts. The level is billed as a demo, and indeed you get ammo for weapons that are never made available, but hopefully you'll be allowed to continue with all your acquisitions when the final version is released. Much better than a lot of the fare we've been subjected to lately." - Phil (24-Mar-2021)
"Aside from a few annoying glitches, this was an enjoyable and perfectly playable "demo" (the length of which actually equates to around 2 average-length levels). The gameplay does get off to a bit of a sluggish start with the majority of the first section in the sewers mainly revolving around searching out buttons, jumpswitches and key items, but it does tend to improve from that point onwards and I enjoyed the exploration segments around the museum and the dig site, the Angel of Darkness inspiration is definitely there. Texture-wise it's mostly well done with a couple of exceptions near the end, and the aesthetic overall is very pleasing, although a couple of irritating sound glitches got in the way somewhat. The beta testing also seemed to have slipped somewhat, as Lara died for no particular reason whatsoever when attempting to climb ladders from certain sides (unless this was meant to emulate Lara's short "grab time" from the original game), which interfered with gameplay slightly. Nonetheless, it held enough promise to warrant me trying out the full version." - Ryan (24-Mar-2021)
"Lara’s in Venice and just guess where, out of all possible sight-seeing opportunities, she elects to spend the majority of her time. If you said ‘the sewers’, award yourself with a nice cup of tea and a biscuit – you’ll probably need something to fortify yourself for the first sight of the enormous rats! That aside, she also spends time in very industrial looking areas and occasionally some rather elegantly furnished rooms. It’s all well made, just not necessarily ‘pretty’. The action rattles along nicely, with some guards and the aforementioned pit pony-sized rats, but enemies aren’t overdone, the gameplay is entertaining enough and I really enjoyed the whole AOD vibe." - Jay (11-Mar-2021)
"This demo is actually the second level of a planned seven level set of Sanguis Virginis reminiscent of the Angel of Darkness. As such, it is basically a series of paths for Lara to get to the Dig Site after leaving the first unfinished level. Thus, there is no detailed background story in the demo because it would be in the first level. The demo was unfortunately first released with a buggy beta version that some first-adopter players experienced. There is even a video walkthrough of that early release. The final version with the bugs fixed was released after 2 days. This demo should not be reviewed on the basis of the old version’s bugs or limitations because that would be hypocritical. Many high-rated levels were first released with game-stopping bugs that were eventually fixed but those levels were not penalized for that in reviews. This level should be judged on its final merits and not on pre-conceived opinions of the builder that are prevalent in the TR community. If a player downloads this demo from a site other than that may still only have the old version, then they should download it again from The old version is easily identified by an unavailable laser sight on a storage shelf or the inability of Lara to return from the deadly water after trying to use the 2 adjacent switches (dead end). In the final version the switches are fixed and the laser sight is found elsewhere. Lara often slips when grabbing or holding on too long. Some of these slips are appropriate because Lara is trying to grab a ledge, crevice or ladder when she is supposed to be looking for a different place to do so or an alternative way to proceed. Other falls may indicate slippery edges, but it becomes annoying after too long when she actually has to grab that edge. These unintentional failures to grab should be fixed in the final version. The location for placing the dynamity [sic] is poorly marked. Yes, there are red signs for “Dangeroux” high on two pillars, but they are easily overlooked. This should be improved. The five secrets (golden roses) are not hard to find, but some of them are very hard to actually get. The enemies are the usual rats for sewers, thugs and mercenaries. Unless the very large rats are mutants that would be explained in the first level of the complete game, then they should be made smaller or their mutant nature should be identified in this level. Levers and switches are easily found when played with eyes open. The fixed version of this demo level is actually fun to play and I look forward to the complete version whenever it is released. The atmosphere and textures are appropriate for this type of level, and it is not dark. This demo is not difficult to play (except for secrets) and most players should be able to complete it." - TOMBSAGE (07-Mar-2021)
"This is what seems to be the demo of Pedro's newest project. I don't play custom levels very often, but I downloaded this one as I was curious to know what the builder was up to. Unfortunately, the game play is a bit "more of the same" and for me was somewhat more complicated than I thought. I'm always the kind of player that appreciates occasional hints to where should the player go, instead of just throwing her to the map without any indication of what should be done. As for the combat, I feel it could have been more polished. I wish I could see the care of just changing the enemie's hp to be more balanced, or knowing how many to put, since they all just seemed to randomly appear. There's also a bit of lack of consistency of whether the builder wants to go for a low-poly or a "NG" level, since there's a mix of classic assets as well as assets that are more detailed, which seem to really not belong to the map. The lighting was really random, with high contrast of random bulbs, and the color palette could be better. I saw also some cracks which didn't help with the lighting, including repetitive and misplaced textures. After some years of building I was expecting something more reflection of the builder's personality, however I still hope Pedro can give his best to improve these levels and make the full game a much better experience! I hope you read this criticism as a way to improve your levels, and if anything don't hesitate to send me an e-mail!" - SrDanielPonces (04-Mar-2021)
"(7) Gameplay & Puzzles: This is an easy-to-medium difficulty robust adventure that doesn't feel like a demo at all. About 2/3rds of it is set in the sewers; you then have some brief exploration in a Venetian building, some vents, and then finally a dig site. The adventure is almost entirely exploration-based, with no traps or real puzzles. There are a couple of timed runs but they aren't very tight. Initially, the gameplay wasn't interesting, with plenty of lever flipping and spotting jump switches on the walls. The gameplay does pick up once you reach the giant reservoir and I enjoyed the exploration from that point onward, with one notable exception: the area to insert the dynamite is very ridiculous and vague. It is not what the player would think is a "special" area -- in fact, it is not unique looking at all. Weird glitch: sometimes when climbing, Lara would just die randomly for no reason. This always happened to me on the left side of the wide ladder in the large pool room, where the dynamite is used. (7) Enemies, Objects & Secrets: The giant rats looked cartoonish and out of place in such a realistic environment; I would recommend using more realistic, small rats. The goons were well placed. Object usage is hit and miss; sometimes they're done very well (e.g. scaffoldings, metal railings), other times they just don't make sense. For example, there are so many pieces of paper strewn around all over the sewers and the dig site. The wooden crates and metal scraps are believable as decorative objects but the random pieces of paper everywhere was really silly. Unfortunately there are zero traps (not counting a couple of deadly floors) which is a shame given that the builder had some very thrilling traps in his previous release, MoGK. (6) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: I think this is the most "mixed" category, with many highlights but many lowlights as well that need improvement. First of all, the atmosphere: in the sewers it is lacking, and prior to the giant reservoir, the sewer rooms lack room identity and memorability. In other words, if I were to describe the sewer rooms to someone, I wouldn't be able to describe them other than "2 rooms before the giant reservoir" or "the area after the giant reservoir", if that makes sense. They all just blend in with each other. On the flipside, the atmosphere in the Venetian building and the dig site are lovely, and these areas are very interesting to look at. The builder also did a superb job of using diagonals in overall architectural design. Sounds are also a mixed bag. The tense background music is fitting and used very well, although the lion noises in the background don't make sense given the location. There were also some incorrect sounds (Lara getting shot at, and the trapdoor makes a hammer "thud" sound which is weird). The builder's flybys were interesting to look at, however sometimes camera hints were not helpful, showing me an area I had never been to before. I think my biggest dislike with the game is the lack of a camera hint for the location to place the dynamite. (9) Lighting & Textures: This category is very polished; the level looks professional from start to finish. I do think some objects are too bright given their surroundings (e.g. the bright bronze trapdoors) and the Venetian ceilings are messy and too busy, but everything else looks fantastic. There are some dark areas in the sewers but it's no big deal as there are plenty of flares. Overall, I enjoyed the playthrough, but I didn't find the adventure very thrilling. I think the "Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras" category needs the most attention prior to final release. The builder has demonstrated a tremendous growth in aesthetics compared to his previous release, so great job on that. I would recommend this level to people who like exploration only; it's not a good fit for trap lovers. I hope my feedback was constructive to the builder and I'll check out the full version for sure. P.S. Some typos to fix: "Dynamity", "Acess Code Card", "Bangage". 7/7/6/9." - nerdfury (03-Mar-2021)
"That's an actually good level. Gameplay is rather simple, but enjoyable however some players can complain about tendentious and monotone gameplay. For me it wasn't a big problem but I think more variety will be good and I will probably give a higher rating. Enemies are balanced and placed pretty well, but big rats make me feel that they shouldn't be here or at least they should be smaller although that is my personal opinion. Some statics objects also feel like they are out of place, I personally feel they should be less of them, placement seems random. Some secrets are well hidden some not, however the last secret is kinda difficult but with a nice reward, so that is a point plus. I really like the atmosphere of this level. It feels so much like AOD. I really like vibes like this. There are enough hints that don't let you get lost that easily. Lighting and textures are the best part in my opinion. Texture placement is really good and lighting is on point which gives rooms a really good contrast and uniqueness. Overall I recommend this level, it is not perfect but enjoyable." - Mahetus (02-Mar-2021)
"Here we have demo of bigger levelset with Angel of Darkness vibes. I think gameplay is good depsite some bugs but sometimes we running from switch to switch which is quite boring. I also have remark about dynamite puzzle, because there isn't any hint where to place it (or i'm blind) and it's very confusing. Objects were mostly good but some of them were out of place. And also I think that those big rats from TR1 are weird and also out of place. Some secrets were good hidden but somes were very easy to find. As I said this level is in AOD vibes and it's stylished on Louvre Storm Drains and later on Louvre itself. Ambient only makes atmosphere better; Aod sounds mixed with cistern ambient which makes good mix. Textures were well placed and lighting well done. Overally, it's prob best level ever made from this author and I can't wait to see full version. Definetly recommended for AOD lovers :)!" - BlackWolfTR (02-Mar-2021)
"This level has some issues. First of all, you have no sense of "what to do" or what your goal is. You start in an area with an enemy that is basically a bullet sponge and get the shotgun immediately after it. Why not having the shotgun from the start? Objects feel out of the place all the time. It feels like someone randomly downloaded objects and thought "that could work well" - it doesn't. The quality of the assets ranges from TR1 enemies to high resolution waterfall textures. There needs to be more consistency. I am not a fan of actual music as background so i am a bit biased here. It feels out of place for me. The secondary ambience has lion sounds in it for whatever reason. The gameplay is a bit too monotonous, as it mostly consists of switch hunting all over the place and some switches were badly hidden, too (Don't hide them). There were some graphical and gameplay issues, you can traverse through some trapdoors and you can get stuck in one place resulting in a soft lock." - Raildex (28-Feb-2021)