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Evening in Quebec by Gabriel Oliveira

Chel 8 8 9 8
DJ Full 8 9 9 9
eRIC 8 8 8 8
Jay 8 8 9 9
Jorge22 7 7 7 8
Jose 7 7 7 8
Josey 8 9 10 9
nerdfury 7 8 10 9
Orbit Dream 8 9 8 9
PedroCroft_ 8 8 8 7
Phil 9 8 9 8
Ryan 8 8 9 9
release date: 10-Mar-2021
# of downloads: 109

average rating: 8.23
review count: 12
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file size: 86.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A long level with a lot of tasks, but never too hard. The first part is confusing 'cause the backtracking and situations where you can find dead ends if you don't choose the correct path; but the second part in the cathedral area is better with a more fluid gameplay. The extra guns appear too late, and I had to shoot a lot of enemies with pistols in the first part, and even more with very few medipacks; and even in the second part (after using the jewel) there are few ammo pickups, and when I reached the final room with the boss, I had to deal with him only with the pistols; ridiculous! The best was the good architecture and atmosphere, although I missed some more cameras and flybys here and there to point important locations when you pick up necessary items. There are small defects with some textures, but usually the environments have a good look, with well placed objects. Not a level easy to play but solid and enjoyable." - Jose (06-Sep-2021)
"It might actually be one of the best levels of Gabriel, and it also makes a lot of sense aesthetically so it's a good level for a single play - but again, not for a replay: I don't think you will find here anything else than "normal", so I would include some highlights and surprises because otherwise the progress is a bit stale. I think the far keyhole needed a reminder but maybe I'm wrong and it would only nullify the exploration reward - and there aren't many targets to remember so it wasn't that hard. Recom... meh." - DJ Full (20-Jun-2021)
"This is a solid 90-minute adventure that brings back fond memories of the TR5 Rome segments, far across the ocean from Canada. There are a few timed runs, lots of platforming exercises and jumps across flaming blocks, a few boulders, weapons and ammo hidden in a church, Mafioso enemies and a well-hung gladiator boss at the end. It's all fairly pedestrian, nothing especially fancy or flashy, but it's a fun raid from start to finish. Unlike Jay's experience, in my game the pursuing wraith flew obligingly right to that bird statue as soon as I unlocked and opened the door. Recommended." - Phil (07-Apr-2021)
"I didn't have a clue just how much Rome and Quebec could be so similar... The level unfolds slowly, as there are many tasks to perform, but it's a bit hard to start finding them. In the end, it all turns out to be interesting (again, in the Rome style, no hydras in sight though), with a few good moments (near the start, when Lara gets a key from a rooftop and a goon starts shooting at her from below, for instance, and the nice church/cathedral). I was lucky that the, otherwise complicated, wraith went stir crazy and simply followed me throughout the rest of the level without ever seeming to notice I was there, the apparently horrific mirror room can be overcome with just a couple of jumps on the left side of the room (thank God!), and the Roman warrior statue will become stupid if you get close enough to it (then, you just have to use your pistols until it falls down). The general atmosphere is well achieved within normality. All in all, I enjoyed the level, but I wasn't fascinated." - Jorge22 (28-Mar-2021)
"This is not a difficult game, and I would recommend it to all Raiders if it were not for some moderately difficult sequences that demand some experience. But even if it is not a difficult level, I had quite a hard time trying to guess what was expected of Lara, because sometimes it seemed that there was nowhere to go and nothing to do. Sad mistake… really there were a lot of tasks. Nevertheless, I finished the game with a feeling that I would like a few more things to do everywhere around, specially at large places. I liked the landscapes, I loved the looks of the Cathedral, I liked the game flow – no backtracks at all, I think, and simple but imaginative tasks – and I didn’t like at all the few weapons and medipacks at Lara’s disposal. In fact, the temptation of playing in god’s mode, always rising, was quite irresistible at the end, when Lara met the Boss. But at least there were enough flares – a good thing, for the game was a little dark at places. I would also say that I enjoyed very much the easiness for using the two ropes to jump – because I find rope jumping very hard in a lot of games, a thing that is quite a game stopper for me. Secrets were not difficult to find, but some objects were difficult to see – I remember at least a small key that I couldn’t see at all. Enemies were alright, and tough. Music was well chosen and placed. But the real fun was to see Lara, attired for an opera evening and on high heels, climbing, swinging, killing, swimming and wondering by dirty catacombs and such places…" - Josey (22-Mar-2021)
"I wrote the following phrase in a review of an earlier Gabriel level,but I feel the need to repeat it: 'this is a level of two halves.' The first half is a 'run around a large and fairly confusing environment' level;where the gameplay doesn't so much move forward,as meander in a generally coherent fashion. The location bears no obvious resemblance to Quebec,but it's quite well done all the same.Texturing and lighting is thorough;and the atmosphere,perfectly decent. There's plenty to do,and it's to the builders credit that nothing is too tricky;yet never is it straightforward. There's a pleasing criss-crossing (as opposed to backtracking - other builders,please note!) of routes previously taken,and regular enemy attacks to keep you wary. Nonetheless,if the entire adventure had been like this all the way through it wouldn't have been properly satisfying. Everything changes once you reach the Cathedral (a beautiful piece of interior design),and the challenge quotient is noticeably upped.A tricky timed 'flame jump;gripping catacomb sequence;a bunch of trap gauntlets;and a Huge Boss finale. This latter section of the adventure was adeptly designed and constructed,and provided much needed action. Atmosphere is adequate in the first half (somewhat lessened by a repetitive background audio loop);potent in the second. The lighting and texturing becomes increasingly effective as the level progresses,and everything becomes quite absorbing. This is a commendably huge single level adventure (it took me 100 minutes to navigate through),and is probably the best work within this builders prolific output." - Orbit Dream (17-Mar-2021)
"(7) Gameplay & Puzzles: This adventure is almost entirely exploration-based, with very few (easy) traps, a sprinkling of combat, and 1 puzzle involving some levers. I would divide the exploration into 2 parts: 1) The Quebecian streets and 2) The cathedral and catacombs. Is Quebecian even a word? Anyway, I felt that part 1 became predictable after a while: there was a neat little timed run in part 1 involving a raising block in a pool, however the vast majority of the exploration here was going from beautiful area to beautiful area, using levers and picking up keys. Part 2 was definitely more engaging and enjoyable for me. Progression is generally good, although I did get stuck for a while because I didn't realize that Lara can vault onto fountains (fountains are usually objects that you can't climb onto). No fault on the builder for that, though. However, I will wiggle my finger at the builder for the nasty "dead end" in the catacombs where there's an unmarked climbable surface. Warning: while there's no tricky platforming or traps, there are very few medipacks available, so be careful! As long as you're careful with medipack use, I think this level is great for newer players. (8) Enemies, Objects & Secrets: Not too much combat, however I enjoyed battling the goons and the final boss. The object decor was very polished, although in the warehouse there is a railing object that has wonky collision. It is quite low in height, and it totally looks like you can jump over it, but you can't. The trap selection and placement isn't that inspired and I would have liked to have seen more than just moving past the very occasional spike trap and dodging a few flames near the end of the game. (10) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The atmosphere is superb and very polished; from the Quebecian streets to the cathedral and catacombs later on. I particularly enjoyed how the builder connected all of the areas of the Quebecian streets, and I had warm fuzzy feelings of nostalgia while playing due to the very effective classic assets. Sounds/music cues are nice (I particularly enjoyed the cathedral music) and cameras are well utilized throughout the level. (9) Lighting & Textures: Despite the use of lower-res textures, the level looks just lovely from start to finish. The builder stylishly blended in textures from different civilizations (aside from the Rome base, I noticed TR3 Jungle(!) and TR4 Catacombs). I spotted a few misshapen textures here and there, though. While there are some underground areas, there's never any area that's too dark, and the builder is very generous with flares for these underground situations. Overall, it's a solid level and I would recommend it to people who want to focus almost entirely on exploration (it's not a good fit for trap lovers). That said, I played the builder's "The Forbidden Tomb" a few days ago and I felt like that adventure was more interesting and thrilling overall. 7/8/10/9." - nerdfury (15-Mar-2021)
"I found this level very much to my taste. For a start, I’ve always loved the Rome objects and textures and the look of a level to me is a significant part of the enjoyment. Gameplay is fluid and mainly logical and I only found myself stuck at one point because I missed a couple of moveable blocks that I was utterly convinced I’d already tried to move. Sigh. There’s a good variety of tasks to accomplish and the timed runs etc., aren’t too onerous. I did have a spot of bother with the wraith not wanting to be vanquished by the owl statuette, but eventually it got the hint! Good fun and definitely recommended." - Jay (15-Mar-2021)
"first of all i want to say that this level has a degree of difficulty in looking for the '' crowbar '' remembering that i'm talking about the old version (before the package updated, i don't know what changed, right?) Gameplay & Puzzles: I found the gameplay very satisfying, especially a pushblock that leaves you stuck, because it is well hidden, walking on the roofs, climbing up here and picking up a key, picking up the torch, using it on an empty torch and setting fire, killing enemies , the church puzzle, and undoubtedly a lot of fun, but the author should have given a hint on how to catch the crowbar, because some players are not very experienced so they would get stuck, so I thought it was really silly. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: the enemies are in a good amount, the more I missed the dog in the game as in the original rome for example, the more they behave in a strange way, I don’t know which version the author used more this doesn’t look solid, the objects are fine, reminds me very rome. with a good exploration around, here and there. I found almost all secrets, only a 2/3 was missing. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: the atmosphere was very well done, although some rooms are a bit lazy, more are solid, more as always remembers the classic TR5 rome here, and without a doubt fun. the soundtracks are well placed leaving the atmosphere very immersive, some more textures were not cool mixing with those of rome or were made in my opinion, otherwise they are fine. Lighting & Textures: the textures are fine, more and as mentioned above ('' some more textures were not cool mixing with those of rome or were made in my opinion '') and the lighting, as I realized it was morning or evening? even so the lighting was not interesting, it should be better thinking even more so it wasn’t so bad, but just my opinion, if you like levels based in rome you are in the right place, 1h & 9min, 2/3 secrets ... I recommend this custom." - PedroCroft_ (15-Mar-2021)
"Hmm, Quebec looks suspiciously like Rome but I'm 100% OK with that. I love the Roman ambiance. This was an atmospheric raid through the city streets and various buildings at night. Logical flow and progression. Fairly linear without being overly simplistic. The level design encourages exploration and the progression was both fun and calming, if that makes sense! It's the atmosphere; even with the masked goons popping out, this raid is one of the more enjoyable, low stress romps that I have played in a while. Most levels amp the player up but this one is perfect for unwinding. That's a good thing to have and I'm happy that this builder leans more to that style. Variety is the spice of life. I wish that it had been longer, but felt that it ended appropriately rather than abruptly. Found all three secrets. 20 kills. Thank you for the enjoyable hour and some change spent here, Gabriel." - Chel (14-Mar-2021)
"The level takes place in Quebec , but the level will remain you Rome. Only two background audio loops are used , the one in the church area at the end is beautiful. A third one would have been welcome by me in the outside squares of the city but it's true the progression alterns quickly outside and inside rooms so i can understand the builder's choice. The progression isn't difficult you need to explore with some backtracking , remembering a few key places. The last part is a bit more challenging and if i may say more interesting. Good used of objects in general and i like the sounds , some from TR Chronicles. Enemies are used well , and the boss at the end does not take too long to kill even with the pistols. Good level solidly made clocking a bit over an hour." - eRIC (13-Mar-2021)
"It's interesting how similar Quebec looks to Rome these days, but I digress. Gabriel seems to have found his niche in the LE community in offering generally fast- flowing and linear but sufficiently entertaining adventures and this is no exception. Lara's ballroom dress looks very natty and the surroundings look very attractive indeed. It may initially appear a tad confusing, but actually everything is clearer than you think if you look carefully. There's nothing really complicated to overcome, apart from a couple of traps and timed runs (although the henchman do prove quite tricky to overcome), but it's certainly entertaining enough and the atmosphere is well up to scratch. Recommended." - Ryan (13-Mar-2021)