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The Haunted Mansion by thewolf

BlackWolfTR 9 10 10 10
DaroRaider 10 9 10 9
DJ Full 9 10 10 9
dragooncroft 8 9 10 9
eRIC 9 9 10 9
Feats 9 9 10 9
Feder 10 9 10 10
g12STL 10 9 9 9
haley 10 10 10 10
Jay 9 9 10 9
John 9 8 8 7
Jorge22 9 10 10 10
Jose 5 7 9 8
Leoc1995 9 10 10 9
Lilly Jericho 8 10 10 10
Mahetus 10 10 10 10
manarch2 8 8 9 8
MayCauseSTDs 9 8 9 9
OrFractal 10 10 10 10
PedroCroft_ 9 9 9 10
Phil 10 9 10 9
Raildex 5 8 6 9
Raina Audron 9 9 10 10
Ryan 8 9 9 9
TimJ 8 9 10 9
Torry 10 10 10 8
release date: 14-Mar-2021
# of downloads: 763

average rating: 9.15
review count: 26
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file size: 55.00 MB
file type: TR2
class: Mystery/Horror

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Well this is the level that gave me the impulse to start writing reviews, I absolutely loved it from the very beginning to the very end. It's a perfect mix of the pure TR1/TR2 feeling - being alone in vast empty spaces, with the good old ambient soundtrack, on the lookout for cracks in the walls and movable blocks / and something completely new : the haunted house setting which is something that you wouldn't encounter in the first TRs, coming with other textures, a new ambient soundtrack at some point in the level, new enemies... Actually the intro animation says it all : it's the uncanny experience of our good old memories of TR2 plunged into a nightmarish atmosphere - and it's more psychologically unsettling than really dangerous as we don't have ghosts popping up all over the place all the time, this feeling is rather conveyed by the vast architecture and the gothic textures which are very detailed and decorative (the curtains and candles on the wall) but also look like "trompe l'oeil" because they're so flat when you approach them, and the shadows are all pointing in the same direction... I found this little detail absolutely lovely. And the destroyed floors, and those two libraries with huge bookshelves ! I also loved the idea of mixing the usual ambient soundtrack with the beating sound of 40 Fathoms (is it ?) (supposedly Lara's heartbeat, rather slow, so she must not be that afraid !) Contrary to some other players, I liked having to find the movable blocks which are indeed difficult to spot, but the architecture of the level is so well made that you naturally come to the conclusion that there has to be a movable block somewhere and you start looking thoroughly. I like this kind of challenge. These days I'm using walkthroughs more often that I'd like to - I don't have as much patience as when I was a kid - but here I didn't need it at all and I still had to really take time to reflect on the surroundings to get moving. I really got this experience of solitude that I loved in the first TRs. To me it feels as if it was a lost level of TR2, really. A huge thank you to the builder, I put 10 everywhere... The secret homage room was very nice as well. I didn't know the Cape Fear level and I'm going to dive into it right away !" - OrFractal (23-Mar-2024)
"To finish off my spooky season of TRLE's I played this level and it was a very good raid. A solidly and cleverly built level with decent gameplay. I loved the atmosphere first and foremost, the ambient music with the crying babies in the garden especially was truly haunting. I also loved the use of custom/reskinned enemies, although saying that I also feel there was a lack of variety in the enemy department. A haunted mansion and not a bat to be seen... It was quite surprising haha! I honestly reckon if there was more variety of enemies and a cutscene or 2 to flesh out the story, this level would have scored 10's across the board... With that being said I can still wholeheartedly recommend this level. Get it played!" - Feats (02-Nov-2022)
"A TR2 style haunted mansion level is what it says on the box but if your expecting a simple and tedious jaunt around a fully furnished manor you'll be in for big surprise as although the setting is reminiscent of old style abandoned mansion in a few areas it really doesn't play like an average one at all. fantastic Gameplay, atmosphere and enemies are what stands out to me most when i think of the level, i just loved all the tricky platforming, (especially with the chandeliers) scary enemy jump scares and just the endless amount of traps and danger, it even has timed runs and a boat ride around a spooky swamp! what more could you want! Things i wasn't a fan of was deliberately hidden shimmy ledges, some gigantic and almost empty rooms and dull and repetitive textures but the lighting used was very good and well placed and the variety of areas you get explore added to the enjoyment of the level. superb" - John (14-Sep-2022)
"One of the best levels on Tomb Raider 2 engine out there. Its setting is quite fresh and unusual as for TR2 game. As the title says we explore rooms of the haunted mansion, its gardens and graveyard as well. It's very clear that the level is insipred by the other awesome TR2 level "Cape Fear". Gameplay is very TR2ish. There is a lot of platforming and really clever traps sequences. We will encounter some bounce pads throughout our way as well. I like how we return to the same rooms but on different height levels. The only thing I kinda missed were more engaging puzzles. Look of the level is amazing. Rooms had very diverse usage of texture and were quite richly decorated. I really love some of the decorations included. It added more "life" to the rooms and they didn't feel empty. Lighting is basically flawless and balanced in a very good way. Good usage of darkness and brightness. In overall it's a very good level with this eerie atmosphere and interesting gameplay with some clever ideas. Definitely recommended! :)" - BlackWolfTR (20-Aug-2022)
"When I first launched this level, I was taken aback. I was taken by this feeling of having already played this level. Well, it appears that I've played Cape Fear a long time ago and that The Haunted Mansion uses the same set of textures and objects with a few changes here and there! However, those two levels are very distinct, even though the influence of the former on the later cannot be denied. Both are set in a mansion and both are full of traps. But this new level takes thing to a higher degree, with huge rooms and a lot more of ways for Lara to die. I had a lot of fun playing in this gloomy manor, searching for three keys leading to the exit. At first, I thought that there would be three different paths to collect them, but the level is actually quite linear with one key being use at a time to grant access to the next one. The environments are varied, with a library, a music room, the garden, a pool with an access to the biggest sewers I've ever seen beneath such a mansion and some bedrooms. People that read my reviews know that I'm really not a fan of hidden crevices. There was a huge one in this level, but the way the author designed the room made you realise like turning a lightbulb on that, "of course, there might be something to reach this lever!" by putting you right in front of the solution. Among the negative points, I have to say that there were at least two times when the player have to look for a pushblock that is completely invisible without a single change in the texture and I really don't like this. Some of the traps, notably the boulders, were a bit too short from the moment you realize there's a trap and the moment you can actually do something: well, too bad, you're dead. The last timed lever was unnecessary in my opinion as reaching the boat and getting out of here was a fitting conclusion to the level after a rather entertaining final fight in a graveyard.
The first secret was very ingenuous. You're given an item you can't really use at the time and seem to be a bit stuck, forcing you to observe the environment and maybe catch an oddity in neighbouring walls. Reading the walkthrough, you can apparently get this secret by opening the exit trapdoor at the same time as the main gate. I don't know if I cut the level or not, but the way I discovered it appears more rewarding to me and more "Tomb Raider"-esque.
The ennemies retextured into skeletton still made the same human sound when dying. I don't know if it was on purpose, but I found it to be both extremely funny or a weird oversight. Generally object placement was good and sometimes a bit hidden in the shadows, like the uzis that are easy to miss, even if out in the open.
In general, the whole is very coherent and well textured, I would have liked a bit more colours there and here, maybe. There was also a horrific erotic picture in the dining room (on the ground floor) that felt a tad out of place in this otherwise greyish gloomy environment.
In short, it's a great level that is not that difficult for a player having completed TR2 and I can easily recommend it to any raider." - TimJ (11-Aug-2022)
"Here we have a spectacular TR2 with an immersive environment and great use of this engine's resources. As already mentioned in reviews, the level is inspired by "Cape Fear", but it's an entirely new and unique adventure. The customization of enemies is amazing and the creation of the scenario was very well done. Textures has some little mistakes in some corners, but nothing harmful. Do lighting in a TR2 level using Dxtre3d is painful, so I know the author wouldn't have much to do to improve. TombEditor by adding the possibility to make levels from this engine will make it easier for the author when he tries to build on it (I hope so, because is a great builder). The sound effects and music are great and the cameras are well placed. The gameplay is good in general, however I needed a lot of time to find the way to open the last door of the level. It was easier to find the secret that shows builders who used Dxtre3D than to find the last lever. So, maybe some signal or put it in a better place could be more interesting and less frustrating for the last part of the level. In general, one of the best TR2 custom levels ever made. Absolutely recommended for all TR2 fans. I finished in 1h15 with only one secret. My rating is 9/10/10/9." - Leoc1995 (07-Oct-2021)
"This level was very long and complex; there are not puzzles to solve and I spent all the time avoiding nasty traps and shooting enemies through very huge areas, running a lot of kilometers. The ambience is too dark, and I didn't find enough flares to better explore the innumerable dark corners. Not very pleasant to play, of course; Lara died hundreds of times and the same times to reload. Only two kind of enemies (spiders and skeletons), at least I found enough ammo and medipacks, and the timed runs were not too tight. The best was the architecture, texturization and the good atmosphere created with the appropriate musics and well placed cameras. If you like traps, it's your level." - Jose (07-Sep-2021)
"First I appreciated the new enemies, the water spike wall and the custom sountrack, but then I realized they're the only "wow" moments. Also the map is quite too big and I felt like the playing time is stretching. But otherwise everything here works fine and the mood is close to flawless. In short, a worthy spiritual successor to Cape Fear and sometimes even better." - DJ Full (27-May-2021)
"A short but sweet level using the TR2 engine. Atmosphere was fantastic, as were the enemy placements, making for an exciting adventure overall. I felt the hallways diverging from the main hall were a little tedious to navigate and might benefit from more objects. The lighting was really good, and I like how the skeletons illuminated the dark pits. I wish the large room with the third key had a little more lighting because the shrine looked really cool! The only real issue I had was the reliance on shimmying on walls with no indication that you could shimmy, which I encountered twice, as well as the one pull block that blended into the wall. I think these are best saved for secrets rather than for main gameplay. My favorite part of this level was the graveyard, which nailed everything! I liked climbing over the large sarcophaguses and shooting the skeletons. There was a nice secret in the swamp near the end, and it was satisfying taking the boat to the exit." - dragooncroft (24-May-2021)
"Obviously inspired by Vagrants Cape Fear this is a wonderful but tough level. Really for experienced raiders and the traps are numerous and devious. What I loved about the level were the kill able skeletons (ok yes, they were simply repurposed yetis but hey, it is something new), the jump pads, the reward for finding all three secrets and the tough traps. What I disliked were the oversized rooms, the lighting levels (as you would walk passed pickups and even keyholes without seeing them), the underwater levers hidden in corners and the ending which seemed to be simply the ending of Cape Fear slightly redone. However, as a whole a great level that took me over three hours to negotiate and I had to refer to the walk through on numerous occasions to find my way." - Torry (20-Apr-2021)
"This is an excellent tribute to The Vagrant’s Cape Fear, but with plenty differences in gameplay and enemies. Yes, many rooms will feel familiar (I guess that was the point), but the author has put a lot of his own style and ideas to make it a fresh take on the 2002 level, almost feels like a darker sequel. No more human enemies, only tuff skeletons and spiders will present quite a challenge if you didn’t find the very well hidden arsenal. I would prefer my TR2 pickups shiny, at least the majority of them, because they were a little hard to spot, but that’s a personal choice. Nice sprites for the secrets, they were well hidden in a fair way, and I liked the hidden hall of fame as well. Right from the start, thewolf makes a good use of the Offshore Rig starting animation, combined with a perfectly fitting soundtrack to set the tone for the level. Gameplay is very fun and fluid, with moments where you have to think, run, fight, explore, and that makes a nice variety of challenges. Speaking of challenge, the trap sequences are on the difficult side, but they are well implemented and there is a creative use of the same old traps like the spiked wall on the waving water. The spike pits, however, felt overused in various occasions. Atmosphere, textures and lighting are very well done. The author has developed a style of building big rooms, like some manor halls or the cemetery, which highlights the desolation feeling and fits the atmosphere nicely. It’s hard to maintain these large rooms without them looking emptyish, but he managed to avoid that outcome pretty well. Still, I felt the cemetery would be benefited with smaller interconnected rooms instead of large ones, and a more linear path through the tombs, but this may very well be a personal choice. Recommended!" - Feder (18-Apr-2021)
"I really love horror related levels and this mansion definitely was a really really nice one! I enjoyed the surrounding, the lightning and the well placed textures! The only thing that was a little bit too much for my taste was the trap route, where you here and there barely even knew, what you were doing or where you should go. Here for not so experienced players i see a bit of a frustaration potential. Also thanks to the spikes in the ground, i saw the loading screen ways too often i guess OwO The skeletons and "skettis" (our name for the yeti skeletons) were interesting and nicely placed, so that they could surprise you without being too hard or too many to beat! All in all the levle is really enjoyable, but for all the weapons you find in it, i would have at least expected a nice final bossfight, with a .... maybe skeleton T-Rex or so? I dont know OwO but so it felt a little bit like the grand final was missing. Still, if you like a good horror level and a bit of spook, you'll really enjoy this <3" - Lilly Jericho (30-Mar-2021)
"This was an unusual, horror themed TR2 style level so I give the author credit for being original. I enjoyed exploring the giant mansion and while I had difficulties to know what to do at first (look around well for clues), once I got the automatic pistols it started to flow naturally. I loved the uneasy atmosphere (the ambience mix helped a lot) and the texture work is superb. I got a bit lost in the underwater maze and corner placed underwater levers caught me off guard slightly, overall, I had fun and the enemies did not take too many hits which was great. The spikes underneath semi exposed floorboards got me many times and the passage with lots of traps was challenging but fun to figure out how to do properly. The spinning blades going through level geometry was a bit strange but it did not hinder the gameplay much. Having to reach the top of beams in one section while Vertigo track played was awesome throwback to TR2 Venice. While the main part takes place in the house, there´s a brief visit to the cemetery and guard house next to the lake. Highly recommended to players looking for some classic but fresh experience!" - Raina Audron (27-Mar-2021)
"This is a wildly entertaining TR2 level, one that took me about an hour and a half to complete. It's a house level with a spooky twist, presenting the raider with more traps than I could count, some of which are quite devious. I was puzzled by the statement in Dutchy's walkthrough about all the settings needing adjustment before the game could be started, because this was one of the few TR2 levels I've been able to launch by simply double-clicking on the executable. I remember feeling obliged to withdraw and completely rewrite one of my reviews of a highly-rated TR2 level because the problems I'd experienced with it were caused by my own computer settings. No problems of that nature with this one, however. Speaking of reviews, some of mine seem to have the same effect as tossing a lighted match into a field of dry grass. Since one of the purposes of a review is to provide potential players some decision-making guidance, I feel that reviews are just as fair game for comment as the levels themselves. If I sense that a reviewer has unfairly described a level, or has scored it unfairly low, I won't hesitate to note this observation in my own review, without identifying the reviewer by name. If this causes some people to foam at the mouth, so be it. Back to the level under discussion, you get a well-rounded mix of the features available in TR2 levels, including those trampoline tiles that I found much easier to navigate than those I've encountered in the past. Enemies are baby spiders, giant spiders, big-boned skeletons, and maybe some others I've forgotten. For the traps, you get spiked pits, spiked walls, swinging blades, boulders galore, a couple of timed runs and a nifty speedboat ride at the end. The atmosphere is dark and foreboding, as one would expect a level named Haunted Mansion to be, but I used surprisingly few flares as I made my way along. High recommendations." - Phil (26-Mar-2021)
"I seldom play TR2 levels these days, but this one looked rather intriguing so I decided to put up with what now feels like rather clumsy raiding and give it a whirl. I’m so glad I did as this is really enjoyable. The atmosphere in the spooky old mansion is wonderfully effective, with its crumbling decor, decaying floorboards and decidedly unwelcoming inhabitants – I didn’t too much mind the skeletons, but the spiders (great and small) really freaked me out, as usual. There are some very good traps set around the huge mansion and I particularly liked the roller blades in the library. I also really appreciated the use of mainly austere grey tones with sudden flashes of bright colour – a red carpet in the mansion, bright green lily pads in the water in the cemetery etc. All in all, this is a very impressive level, well worth playing and, if you’re a real TR2 fan then it’s absolutely unmissable." - Jay (25-Mar-2021)
"This TRLE was intense and made you very cautious of your next move. Some of the puzzles were real head-scratchers but they were nice! One thing I really appreciated was the absence of the switch-to-pull-a-switch situation. And the suspense made the game even more intriguing! It's not too hard for a beginner but you definitely have to be aware of your controls and Lara's behavior. I'd really like to see a sequel to this! This level was the hotness!" - g12STL (24-Mar-2021)
"This was an astonishing TR2 rendition even though I was quite puzzled at the start. It's definitely spooky atmosphere wise, with much exploration and a great use of enemies (basically shootable skeletons and spiders, giant spiders). There's something for everyone here and apparently unsurmountable trap sequences at a very fast pace, notwithstanding the final boat timed run. The traps were actually putting me down a bit at the beginning, I thought maybe there were too much of them, but I'll just say I didn't like the spikes everywhere on the floor that much, while everything else was quite proficiently crafted. I really can't think of any major flaws. Recommended." - Jorge22 (23-Mar-2021)
"The level is heavily inspired from The Vagrant's Cape Fear, to the point that it feels like playing an alternate version at times. While the atmosphere as well as many objects and textures are solid yet not so original, the skeleton enemies look nice and the gameplay is also new with a whole lot of traps and a few small (and fairly easy) puzzles. Despite a few less inspired parts (e.g. in the graveyard), this was a rather fun affair, also because good use is made of shortcuts to make the progression more fluent. The enemy attacks were effective too and the provision of ammo is very accurate. The three secrets are well hidden so this experience was a rather satisfying one, and despite of the unoriginality, this is the builder's best level so far I finished in 40 minutes." - manarch2 (23-Mar-2021)
"I thoroughly enjoyed this level. The atmosphere was heavy, and gave me a lot of Cape Fear vibes in certain areas. Although a fairly short LE, it's jam packed with enough enemies and traps to keep you on edge throughout your playthrough. The level is not too difficult, only requiring a few harder maneuvers here and there. This is the second LE I've had the pleasure of playing created by "thewolf" (the first being Snowy Glacier), and already love the creators simplistically beautiful style." - MayCauseSTDs (22-Mar-2021)
"one hour and a half spent here , in , below , and finally outside this desolate very big house where at first there is little threat except for the excellent fitting atmosphere but the danger increases for each of the three keys necessary to escape the mansion. Textures and objects are well chosen , lighting and texturing is well done too except for some textures not well rotated. I noticed some of the spinning wheels entering in solid blocks but that is a little detail. Enemies become bigger after the start , there is a few places where they come in packs, i was glad to have found the grenade launcher. Gameplay is well balanced imo, with sections more relaxing having platforming that remains easy, and sections axed on action with various traps sometimes in quick succession. Overall the level is fun , not very hard and with great atmosphere." - eRIC (21-Mar-2021)
"It's been a long time since I played a TR2 offering, so this definitely made for an enjoyable change of pace. And this is a very decent piece of work indeed. TR2 Lara's movements are somewhat limited by today's standards, but that didn't stop this level from delivering the goods. The haunted atmosphere of this decrepit old mansion has been supremely crafted (with some unsettling audio files and pleasing texturing and lighting to boot), while the gameplay keeps the player on their toes from the start to the (rather action packed) ending. There's a huge assortment of traps of all shapes and sizes to conquer, but nothing insurmountable for the experienced player to overcome, while the timed runs are mostly fair to the player. A few of the blade trap passages might prove quite brutal to Lara's health, but aside from that, this is a slick accomplished and easily playable adventure." - Ryan (21-Mar-2021)
"Hi Wolf, Haley here with your sadly unused title screen. (Just kidding) Anyway, this is my first review on here, so I suppose you should feel honored. (Again, just kidding, kind of.) This level was everything I want in a classic experience. New environments (heavily inspired by Cape Fear, but new nonetheless), great atmosphere (you really went for the haunted vibe and nailed it with the custom enemies and music), and excellent classic gameplay. A wide variety of traps, puzzles, and navigation. I must admit I was stuck for awhile before I figured out that the crack in the wall in the room with the high ladder extended all the way across the wall. After that, it was smooth sailing for the most part, and very enjoyable. I genuinely hope that levels like this inspire others to build more classic-themed games, because they are a real treat!" - haley (18-Mar-2021)
"Great Level in the style of Vagrant's "Cape Fear". Lara has to avoid many deadly traps in this level. A bit too many for my taste. There is a chain of Spike Walls, deadly doors and boulders where you barely know where you are going at. This is a complete Trial& Error section. In this Level you will found yourself surrounded by skeletons a lot. They are not too difficult. Most of the rolling spike traps were unnecessary imo. If the trap is buggy in such a small area, why not removing it completely? They didn't add any value to that section (The traps with the longer phases were very well placed) All in all a good experience. If you liked Cape Fear, You'll like this level aswell." - Raildex (16-Mar-2021)
"First review I think. I have had the pleasure of testing the level before its release, and I absolutely liked almost everything. It has a good distribution of areas: mansion, cemetery, a swamp. All combined in a good gloomy atmosphere. Variety of TR2 puzzles. The level even has a very "special" section that shows the appreciation and affection that the author has for his colleagues. The game itself has no flaws. It is very inspiring and motivating for a designer willing to do something scary and mysterious. You can see the talent of the author. Each level surpasses the previous one. Recommended!" - DaroRaider (15-Mar-2021)
"What an amazing level! Not only on TR2 engine but also horror themed. Everything on this single level is on point and executed pretty well. Very good usage of resources from Cape Fear level and pretty nice customization of enemies that fits perfectly to the whole atmosphere. However there are some things that inexperienced players may struggle with like for example trap setups. Overall difficulty is balanced despite some hard moments in my opinion. Definitely recommended." - Mahetus (15-Mar-2021)
"good to start i have to say that this is one of the best TR2 i have ever played in custom tbh. Gameplay & Puzzles: I found the gameplay very well built and super fun to play, we have to explore various rooms of this old abandoned mansion, full of traps, and I admit that several of them are impressive and very creative. I don't understand some pitfalls that made me lose a lot of life, and there were also very funny moments. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: as we know i saw some objects from cape fear but i saw that the author credited enough, those enemies in the form of bone was quite creative on the part of the author without a doubt. I can't find the secrets at all, but even though the objects are really good, I still found the mansion well designed as '' abandoned '' because the textures show it well. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: the atmosphere was well built in my opinion, the mansion and very fun to explore, in this game the author showed his ability. in addition to the soundtrack (real background) not being very atmospheric for this type of situation the sound of the cimiterio is really quite scary as it was supposed to be more should be in a loop. Lighting & Textures: the textures are really beautiful, some of the cape fear that we already know and others edited by the author, honestly it was well placed in each situation. the lighting and that fails at that level, it should be darker. not so clear, even so I enjoyed it a lot and it was a great experience, if you enjoy levels of mystery this custom was made for you. 1h & 22min, no secret found, I highly recommend it." - PedroCroft_ (15-Mar-2021)