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Laura Cruz by HaniHeger

Cruzader 6 6 9 8
dinne 6 5 8 7
DJ Full 8 8 8 7
eRIC 6 7 8 8
Jay 7 7 8 8
John 8 7 7 6
Jorge22 8 7 9 9
Jose 5 5 7 7
Lizard Queen 7 8 7 8
manarch2 5 5 7 7
MichaelP 6 6 8 7
Orbit Dream 5 4 7 9
PedroCroft_ 8 8 7 7
Phil 6 7 7 7
Ryan 7 7 8 8
Wolf7 7 7 9 8
release date: 26-Mar-2021
# of downloads: 89

average rating: 7.09
review count: 16
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file size: 125.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A very linear and rather quirky level, as you are being narrated by the builder's voice through a series of, well, challenges. All of these are on the very easy side though, so it is literally a walk in the park. Still, the atmosphere is quite unique with colorful textures, piano version of pop songs playing along and the mentioned narratives in between. It should all be over in about 30 minutes, but still worth a look. Could have done without the erratic animated textures tunnel near the end though." - MichaelP (03-Feb-2024)
"I feel like it was crazy but not crazy enough - I think completely fresh texturing doesn't quite match the common entities. When I heard the third person interrupt the storyline, I thought there will be some major plot twist but no, we just shut down the level. What's intriguing is TRView reveals a detached tubular room, in shape of the one which was playable in the ending part. Does it mean there once was a cancelled alternate ending? Possibly we'll never know." - DJ Full (17-Apr-2023)
"Love the concept or idea of this level, as its a challenge level where lara/laura must make her way through different deadly or puzzling rooms/areas in order to escape and with voice over work or script over the screen its comes across very well as it dares you to challenge yourself and see if you can make it through the next part. The level is packed full of traps and challenges and puzzles, some very original therefore making it very engaging and fun and not too difficult so you wont get frustrated but i wasnt very keen of some of the odd texture choices and the gloomy atmosphere of it all, that background music was very low and depressing but we did have the odd change of upbeat well known songs now and again with i found very welcome indeed." - John (02-Nov-2021)
"Not a bad debut, but still I think there are some features to improve, like the architecture, the decoration of the rooms, empty of objects, and more. The texturization is not bad, but the same tiles applied on big surfaces make monotonous environments. There are few enemies and few pickups; the secrets are hidden but not hard to find. It notices a good effort with the lighting, but I missed a lot some more packs of flares. There's a good use of the cameras too, but the tracks and the background musics are not very... orthodox. Looking forward to see the progress of this author. Cheer up!" - Jose (08-Sep-2021)
"This level had its moments, from the ... different ... storyline including sometimes amusing, sometimes odd voiceovers over good usage of sounds and cameras to the stylish texturing. The gameplay is fluent, not overly creative but the traps are decent enough and this level also didn't outstay its welcome with 20 minutes of duration, but I could have lived without those long shimmying sequences and some flares would also come in handy by the end. The Egyptian enemies actually didn't really fit well, but the setting is odd enough so that that somehow works in its own way. The three secrets were also decently hidden (not very hard to find). Not bad for a debut overall, but of course with a lot of room for development for (hopefully) future releases." - manarch2 (31-May-2021)
"This short (38 minutes) level is basically an extended platforming trapfest that has its moments but will likely be quickly forgotten. The few enemies are of the Egyptian variety, and a nice touch was forcing the player to search for the secrets in order to gain the crossbow and explosive arrows for dealing with the skeletons and other baddies near the end. A few of the jumps require pixel-perfect jumps to make the necessary grabs, and at least one flare pickup should have been made available to deal with the occasional dark areas. A competent if unmemorable debut effort." - Phil (18-Apr-2021)
"Played and reviewed blindly without reading other comments, 2/3 secrets. A very original story, but featuring a kind of tutorial level. The level is story driven and depicts a kind of psychopath woman with the same name of the builder trying to kill a rival called Laura Cruz, but mismatched with Lara. She can create rooms with the mind and her goal is to torture Laura Cruz. This is an actually original setting and it hints to break a bit the 4th dimension, but this hasn't been developed in the level, and this is a pity because this story gives room for a much more interesting and psychological adventure (as the atmosphere suggests it to be). The story finishes in a very abrupt way because all the level creates a mystery and a context around this woman, then at the end you start getting an interference of someone else wanting to rescue Laura, and a series of psychedelic corridors almost suggesting you're entering in the messy core of the mind of that wicked woman and unlock the situation. But no. At some point you simply finish the level, out of nowhere. Nothing happens and the climax is suddenly destroyed... I really expected I was going to face something epic or psychological, or to face this woman, or to know her reaction when she discovers I'm not Laura, or to know where the real Laura is, etc. So yeah, pity. The atmosphere given by the background music and the textures give an actual atmosphere of surreal dimension with unpredictable events, although I've to say given the fact the level is very easy (browsing some main TR4 gameplay features) and the relaxing music (if she is supposed to be in danger it shouldn't be so calming and soothing), and the repetitive textures, the level felt to be a tutorial level for newbies, and I admit I thought this was meant to be that, for big part of the level, just with a more original context. Gameplay is very basic, very linear (you have to face a set of challenges that the woman prepared for you, subdivided by colors), very easy (you're brought to the next steps by hand and the game even suggests you where to save with huge floating icons, which quite ruins the immersion but in this surreal setting it could "be"), nothing impressive beside some spicy unexpected surreal moments using invisible walls/collisions, no "aha!" moments, only 1 puzzle to solve, long boring corridors, some basic traps, some basic enemies, no actual dangers or adrenaline moments. Feels like a pretty much shy gameplay. However, it's impossible to be stuck here, or frustrated, so this might be a +1 from some points of view (some players just can't stand challenges or to have to focus or to think, so this level for sure won't annoy them). I really suggest the builder to take this kind of story again in consideration to develop it in the future when mastering more types of skills and give it a new light, still staying in a surreal environment maybe." - dinne (18-Apr-2021)
"It's always encouraging to play a debut level that's a bit different from the norm and this is no exception. Admittedly, the gameplay tends to err more on the simplistic side with little reason to pause for thought, but the construction was clearly a labour of love for the builder so I can overlook that. The funky custom textures are charming and trippy, the audio files are neat additions (although the voiceovers were perhaps a tad overdramatic) and the whole thing has a pleasant, linear flow to it which I found rather endearing. I would have preferred a more surrealistic choice of enemies instead of the stock TR4 ninjas and scorpions, though. A commendable first effort, nonetheless." - Ryan (09-Apr-2021)
"I must say this was rather trippy - and original, even though all there is amounts to a succession of devious routes and traps Iris and Hanna have prepared for Laura (here we go, after decades of trying to get people not to call Lara by the name of Laura). But I loved it all, especially the clean-cut settings I was presented with. It's hard to give top ratings to this short, action-packed adventure, but even harder to downrate it. I definitely enjoyed the ride in its uniqueness." - Jorge22 (08-Apr-2021)
"first of all I will make it clear that the idea of the game and be the way it was done (I will take this into account.) Gameplay & Puzzles: when i played for the first time i thought it would be something easy for everyone, but i was completely wrong, during all the rooms the challenges are really cool to buy, especially the red room, already the blue room, the jumps a little difficult if you don´t I got used to the front jump, more in general and very calm, the only problem that really means taking the key and doing the whole journey again, the author should have given a hint that we needed a key, even though the gameplay is really fun and for those who are average and experienced players, everything goes smoothly. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: with the idea of the project in mind, I don't think I need to comment much about it, because the intention is to be a mysterious link with few possibilities created by a human emperor according to the dialogues I heard in the game, and the secrets were well hidden and I found only one that the shotgun. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: in general in some places such as on the ramps, it could be better in terms of architecture, plus the rest of the map and very quiet, and it shows a little the idea of the project, which for me was super creative, the sound of the game and very relaxing and the an impression of fear and doubt Lighting & Textures: I found the new textures very nice, they were well applied, and their lighting was also well applied and in general they are solid enough... as mentioned above the idea of the project was well built, and thought I liked it, if you like mysteries this level is for you ... 25min, 1/3 secrets .... recommended to have fun in your free time." - PedroCroft_ (02-Apr-2021)
"I liked the idea of the different coloured rooms with a variety of challenges to overcome and the vibrant textures, which at times felt like raiding inside a kaleidoscope. This felt like quite an assured debut level – bright, lively, imaginative, charming and good fun, with some attractive piano arrangements of popular songs. I can’t help but applaud a builder who has a go at something a little bit different and I look forward to seeing what Hanna comes up with next." - Jay (30-Mar-2021)
"Hey, look, Cruzader is reviewing the Cruz level, what a coincidence! :D Jokes aside now, this level is trying to be a surreal experience, giving you a dream- like or even an Alice in Wonderland kind of vibe however right when things start to get interesting the level ends. The enemies utilised also don't fit visually with the environment in which you are in. The gameplay is simple and easy for the most part however it is well designed. I just think this level could have been much more than it is if it would have been longer and started to introduce more mind bending and reality breaking concepts (e.g.: you end up in a hallway that is endless if you continue to run forwards however if you turn around and run backwards then suddenly you find a way out of infinity; or you end up in a room where gravity is upside down). A bit more craziness to this level would have been more than welcomed and fit in with the theme (albeit I must admit that I don't know how doable it is to do such zany ideas as the ones that I've given as an example. I appreciated the piano music used throughout, really nice. To conclude, despite it's flaws and being too short for it's own good I would still recommend this to any TRLEs fan." - Cruzader (30-Mar-2021)
"Very interesting experience for sure, I would describe this game as some sort of psychological thriller, while I was not really fond of the story that, in my honest opinion, was a little left unfinished, I did really enjoy how in the second half reality seems to shatter as things start to get a different look and floors foolishly are non existent.
The gameplay was fairly okay, some nice challenges here in there, with a strong focus on exploring, I did find the level to be considerably short which is exactly the problem I have with this custom, although the experience was fairly good. Uneven jumps between difficulty were actually fairly unexpected, I would do something easy before and find myself struggling the scene after.
Enemies were fairly basic, I am not fond of TR4 enemies, but I did find quite neat the texturing on the objects, I found one secret which revealed itself very useful especially with those skeletons.
The level shines here, the odd and almost minimalistic atmosphere was something I was looking for, something not overly realistic or anything, almost a painting, the soft music in the background gave more the vibe of something fairly relaxing and the funky piano music was a great usage of out of place music during something actually not really chill in the game (which is a movie technique btw).
Texturing was what gave the wonderfully odd and uncanny feel that truly makes this level one of its kind, the lighting with his very basic tones helped too, with the exception of the very dark corridors which either needed to be more lit either needed some actual flares!
Beyond this I did find myself having an enjoyable time, but while I enjoyed this I frankly do not see every single raider liking this experience that much, it is kind of reminiscent of The Tarot (a TRLE game now I do not remember author or anything) but a little less complicated. Recommended for the raiders looking for something fairly new. Wolfy Regards :3" - Wolf7 (27-Mar-2021)
"This is an interesting little debut,and indicates a builder with a considerable degree of visual creativity and craftswomanship (is that a word? It really should be,in this day and age).The gameplay feels rather like a hold-over from 2001 - everything is about straightforward platforming and avoiding resolutely conventional traps (although there appeared to be one sequence that I overlooked - possibly leading to a secret?),with standard enemies. Given the creativity shown by the custom textures and shimmering lighting,I would have preferred a more imaginative selection of enemies than mere ninjas and scorpions;but their inclusion kept things moving along nicely,while the second rolling-ball challenge kept me on my toes. The music choices were enjoyable and entertaining;and the same can be said of the level as a whole. It's quirky;stylistically interesting,and (despite the overly inflated vocal threats) never demands too much from the player." - Orbit Dream (27-Mar-2021)
"I quite like the idea for the storyline , with the voice indicating challenges to come , or some expressing congratulations when you succeed or find a secret. The challenges are not very hard , and given the textures and musics used it can give the player a relaxing time, well almost until the end. I did not liked the fall through floor near the end , but except from that bit the progression was quite steady. Not many enemies , not many objects either but that works well here given the scenario and these objects make sense , giant savegame icons anyone ? The lighting and texturing are well done , at the end we can admire bumping textures, the few cameras also (hat fixed cam with the underwater lever should have a timer though). Good level not too much ambitious but which offers something different." - eRIC (26-Mar-2021)
"It was a rainy day today, so I thought I'd load up the latest level on offer. What I liked about the level: 1) The colourful textures!! 2) The gameplay with tons of jumps... more of this please! 3) Very few enemies gets high points in my books. What I didn't like or needs improvement: 1) I had a problem with the WinDefender locking out the tomb4.exe I suppose because it was modified or something? Anyways, I solved that by replacing it with one from another game but would have preferred that the builder keep it simple so players don't have such computer issues right from the get go. 2) The invisible wall blocking the corridor near the end would have been better served with a glass door or something that opens afterwards. At first, I thought the invisible wall was a bug and was about to trash it but then realized it was intentional. Conclusion: Despite these minor glitches, I had a lot of fun playing this level. I wish more builders would build fun levels like this with colourful out of this world textures and lots of fun gameplay. Very appropriate for beginner or average players." - Lizard Queen (26-Mar-2021)