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Vendetta (Demo) by Symo96

DJ Full 9 10 10 9
JesseG 9 9 9 9
JimmyBeon 9 9 10 10
Jose 6 7 8 9
Leoc1995 8 9 9 8
Lilly Jericho 9 10 10 10
Mahetus 9 10 10 8
MichaelP 8 8 8 8
requiemsoul 9 9 8 8
Ryan 9 9 9 9
Wolf7 9 10 10 10
release date: 30-Mar-2021
# of downloads: 72

average rating: 8.93
review count: 11
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file size: 127.00 MB
file type: TR2
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This level really shows if you are a pro player, or me. Any time it defeated me, I realized it was something I could have figured out on a brighter day. The second level felt like something out of official TR, and the atmosphere gripped me till the end. The freezer though, why didn't it open?" - DJ Full (28-Jun-2023)
"A pair of two levels themed after the oil rig from TR2. The first level is the bulk of the gameplay and finds Lara without any weapons, with the focus on solving puzzles to get to four different keycards, and it was quite enjoyable. My favorite was the blue keycard, which is by far the most elaborate, but I managed well enough once I got a hang of reading the maps on the walls. The second level is a bit more combat heavy as Lara gets some weapons under her belt, and also has a few trap sequences to spice things up. This one I still enjoyed, but not as much as the first part, mostly due to the backtracking caused by the large amount of keys. Of course it's also unfinished, so the end is a bit abrupt. The visuals are on par with an official TR2 level, and I liked the use of signs to help make the prison feel more alive. 1 hour 13 minutes." - JesseG (02-Nov-2021)
"It's a really good debut I must say. The effort into this release is noticeable.
Gameplay can be quite challenging for some players looking at the complexity of puzzles and tasks to do. I think everything is done properly there are hints put around the level. You have to find them only to make solving some puzzles a bit easier. However even with them you still have to think correctly and in my opinion this is very good because you won't get bored that easily. Big props to the author since it's not easy to create puzzle like that on TR2 engine.
Enemies fits to the whole environment and they're balanced overall. Usage of objects from "Offshore rig & Diving Area" levels are done properly. Every object has own place. Secrets are hidden pretty well they're not too easy nor too hard. Reward is satisfying in my opinion.
The author done pretty good job with atmosphere whole plot also gives a lot of mystery to these levels. Pretty good job with this. I didn't find any problems with sounds. Everything have correct pitch and adjustment to the objects. Placement of cameras is correct and they give enough amount of hints. Overall this category is flawless.
Now a little critique to the textures and lighting. Most of the time placement and variation of textures are good enough but there are rooms that looks kinda the same due to lack of variation with textures which can lead to a bit of confusion to the players because rooms can look the same for them. I was personally confused at one moment because of this and I think this needs some polishment to avoid situations like that. Lighting is also good however there are moments where rooms are a bit too bright or usage of shadow bulbs is a bit too intense and needs some adjustment. These are only some things if author fix that, this category will be perfect as well.
Overall this is a very good level and perfect debut from this author. I personally can't wait for the full version. Recommended." - Mahetus (03-Oct-2021)
"Not very agree with the other reviewers, the first part without guns has an area with multiple switches, buttons and trapdoors that was a nightmare for me (thanks to the Dutchy's walkthrough) and the hints in the walls were not very clear to complete the tasks; very complex. The second part was not too complex, but the alarm sound was ver annoying all the time, and the backtracking, always leaving at your back closed doors was excessive. At least there were not hard or frustrating tasks, and the environments are perfectly lightened and textured; in this sense, there are some rooms totally black, and I missed some more flares to better explore this areas. We'll see the final version." - Jose (16-Sep-2021)
"This is a two part adventure where Lara escapes from a prison and in particular Part 1 was really fun to play with a few very creative gameplay ideas. You make your way quite systemically through four areas to collect and use four cards and each area offers their own little piece of fun - switching off a propeller under water, an 2x4 lever puzzle with symbols as hints, a rather complex but cleverly guided maze with many trapdoors and switches and a generously timed run with a little twist to avoid a group of thugs storming in (as Lara has no weapons in part 1). Top it all off with a quick escape gauntlet and three very nice dragon secrets and then move on to part 2.... which I thought did not quite hold up with part 1. Starting with the ever annoying alarm sound that does not go away, the rooms are rather bare and square and empty here apart from too many and rather unnecessary pickups. Gameplay is suddenly rather mundane and uninspired, essentially becoming a key hunt while shooting the occasional dog and bad guy along the way. There is one trap sequence that spices things up for a minute and the elevator is always nice to use, but part 2 really did lack the creativity that part 1 had. The three secrets in the second part are entirely optional and to be collected at the very end by running around yet again throughout the entire map, which did not feel particularly rewarding and getting two in the same room also showed that this indeed is a demo and the builder ran out of patience and released this maybe a little too soon or should only have released part 1 and added a part 2 release later. Still, overall a very pleasant raid, suitable for all sorts of players." - MichaelP (01-Jul-2021)
"I played this level in the week of release, finishing before having a walkthrough available. I can say that it's one of the most complex TR2 custom levels I have ever played (level 1 mainly). Not that it's a bad level (far from it), but a different level in terms of puzzles for a TR2. Due to the fact that I started making reviews recently, I played again to remember the points to be emphasized to the author and the players who want to play this level. In a general view, this is an excellent TR2, with creative (and innovative) gameplay and some complex puzzles, which make the player "think" how to solve. About the puzzle with "trapdoors and fires", I consider it a bit long and unbalanced, where the author could (for the final version) reduce the amount of necessary movements (a little). Despite this, it's a very intelligent and innovative puzzle for the TR2 engine, just like the other puzzles on the level. While level 1 focuses on puzzles, the second focuses on combat and some traps. There is a good balance of enemies from the moment the weapons are obtained, and for the final version it would be interesting to have a better variation of "statics", especially for level 1, as it would make it possible to differentiate the scenario which in certain parts is very similar. So different statics can be a good "visual clue" for the players to be able to differentiate each room. The atmosphere of the level is very well executed by the author, with moments of tension and a good combination of TR1, TR2 and TR3 soundtracks. The cameras are mostly good, but some of them could be better positioned to improve the visual clue to the player (the time trapdoor camera, on level 1, is an example, where it's a time switch but the camera could give a better indication of where the trapdoor is). The lighting, in general, is good for a TR2 game. For the textures i only indicate a better variation at level 1, because I found it very similar and confusing (being easy to get lost). It was feeling of repetitiveness, especially because of similar design of rooms. It is noticed that at level 2 the author varied the textures more, being interesting to do the same at level 1. With the possibilities of TR2Main it's possible to improve this in the final version. The textures that indicate the names of the rooms were a good addition to a TR2, congratulations to the author. In addition, more clues to solve some puzzles would be welcome. In the structure of the rooms I found some "thin walls", but that the author will be able to revise for the final version. --> In short, an excellent debut level with some innovative puzzles and, at the same time, quite complex for a TR2. I send in this review some suggestions that could be implemented for the final version or at least make the author rethink some points. A level recommended for TR2 fans who want to play a good adventure, with some new features for a level in this engine and some challenging puzzles. Waiting the full version. It's good to see more authors creating non-TR4 levels, and here we can see a talented author coming. Great work! I finished in 2 hours and 30 minutes and found 3 secrets." - Leoc1995 (21-May-2021)
"It's been quite some time since I played an Offshore Rig level and they are a rarity in the custom level world, so this was a pleasantly nostalgic raid. For a debut effort, this is surprisingly accomplished indeed. The environments are competently constructed and textures with a charming eye for detail, as evidenced by the various custom textures dotted about. In terms of gameplay, while there is undoubtedly a fair amount of running around and backtracking, it's not too onerous and it is nicely balanced out by some ingenious puzzles, exciting gun battles and some fun jumps around various main rooms. The various multicoloured secret dragons were neat additions, too. Looking forward to more from this undoubtedly talented builder." - Ryan (04-May-2021)
"This level deserves more reviews. A lot of fun to play with very frenetic sections. I found the puzzle of the blocks to get a section and that one with the trapdoors very good. I am looking forward to playing the definitive version." - requiemsoul (27-Apr-2021)
"Vendetta is a wonderfully designed level with great puzzles, unique secrets and story and complex level layouts. Its not too difficult nor too easy, it hits the sweet spot of difficulty and progressions without it feeling like you are getting nowhere, it surprisingly keeps you progressing with the fair amount of puzzles that remind me so much of the original games by core design. The enemy placement and difficulty are minimal, and the puzzles instead take center stage much in the vain of TR3 which i appreciate in a TR level. Cant wait for the full release x" - JimmyBeon (10-Apr-2021)
"I have followed from close the development of this game, and as a tester (credited with my actual name, Nanaki) it is really great seeing part of this wonderful project coming to TRLE. I have followed also Symo during his "developing" skills, occasionally helping him with several setups (except this one entry tbh), so again, great work Symo. Be proud of yourself, now for the actual review.
Vedetta is a particular set of two levels set in offshore rig, two different levels that I am going to count as one, from the start point the level shows us its puzzle driven challenges and some good platforming, I want to really positively review the trapdoor and fire puzzle, unfortunately everything beyond that pales, is still very fun, but does not achieve that pinnacle, deliciously wonderful regardless the gameplay, a true wonderful mix of challenges and a tribute to The Great Wall in the second level, an actual quite samey version of the traps which serves for the lore, but not gonna lie, but I would have preferred Symo to have enlarged that area hehe, with some original ideas of his too, but DONT GET ME WRONG the level is ALL original, it is only a minuscule section that serves for the lore of the level which I shall not open my maw about! :3
Secrets were fairly nicely placed, I especially loved the rainbow secret and all the other secrets were clever too! And never too easy to take! Enemies placement is scarce in the first level, as it is more stealthy, the second level proposes a lot more mayhem, if you are looking for it. Object used were interesting, the first level does show a lot of monks being dead, which again serves the lore of the level.
Atmosphere was pretty good, we can easily feel into Lara's situation, suddenly kidnapped and trying to find a way to explode, usage of blood is pretty interesting and a lot of big areas are somewhat memorable, truly amazing :3
Lighting was consistently good, albeit too dark in the vents, you get flares (which I asked for many), thus I am going to talk on his, texturing is pretty good in my opinion, the level truly looks out of an original offshore rig level and the half life and house texture in the second level truly give a special vibe I was not expecting at all to see!
Truly recommended to who is in search of a very well constructed debut, which I will hope will get continued soon! Great Job again Symo! Wolfy Regards ^w^" - Wolf7 (30-Mar-2021)
"I have to admit: i tested this Level, so i am able to review it already :) This level is definitely epsecially one thing: IF you are a fan of the classic Tomb Raider II, its definitely FUN TO PLAY! I love the different coloured secrets, the well placed enemies and the challenging, but not superhard trap combinations, that are actually not frustrating but more interesting to figure! The fact, that you can go after all the secrets at any time makes it much more fun to go after them :) The already talked about enemy placement is really good, you never have too many or to hard enemies in undoable situations, but still its not tooo easy as well! Also DJ did a splendid job as voice actor! :D i laughed so hard, thanks for that! :) I basically cant wait for the whole game and look forward to test and play it <3 So? Definite reccomendation!" - Lilly Jericho (30-Mar-2021)