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ORC21 - Himalaya by Zolee

BlackWolfTR 6 8 9 10
dinne 5 4 8 9
DJ Full 5 7 7 7
DroneQuadcopter 9 8 10 10
eRIC 5 7 6 9
Jay 5 8 9 9
John 5 6 8 9
Jose 5 6 6 7
manarch2 3 4 5 7
MichaelP 5 7 8 8
MigMarado 3 4 7 8
Mman 5 7 8 9
nerdfury 5 7 9 9
Orbit Dream 5 5 7 8
Phil 6 7 6 7
Ryan 5 6 8 8
Torry 4 7 7 7
vandit 5 7 9 8
Wolf7 9 10 10 10
Zuxuna 7 8 10 10
release date: 10-Apr-2021
# of downloads: 189

average rating: 7.08
review count: 20
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file size: 112.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cold/Snowy

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Sorry but I did not like this one at all. Right at the start the underwater section had me drowning time and time again due to the icicles in the narrow passage obstructing progress. It is manageable but only just (if you want the first secret). Then Lara's animations are slowed down as if she was moving in molasses. The pushable puzzle could have used some clues as to where to put them so this was pretty much trial and error. Textures were good and lighting sufficient to see what you were doing. This 10 minute level took almost an hour due to the issues I have already raised. Found two of the three secrets." - Torry (26-Sep-2022)
"Well obviously this level is visually based on an area from tomb raider legend nepal, and the music, lara and objects etc do indeed reflect that with great work on textures, lighting and atmosphere but unfortunately the gameplay lets the level down a bit because not only is it too short, the tasks are not varied enough and the new jumping animations for lara make the platforming quite irritating at times when it shouldnt be. As for the rest of the gameplay we have some swimming, monkey climbing, a movable object puzzle, a couple of blade traps and 2 men to kill. It works good as test level or demo but these animations need sorting out and some more variety or length in gamplay would make it more of a enjoyable jaunt" - John (27-Apr-2022)
"Short level with simple tasks. I missed puzzles to solve and some more enemies and pickups. Also I missed more cameras and extra cd tracks, but the texturization is good. There are some traps to avoid (falling icicles), few enemies to shoot and a couple of tricky jumps 'cause this time Lara doesn't jump so far and/or high. To be an one room level is not bad. Take a try." - Jose (22-Sep-2021)
"This is themed off the Nepal section of Tomb Raider: Legend, with the central room looking a lot like how I recall one of the early trailer views of the area looking like (I guess a recreation is the intent). The visuals are the strongest aspect here, with a lot of complex objects and decent use of lighting and textures to sell the snowy ruins, although the area is small enough that it doesn't really get to build on the first impressions. The hardest part is the start where there's a long swim with no airholes and some slightly awkward collisions before you get to the main area. Once there it's a few relatively simple puzzles and switch hunts. Lara has new animations that look fine, but Lara has her forward jump height lowered for some reason which makes playing feel a bit awkward, backflips also go the normal distance, which makes the bad forward jump feel even more arbitrary. There's very little here though, and it ended so suddenly I almost thought I did something wrong at first before I realised it really is that small. It's a nice visual recreation at least though." - Mman (20-Aug-2021)
"Always great to see a builder return after so many years since his previous release. And this one serves well as a bit of a showcase of creating a certain atmospheric feel. With the help of the objects, the audio, the textures and lighting the overall sense of place is quite accomplished and fun to raid in. Now, there is not much raiding to do though, apart from some long and (due to the icycle collisions) fairly annoying swims, the pushing around of 4 objects and the collection of three (rather cute) secrets. And I was actually glad it was over after 20 mins already, because I will never understand what makes people use this constrained forward jumping animation that kind of gets you nowhere and makes you use side and backflips instead where you can because these still work normally. Would be very interested to see a full level from this builder without the ORC constraints." - MichaelP (26-May-2021)
"Unfortunately, this entry into the One Room Challenge has suffered the most from the restrictions. The atmosphere is certainly convincingly handled and the textures are pleasingly applied and spot on (if a bit on the monochrome side), but the gameplay is noticeably lacking. Short of doing a bit swimming, jumping around ledges and moving pushpieces around, there's not a whole lot to pique the interest, so it ends up being a rather underwhelming raid. Lara's animations have also been pointlessly modified and end up being more on the gimmicky than the useful side and there seemed to be a few mismatched sounds around. Maybe best to look at it as a demo, as otherwise it just seems a bit... meh." - Ryan (03-May-2021)
"An unambitious and short ORC level, with a poor gameplay, choked by modified animations that don't add anything to the game (even if they could), but set in a convincingly frozen environment. The game starts in a quite weird way, inside of an underwater cave with all the air, with no damage from cold water and with underwater icicles, that feels more like a mistake (you don't get icicles underwater, neither falling ice) but we can take it like if the cave got flooded just in the last days when icicles were already there. Actually, lack of realism is not necessarily a problem, but given the way the builder tries to give realism, sometimes even at the expenses of the gameplay (lights, nerfed jumps, animations), this was surely not meant to be that cartoony. The animation set the player starts to experiment outside from the water is pretty clunky because of some bad transitions and unpolished animations with also a bad responsivity. But this isn't the only issue: short jumps and different platforming settings pose the premise for another type of gameplay and make the player "learn" that new way to play, but for nothing worthy because unfortunately totally not developed in the level to "honour" such choice so this only appears like an unnecessary filler (and gifting tedious moments for no useful reason or planned challenge). The tasks in the level are indeed very superfluous and basic, there isn't much to do except moving 3 pushblocks through already defined paths with marked destinations (that means there is no puzzle in that, just filler sequences to make the playthrough longer), killing 2 enemies (with wrong sounds by the way), finding 3 very easy secrets "nostalgia iglu" (I couldn't get their meaning and neither why one is smaller) that look like normal steps of the game, pulling 2 underwater levers through icicle traps and some levers with very short and straightforward platforming. The jump for the last area with the blades is a "late jump", that could cause players some issues because this is a kind of speedrun move and I'm almost sure this was not planned, but it was just a remnant of some lazy adaptation between environment and animations. No challenges, no satisfaction, no rewarding moments, no puzzles, nothing hidden to find, not much to do. It all feels like a test room. Visuals are instead great. Good looking objects and their lighting, coherent resolution most of the time, lights give a credible frozen atmosphere. Background music is too "special" to be repeated as a background track, works more like a one shot to present the area the first time only. Shame, because the level "appears" to be something professional, but then offers a disappointing gameplay." - dinne (29-Apr-2021)
"Good but unfinished, judging from notable customization effort versus lack of goal. Custom animations need fixing because the camera bobbing everytime lara stops triggers nausea. This level could be a starter of a more serious project, so I will rate it like a demo." - DJ Full (24-Apr-2021)
"Himalaya is very, very short and easy. There is barely any gameplay. Lara's moves are awkward, slow, and much less powerful than usual. The faster move, ironically, is shimying. Ironic because there is no need for it in the level and because usually that would be the slowest move (at least with classic animations). The running jump is also hampered by new animations. There are almost no enemies, there is no storyline that I could really get into. The level looks good, but rather drab. The secrets are so easy that you can pick one up from the floor... Zolee, I think you should take your building skills further by getting more into a level, providing greater gameplay, even in these restrictions. I have the feeling this is the last time I will criticize a level from you so much, because your attention to detail (as reflected in the Atmosphere and Textures ratings) will take you far, once you let it continue in the gameplay. I look forwards to your next release." - MigMarado (20-Apr-2021)
"This short level is certainly playable, but it also has a number of drawbacks. The lighting adequately reveals everything that needs to be done without the need for flares, but the coloring is rather dull and lifeless. The animation or collision or whatever it is becomes quite annoying at times, rendering routine jumps next to impossible to accomplish. The pushblock exercises were rather cryptic as well, with no indication in most cases of what needs to be done or whether you've done it correctly, some opening doors and at least one just requiring a change of position for a long jump. And you pull one chain but not the other. I kept looking for a receptacle for the three secret iglus (igloos?), as the inventory indicated they had some function to serve. On the other hand, the layout shows that the builder knows his way around the level editor, so I encourage him to keep at it." - Phil (19-Apr-2021)
"It does not happen often and if so I am tempted to not make remarks about it, but I am really surprised about some ratings. No mistake the visuals are quite nice and there are also some good looking objects. The gameplay ... at least I can say the builder tries to make this entertaining and challenging, but it simply didn't work out well. Starting with a long and at first probably lethal underwater sequence that is hindered by a lot of annoying ice objects, the game has a bit of to and fro around a single room, some easy but comparatively lengthy pushblock puzzles, a few traps and several plainly annoying jumps, annoying just because the builder has played around with the animations and thus even simple run jumps are a matter of luck, even worse: the most simple progression across blocks is just weird. Even the two enemies were glitchy and sounds were messed up. It's not all too bad as it ends after only 11 minutes, remains playable and, after all, is an always welcome addition to the competition - but I do wonder why this is judged as well as the best levels out there by some. Found the three too easy hidden secrets, well at least the third one requires some strategy." - manarch2 (18-Apr-2021)
"It's hard to score this highly for gameplay as it’s very short and finishes abruptly just as it might have been about to get interesting – who can tell? I liked the look of it very much – solid, bold, monochromatic and I’d like to have seen more. As it stands, there’s some swimming through annoyingly cluttered passages and a bit of shoving moveable objects around and very little else. It’s frankly just not enough to judge properly, but it did look to have potential. Best to look on it as a demo really." - Jay (17-Apr-2021)
"Pleasure and short orc level. Gameplay wasn't much innovative and was very simple. Some pushable blocks, some switches and doors, water sequences and one fight with enemies and that's all. There weren't really any puzzles except maybe one with pushable block but I don't know if I can tell it puzzle. Strongest point of this level is atmosphere, lighting and textures. Atmosphere really did great job and lighting was also great done. Whole level was wonderfully decorated with many decorations and objects so it didn't feel empty. Some secrets were way to easy to find and they could have been better hidden. Overally, it's short but pleasure raid with very good atmosphere and simple gameplay. I would recommend it." - BlackWolfTR (16-Apr-2021)
"The biggest plus point of this level is the setting and the fantastic beta Lara object, both of which were announced for Tomb Raider Legend but later cut or changed from the game. Thanks to the author, we can now play this wintry section. On the other hand, the game also has some weaknesses. I didn't like the beginning in the water so much, because you have to find an exit somewhat helplessly and under time pressure. In my opinion, this disturbs otherwise very chilling levels. The gameplay is simple, there are only some blocks to push and levers to pull in the 15-20 minutes. There were also a few traps. I liked the new objects in the main room like the scary statue. There are only 2 enemies in this game, they are also quickly finished. What bothered me about them was that they can glitch up everywhere (shelves). The secrets were pretty quick to find, so not much of a challenge. Atmosphere & sound are very nicely staged. With the beautiful main room I would have found a flyby very nice, because there is certainly a lot of effort and work in this room. Textures and lighting are well chosen and atmospheric. However, I'm a fan of colored light and contrasts, here everything was very blue colored. What I found a pity was that you could not go up to the balcony. A short and very nice tribute to Tomb Raider Legend, but I would have been very happy about more gameplay. Unfortunately, the end is a bit sudden, and they could have come up with something here as well." - vandit (14-Apr-2021)
"(5) Gameplay & Puzzles: This is a short (~15 min), easy adventure which starts with underwater exploration; you then pull some levers/a pulley, push some pushables, shoot a couple of goons, navigate a monkey swing and then end the game. There was nothing bad about the gameplay itself but there was no "wow" factor for me; the problem-solving aspect is pretty straight-forward. A detractor to my overall gameplay enjoyment were the sluggish custom animations of Lara running and jumping. With her jump being lower than usual, I had confusion on whether I could make a jump or not and I just felt like this kind of customization only contributed negatively to the gameplay. (7) Enemies, Objects & Secrets: Just a couple of custom goons as enemies, and they looked pretty cool. There are many very beautiful custom decor objects, although I wasn't a fan of the icicle collision during the underwater segments, making the task of finding air more frustrating than it needed to be. The builder had a great idea for timed blade traps under the monkeyswing near the end of the game, however, I would have liked to have seen more overall in terms of traps, and as well as seen other interactive objects that Lara can use aside from pushables. The secrets were pretty easy, but that's not a big deal. (9) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The atmosphere is of a very high standard, the architecture gorgeous, and TRL Nepal lovers will feel right at home. I loved the background music and there were adequate static camera hints, although such a lovely level was screaming for a flyby to enhance immersion. (9) Lighting & Textures: This category was also of a very high standard and the level looks very polished and is well-lit. I spotted the very occasional misshapen texture, on the walls above ground and the ice underwater. Overall, it's a beautiful level, but in my opinion it's quite undercooked in the gameplay department (keeping in mind I just played another ORC with 2 hours of gameplay). I sincerely hope that my feedback is constructive for the builder, even if this feedback is relatively harsh in comparison to some other reviews. I may have relatively harsher words, but I also want to encourage the builder's growth for his next project in the (hopefully) near future. 5/7/9/9." - nerdfury (13-Apr-2021)
"Rarely have I become so annoyed by a level that took me so short a time to play! From a constructional point of view,this ticks most of the required boxes quite solidly - it looks fine,with good quality texturing and appropriately chilly lighting. The looping music is somewhat of a matter of taste;but the overall ambience succeeds in being evocative nonetheless. Matters deteriorate with regard to objects - too much clutter underwater inevitably means too much precious time lost due to collision problems (and why does a Himalayan cavern have so many metal shelves inside it anyway?) By far the most egregious error is the builders insistence on messing about with Lara's movements: gone is the smooth fluidity,and intuitive progression. In its place is the feeling of having Lara run through treacle,while performing jumps off of solid air. It's aggravating simply because it's so completely unnecessary; and significantly hampers what could have been a slick and accomplished little adventure." - Orbit Dream (13-Apr-2021)
"This time we got into winter level. The idea to use a level that was supposed to be in the original series and was not, and build it into ORC is something that sounds interesting to me, but let's see what it brings and what it takes from us. The level has excellent work talking about its Gameplay and puzzles, the work author did with his level is nice. Nothing so hard, nothing easy as well. Starting without a gun is also something that is not seen every day. The level was more puzzle-based and there were only 2 enemies in the level. I do not see a problem in this, I like the idea to build a more puzzle-based level. Talking about the secrets, there could be better hideouts for them. For me they seemed too obvious to find, yes sometimes I was blind, but in the end, I think that they are in easy locations. The level is well atmospheric based and the atmosphere of the level breathe on you every single moment. Amazing work as I was expecting. The lighting and textures are just cherries on the top of the cake, I cannot tell more than that I am satisfied. Even if I like the level lot, some things annoyed me. The icicles in the water area caused you to get stuck to them and you are losing precious time. Swim in that water is close call, and that is something I had a problem with. Also, the secrets were not hidden somehow, and they could be hidden in better places. Otherwise, I do not think that there were some problems I noticed, so it is 9.25 / 10 My first idea was to go 7 for the category objects, secrets, just because of those icicles that caused me to get stuck and some easy secrets, but the author did an excellent move by allowing us to pick an outfit from two options and because Lara is an object as well, so he got a bonus point from me for this. The map was a little bit short, that's why I take one point down for this, but as mentioned, it is great to work." - DroneQuadcopter (12-Apr-2021)
"Truly a masterful work in the look and feel of the level, Zolee brings us for a Freezing Adventure in the Himalayas for a good 30 minutes, while we solve minor puzzles and admire the wonderful look of the level. I really would like to point out the overall beauty of the level and how the author has come back from the past and showed us he has been able to change for the really best. :3
The gameplay consists mostly into little swimming section and some platforming, while Lara is given a jump that could be described as Legend's original jump.
Secrets are all pretty neatly hidden, not too hard to find, actually pretty fun ^w^! I want also to point out how most of the object done in the level were from the author himself.
The atmosphere is really nice, I would have liked to see the place from outside a bit, but I am not saying that it looks bad, quite the contrary! The sounds were straight from Legend and gave a very wonderful vibe, not to mention the cameras that most of the times really helped me from getting lost (even tho I am dumb and I got lost regardless, Thank you Zolee for helping haha)
Lighting and texturing just as good, the level really looks like we are thrown into a cave, with some lighting coming from the ceiling and a mostly light bluish look in the overall areas.
I really would like to see a continuation ngl, maybe a full game called "Freezing Adventure in Himalaya". Definitively recommended. Wolfy Regards ^W^" - Wolf7 (11-Apr-2021)
"A level where you play with an annoying Lara model that seems to peddle in mayonnaise, and with sometimes strange playability, for example you can make action so that Lara climbs on a flat object but when you jump on the surface of the object Lara would not stand upon it, so you're never too sure if you do the right thing. The level is rather short with some cool objects and textures and the occasional good idea for gameplay. Secrets are easy to get. The atmosphere is uni-dimensionnal mostly because of the background audio loop. The lighting is quite pleasant and the level well built overall." - eRIC (11-Apr-2021)
"This was the first ORC I was intrigued to try out cause I'm a Legend enthusiast . So let's begin the review. -Gameplay and Puzzles : You start off the level in an underwater icy maze searching for a lever to open up the way to the main area . In the main area the primary focus is given to some platforming and a couple of push block puzzles (I'm guessing to sort of give more playtime which was roughly around 18 minutes) so it is pretty casual and non complex when it comes down to it. -Enemies, objects & secrets : There are only a couple of baddies waiting for you at a certain time but other than that they are non existent. Now to the secrets (I am not sure if I found them all, I got two of them), I did like the location of the first secret cause it requires for you to be swift to obtain it. The second secret I found was in a repetitive fashion like the first one but with a "mean" twist. -Atmosphere, Sound and Cameras : Clearly the main focus of the author was the aesthetic of the level, cause I will admit it is absolutely gorgeous when it comes to visuals and very faithful to what would be a Legend environment. Legend ambient playing in the background, very atmospheric. Cameras are okay, there are some hints here and there to help with direction. I would really love a flyby when entering the main area to admire the place from different angles. -Lighting and Textures : Not much to say about them, lighting reminds me alot of Beta Legend which is a good thing. Textures are correctly placed. No stretching as far as I'm concerned and everything looks cohesive. Overall a solid adventure, recommended for everyone." - Zuxuna (10-Apr-2021)