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ORC21 - Pandora's Legacy by DroneQuadcopter

BlackWolfTR 8 7 8 7
dinne 6 6 6 7
DJ Full 5 7 6 5
eRIC 5 5 6 6
Jay 6 6 7 7
Jose 3 5 5 7
Mahetus 9 9 9 9
manarch2 4 6 6 6
MichaelP 5 8 7 7
MigMarado 8 10 8 8
Mman 6 7 6 7
nerdfury 6 7 7 7
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 5 6 7 7
Torry 5 7 8 7
Treeble 7 7 7 7
Wolf7 9 9 9 8
release date: 10-Apr-2021
# of downloads: 139

average rating: 6.84
review count: 17
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file size: 175.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Rome/Greece

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"To start I must acknowledge the negatives. Lara's animations are all wrong. In the diving suit Lara can either swim or shoot but she cannot do both simultaneously. You either are forced to be stationary and shoot or swim as fast as possible (which isn't very fast) to avoid your opponents. She carries twin pistols but when firing, only one pistol is in her hands yet both are gone from her holsters. Opponents are very hard to dispatch. Has the author left her trusty 45's at home and given her under powered 9mm's? Even the bats are hard to kill. Then there is the water cave under the room with the two horsemen you need to take care of. Once in the water you cannot get out and I had to refer to a video walk through to realize there was another path in the underwater cavern that would return you to the horseman room. The same thing happened to Jose as he mentioned this in his review. The underwater cavers are a hideous maze that will have you tearing your hair out. One set of switches is a trial and error affair with no clue on which ones to depress. The movable objects at least were easy to discern where to put them. The horned beast that dropped the Key of the Dead took at least 400 rounds to kill. Good grief. Then we have that underwater bubbling sound when the soldiers are firing. Then after all this I got Pandora's Box but with the bad ending and Lara died. WTF?However, IF you place the Golden Globe before picking up Pandora's Box then you get the good ending. Good is debatable as you then have to navigate the underwater tunnels filled with nasty scuba men intent on killing you to find the exit! Graphics were quite good with the underwater sections being a little too dark. Found all three secrets and not only do you get the colored dragons you also get a heap of goodies to go with them. So this was not a bad raid but not a real pleasurable one either I'm sorry to say. A 30 minute level that took me over three hours to complete because of the complexities." - Torry (22-Sep-2022)
"Well, I don't know if it's a problem with my PC, but I suffered a big bug so I couldn't finish this level. In the room with the cavalier you must shoot in his chest, if I jump into the water hole I can't go out (Lara jumps higher and splash down) but the worst is that inside this water are, once I pick up the sword and the frog men are released, the "Alt" key doesn't work anymore and I can't swim anywhere getting totally stucked (I reloaded and tried several times). So I was forced to abandone the level. A pain." - Jose (22-Sep-2021)
"The theme here is an underwater Greek ruin with some Shipwreck elements. The big change here is that it's based around the diving suit from TR5 with infinite air and slightly reduced mobility on land due to no sprint (luckily the only movement limitation in this case, vs the Quest for Gold secret level with this mechanic that only let you walk). The visuals are okay, but, while the caves look decent, the ruins are a bit plain in lighting and design. The texturing is decent throughout though. The new enemy models are also decent. Oddly, this is a level where the combat is easily the hardest part, as you have quite limited equipment and enemies are spongy unless you use your small supply of explosive Harpoons on them, you also start with no medikits, although you do build up a stock relatively fast. The Harpoon combat is a major element here, and the base arrows deal with underwater threats quite fast, although you seem to be stuck in place while it is drawn so you can't do much to evade enemies while fighting underwater. There are various tasks outside the combat, but they are mostly quite simple, although one "choose the right switch" puzzle felt like trial and error, and even looking up the logic in the walkthrough it's still very... Lateral (although it's very easy to brute force). There are two endings but the "bad" one just cuts the level short rather than providing any real alternative content, either way feels slightly abrupt, but there are FMVs you have to watch in the folder that do provide some closure. An interesting experimental idea but maybe a bit too ambitious for the designer's skill level, and that ambition overstretches a little at times." - Mman (22-Aug-2021)
"This was one of those levels, where I can appreciate the ideas the builder had, but indeed found it to be a massive ordeal for me to play through in the 40 minutes it lasted. It starts out in a reasonably humble way, cleverly requiring you to be in the water and above in turns, finding levers and items, but for one, the clunky outfit somehow made me feel clunky in the way I moved around with Lara and then the amount and relative strength of the enemies quickly turned out to be quite overburdening. Now, make no mistake, I did think that is an intriguing achievement, as typically enemies in trle are easily dispatched, without blinking much of an eye, hence my higher score in the second catergory, but on the other hand it took away all the fun for me and I just wanted the level to finally end and get it over with. Which also means, I skipped the good ending and the third secret, because after defeating the cerberus I had only a minimal amount of health left and did not manage to get past the two soldiers in front of the chemical receptacles while essentially being a one shot victim. In summary, not a level for me, but for those who look for a bit of a battle challenge, it might just be the one." - MichaelP (26-May-2021)
"Rather than making those separate chambers similar to each other, I would give each of them a slightly different tone to properly chapter the plot - otherwise, only the ending stands out (which, if anything has to stand out, is still the best option). I didn't expect harpoons to be that strong, as there's no info about them replacing pistols as a default weapon. But even with such info, cancelling Lara's ability to target enemies while swimming voids 90% of reason to include harpoons, and also makes the level practically impossible to beat without medikits. I mean you still could, but at some point I just understood it would take hours of camping and hundreds of reloads, so I just changed the mindset and spammed healthpacks, which fortunately were plenty. In the end my feelings are mixed - I think this had a chance to be much better but in the end it isn't." - DJ Full (09-May-2021)
"This level may not be as polished as some of its ORC counterparts, but it's fun to play and has some interesting touches. The builder has provided his own walkthrough, guiding the player through the level without pointing out everything in detail (as is the habit with some of us walkthrough writers), and this helped me to explore with eyes wide open so as not to miss a secret or an important pickup. I tried both endings just to see what the difference was. The builder speaks of a "good" and a "bad" ending, but a better description would be a "shorter" and a "longer" ending. The longer ending requires a side trip to acquire a golden globe. Without it, you jump into the final water hole and the level abruptly ends. With it, you get to swim aimlessly (in my case) until you stumble across a finish trigger. The difference is an added five or ten minutes of gameplay. Not a contender in the ORC competition (if that's what it is), but well worth the download." - Phil (03-May-2021)
"A promising debut level with an original outfit and audacious choices of mixing different themes trying to make them work. Even if the game offers mostly basic tasks, we can see some of them have been planned with actual care and give some satisfying moments. However the gameplay brings 3 major issues, 2 related to combat: it looks like human enemies have higher HP and knights are also very long to kill. Given the fact that TR has a bad combat system in general (because you've to basically repeat the same exact moves while holding Action to shoot, or simply holding Action if you find a safe block), increasing HP or offering more knights makes it worse and it gets very boring, like a mandatory filler to proceed but honestly unnecessary. The second issue about combat is the fact that she cannot move underwater while holding a weapon, that makes the combat a bit dumb and forces you to stay still and hold Action while getting harpooned and biten. Since underwater combat is something not very common in TR4 engine and adds more creative gameplay, shame this possible experience has been downgraded by this "stuck" combat style. The third issue I complain about is the storytelling: the 2 finals are a good idea but they feel swapped and disorganized. The easiest and shortest route gives us the good final, Lara survives. While the longest and hardest path gives us the bad final where Lara will die. I think it should be the reverse, like, if you put more effort, reward is higher, not that you even get punished at the end. But over than this, it feels disorganized because it's not clear when the 2 finals split. I think it's when you pick the golden sphere, but you can totally revert back and go for the easy route when you want, if I understood correctly. So this storytelling and management of the finals looks non-sense (and also the fact of adding 2 fmvs with simply 1 text to show that you simply could instead show as an in-game text or image before the end triggers make it worse to understand, because for sure most of players won't read the readme and won't notice the fmvs). Secrets are very easy, quite much on the line of almost not being considered secret. Anyway all in all the level is pleasant to play and explore. One disappointing task was the pushable puzzle, because it's not even a puzzle but just a filler where you've to push objects through defined paths, on marked tiles. About visuals, I think Lara's scuba outfit really clashes when running through dry and sandy environments, but the number of times you've to stay underwater kinda balances it. Just, the tasks you've to do underwater probably don't even justify this big yellow equipment with infinite air (although it's for sure one less frustrating element for the player, but then aqualung might have been the way). Merging multiple themes is a very difficult task and sometimes things actually feel random, but somewhat remind of TR1's mashup so from a TR player perspective this could be acceptable. Except the last lava tile, that is incredibly random. Some big spaces with not much to do, some objects with wrong tint, some flat white lights are common beginner traits. I think we might see something increasingly better from this builder. The motivation is there." - dinne (29-Apr-2021)
"For a first effort, at least construction- wise, this is a commendable effort. It's a shame that it's somewhat severely let down by the tedious shooter-centric gameplay. The atmosphere is convincing enough and the textures are competent and I'll admit that having a less powerful than usual arsenal is a novel concept, but this just wasn't enjoyable to play from a player's perspective. The enemy confrontations are far too overwhelming and they do take a severe toll on Lara's health, especially when taking into account the clunkiness of the more powerful harpoon gun, which actually doesn't work effectively underwater as it requires Lara to stop constantly to get a good aim. I also found the whole setup with the god lever puzzle rather odd as you can seemingly get over the traps relatively unscathed, but you are required to take a bunch of damage on the return trip as the safe block lowers straight away (unless I missed something?). Overall, this wasn't a bad effort, but it kinda lacks in player- friendliness." - Ryan (28-Apr-2021)
"(6) Gameplay & Puzzles: I enjoyed the choices/consequences design choice of this debut level. The underwater exploration wasn't very fun for me and I will go into it further in the Enemies section. The above ground exploration was better, but again, bogged down by too many baddies. I would have liked to have seen more gameplay variety; initially, you solve a mini-puzzle involving pushing a pushable over a trapdoor, however, a few minutes later, you follow the same principle again in another room. I do not think a repetition of a puzzle concept is needed -- why not introduce something totally new? When I saw another, lengthier (but also simple) pushables puzzle later in the game, I couldn't help but feel bored. While I enjoyed the 4 lever puzzle with subtle texture clues, I felt like the "Gods" lever puzzle didn't make sense. I read the builder's walkthrough and his explanation for "Atlas", but it doesn't make sense to me that "Atlas" is the correct lever. "Damocles" makes more sense to me given that there are sword-like spike traps nearby and a player would have associated "Damocles" with swords from TR1. Also, why does Lara no longer have unlimited air during the final swim? (7) Enemies, Objects & Secrets: This level really feels like a shooter at times. There's just so many situations where you're taking a lot of unavoidable damage from enemies, even if you're careful, and I'm sorry to say that I didn't find that very fun. In my opinion the underwater combat design needed more care. This is because it's more health-efficient to swim away from underwater enemies, instead of holding still, shooting the harpoon gun, and taking shots to the face. HINT FOR PLAYERS: Use your harpoon gun above ground -- it does a lot more damage than your pistols! A couple of notes for the builder -- instead of the Cerberus vanishing instantly upon death, which looks weird, I recommend making it explode; also, there is a button in the spikes trap room that has the wrong animation (switch). Static decor was attractive, however, I also felt like there could have been more, as some rooms look empty. The secrets were too easy to find. (7) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: I wasn't quite convinced by the atmosphere; everything above ground looked so squeaky clean, and you don't really feel like you're in a real ruins in Greece. Above ground, I would have liked to have seen more representations of decay, to indicate the ruins falling apart over the centuries. The background music was lovely and well-chosen. There are a few static camera hints and 1 flyby, however I would have liked to have seen more in terms of cameras. How does the player know they've successfully solved the 4-lever puzzle behind the traps? Where exactly is the player supposed to swim to once they've inserted the golden globe and picked up pandora's box? More cameras would have helped here. (7) Lighting & Textures: I didn't spot any texturing errors which is amazing, considering it's a debut -- well done. I would have liked to have seen more color contrast though, especially in the first half of the game above ground. The lighting was pleasant above ground, but I really would have liked more flares for the dark underwater exploration. While not technically a maze, the underwater areas are still disorientating, and I would have liked to have seen more underwater texture variety in order to make these areas more distinguishable from each other. Some statics were too bright, and something to consider for the future is blending nature textures for a smooth transition. Overall, I think this is a solid debut effort and is particularly of a high standard in terms of texturing. However, the underwater exploration and enemy placement rubbed me the wrong way, I'm sorry to say, and I didn't find the gameplay as a whole very memorable. I can tell the builder has a creative spark and attention to detail, however, and I hope he continues to develop his skills. 6/7/7/7." - nerdfury (26-Apr-2021)
"I quite enjoyed the Cradle of Life motifs in here, being an absolute fan of the movie, but I'm not quite convinced about the level as a whole. There were way too many enemies for my liking, and either the SAS soldiers have been buffed or Lara's pistols have been nerfed even further than usual, and as such the firefights quickly became a chore. A lot of scuba diving enemies as well, so for the most part you'll have to dispose of them with the harpoon gun which sadly isn't as great as you can't move while holding it, and there was a distinct lack of ammo and health pickups. For the good ending I ran out of harpoons and had to outsmart and outswim about a dozen or so scuba divers, all the while monitoring my oxygen bar (which up until that point was limitless) navigating the very maze-like underwater sections trying to find my way towards the exit. The two lever puzzles seemed to rely more on trial and error than anything else, but the author was thoughtful enough to supply a walkthrough with the level. The "single" pistol animation is all wonky and doesn't really align with the fact Lara has dual pistols on her thighs, does it? 35 minutes, 3 secrets. 04/21" - Treeble (25-Apr-2021)
"Seldom you can classify design better than in this level - it is agreeable on land but not so enjoyable underwater. The swimming sections are dreary in those dark and uniform areas, especially one swim through narrow passages and two very nastily placed enemies. In general, enemies take a long time to kill, especially those frogmen and sharks, and more heavy ammo might've been a nice idea. There are some decent tasks in the upper rooms though like a (very sneaky) lever puzzle, some more easy pushables and spike traps. I only found a dead end - when you save and reload in the room with the first statue (right at the start) before you push it over the trapdoor, the statue can't be pushed over that one anymore, so I had to start from scratch. The looks are drab, but not badly done underwater and much more bright and sterile on land, with a few perhaps inevitable mistakes and a bit too simple geometry. Found the three secrets and the special ending in 15 minutes." - manarch2 (22-Apr-2021)
"I’d really rather have had fewer enemies to deal with – they come at you mob handed and some of them are very tough indeed. Plus, I’m guessing the harpoon gun is most players’ least favourite weapon. You’ll really have to duck and dive with the enemy action; there are medipacks to be found throughout the game, but poor Lara can lose a great deal of health, especially from the divers. Apart from that and avoiding a few traps, the action does seem to consist largely of shoving pushable items around. If you like shooters, this may indeed be right up your street, but I can’t say I found is particularly player- friendly." - Jay (21-Apr-2021)
"A succession of small underwater and out of water areas. Too many enemies. I discovered it was preferable not to kill the frogmen and sharks as by doing so you spend less time and thus take less damage. Out of water a few simple pushable objects and a couple of traps. Mostly here it is pulling some switches or finding the next key , and killing or dodging enemies. The soldiers always came two by two and generally the enemies took more time to die than usually. All that does not make a very fun game. The architecture is very simple , while texturing is correctly done and the background audio pleasant." - eRIC (17-Apr-2021)
"For a debut of this author its really good level. In it we have much water exploration but Lara fortunately have diving suit with unlimited air. I really liked some ideas like pushable and trapdoor puzzles, spikes room and mini lever puzzle. Level was quite hard, there were many enemies which made big damage and appears in groups like frogmans or soldiers. But this is on plus. Secrets weren't hard hidden, they could be better hidden. Atmosphere was good along with ambient music which was really wonderful and makes better atmosphere. As about textures there were some mistakes like much wallpapered walls in dry section and also small diversity of them in some areas, especially underwater. I really liked this level and for debut it's really good and I definetly recommend it. Author has much potential. Good job DroneSpencer and can't wait to see your next levels!" - BlackWolfTR (15-Apr-2021)
"This is a well conceived level that brings about the myth of Pandora's box, and the storyline plays out very well! Gameplay could be more diverse and cleverly built, but the level is very challenging, with many tough enemies and not enough ammo, really. Textures are somewhat repetitive, which is partly made up by good use of objects. The atmosphere could be further refined, sometimes it is a bit too dark, but I believe this builder will provide great levels in the future if these minor problems are fixed in future releases. Thank you, Spencer! Congratulations on this precious little level with a lot of personality." - MigMarado (14-Apr-2021)
"That's a really good debut. Gameplay is very enjoyable, I had a lot of fun playing this level and it is very well constructed. Usage of BTB Greece objects is pretty good not gonna lie, the amount of them is optimal not too many nor too little. Enemies are placed properly and they are balanced however you need to use the right strategy to kill them without losing too much health. Secrets are hidden pretty well with a nice reward. The atmosphere is pretty amazing and some areas give a kinda claustrophobic feeling which works in the favour of this level. Textures are used properly, I personally didn't find any errors or something like that. Lighting is done properly as well, I don't have many complaints besides the underwater sections that seem kinda flat to me. I think some light points with a higher intensity will be good, but that is only my preference. Definitely Recommended" - Mahetus (13-Apr-2021)
"Truly an interesting work from a builder that has just started, the level that has took the most for me thus far.
The gameplay is mostly divided into water sections and not water ones, I was not really fond of the water sections, but they were minor so that is quite good :3 I did enjoy a lot the symbolism behind the enigma in the gods room (IT MAKES SENSE TRUST ME).
Enemywise the level is filled with enemies which is an okay thing, mostly for the bad though, but that is just my opinion, what really shined were the secrets, all of them were fairly immaginative and all put in places that you would not expect AT ALL, only this makes me put a 9 in the section that would have otherwise been an 8.
I really like the overall atmosphere, sadly the underwater sections aren't that bluish, but that is fair, the atmosphere in the earth sections was very greekish and I truly found myself liking it!
I was fond of the texturing and lighting on earth, but I did find it a bit repetitive underwater, not bad at all, but still could be better, again the author maybe did not had enough time to assure it looking differently so I am still gonna give it an 8, good job!
Pretty wonderful job! I will be looking forward to see another game from the author again ^w^ Recommended :3 Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (11-Apr-2021)