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ORC21 - Please, don't break! by piano_raider

BlackWolfTR 8 9 8 7
Charles Kane 9 9 9 9
dinne 7 8 6 7
DJ Full 8 8 8 8
DroneQuadcopter 7 7 5 6
eRIC 8 8 9 7
g12STL 9 10 10 8
Jay 8 8 8 7
John 7 8 8 6
Jose 7 8 7 7
manarch2 6 6 5 4
MichaelP 7 8 7 6
MigMarado 9 9 10 10
Mman 8 9 8 7
nerdfury 8 9 6 5
Orbit Dream 8 8 7 8
p1kaa 9 8 8 8
Raina Audron 8 8 8 7
Ryan 8 8 8 8
Torry 8 8 9 8
Treeble 8 8 8 8
vandit 8 8 9 5
Wolf7 10 10 8 7
release date: 10-Apr-2021
# of downloads: 139

average rating: 7.77
review count: 23
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file size: 60.90 MB
file type: TR2
class: Venice

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Certainly an original concept for me playing in this secret underwater TR2 Venice style compound! Game play wise there's a lot of exploring around killing bad guys and finding keys/switches and doors etc at the very beginning but luckily for me variety is increased and we have some great timed trap tasks with collapsible tiles, spikes, fans, boulders, death doors and blades to deal with as well as a challenging task in the library with raising platforms! at first i thought it was timed and was getting frustrated that i wasn't just fast enough to reach that key every time until i realized i was triggering the final platform to drop every time by jumping too near to another trigger area which drops all the platforms haha! i think there is some other kind of timed task here to reach a jade dragon secret but to be honest i just wanted to leave that room behind me so gave up on that. Later on things become even more interesting both visually and exploring wise as you climb and platform to the higher areas of the compound and have to contend with giant spiders and scary platforming tasks before its time to blow up a part of the roof of the compound letting all the water in and therefore quickly swimming around trying to find the exit and the shore before you run out of breath, so quite a refreshingly original idea i thought and overall a memorable level for all the right reasons" - John (28-Oct-2022)
"Well constructed TR2 level that seemed odd at first with the high walls not reaching the ceiling but once you got into the game it took over and worked really well. For a One Room Challenge the author certainly squeezed in just about everything from TR2. From the goons with bats, the Hitmen and their guns, giant spiders and even the detonator. Much fun raiding to be had. One room you returned to time and time again and that got a little boring but as it was the path to the upper level and the backtracking was never that far I will let it slide. One timed run over tiles that you had to raise took me a few goes to master but other than that a fairly simple raid. Graphics were pretty good as well." - Torry (12-Sep-2022)
"A "One Room Challenge" level that turned out to be a brilliant mix of various sections of the original TR2.
The design feel a bit surreal, yet it worked. The gameplay and the secrets are well-paced and well-placed.
The enemies are plenty, but so do the weapons and the ammo. Though there's a lack of medipaks, so you should conserve them well.
All in all, an ORC level worth of your time.

P.S.: Since this level is released on my birthday, I can consider it a special gift for me. Thanks, Piano Man, er Raider ;D." - Charles Kane (09-Nov-2021)
"An entertaining and classic TR2 level with a Venice look. The progression is good, and there's not very tricky tasks except in the library (It took me a while to suppose the red carpet triggers the trapdoors) and the jump over the fan. There's variety of enemies and enough ammo for the extra weapons, but the author could place antitriggers here and there to stop the annoying sounds of the traps. I missed some more cameras and cd tracks, and the texturization is a bit poor, but the level is enjoyable enough to take a try. Good work." - Jose (23-Sep-2021)
"This is a full on Tomb Raider 2 engine level, and with a predominantly Venice theme. A basic description kind of undersells how wild this level is thematically, as it's a house built partially underwater, with the surface above you throughout. It also incorporates some other themes into it, and by the end you've took a turbo-trip through basically everything in TR2 but Tibet and Floating Islands. It's a little incoherent and structurally strange, but it leans into that well enough that it feels like a thematic choice. The lighting and object use is generally decent, and supports the concept of this being some secret storehouse for Bartoli. The gameplay is quite exploration focused, with the setting making great use of the space to gradually unravel and provide vertical design within the limits. Fittingly for TR2, there's quite a bit of combat, but it doesn't go overboard and there's a decent amount of equipment provided. Outside of combat the main gameplay is platforming and traps, with the main puzzle element being a few sneaky switches, but it keeps a good pace, and the setting is utilized for a somewhat satisfying climatic event too. A good entry, and, while less detailed or polished than others it's one of my favorites for how experimental it is in theme." - Mman (22-Aug-2021)
"(8) Gameplay & Puzzles: This is a short (~40 min), easy-to-medium adventure set in a goofy underwater Venetian cube. The builder effectively mixed up exploration, (mostly) simple platforming, combat and traps, although I think the adventure needed more puzzles. As I explored, the different areas of the cube would reveal themselves, which was good fun (especially reaching the upper levels). I think the level is mostly suitable for newer players aside from 2 specific instances: a) a trap gauntlet in the rocky caverns b) a curved jump into the vent area. A minor nitpick: I think there should have been a shortcut back up after you find the automatic pistols, as you are essentially punished with backtracking if you go for this pickup. (9) Enemies, Objects & Secrets: There are some thrilling fights, lots of neat classic objects, and an excellent variety of traps (I particularly enjoyed the tricky trap gauntlet in the caverns). All 3 secrets are done well. I think the only thing that could have used improvement in this category is the awkward difficulty curve with regards to enemy engagement; the combat near the start of the game is significantly more difficult than the final combats against the spiders (by then you'll have some awesome weaponry). (6) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The atmosphere and architecture is very silly and ridiculous (notice those wooden beams supporting this giant underwater Venetian cube?). The idea behind the environment is pretty cool, but I think it would have worked a lot better outside of ORC, in a situation where the builder can freely use all sorts of geometry to make the environment look less cubic. Another detractor to the atmosphere was the geometry in the distance glitching in and out. The sounds are pleasant and I was happy to hear the Venice Violins song. The ending cutscene is just lovely, but aside from that, the cameras aren't anything special; there's a few to provide guidance, but I think more could have been done with cameras. (5) Lighting & Textures: There's "patchwork", misshapen and misaligned textures all over the place, and lots of issues with lighting seams as well. It's a well-lit level, but it just doesn't look good. I'm sure the ORC restrictions played a large role in these issues, so I was a little conflicted as to how to rate this category (and this is why I've been dilly dallying with this review). Something to consider is that there are 2 other previous ORC TR2 levels that do NOT have these texturing and lighting issues. Something else also to consider is that while generally TR2 levels should only be compared to other TR2 levels, the builder did enter a competition in which the engine choice was open, so to me it seems reasonable to compare the level visually to the other ORC21 entries. Overall, this is a charming, fun and at times goofy level, that doesn't really stand out gameplay-wise, but still worth looking into if you want to try a very unique environment. I'm eager to see the builder's creativity in a future project that doesn't have construction restrictions. 8/9/6/5. **I beta-tested this level. This did not inflate my rating**" - nerdfury (22-Jun-2021)
"I love the idea of the level progression, you are in the same spot going back and forth but you solving puzzles at the same time. sometimes the level is a bit confusing specially in the vents when you pull the levers but don't know what they actually do, secrets wasn't that hard but you can miss the last one if you make the explosion before you pick it up, the remaining items are just more secrets I guess since you don't use them for solving the puzzles I love Venice/Opera levels, they never get old and they have special charm to them.. 8/10" - p1kaa (04-Jun-2021)
"This was a fun romp of about 45 minutes in good old TR2 Venice style. I liked the progression which was never really tricky, yet kept you moving around and thinking for a bit here and there, while disposing of all the thugs, dogs and spiders along the way. There are a few nice traps added for good measure and some thought went into the secrets, especially the thrid one, which required a bbit of backtracking. I also really liked the drama ending scene as a climax to the adventure. What I liked less was the relatively poor execution on textures and also lighting, the often constant noise induced by the traps (very annoying after a while) and the somewhat unnecessary jump across the moving fan that took a dozen attempts or so before finally being lucky enough to survive it. Definitely worth a look." - MichaelP (27-May-2021)
"A very interesting ORC level with good ideas but also some downsides. I liked the TR2 atmosphere, the strange but interesting map with the huge and at the same time threatening glass plate above our head. The enemies were also okay, although you should be clever with your medipacks, especially at the beginning. I found the puzzle with the trapdoors a bit annoying. That's why I didn't play the level in one piece, but had to take a longer break. What is unfortunately negative are the many stretched textures, other authors have definitely made more effort despite the ORC limitations. At the end I would have liked to be allowed to emerge, since everything was flooded. All in all, a nice and not always easy TR2 level, which entertained me for under 1 hour." - vandit (12-May-2021)
"It has a bit tough start but if you plan it, you don't need medikits so I'll let it pass. However I need to admit the combat feels a bit reversed - you keep finding stronger weapons while fights keep getting easier. In the end I didn't even use the M16 and was left with majority of ammo, so it feels like there was some bossfight removed from the level. Trapdoor puzzle was clever as well as the fish pickup. I also noticed a nice precaution where the enemy whose pickup you could lose under a table just doesn't carry any pickup. There's also a cutscene which we normally don't get from TR2 engine, however the ending was anticlimactic - I expected that final [_______] (spoiler censored) to make a bigger [______] (spoiler censored) instead of just a little [_______] (spoiler censored). The third secret was also both nonsense and genious, and if you go for it you need to climb the room for the second time (third if you go for automatic pistols), so a quick return would be needed to prevent cancelling the reward. However, the final secret room and the bonus both made up for it. In short, this level is a rather good map, and also universal - it doesn't require a special day to try." - DJ Full (07-May-2021)
"A pleasant adventure (TR2 is always pleasant), with an original environmental choice, but that could have been developed better. The gameplay is pretty basic but with some original ideas, like the library with trapdoors (although this is confusing, because everything looks timed before understanding how it works and sadly those lasers on the ceiling still don't help because you notice them when you're already up), and like turning off a fan to be able to climb a ladder. What harms gameplay here is mainly the architecture, requiring to continuously run back and forth through corridors to then find nothing at their ends and having to go back, while simply trying to reach the lower or upper room. That was particularly important when the player was asked to explore the whole level again to find out the opened canvas after the vent area, because of a missing camera hint. Some inconsistencies with windows that are breakable and that aren't, even if they look the same. Some unprofessional choices are also related to the fact that sometimes you find the "solution before the puzzle" (like the Gate Key, way before even seeing the Keyhole, and the fact of turning off the fans mostly just before seeing them). Combat is good, but there was no need to give me an M16 near the end of the level for no reason (there was no bossfight, hoarde or anything, just some spiders), and even the automatic pistols feel quite unnecessary if you have already shotgun and uzis. That was suggesting me an incoming big fight. Secrets are very good. About visuals, this level is a rare case of having the gamplay better than its aesthetics. ORC limits surely have to be taken in account but I'm pretty sure the architecture could have been made differently, while still keeping the concept. It looks drafty, with incredibly high rooms and especially without a ceiling, which gives that feeling of being reaching the "end of the world", while instead it's intended. Weird choices. I'm also a bit bored of the same Venice asset everyone uses without customization when trying the TR2 engine, but this is just a matter of "aging" of the asset and doesn't affect my rating. And good idea for the final cutscene you picked from the rig level." - dinne (04-May-2021)
"A fun TR2 level set in a hideout on seabed -- and the owner was even mindful to have a detonator in place for when the time came. Gameplay has you in search for a handful of keys, doing a series of jumps over trapdoors and going around the place a few times as you get to the upper levels to eventually make your leave. The TR2 engine still holds up pretty well, even more so with Arsunt's amazing patch, so it's not harsh on the eyes either. I was afraid there'd be too many gun fights (those venetian thugs), but enemy encounters are well balanced and so were the trapped hallways -- except, maybe, for that one fan we have to jump over. Still, good fun. 45 minutes, 2 secrets. 04/21" - Treeble (02-May-2021)
"I agree with Orbit Dream's review. This is a neat TR2 tribute that utilises its space really well indeed and overcomes the constraints to provide a charming and enjoyable little bit of raiding. Venice has always been a long time favourite location of mine in TR, and here it's been given the surrealistic touch by this builder. The environments manage to look pleasant in their own way, although the pastiche of textures scattered around was a bit too bold a choice at times. Despite the hectic beginning, this isn't too much of a shooter, as enemies are actually used judiciously throughout. The exploration factor is well thought out and I admired the way that you tended to traverse familiar areas later on, but from different angles (always a favourite of mine). Great fun throughout, right through to the wonderfully inspired ending sequence." - Ryan (01-May-2021)
"Time for some good old nostalgia fuelled leaping about on chandeliers and shooting henchmen. I have to say I’m a Venice fan in all its incarnations and this is a pleasant, traditional little adventure that develops nicely as it goes along. Despite some rather inevitable backtracking, the pace felt quite brisk and the unexpected ending with Lara flooding the mansion was great fun." - Jay (21-Apr-2021)
"Another fine example of a level rising above it's technical limitations in order to present an entertaining scenario. The mansion (rather unavoidably) has the appearance of an over-sized creation;but this ultimately works to the levels advantage,as you keep criss-crossing (sometimes from above) areas that you've been to before but with a continuing sense of progression. In this regard,the ending was well achieved;although I only escaped with one secret and no other reward. The gameplay threatened to be all about shooting to begin with;but settled into an always eventful (and fairly non-linear) adventure,with plenty of challenge and occasional puzzlement (the library circumnavigation had me stumped for a while). Sound and cameras were used judiciously;while atmosphere perhaps suffered from the surreal environment - texturing,while fine throughout, had something of a random appearance to it on occasion;while the inclusion of some of the traps felt as though they had been inserted into the game simply so as not to waste what came with the original wad. Overall,though,this was a solid,creative and entertainingly tongue-in-cheek adventure;which kept me enjoyably busy for an hour." - Orbit Dream (18-Apr-2021)
"For one room challenge is it a nice level, otherwise would be rating way lower. On the positive side, it has decent gameplay and the time of playing is nice as well. Puzzles are more repetitive, switches, keys, buttons... Enemies are in a decent amount, not too much, not a few. Secrets are well hidden, I was able to get only jade dragon into my sight, and forget to claim it :D. Objects used for the design of the level are nicely used, but on the other hand, there are too many guns on my taste for us to collect and they are on easy spots. The atmosphere of the level is very simple, and I did not feel a lot of vibes and energy from the level, which is saved a bit by using the static cameras to show us what happened after which switch/button. Texturing was not perfect but not terrible as well, a lot of textures was stretched, some of the textures were not fitting at all(carpet as inventory texture, few textures from Xian temple, those red tile ones...) Light in vents was missing in the return path or at least it was somehow dark, so yes it must be missing light. Overall experience and rating are saved by the fact, that it is a TR2 engine. To sum up, for the TR2 engine it is good to work, nothing that will make you jump out of your seat, but it is great execution with so limited material and with further restriction of ORC rules it is nice to work. I see potential in your building, I believe you know what mistakes you do, keep trying, keep building, only the practice creates the masters... But after all, Recommended for playing..." - DroneQuadcopter (16-Apr-2021)
"This is a very well designed level, that takes the most out of "one room" and deserves pretty much all the praise possible. The storyline is interesting and well executed in the level. Given the TR2 limitations, I don't think there would be a lot to improve upon. I had tremendous fun, the level brought back the feeling of some of the best parts of TR2! I only felt that finding keys, flipping switches and pushing buttons was somewhat limited gameplay. The enemies were aplenty, fun and varied. They ended up not being difficult to overcome, since there is much too much ammo and weaponry. The game is suitable for beginners, and the most difficult part is basically a somewhat tricky jump. piano_raider, thank you for the huge amount of fun you gave me! Congratulations on this TR2 reference of a level." - MigMarado (16-Apr-2021)
"I was really surprised at how well this game ended up being! The random enemies, the unnecessary death traps, the library room puzzle, it was all very nice! Backwards-and- forwards was kept to a minimum. The placement of weapons were good, and well hidden. Also, there is a nice touch of almost every level with the official TR II as an element to this TRLE. Literally, every room had something reminiscent of a certain level. This author has used great skill in making this level and I'm surely looking forward to the next." - g12STL (14-Apr-2021)
"Nice and short tr2 level in venice theme. Gameplay was actually cool but I found design of level kinda weird. I feel like textures in many places were placed randomly and some of them are actually streched. Author could also place more transitions. As on tr2 lighting was good but I found some cracks. There were some ideas that I really liked, like trapdoor jumping sequence and avoiding different traps. I also very liked the look of an outside which we saw at the end on only few seconds. Cool thing was minecraft TNT object in level, it looked so sweet XD Overally, good and short tr2 level with some interesting ideas. Recommended." - BlackWolfTR (13-Apr-2021)
"I'm not overly in awe with the visual presentation of the game, including patchwork texturing and many wrong textures and walls blinking in and out of existance. I do understand that much of this is part of the one room problem but I've seen more complex levels doing better. Nevertheless, the gameplay is rather refreshing from time to time and I enjoyed the trapdoor sequence and the breaktile jumps. At the start I thought this is going to be a shooter but at the end I didn't even need most of the found weapons. A game that I expected less when I started it, and so this was a rather positive surprise despite the mediocre looks. Found three secrets (but only two by myself and one not exactly the intended way ;)) in 25 minutes." - manarch2 (13-Apr-2021)
"A fun TR2 level , even if with a bit of confusion as i missed a key somewhere for a little while. The builder has made a good job to use well the limited size allowed , it did not feel very small for there is use of the heights, it was fun to jump around the top of the walls. There is some good traps , baddies as you can expect , even a small area with spiders, and a puzzle with trapdoors that can be taken for a timed task when it's not. The atmosphere is pretty good , not the usual one and that works well here in this strange setting where the player will realize this Bartoli's hideout is located under the sea. I did not try to get the first secret under the spiked ceiling , as for one of the two others it can be missed if the area is already flooded. Good level !" - eRIC (12-Apr-2021)
"This level really surprised me, I expected some classic TR2 experience and got something unusual! It felt more like a maze the way it was structured but it had some clever verticality to it and guns hidden around. Hunting for secrets was great while avoiding all the traps which there were plenty. It was a fun experience overall!" - Raina Audron (12-Apr-2021)
"Do not judge this book by its cover, the author has hidden one of the most engagingly fun experience under a seemingly huge and oddly textured place!
I was a tester for this one and I truly found myself fascinated about the incredible gameplay that this level hides, and truly does. Secrets are very fun to find, combatting is very fun too, and the flow of the level brings you into places that are surprisingly breathtaking, the developer unfortunately just found himself forced to put several stretched textures due to limitation of the game itself, that still manages to give the illusion that several rooms were made for the second floor, achieved instead through the usage of bridges and manages to give what in my opinion is one of the best platforming sections I have played, the library room.
Trust me, this level has a lot going on and you would not want to miss this at all! Great work has been made by the Author ^w^ Recommended :3 Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (11-Apr-2021)