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ORC21 - The Lost Pyramid by BlackWolfTR

Akirakina 8 8 7 7
dinne 6 6 6 5
DJ Full 6 7 7 6
DroneQuadcopter 10 10 9 8
eRIC 7 5 6 5
g12STL 8 9 8 8
Jay 7 7 7 7
Jose 5 6 6 6
Kubsy 7 6 7 7
Mahetus 9 7 8 7
manarch2 5 5 5 5
MichaelP 6 7 7 5
MigMarado 9 9 8 6
Mman 6 6 7 7
nerdfury 8 8 7 4
Orbit Dream 7 7 7 8
Phil 7 7 8 7
Ryan 7 7 7 7
Torry 5 5 7 5
vandit 8 7 6 5
Wolf7 8 6 7 6
release date: 10-Apr-2021
# of downloads: 173

average rating: 6.81
review count: 21
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file size: 89.20 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This traditional style level at around 20 minutes is short and sweet but suffers from a few issues. The major one being that IF you use the blue crystal in the wrong place then you will be stuck forever. There are two receptacles for this and you need to use the first crystal you get at the door above the ladder on the cliff else it all grinds to a halt. I used it at the second receptacle opening the door to the turning blades and of course could not then access the next crystal. Hence my reduced game play score. My other complaint is the darkness although sufficient flares are provided. Finding the grenade launcher is a godsend." - Torry (21-Sep-2022)
"Not very friendly this Egyptian level, very dark with few flares, and with some nasty traps, specially the chain combined with the circular blades. No much care with the texturization, the tasks are simple and the ammo is enough to deal with the well balanced enemies. The author should place more cameras here and there and think about any puzzle to solve, but the game is solid and playable anyway although not very entertaining." - Jose (24-Sep-2021)
"This entry is a classic Tomb Raider 4 pyramid setting, albeit using the Cleopatra Palace textures. The main room looks good, with a large pyramid structure, a decently organic cave, with nice object use. The lighting of a lot of the cave is a bit dark (even if it doesn't really hide anything needed) with little transition between light and dark spots. The side areas are pretty simple and cubic, although there's nothing overtly bad about them, and texturing is consistently good. Enemies are basic TR4 ones, but they fit well enough. The gameplay is relatively simple, but generally makes decent use of the space, and there's a couple of quite challenging trap sequences. It's not especially long, but it has a general flow and builds up to some sort of conclusion despite the short length. This seems to be somewhat of a beginner level, but it has enough going on that can be refined with more practice and has nothing massively wrong." - Mman (21-Aug-2021)
"This is a very classic 30 minute long adventure, using a lot of elements from Cleopatras Palace, like the mechanical beetle for example. And it is put together in a solid way, as it sends you up and down and around the big central pyramid. I was actually surprised with some of the traps that took a few attempts to maneuver around them, but apart from that it is all very straightforward, with the occasional coyote and ninja thrown in for good measure. The atmosphere created kind of works, but textures could use some more effort and the overall rather too many very dark corners hide any possible attempt at proper lighting. Still there are enough flares provided, so not really an issue to tap your way around the darkness. Nothing new here, but still fun to play in a retro kind of way." - MichaelP (26-May-2021)
"first of - I watched some YT Videos of this level, that made me want to play this as well. I Played this in 2 ways, 1 with getting the Nadelauncher and 1 without. It tends to be more easy with of course, but I won't judge on that, like the idea. Gameplay & Puzzles: 8/10 - It is a good and followable level, I tend to have more fun with these kinds of levels, it is good followable and nice and relaxing. Although sometimes had some issues with puzzles, like jumping etc. It is quite exiting though. Personal point of view: The spinny blades are just not good, seems a little off to me. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: 8/10 - With only 1 secret that is quite easy to find I miss a little the treasure hunt. I understand that it is an ORC, so not full fletched rooms can be put in. But maybe have a little small sequence to get it? Regarding objects and Enemies, It is ok, Only issue I had was at the top of the stairs, I dropped and died so many times (I am just clumsy) Made me laugh. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: 7/10 - I like your Atmosphere what you wanted to bring, although I was not entirely sure what kind of message is behind it. I tend to feel a kind of idea what you wanted to bring to the player but I could not catch on. Cameras are fine, good overviews and clear images of what does what. Sound, no remarks there. It is fair. Lighting & Textures: 7/10 - Lighting was sometimes a bit to dark for me, even with my screen brightness and all upped, Maybe I oversaw something, or it is intended. I like the idea of being dark and spooky, but I prefer to see where I can move, I did not see that all the times. Textures seems sometimes not that clear/connected But I think that is something on my end." - Akirakina (18-May-2021)
"This one displays little nuisances like lack of light and locked enemies, but on the other hand I didn't softlock or get stuck anywhere. I think the best summary is "playable, but not really polished"... which maeans I just said the same thing twice. And of course, as it is for TRNG levels, if you find the secret grenade gun, you WILL lose more health than if you miss it. Sigh..." - DJ Full (08-May-2021)
"A very basic and short TR4 level. Probably for 2021 it became quite boring to see again and again the same old TR4 asset, but anyway, taking it like a level that purposely tries to give nostalgic TR4 vibes, it's still quite simple and basic. But it works. Mostly linear, the gameplay relies on the usual classic elements and unfortunately offers backtracking every time there are some traps (so you have to face them twice). Weapons and pickups are balanced, combat is basic, secret is secret but not unfair, puzzles are ok. The atmosphere is lacking because of many pitch black shadows and weird lighting sometimes, Not an exciting adventure but could be suitable for a fast and simple raiding." - dinne (06-May-2021)
"This is quite short, but lively enough, with straightforward gameplay involving quite a good mix of enemy action, traps and a brief bit of torch work. It does involve a fair bit of coming and going between the various areas, but there’s nothing difficult to achieve and it’s entertaining enough for its duration. Blameless, basically." - Jay (26-Apr-2021)
"At the outset, I'd like to make a motion that henceforth the descriptive word "lost" is to be forever banned for use in the title of a custom level. We just don't need any more Lost Anythings, thank you. Come to think of it, "pyramid" also ranks up there from the standpoint of triteness. That being said, I had a good time navigating these tight quarters in a traditional Egyptian environment while acquiring the assorted pickups that allowed me to make my escape from the boxed-in cave housing the eponymous structure. Progression is relatively straightforward, although it never dawned on me that you were supposed to leave one room for another before completing the tasks in the first room until I pulled a wall switch in that second room for that "aha" moment. (As the written and video walks point out, you can do everything in the first room without leaving it by using the "jump up and draw your pistols" trick to bring a torch up higher.) It's pretty dark in some areas, but ample flares are provided. Nothing new or outstanding here, just a fun raid in the Old Tradition." - Phil (25-Apr-2021)
"A solid first pick for me in this one room challenge. It's not without its flaws and irritations, but it certainly offers an enjoyable gaming experience and provides sufficient entertainment. The dark lighting really is too overwhelming, the ninja attacks were a bit repetitive and the traps were a tad on the brutal side health-wise, but the concept of the central pyramid as a hub area is nicely executed in this case and the level has a nice sense of linear forward progression as you open up the various doors before defeating the boss and escaping with your prize after around half an hour." - Ryan (23-Apr-2021)
"A solid 25 minute adventure with agreeable looks. A bit dark at times and not so much eye candy with some texturing errors but the central pyramid was nicely used. Gameplaywise ordinary, with a few quirky combinations of traps and quite simple puzzles. The enemy design is so-so, with many running in certain objects but some effectively placed. Only one easy secret to find, maybe a few more could've been placed and perhaps the gameplay could also be more extensive if the space had been used better, but it's certainly not the worst ORC level I've played and with its moments." - manarch2 (20-Apr-2021)
"40 minutes long level with the original TR4 textures and objects. The difficulty level is mostly easy, but there are some traps that will take you several tries to overcome. The corners at the edge of the cave are a bit too dark for my taste. I also saw an untextured tile at the end. Also, at least one door was placed in such a way that it doesn't let you enter the square behind it due to the door collision. I found the secret, but only at the end, so the bonus weapon was of no use to me, lol. Positive about this level is it's well playable, there are some enemies and puzzles that are manageable for everyone, and it brings back the TR4 feeling." - vandit (17-Apr-2021)
"(8) Gameplay & Puzzles: The easy gameplay has a fun variety of exploration, traps, combat, and mini-puzzles in the form of a torch sequence and lever maze. It's all very charming and engaging with an early 2000's retro feel, and a smooth progression, and I remained interested for the 30 min gameplay duration. There's nothing innovative or challenging here but gameplay-wise it's the perfect fit for someone who just wants to chill a bit in a classic environment. I noticed a weird glitch: Under 2 pushables there is an entrance to the underwater area. If you go down into the water, and try to surface, Lara will "fall through" the surface and not be able to get out. I think it's a portal issue between the water and the dry room above it. (8) Enemies, Objects & Secrets: There's good enemy placement and variety, although some ninjas and the harpies would just charge at the walls. The builder took great effort to decorate the main pyramid hub room with foliage, and no area felt empty and lacking in objects. For an ORC, there's a decent variety of traps. It was a bit weird that there were 2 pushables that weren't really pushables on the pyramid. (7) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The architecture of the main pyramid room was competently constructed, but the side rooms weren't memorable. The ambient background is appropriate, although the wrong sound plays when ninjas shoot at Lara -- this should have been caught and fixed before release. Static camera hints are good, although I would have liked to have seen a flyby to immerse the player. (4) Lighting & Textures: I will talk about the pervasive darkness in a bit, as it's a subjective matter, but I wanted to touch on many issues that are not subjective, and needed more attention and care: misshapen textures, misaligned geometry along the cave walls, statics and sarcophagi that are the wrong color compared to their surroundings, and underwater cracks. These mistakes are more noticeable when you use flares or binoculars. I'm sorry for my harsh words but considering that the builder is no longer new, these aforementioned issues needed polish prior to release. Now, onto the darkness: the builder provides adequate flares, but the level is just too dark to be enjoyed aesthetically in my opinion. Completely pitch black shadowy blobs do not look good. I believe there needs to be a balance between underground-tomb-realism and player-friendliness in terms of visibility, and the builder leaned too far towards the former. I think a good compromise would have been to keep the main pyramid room fairly dark, to build an eerie atmosphere, yet have the side challenge rooms be more brightly-lit for some eye candy, and a change of pace from all of the darkness. Overall, the gameplay would be a good fit for someone who wants a short, classic adventure, and doesn't mind dark levels. I think the builder has developed bounds in gameplay design, so awesome work on that, but I would also recommend to the builder to take his time with all of the little aesthetic details for his next project. When you combine all of these details together, they make up a polished visual experience. I know the builder can do it. 8/8/7/4." - nerdfury (15-Apr-2021)
"The level of difficulty ultimately surprised me upon playing this game. I was not prepared for what was to come but that made the level more fun for me. Even though it was only one room, the level of backwards-and-forwards was kept at a minimum, which is a huge point-booster for fun. The enemies were well placed and often caught me by surprise when they spawned. All of the audio was appropriate and the level of darkness was copacetic with my idea of how dark an actual tomb would be. I'm looking forward to the next level from the author!" - g12STL (14-Apr-2021)
"The story justifying the pyramid and the raid is very good, and based in historic fact! That is always great for me, and for itself made this little level worth every minute. Gameplay was a little bit predictable after a while, and the choice of having so many underground plant growth was a bit weird for me, in this arid context. Of course, the looks of the level were the most underachieving aspect, because it all looked too old, since the textures were mostly typical of older (TR1-3) games and older TRLEs. This level is short and mostly easy to moderate, but beginners are going to have difficulty with some challenging traps and enemies. Overall, a good raid that did not disappoint! Thank you for participating in the contest, BlackWolfTR, and congratulations on the very creative approach to the storyline. Keep it up!" - MigMarado (14-Apr-2021)
"A successful ORC level,in my opinion,ought to feel as though it's a perfectly entertaining adventure in its own right regardless of the building limitations (the better the builder,the less obvious these limitations);and this particular entry fits the bill admirably. The looks are perhaps a tad 'Cleopal old-school';and the lighting is definitely too dark - but the gameplay is full-on from the start;an enjoyable mixture of exploration,combat and physical challenges. I could have done without the harpy attacks in confined spaces,as these were unavoidably buggy;but the torch puzzle,while conventional,was decently set-up;and the mechanical beetle,put through its paces very effectively. There was plenty of back-and-forth;but this never became a nuisance,as distances were small;and the path for progression was ingeniously devised,leading to a proper Finale. All in all,45 enjoyable minutes;with never a dull moment." - Orbit Dream (14-Apr-2021)
"That's a pretty good ORC level despite some flaws. Gameplay is enjoyable and quite nice, there is some backtracking that some players may don't like. For me it wasn't such a big deal. There are also good ideas with some puzzles that I really like along with the trap setups. Enemies are placed nice and they are balanced, I personally didn't have a problem with them at all. There is only one secret that is easy to find if you explore precisely. Usage of objects is also good but I think more statics or even plants will be good and the environment will look a lot better in my opinion but as said it is still not bad. The atmosphere is proper and fit very well to the whole level. There are enough camera hints that I think players won't get lost that easily, it didn't happen to me at least. Textures are placed nice, but there are some lighting cracks or stretched textures that don't look good and it should be done a little better. I have mixed feelings about lighting, it is good but I think it is too dark at some places and some objects are affected by different lighting than it should be. In all this is a good level with strong gameplay. Recommended." - Mahetus (13-Apr-2021)
"This is an amazing level, and it is a good idea for ORC. It is always easy to say what is wrong, but it is hard to say what is right and nice and I will start with that. I like the design of the level, and how it was executed in the ORC. I like that level was appropriately designed so I feel like inside of some abandoned cave with some Pyramid that was forgotten in time. Let's talk about puzzles now. It was not just about switch, lever, push block, but it was more complex, and each of those puzzles was nicely composed and brings something new to the game. Gameplay and puzzles were for me an amazing level. Second evaluated section taking enemies and objects with secrets into notice, I must admit that I did not found that sole secret in the level. Otherwise, it was nicely composed, not so many enemies, not so few of them. Objects used for designing the level were used appropriately to the situation. Talking about Atmosphere, sounds and cameras, you will feel like you are inside of some dark cave, that has only a small source of light from the skylight trying to get thorugh that small hole in the top of it. I feel level as atmospheric and it is nice to work. Last but not least the textures and lightning, which were for me on the good level, but I have to mention that I think I noticed one or two stretched textures and even if I give the lightning positive points for the atmosphere, I have to take some points for it in this section because even if you collect the flares, they are limited and sometimes is level too dark, so you cannot discover it properly. On the other hand, the Atmosphere is sometimes too dark, so it can be a little bit disturbing, and thus I have to take some points, but overall it is 9.25 / 10 and it is excellent work." - DroneQuadcopter (12-Apr-2021)
"When I started off the game I was not expecting too much if I have to be honest with the builder, although I was really, really blown away by the gameplay.
Some might argue its backtracking, that is, yes, a bit annoying, but not too much when the developer makes usage of some interesting puzzles and some amazing trap sequences, that I have managed to go through without the usage of a medipack, altho with a glitch.
For the rest, it is a pretty standard looking level, with some actually quite dark lighting, even too much for my taste, but the author is learning ^w^.
I would not recommend too much the usage of HD objects among the original TRLE objects, as it can looks a bit uncanny.
I will be looking forward to see more from the builder ^w^ Good job :3
I would also recommend this one out :3 Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (11-Apr-2021)
"In a dark brown cavern with greenery in the middle of which stands a pyramid, Lara will have to climb blocks and retrieve key objects to access side rooms , avoid traps or solve a torch puzzle while dodging or killing some enemies. Given the narrowness of some of these different places , half of the enemies in my game were quickly stuck in walls (the two harpies , and two of the ninjas). Your progression is rather logical here and this is an important plus for the level. Texturing and some details like doors opening in the wrong room , or a chain entering into a solid wall , could have been polished more but maybe , just maybe , that comes from the format of the ORC challenge and not enough time was given. Anyway this provided a 35 minutes raid of good classic fun." - eRIC (11-Apr-2021)
"I was proud to be one of Blackwolf's beta tester as the author improved so much from his debut level especially after releasing his AET. The gameplay was quite simplistic there weren't really any puzzles but of course, it's an ORC so it is quite hard to implement a complex puzzle unless you know what you're doing but nevertheless, I enjoyed the mini lever puzzle and obstacles. The lighting is good and I liked the mix of colours in the rooms but in my opinion, they didn't really fit too much but I appreciate that he did that. It was quite dark in the main room. I would suggest that the author uses sun bulbs and spotlights to create a nice effect. Some of the enemies were stuck for example the scorpion was stuck in the wall and the flying entity as well, not sure what was the problem though. I liked the boss fight at the end. Overall it's a nice ORC level and congratulations for managing creating a level in One Room :)" - Kubsy (10-Apr-2021)