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Louvre Galleries (Demo) by Delca

Adngel 9 10 10 10
Aries 8 9 10 10
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
billie2001 8 9 10 10
BlackWolfTR 10 10 10 10
Bruno-Oyaji 10 10 10 10
Cbl 9 10 10 10
Cruzader 9 10 10 10
ddaring_dash 10 10 10 10
dinne 6 6 10 10
DJ Full 8 8 10 10
FairFriend 8 9 10 10
haley 10 10 10 10
Hedteur 8 8 10 10
Jason L 7 7 8 9
Jay 7 8 10 10
JesseG 6 9 9 9
John 8 10 10 10
Jorge22 8 8 9 9
Jose 6 8 8 10
Kubsy 10 10 10 10
Lady_Wise 8 10 10 10
Lara_Fox_Croft 9 9 10 10
Lima 10 10 10 10
Lizard Queen 10 10 10 10
manarch2 5 7 9 9
MarlenaCrystal 8 9 10 10
MichaelP 6 8 10 10
Nickelony 7 7 10 10
Nina Croft 9 10 10 10
OblivionJaw 9 9 10 10
Orbit Dream 7 8 10 10
Phil 8 9 9 9
Potkanka 9 10 10 10
Raildex 8 10 9 9
Raquel 10 10 10 10
requiemsoul 7 9 9 9
Ryan 7 8 10 10
StormChaser 9 10 10 10
TOMBSAGE 8 8 9 10
vandit 9 9 10 9
Wolf7 8 10 10 10
young Lara Croft 8 10 10 10
Zuxuna 10 10 10 10
release date: 10-May-2021
# of downloads: 409

average rating: 9.23
review count: 44
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file size: 140.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Remake

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"It's an amazing Demo that shows off Delca's excellent detail to the environment and gives us yet another AOD level, a high-quality but ultimately suffers from a single issue- the gameplay is slightly disappointing, but besides that you truly have everything in regards of graphics- high detail models, lighting is amazing, the Lara model and animations are really smooth and well done with no issues whatsoever. A must play, only having a bit of a gameplay bottleneck." - OblivionJaw (10-Dec-2023)
"Of all the levels that want to look like Angel of Darkness, this level is surely the best. Everything about its construction is wonderful. The textures, the objects, the animations, everything is great and must have required hours of work to achieve a quality close to TR6. The level is not very hard and is accessible to everyone, so even beginners in trle levels will be able to play it without real difficulty. Congratulations to Delca for this adventure." - Bigfoot (19-Apr-2023)
"If Tomb Raider 6 were made like this, it would've been successful. This reimagined stage combines the graphics of TR6 with TR3 circle menu and sewers sounds, TR4 engine and some TR5 moves. It's not long, but the scenario is so beautiful and detailed that I took my time to explore every room with pleasure. More stages with fizxed TR6 style should be made. It feels like a whole step ahead in the Level Editor community. If this is just a demo, I anxiously wonder what else is coming in the future." - Bruno-Oyaji (13-Apr-2022)
"Inspired by AOD but not a clone, this level looks absolutely amazing. The room with the sofas, tables and paintings was so good I just wandered around staring in awe at the texturing and objects. By far the most impressive looking custom level I have ever seen and the objects were simply amazing, even the little things like the Health & Safety floor signs. My only criticism (a small one) is that a few more human enemies would have been great as it seemed a bit empty." - StormChaser (13-Nov-2021)
"Really a level with very beautiful environments, the rooms are very well ornated, with all kind of cool objects and perfect texturization with a lot of marvellous new textures. I take my hat. Excellent. I think the other reviewers give high ratings only for this; but Tomb Raider is not only this, there should also be a good gameplay, traps, well balanced enemies, enough pickups, an appropriate atmosphere, etc. About the gameplay, the receptacles for the card are too small and difficult to see, hidden among a lot of objects; and what about the disk? Inside an urn, very difficult to figure out you need to shoot and pick it up, because it seems that there's nothing inside, just a black spot (and no hints to know there's an important item there, of course). The puzzle with the movables was another thing, and the tasks with the lasers were entertaining too. The time to avoid the toxic gas was enough for me, and the puzzle in the excavation site is well builded. Another thing I didn't like was the AOD movements for Lara, I prefer the classic movements, more immediate and with better control. A great attemp with a lot of work behind, but with some aspects to improve in my opinion. We'll see the final version." - Jose (09-Nov-2021)
"This level is a showcase of what is still possible with the old Tomb Engine. I'm not an avid player of custom levels but, as far as I am concerned, this is the best looking one that has ever been released. Not only the level looks spectacular, but it also plays equally well. Most levels with such high fidelity crumble under the weight of many custom objects, which inevitably slow down performance. Delca has taken the smart way of integrating decorative objects into the geometry of the level itself, a possibility afforded by the most recent versions of Tomb Editor. The relative scarcity of objects means that performace is great even on my underpowered laptop. As for the gameplay, the level offers some unique gameplay systems, such as a progression system that allows Lara to get stronger by interacting with specific objects, à la Angel of Darkness. Given the brevity of the level, these additions are not exploited to their fullest extent, but after all this is just a demo. My only gripe is with the enemies, that in my opinion take too many bullets to go down. While this does encourage a somewhat more strategic approach, combat has never been TR strongest suit, and thus it was disappointing to get stuck in these fights, when I would rather solve an extra puzzle or two. Speaking of which, I found the very last puzzel in the excavation site to be exceedingly simple, but I attribute this to the demo nature of the level; I'm sure it will be expandend upon in the final version. One final observation: the level design strives for realism, and mostly succeeds, but I found the way in which we access the interior of the Louvre a tad less credible than the rest. I wouldn't even bother to mention it if the rest of the level wasn't as good as it is. Overall, my congratulations to Delca for crafting one of the most beautiful and professionaly put together custom level. I can't wait to see more from the final project, and I will make sure to play every new release from this author in the future." - FairFriend (26-Sep-2021)
"This level is worthy of praise. Textures, objects and lighting are impeccable. I don't know if this is a beginning of a longer story, or just a stand-alone level, so I am not going to comment on the gameplay, which is in my opinion, the most important part in creating a game. The overall ambiance is excellent. I like sound effects and selection of background tracks. I don't particularly like to see a copy of AOD, but puzzles and traps are really well made. This builder, if he continues in this direction, is going to build really amazing levels in the future." - Lima (22-Sep-2021)
"Stunning and gorgeous, atmospheric, exciting and fun to explore and play as well. it really felt like i was playing louvre galleries in AOD again with all the music, the way lara looks, moves and sounds. i loved the exploring and platforming the new sprint jump is awesome and then youve got laser traps, exciting timed runs, fan traps, a puzzle involving light and pushables the list goes on.. i just cant believe how good everything looks and feels its just so nostalgic because i loved the galleries from the original game it was a highlight for me so to play this remake was so much fun and such a thrill. the only negative i can think of is that its too short in length, i wanted more to explore and more puzzles or new areas etc i was gutted when it ended in an archaeology dig gameplay teaser, get me back to the galleries! haha" - John (27-Aug-2021)
"This is Angel of Darkness but with functioning controls, and even more beautiful graphics. The puzzles have also been revised, so they give us a fresh take on the louvre galleries. I loved playing it, it is a fantastic little demo, and I hope the author keeps gives us more. 10/10 experience for me." - Raquel (20-Aug-2021)
"This was such an outstanding debut! Two versions of the level were released - the second one being an update with a keypad removed, cause some players had issues with it. I played both versions and there are only minor differences, so this review is about both versions. This level is a short re-imagination of the Tomb Raider 6 Louvre section - and it even looks better than the original game to some extent. The author paid a lot of attention to details and he even created almost all of the objects, including environmental parts, on his own. Even if inspired by an original game it's the most "custom" you can get in a "custom" level. The gameplay is rather simple and the task are very nicely implemented, yet the gameplay aspect is a little bit short for a whole standalone-level. If there would have been two or three short levels like this, but combined as an adventure it would have been perfect. The level is titled as a "Demo", though. Unfortunately I had to give a 9 in the second category since despite having so many amazing objects, the level didn't have fitting enemies and the Louvre appeared rather abandoned. Sneaking behind some guards or knocking them out could have been ideas to expand the gameplay even. Atmosphere and the whole environment on its own (including lighting and textures) was just amazing and very immersive. Everything is coherent and fits nicely together, there are not many levels that have such consistency in visuals. Overall such a nice short raid, from which I would have wished it had been longer. It took me about 20 to 25 minutes and I found 3 of 5 secrets." - MarlenaCrystal (15-Jul-2021)
"This Game is very visually pleasing, was truly stunning and a reimagined version of the louvre in AOD. Very simple game play and short game, but very good and beautiful. I hope to see more from this builder, maybe remake the Hall of Seasons? Textures and lighting were fantastic, music was lovely, just like AOD. Great Work." - Lady_Wise (30-Jun-2021)
"A great debut level that is supposedly a demo for a larger AOD Revised custom. You begin in some dusty storage rooms, make your way to the rooftops and into the galleries. When you enter the Louvre properly, you can see right off the bat how beautiful this level is. If I could give more than 10 for textures and objects, I would. There are even realistic portraits of famous french kings, architects and writers in the room with the fireplace. Unfortunately, apart from the intense timed run at the end, and two easy puzzles, the gameplay is pretty much just inserting keycards and evading lasers. Don't get me wrong, it's not bad or anything, just nothing that clever. The secrets were usually hidden behind objects/pretty easy to find. The level also had no enemies, I think it would benefit from at least one guard. Summary: To the eye, it is the best level I have ever played. Despite its shortness and lack of difficulty for the most part, I still greatly enjoyed playing it. Recommended." - Aries (26-Jun-2021)
"This is the best looking TRLE I've ever seen! The visuals, sounds, lighting and atmosphere are simply off the charts. Visually a true masterpiece! On the other hand, the puzzles were good, but very basic. Still, this level is a technological achievement in TRLE level making!" - Nickelony (04-Jun-2021)
"Normally I tend to play new releases in order – it appeases my borderline OCD tendencies – but I just could not wait another minute to play this. Wow! This is visually utterly breathtaking. Obviously, being a demo the gameplay is somewhat short, but as a ‘taster’ it will almost certainly leave you drooling for more and it’s an amazing sightseeing experience. Immerse yourself in the wonderful galleries and forget Lara’s bizarre AOD movements, which was the only aspect of AOD that I didn’t exactly love. The author has not only created the look of the original, but has bettered it. Magnificent." - Jay (25-May-2021)
"Fun little demo, superb museum setting and a remake of AoD that is true to the original but with some good level design as well. Puzzles may not be so complex or make sense( like the last wheel one) but all in all I'd prefer to wait for a complete build to write an in depth review." - young Lara Croft (24-May-2021)
"I have not been playing a level for a long time, but when the community suddenly has such a "talk of the town" level that yields so many reviews in such a short time, you do get curious, so I ventured into the Louvre as well. And what can I say that has not already been said? The aesthetics of this level are literally off the scale. It must have taken an enormous amount of skill, patience and time to get this to the level of perfection it has. The attention to detail was just amazing, including use of light and shadows. As for Lara's running animation, well, I did not like it in AoD and I do not like it here as if feels clumsy and unnatural, but each to their own, I guess. In terms of gamneplay the author at least tried to include a certain variety with a few jumps, the navigation of the lasers and a well designed (sort of) timed run with the toxic gas idea (which is very generous in timing), but it is all very basic and very little to deal with. The small puzzle in the dig site at the end felt more like a cliff hanger to show what could come in a larger greater adventure. So, it all ends after less than 30 minutes and you are just left wanting so much more of this to look at and run around in - and then hopefully a bit more substantial and intricate gameplay alongside with it as well." - MichaelP (21-May-2021)
"What stands out in this level are the aesthetics, and the attention to detail is beyond belief. It feels like playing AoD with perfectly working controls. The gameplay is nice too, just not very dense, which is understandable for a demo of a bigger game. The 5 secrets are easy to find but they put a nostalgic smile on my face, so I consider them rewarding. The only enemies are some some bats and rats. A couple of guards would be a logic addition though, and stealth mode perhaps? All in all, a short but breath-taking demo of what's to come. No difficult tasks, suitable even for beginners. Highly recommended and congratulations to the builder for such an impressive debut." - billie2001 (21-May-2021)
"This is a visually stunning demo, one that easily rivals and possibly even surpasses the original Angel of Darkness section in terms of sheer beauty. Texturing and lighting is absolutely exquisite, the atmosphere is sublime and the object placement not too cluttered. Gameplay is rather on the simplistic and linear side, with a rather simple pushable object puzzle, a brief sojourn out on the rooftops, a mildly challenging laser gallery sequence and an admittedly tense escape from the gallery as poisonous gas seeps in. The five secrets were nice little Easter Egg additions too, although I did stumble across them fairly easily. With an extended duration and maybe a little more complexity in the gameplay, the remainder of the series could be something of a masterpiece." - Ryan (19-May-2021)
"I will make this short and sweet... I LOVED this level in every respect. It is exactly like the original AOD which I also loved. I just want to thank the builder for taking extra care in the building technique to break out the rooms so that the level could have super smooth gameplay on any computer without sacrificing any of the glorious detail and atmosphere. You see, it can be done. Well done, Delca! Such a magnificent accomplishment." - Lizard Queen (17-May-2021)
"A charming little demo level I immensely enjoyed playing! I still cannot believe that this little level was made by TRLE/NGLE, as it really looks and feels like the Angel of Darkness. The builder took great effort to make it look and feel like the Angel of Darkness. Sounds are all from TR6, textures are perfectly selected and placed, and truly beautiful. Lighting is perfect (and I am extremely strict when it comes to lighting). There are no enemies, but in such a level, there shouldn't be any, and an enemy would in this kind of level seem out of place. Objects (statics) are all custom-made and perfectly fitted into the geometry. Secrets are cleverly hidden, excellent work on that! There was one puzzle with pushable objects which wasn't hard to solve, but it was indeed interesting. Gameplay: well, this is a museum level of TR6 type, and the gameplay follows the Louvre Galleries level from TR6. However, the builder added some new moments, which is really great! Not only must we squeeze through the lasers, but this time we must also find a code to lower the ceiling lights to be able to shimmy toward the legendary Mona Lisa painting. I really liked that part, as well as the puzzle with three pushable object. I highly recommend this little eye candy to the players, and I beg the builder to continue building similar levels. Great work, Delca! Keep building!" - Nina Croft (17-May-2021)
"This is a very attractive short demo level (less than 30 minutes real time) with great textures of museum paintings and objects from the Louvre. As such it is a Tomb Raider version of a first-rate casual hidden object-puzzle adventure game such as those from Domini Games. But this is still a Tomb Raider game that is deliberately intended to be reminiscent of Core Design’s Angel of Darkness. The emphasis is on beauty in this demo rather than gameplay, but the final game version in the distant future will presumably be focused primarily on gameplay. The first part of the level is essentially a trek to find the entrance to the museum with some backtracking. The secrets are trivial and easy to get, and the enemies are merely annoying bats. The real challenges are the laser beams, and the fairly easy timed run at the end to escape toxic gas. The keypad is nice and easy to do (although the builder is reportedly getting rid of it rather than fixing it for the few people who had problems—poor choice). The screen is slow to load and dark for a few seconds in some places, but this may be normal for the way it was built. This demo is recommended for all players because it is not difficult, and is a treat to the eyes. Good job for a demo and the bar is being set very high for expectations of the final version someday." - TOMBSAGE (17-May-2021)
"This is essentially a small summary of Lara's visit to the Louvre in Angel of Darkness, including the sewers, the galleries, and the dig site. The aspect that jumps out the most is the architecture, which is hand-modeled to resemble its source, which lends itself to a very strong atmosphere. However there are a few trade-offs in immersion, one being that the lighting seems to be completely static, and the environment doesn't respond at all to gun-fire; I didn't realize until now just how much I relied on that to help me navigate levels (especially when there's no flares or binoculars to help). The other trade-off is that there are very few solid walls, and it can be hard to tell what is an actual ledge or not. During her time here Lara will solve two relatively simple puzzles, dodge many lasers, and shoot some bats, along with a timed run through toxic gas. She also has the sprint jump from Angel of Darkness, which is a lot of fun. The one thing that rubbed me the wrong way was the strange pool of water that is instant death for some reason. Either way, this is a great choice for players hankering to celebrate an iconic section of Angel of Darkness. 22 minutes." - JesseG (16-May-2021)
"This rather short level is properly evaluated as a demo, which indeed it is according to several forum posts. But it's a well-crafted demo, especially in the galleries that give it its name. It doesn't start off terribly well, with several dark and musty bat-infested rooms you have to navigate, followed by a brief outdoor rooftop excursion (requiring use of a springpole and the rarely seen sprint jump), before gaining entry to the museum itself. The art exhibits have been rendered with painstaking accuracy, and if I were an art buff I would have recognized many more paintings than I did. Gameplay is rather straightforward, with a pushpiece exercise that even I could figure out, but there's a nice timed run near the end where you have to escape a museum that's been filled with poisonous gas. Thankfully the health bar declines with generous slowness, giving you ample time to get out. The full game should be a real treat whenever it's released." - Phil (16-May-2021)
"This level was surprisingly able to mobilize 20 reviewers in the first few days only, something rarely seen these days. Surely, the graphics in this one are highly detailed with great looking objects and this game is coming very close to reality at times. It also has a bit of diversity in terms of gameplay, with some exploration, laser traps to avoid, a timed run against the toxic gas and two puzzles of which the last one was a bit disappointing as the symbols actually had no meaning at all. So all in all, the main thing that prevents me from rating it even higher is that it doesn't have all too much on offer and ends quite abruptly after just 12 minutes. Hopefully this is a demo or teaser of a larger project. Found the three secrets." - manarch2 (16-May-2021)
"This is a reimagining of the Louvre level from TR:AoD within the TR4 engine. The builder has very faithfully managed to construct this custom level so that it looks very similar to AoD on a graphical level but also on an animation level. Lara’s animations are very similar to AoD in how they look however mechanically wise it still feels like TR 4 for the most part (and this point is a positive in my opinion). The level is short but packed with some beautiful environments and puzzles which while they were simple, their ideas were creative and fun to solve. Gameplay-wise I found it quite enjoyable except for one part where you have to do a tricky jump over some insta- killing lasers which was a bit frustrating. Also, it’s unrealistic to have death lasers inside the Louvre but I realise that this was a compromise over making the lasers instead sound an alarm and calling guards which would have been more difficult to implement. This custom level is very good and I highly recommend it. It’s short but very sweet and I have to say that I am impressed at what Delca has achieved here technically with the TR4 engine which is over 20 years old at this point. If Delca is planning on making more levels in this style than I can’t wait to see what this builder has in store for us." - Cruzader (15-May-2021)
"This is a positively charming little raid (well,more of an intrusion really) of around an hour of leisurely play;with a nicely developing sense of progression. The gameplay is enjoyable and never too demanding;while the puzzles are far simpler than they originally appear (which may be a little deflating).Enemies are disappointingly sparse (I could really have done with a few guards patrolling the place);and the sewer section,which opens the game,is over before it's ever properly begun. There are numerous places where the suspension of disbelief is essential: a handily placed,and conveniently overlooked,ventilation duct which leads right into the heart of the museum;the laser barriers all have convenient positioning weaknesses;the aforementioned lack of a human element in the museums security. Nonetheless,it's amusing tongue-in-cheek stuff;deftly assembled. It goes without saying that the technical side of things is absolutely wonderful;with beautiful and detailed visuals,put together flawlessly. It's the sort of level which will score highly,by picking up thoroughly deserved points in the appropriate categories - despite the fact that,endearing though the little adventure undoubtedly is,it's not a masterpiece - simply,a beautiful little taster for potentially bigger things." - Orbit Dream (13-May-2021)
"Louvre Galleries are a reimagining of a small part of AoD. We see places we know from AoD as well as some beautiful additions - indeed the whole level is really pretty, you can just stand and look around in awe, admire the carefully picked and placed objects, be it works of art or trash cans, and enjoy the lighting as it differs in the sewers, in the galleries and outside on the roof. There are not many enemies to speak of, just some bats, but sneaking around there is still that little nagging worry that you might encounter guards. The level hides three secrets and if you find them all, you get a little reward for it which is a nice incentive :) As for puzzles, they aren't difficult, it's not a level that's out to frustrate you, and they are varied enough to be fun. Sadly there is an issue with the keypad as it might freeze Lara and force you to quit the game. But the provided save file in the game files puts you in a position right after using the keypad, so that solves the problem (just make sure you go pick up the secrets again). There is one timed run to spice things up, I died a few times but in the end the time pressure isn't too great, just enough to make it interesting with the lasers around. I suppose I was a little disappointed about the very last puzzle, it seemed a little too simple (especially compared to how it was solved in AoD), but I'm guessing it was a combination of what the engine has to offer and this puzzle not being the focus point of the level, which was mainly the galleries. Those on the other hand had additional puzzles, which was really neat! It's a short level, but so detailed and such a beautiful homage to AoD, I can only recommend it!" - Potkanka (13-May-2021)
"A truly eye-candy short adventure that brings us the arguably better part of TRAOD, Delca shows us his skills in creating a realistic environment with shadows and fine details, let us get into the actual review!
The gameplay is likely the weakest part of the game, not because it is bad or anything, far from it! It shows some very interesting ideas and neat puzzles, especially the last one. I would point out the sadly short lasting nature of this as the reason why I feel something missing, it would have been nice to also spend much more time in some of the earlier areas, but likely Delca will indeed work on that in the future!
Object were very good looking, the golden room is understandably the most impressive looking one, with actually readable text beneath the paintings, added shadows truly gave a vibe not a lot of levels have been able to give, some added realism that almost felt uncanny for TRLE standards, but uncanny in an actually good manner. Secrets were very easy to find, with my favorite consisting into Lara destroying priceless stuff ^w^
The atmosphere felt like an enhanced version of AoD actually decent atmosphere in the same area, it feels funny how a demake on a less powerful engine manages to look better than the original game. Flyby cameras are few, mostly used to just present the area, and they do a perfect job! They are slow and fairly mysterious and they add to the game.
Lighting and texturing was also perfect! Delca cleverly turned off the possibility to emit light from the pistol that, as a level builder, I know would have totally destroyed the look of the game, pretty clever move there (not all objects react the same way towards lighting in game, and some object can catch light lesser than others, totally destroying an amazing looking room).
Overall a very short adventure that will make the player explore stunning looking areas whether or not they have played AoD or not. I do think even haters of AoD could arguably say this is a good looking one. It is set as a remake, but or remade has only some key areas, most of the level on its own is uniquely conceived, so even remake haters will find themselves happy with this one. Try it out, will require at most 30 minutes of your time. Wolfy Regards. :3" - Wolf7 (12-May-2021)
"This first demo of Delca truly gave me the feeling I was playing TRAOD based on the graphics and details present on this entire level which is definitely the highlight of the level. Gameplay wise, we get to infiltrate the Louvre from a small sewer segment and explore a portion of its galeries guarded by lazers. I must admit I was expecting a guard of two, as we only get to kill a few bats during the demo. A few simple puzzles, some platforming and a bit of exploration to also be reminded of the original level from TRAOD, which I could totally enjoy to play and relax for a moment! To summarize this small review, I'd say this is quite an enjoyable quick journey to re-explore the Louvre with the TR4 engine! The gameplay is a bit simple and some more enemies would have been welcome, but the ambiance and overall scenery of the game completely make up for it. A really nice way for Delca to start his journey as a level editor, he definitely has a lot of potential! Can't wait to se what he has in store for us in the future!" - Hedteur (12-May-2021)
"It's a demo, and a remake at that. I admit I was pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness of the graphics, but I won't go as far as saying I've never seen anything comparable before. I found Lara's moves a bit annoying - at least, one can understand they're that way because they're imitating and, in the process, improving what we had in Angel of Darkness. I won't complain it's all about finding things, using cards, etc., because that's not really what it is, thus it would be unfair. All in all, I enjoyed it while it lasted, and the toxic gas part was nice, as well as the outdoors (it must be mentioned, since everyone keeps talking only of the indoors). Looking forward to the entire thing." - Jorge22 (12-May-2021)
"A very small and unique experience. The Louvre Galleries are wonderfully crafted. Delca managed to give the level a very natural feeling but the gameplay feels a bit too monotonous, as it mostly consists of jumping and ledge climbing only. I would like to see more in this kind of detail in the future." - Raildex (11-May-2021)
"Talented. Brilliant. Incredible. Amazing. Showstopping. Spectacular." - haley (11-May-2021)
"First of all, I took 1 hour to complete (because I didn't find the hidden code), so the level wasn't too short for my taste, secondly I was very impressed by the graphics and animations (Joey Quintela made an amazing work).
G&P: The gameplay was very nice, I really liked the (small)exploration, and the gameplay, apart maybe for the code to find on the top of the glass showcase (I thought the code was hidden in the name of the kings). The wheel puzzle was a bit hard to understand for my taste (I didn't know how I had to understand the text). Anyways, the gameplay was very good.
E,O&S: I found one secret, but I could have found them 3, they were not hard to find, but I wasn't looking for them. Objects were stunning, it really felt like playing AoD, (in a bugless version). Enemies: only bats,I was a bit disappointed that there were no guards in the gaz parts, or no security agents in the museum.
A,S&C: The atmosphere was perfect IMO, sounds worked perfectly, we could hear Lara speaking in some places. Cameras were nice too.
L&T: Absolutely flawless!I saw no mistakes, and the textures/lighting was so AoD like. To sumup: This level is the best AoD level I played,and one of my favorite so far! I wish a good luck for the continuation of the adventure to this new builder. Well done !" - Lara_Fox_Croft (11-May-2021)
"Delca has set a new standard for levels! The technical side is perfect! I can't even believe that this is an TR4 engine. This is the Angel of Darkness, but without all its bugs and drawbacks. But this is a demo. The level is short. It seems to me that locations are changing too quickly. Here you are in the sewers, but suddenly in the gallery. It's a bit strange. Level needs more space. The level is excellent! I will definitely be waiting for the full game!" - ddaring_dash (10-May-2021)
"The graphics on this TRLE had me amazed. It was literally like playing TRAOD! Had so much fun with it... The Louvre looks so fancy and clean. A huge ammount of custom objects and statics were made for this level, so I appreciate the hard work Delca did on all that. Gameplay was fun, yet a bit simple and I have to give a 7/10 on "Enemies, Objects & Secrets" because enemies... Well, there's only a few bats! The secrets were iconic if you ask me. Had so much fun finding them! (were pretty hard to see tho) Congrats Delca for your TRLE debut. I can't wait for more of your amazing work :)" - Jason L (10-May-2021)
"The absolute most impressive level ever seen in terms of aesthetic quality! It makes you forget you're playing a level made in TR4 engine, also thanks to Joey's animations and to the, of course, heavy AOD references. This level, made with the ORC rules in mind, works more like a showcase of the author's skills in the visual department, than an actual level. The gameplay is very poor and it seems like if it's been added later onto already existing areas and not planned alongside with them. The game progression is quite linear, some areas offer a point-and-click gameplay style (finding a small object somewhere, camouflaged in the environment), platforming is quite short (but sufficient if we count it also in the lasers areas) and the new mechanics are not exploited enough in the level (new ladder mechanic, swingpole and sprint jump are used only once), there is one puzzle in the middle of the bigger room and one in the last room but both are really easy (although use new "shapes", that add points to that, but in my opinion underdeveloped in their possibilities in the puzzle exectution). Secrets are not secret except the one on the carpet I guess and not rewarding, combat is nearly not existent and it's silly to give Lara the dual pistols + medikits for a bunch of bats, traps are nice (lasers) because offer creative platforming although they're merely copied from AOD, storytelling is poor (the game ends with nothing retrieved or completed quests... Pity she doesn't get down the dig site and gets the Obscura Paintings she's looking for), and it feels weird to see Lara infiltrating in a museum in the morning (?) with no guards. Shame also for not exploiting such indoor surveilled area to add puzzles with guards or almost-stealth dynamics. I'm sorry but I have to say there was not even one moment where I felt remotely "engaged" in the game... Visually, anyway, everything is amazing and totally AOD-ish. I spent some time analyzing the objects and I think I know which ones are made by the author and which ones are imported, so my compliments go also for the effort. I'll take this like a showcase only, so if this visual quality will be offered also in Delca's next levels and with a gameplay that stands up to the same quality of the aesthetics, we'll get an incredible masterpiece. Given the attention for the details shown here, I hope it will be ported also for the gameplay planning. If I could give higher than 10, I'd give 12 for the visuals. Try it if you're an AOD fan and you want a small aod-ish candy for a 30 min adventure." - dinne (10-May-2021)
"I died to those lazers more times than to Shabab's underwater spikes, and there wasn't much more to do apart from them, but the surrounding touches made those 30 minutes substantial and promising. I'm gonna keep an eye of how this project develops, as it seems to be the only AOD-inspired one which isn't cursed, and also the most professional I have seen to date. Good job." - DJ Full (10-May-2021)
"I had the pleasure of following this project closely during development and I want to first of all say congratulations to Delca for his debut. This adaptation of the AOD Louvre galleries is an absolute masterpiece. One could never believe that it is built in the Tomb Editor. Everywhere you look, customized architecture, perfect lighting, nostalgic ambience. Truly feels like what AOD could have been. The only nitpick is I would like more enemies but I can't even take away a point for that cause everything else is touching perfection. I can't wait to see what comes next from this extremely talented author and the continuation of this project." - Zuxuna (10-May-2021)
"Awesome and revolutionary level in terms of graphics. As title says we gonna explore louvre galleries with excellent TR Angel of Darkness vibes. Design is fantastic filled with maaaaaaany objects, decorations and much little details. Same I can say about gameplay. Very nice ideas, traps and clever puzzles. Lighting and textures are also on tip top. I found only one secret but I liked the fact that it was Tomb Raider 3 CD box from PSX :P Overally, despite quite short time that we spend on this level it's definetly revolutionary level in terms of graphics, with great AOD vibes and very good gameplay. Author did awesome job on this. Definetly Recommended!" - BlackWolfTR (10-May-2021)
"Wow! Finally we got a real Louvre Galleries remake in TRLE. First of all, I have to say that this is the most advanced custom level in design I have ever played since 2012. There were beautiful sceneries and careful design that made me drop my jaw through the entire level. Texturing is absolutely amazing aswell. It is a bit short as it was intended to be an ORC level but it still gave me joy. I am also surprised that this is a debut level!! I am looking forward to the next AOD levels by Delca." - Kubsy (10-May-2021)
"When I saw it was launched I inmediately downloaded it, Not dissapointed. The level is short (it took me few more than 30 mins), it takes Lara through a series of rooms where she must solve puzzles and reach to other places with the help of the environment. It's not heavy nor tiring, the progress is nice, (I just lament it were short, it was nice while it lasted). The graphics of this level are undeniably its best and more remarkable achievement, each room has customized mesh that makes the architecture very polished, plus the art and lightning make the rooms also beautiful and memorable. I recommend it." - Adngel (10-May-2021)
"A technical demo. The animations and objects are the best of this level. The gampely is very basic." - requiemsoul (10-May-2021)
"A jewel of artistic design and truly remarkable re-creation of the Louvre Galleries that surpasses the original in Angel of Darkness in almost every respect. The galleries themselves are breathtaking in their detail, with individual portraits of real historical figures and faithful adaptations of classic art complete with labels. Other parts of the level look beautiful too, from the details of dingy particles floating in the rays of light above the glinting water in the sewers to the twilight sky and subtle lighting of the small outdoor area. This was so much fun to play, partly because of the eye candy, but also because of the traversal: I enjoyed spotting the pole to swing on, and liked dodging lasers in the galleries. A level not to be missed by anyone playing these days! In addition to the spectacular design, I also found myself excited - and hopeful - for more in the future. While enemies might not have much of a place in this level, I was a bit tired of bats by the end and hoping for something more interesting. I personally dislike switches that do not seem particularly connected to the thing they cause to happen, and there were some points in gameplay when I used the security card in order to open a door that was no where close to the switch - classic Tomb Raider but something I never especially enjoyed if there isn't a *reason* for the switch to be somewhere else. Finally, the final rotating puzzle seemed very much like a placeholder for something more elaborate or exciting in the future. Picking out the odd vs. even rotation was fine but didn't make me feel like I had solved a puzzle so much as followed directions. It would be cool to have something more visual, or perhaps more physically challenging, in order to open such an impressive looking door. In short: outstanding must-play level and a promise of great things to come!" - Cbl (10-May-2021)
"Delca, I love AOD and you managed to create a believable TRLE AOD level, my hat is off to you! Visually this level is stunning and also kind of incredible. Unimaginable how much work all the new objects must have been. The light puzzle with the vinyl record was cool, the Egypt room, the outdoor area, the galleries, the golden room and so much more - Delca is really detail-oriented. Also entertaining are the Secrets and the visual reward for them. What I didn't like so much was the fact that you couldn't use flares, also the deactivation of the flash when shooting. Probably this was done because of the objects that look strange (sometimes) when dynamic light illuminates them. Especially the beginning area is a bit too dark in my opinion though, I could only play this area in the evening. Some lamps would have been helpful here, if already no flares are allowed, so you can find your way better, like in the original AOD (sewers in the Paris ghetto). Also, Core Design didn't include any really dark areas, so the omission of flares was okay at the time. The author could have been a bit more courageous with the lighting, because the original AOD is also relatively colorful. The sun at the horizon in the outdoor area looked a bit unbelievable, because of the lensflare nullmesh, here it would have been better to use the sun via script and adjust the sprites a bit. What I didn't quite understand was the final puzzle, I probably got the right two levers by luck and then the level was already over. Here I had the feeling not to solve a puzzle but to turn the wheel of fortune, which was a bit unsatisfying. I found it a bit strange not to find any guards in a world famous museum? Oh no, now I've written so much criticism but these are really small things, as a level builder you always see others' levels through these glasses. I hope we see more AOD levels from Delca, visually and atmospherically this really is the Game of the Year for me and I'm hungry for more ... Definitely recommended and many many thanks for all the effort you put in Delca!!!!" - vandit (10-May-2021)