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Incan Ruined City - Full Adventure by Mohrruebe

Adrian 10 10 9 10
DJ Full 9 9 9 9
JesseG 7 10 9 9
Jose 5 8 7 9
manarch2 8 9 9 8
Phil 9 9 9 9
requiemsoul 9 9 9 8
Ryan 9 9 9 9
release date: 17-May-2021
# of downloads: 302

average rating: 8.75
review count: 8
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file size: 187.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: South America

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Gives more than BtB Peru but doesn't give what a true full adventure should. Everything - visual, aural and gaming elements include little mistakes scattered on the way, reminding of themselves most of the time and damaging a would-be-great-otherwise immersion. I feel like if this game was built with a bit of extra love and care, it could be a hit. Nonetheless I it is one of the best Peruvian customs out there." - DJ Full (04-Jun-2023)
"After 10 months only 6 reviews, and only from expert players? This means something. The levels are very well builded, with all kind of details, well balanced enemies, well ornated rooms, solid architecture, helping cameras, on-screen texts... The problem here is that they are too much no-lineal and if you forgot something the backtracking is terrible; even more, ocassionally there are several very difficult tasks forcing the players to reload and reload dozens of times if they are not lucky enough. Really a great effort, but the bad gameplay ruined the whole adventure. A pain. Recommended only for expert players." - Jose (23-Mar-2022)
"A set of 4 elaborate levels with Btb2008 vibes. I do remember playing the demo, and the first two levels are pretty similar except for an added non-linear area where Lara searches for four masks. This was probably my favorite part of the adventure. The second level I think I skipped a lot of the end content of last time, so it was nice to play it the "proper" way this time. Unfortunately my memory failed me in the area with the emblem key, and I had to take the same tricky route to ascend from the ground three times because I had missed something. This is actually an irritating pattern throughout the entire levelset: the player could spend effort on difficult jumps (including bananas!), going through traps, etc. only to realize they are missing something and will have to retrace their steps. The level design lends itself to too much back and forth running in general. On the other hand, this levelset delivers pretty much everything a raider could ask for: a variety of traps, enemies (including an elaborate boss finale), and some block puzzles. The visuals are strong and the architectural presence is solid. While the long-winded nature of the gameplay can be a bit tiring, I imagine many players will still find it enjoyable overall. 6 hours 46 minutes." - JesseG (29-Oct-2021)
"This is a really massive four parter that took me almost five hours to finish. There is seldom a dull moment and most of the time you are faced with puzzles, traps (especially of the movind kind) and challenging platforming and timed runs which keep you constantly on your toes. Like Phil I also do think that the fourth and to some extent also the second level should've been cut down a bit because things keep repeating a bit and I was no fan of the excessive block pushing exercises in the last level. Perhaps there was no need to integrate the gameplay parts of the builder's debut, the "new" parts in the first two levels had been enough. Anyway, the area where you have to find the four masks and the exploration with the jeep were really well done and the finale, if a bit long-winded, is nicely set up. There are many enemies to fight, but even more (actually too much) ammo is provided so this will be not a large problem, and I also liked the placement of the 29 secrets that were mostly not so easy to find. The visual design is very good, texturing and lighting are clean (a bit monotone at times, but only slightly) and the smaller design issues from the builder's debut are (almost) all gone - there was one invisible block and an odd sound of one or two soldiers, but nothing permanent or serious. All levels are very atmospheric, some larger areas are quite impressive. Despite some lengths mostly because of already seen before areas, I think this is a very nice game that deserves some more reviews. Finished in 4:55 hours." - manarch2 (24-Aug-2021)
"What a great effort. A marathon of a adventure. Can't recall a longer 4-level set. Excellent creativity with a consistent storyline and some interesting puzzles. The cleverly interconnected locations were very well dressed I thought. Nice re-skinning of the demigods in the final level. The builder was generous with pickups and secrets were fairly placed. Downsides: could perhaps had a couple more camera clues and a couple fewer banana jumps in the last level. Overall a very enjoyable 14 hour ride for me that I will surely replay in due course." - Adrian (21-Jun-2021)
"This is certainly quite the mammoth adventure. All of the levels including in this package could easily have stood on their own as complex single levels, but the entire game ended up taking me well over 7.5 hours to complete, according to my net statistics. The earlier level released previously by this builder is also included alongside a lot of new content, leading to a very wholesome and involving raiding experience. The majority of the gameplay here is accessible to any reasonably experienced raider, but there are quite a few sequences that ended up being quite difficult to conquer, namely the various timed sequences, numerous banana jumps and surprisingly tricky traps. Had these maybe been streamlined a bit, it might have been fairer to the player but depending on your capability, it might not prove too much of a hindrance. Aside from that negative, a couple of minor sound issues and a bit of lagging in the larger areas, this is a very decently crafted raid with excellent scenery and a great variety of gameplay. Also liked the sneaky hiding places for the secrets." - Ryan (10-Jun-2021)
"Well, this is quite the adventure. Four separate but interconnected levels, three of which can be expected to consume a good two hours each of net playing time. All of the original release seems have been incorporated into the full version by a cutting and pasting process in the first two levels, with plenty of additional material sandwiched in between. The other two levels are entirely new, and the production as a whole would be worthy of top honors were it not for two factors: (1) In the first level there are a couple of jumps noted in the walkthrough that I would call extremely challenging to the point of possible give-up frustration for many players. The builder may have been better advised to place those in the last level. (2) The last level overstays its welcome. In my opinion the builder should have stopped after the first boss fight. The last ten minutes of Doggett's video walk took me a full two hours to play and document, and the raw tedium almost led me to bin the game within sight of the finish line. I had some pretty salty commentary in the walkthrough that I decided to edit out after a good night's sleep, so what I've posted is the sanitized version. It's too bad that the experience left a bad taste in my mouth that spoiled what had been a fun raid up until that time. Still, as a whole this is a well planned and executed mini-game that most players will thoroughly enjoy." - Phil (09-Jun-2021)
"One of the great surprises of this year. Each level is colossal and quite challenging. The jumps, traps and exploration are very creative and sometimes very precise. I would have added some clue cameras and sometimes there are little errors like invisible blocks. The setting is solid, even though the lighting is a bit flat. Highly recommended." - requiemsoul (31-May-2021)