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Home Sweet Home by AgentCroft77

Cruzader 2 2 2 2
DJ Full 2 2 2 2
eRIC 1 2 1 1
g12STL 1 2 2 1
Jay 2 2 2 2
JimmyBeon 2 2 2 2
John 2 1 1 2
Jose 1 1 1 1
Kubsy 0 2 1 1
manarch2 0 2 0 1
MichaelP 1 3 0 1
Mulf 1 1 0 1
Orbit Dream 0 1 1 0
Phil 2 2 2 3
Ryan 1 2 1 1
ShadowZia 0 0 1 1
Treeble 1 1 1 1
Wolf7 0 1 0 1
release date: 16-Jun-2021
# of downloads: 123

average rating: 1.28
review count: 18
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file size: 22.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: Home

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Short and sweet? Well, certainly short, but as far as gameplay went it was definitely lacking the wow factor. Basically, dash around the mansion, throw a few levers, pick up an enormous amount of firepower, bump off a few strange looking baddies and ... well, that’s it really." - Jay (13-Oct-2023)
"Another mansion level but this time too simple. The rooms are excessively huge and totally empty of objects, except the bedroom and two chandeliers floating in midair in the main hall; several switches to pull, some pickups for the guns and some enemies to shoot. Nothing more. The next time, at least, try a better architecture and place some objects in the rooms." - Jose (02-Apr-2022)
"Very easy, very short and very basic unfortunately. textures are overused and stretched, and all the rooms especially the main hall is way too large and out of proportion. theres a few switches to find in the rooms to open more rooms before the level ends when you get outside. the only objects or furniture was in bedroom and the enemies were semi invisable green sas guards to kill. i liked the music and laras outfit but thats about it really because its just too unfinished" - John (03-Aug-2021)
"Just for the fun of it, I decided to tackle this one without first resorting to Treeble's four-paragraph walkthrough. I was able to finish in about five minutes without enjoying the gameplay described in the fourth paragraph, because I never visited the swimming pool area. For me the underwater lever in the bathroom didn't work, as Lara would freeze up when attempting to pull it. As the walkthrough explains, I may have just been overly impatient, but I doubt that I'll be motivated to go back and I replay so I can test this thought. A beginner's effort that, while playable, should probably not have been released for public consumption." - Phil (15-Jul-2021)
"Let me start by saying thank you for taking the time to create a level, but I feel the time effort was not put into it enough. Taking bit more time to study the work & the idea of what needs to be done to accomplish a fun enjoyable game. The rooms look plain the training room I have no words for. Also the rooms bit over sized. there are textures u could of used to give it bit more life. Textures are available if you need. I would learn more of the editor before trying to temp a level build. There are kind builders who can assist if you have questions on do's & don'ts. But have testers that are honest to tell you what's wrong & what's needed before publishing. Keep being consistent & it will get better. Cheers!" - ShadowZia (23-Jun-2021)
"It's 2001,and builders everywhere are messing about with gimmicky custom stuff that they can add to what came with the Core Design Level Editor: wire-mesh baddies;a new non- animated underwater switch;interesting music track. Well,that's what this level felt like,anyway - except that it's twenty years later,and we really should NOT be getting this kind of primitive and buggy thing any more. Only the enemies and background music made any sort of positive impression." - Orbit Dream (21-Jun-2021)
"I've been playing very lenghty releases as I'm inching closer to having played and reviewed every level released in the year 2004, so I read this was a short one and decided to squeeze it in between. Obviously an early effort, and yet another remake of Lara's Home with oversized and empty rooms. More worrying was the lack of windows, but I guess Lara's been underground so long she might actually prefer it this way. Find a few switches, kill a few wireframe SAS, and rush outside to finish the level. 5 minutes. 06/21" - Treeble (20-Jun-2021)
"This is a very short house level of about 5-8 minutes. You have to look for some drop- switches to open the main door of the house in order to finish the level. There is one somewhat hidden lever that opens the door to the pool room. You'll find various Uzi and revolver ammo throughout the level which you can use to fight some green wireframe goons which will attack you at one point (what are these even supposed to be? virtual men?). The level is textured somewhat appropriately for a house level but done poorly and the lighting is also nothing to write home about. The opening camera shots of the level was good though. I don’t recommend this level because there isn’t anything interesting or substantial in it. Now I’d like to address some words directly to the builder. I see that this is your first TRLE level that you’ve posted, perhaps the first level you’ve made. If that’s the case then don’t get discouraged by the scores given. This is a fully functional level after all and that is an achievement in of itself for your first level made. Last words I’d like to address in Romanian as I see that we are conationals: Dacă depui efortul necesar sunt sigur că poți face ceva mai bun (translation: “If you put in the necessary effort I'm sure you can make something better.”)." - Cruzader (17-Jun-2021)
"Now that there are (perhaps even more than) enough reviews for this level, it's recommended to ignore this offering unless you are a completionist because there's really nothing worth to see here. For the builder, as a very first effort (?) this is okay but I don't quite see why you should release this work to the public..." - manarch2 (17-Jun-2021)
"It says One Room Chalenge (sp?) in the level title, but as a matter of fact, I checked, and there are clearly 15 rooms used to rebuild this (more than basic) rendition of Laras Manor. I liked Lara's choice of outfit and the kind if surprise attack of an unusual shape of guards, both of which the builder cannot really take personal credit for. And I liked the fact that it was over after 5 minutes, pulling only a few jumpswitches. Not really worth a look." - MichaelP (16-Jun-2021)
"Apparently, this was One Room Challenge but for the one that has ended? Well anyways this is Lara's home level but the rooms are huge and empty and a couple of jump switches, nothing special. Although the enemies looked cool though which is a plus for this level." - Kubsy (16-Jun-2021)
"Agent must be having a crisis. Don't worry Agent, it's gonna get better <3" - DJ Full (16-Jun-2021)
"Huge rooms, basic geometry, wallpapered textures, no lighting. Backtracking between a few jumpswitches and the doors they open; a few SAS to kill with the aid of the revolver, the Uzis, and large amounts of ammunition. No animation for the underwater switch; chain that don’t reach down to the chandeliers that they ostensibly keep from falling; and a redundant monkeyswing (the block towards which it meanders isn’t climbable, though it should be; but it can also be reached with a simple jump from a lower block nearby). Inessential. Short, though." - Mulf (16-Jun-2021)
"Clearly a beginner's custom level, my biggest recommendation to this newbie is to follow some good tutorials from AgentXP or so on Youtube and learn how to build properly.
The game is substantially gameplayless due to the fact there is not challenge whatsoever, it mostly consits into spotting a lever and that is all.
Enemies were found only in a "secret room", objects barely put, but at least made a bit of sense.
Atmophere non existent and the intro camera looking awful.
Lighting was pale, the same everywhere except into the waters, texturing was repetitive, but okayish.
The author needs to take some time to really learn how to create a good custom level, good luck. Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (16-Jun-2021)
"It can't be said something was accomplished here in 6 minutes and this level can be played in less less time than this as picking up all the ammos isn't necessary , even the enemies seem pointless. The monkeyswing in the gym room is useless as you can reach the jumpswitch with a more obvious way. The use of climbable textures should be consistent and the animation for the underwater switch is missing. No camera work , not that you need some though. This home level is far too simple , without enough rooms and the rooms visited look bare as if Lara did not have time to set up her home." - eRIC (16-Jun-2021)
"This level is what i imagine a builder would use to test out the engine, to be honest not bad for that. However, this level looks like a rushed job to release a level and publish it. Its not the worst level I've ever played, but unfortunately its not a good level either. Conclusion - this builder has the potential to do well, but more time needs to be spent in making the level before it should be published." - JimmyBeon (16-Jun-2021)
"This level wasn't anything more than possibly an experiment for the author. If it were to be something that was intended to be good, it wasn't unfortunately. The layout was way too large and the texturing was lazy. The enemies were lackluster at best. It's not a level I would recommend anyone play." - g12STL (16-Jun-2021)
"Another addition to the countless Lara's Home additions in the Level Index, and unfortunately not very well made. Gameplay is terribly meagre (and even flawed as there was some double doors left open by the level's end), construction and texturing is crude and the introductory camera flyby was amateurishly made. The cyborg attacks were an unexpected surprise, but that's about it." - Ryan (16-Jun-2021)