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Meow Meow Library by Shaleigh7787

dinne 3 3 4 4
DJ Full 5 5 6 5
eRIC 4 3 3 3
JesseG 5 5 7 6
Jose 2 5 4 5
Kubsy 5 4 2 3
manarch2 3 4 4 4
Phil 8 4 4 4
Ryan 5 5 4 4
ShadowZia 9 8 10 10
release date: 19-Jun-2021
# of downloads: 132

average rating: 4.78
review count: 10
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file size: 93.40 MB
file type: TR4
class: Library

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I see potential but also mismanagement in every element of this game. Some objects are fitting, some aren't. Some gameplay is okay, some isn't. Textures are good, light and shade absolutely not. In the current random form this level isn't good, but I can see the builder is promising." - DJ Full (27-Aug-2022)
"Not bad to be a debut, but there are some essential things to fix; in addition to the flat lighting, the paper walls, the sounds from the cats and another minor features, the most important things to be fixed are the unmarked ladders, place cameras when you trigger something with a switch, give hints for the puzzles (what to do in the room with four switches?) and, finally, forget the annoying or very difficult tasks: in the room where you need to pick up a scroll under a fire blower, for me was totally impossible, so after try it a dozen of times I sent the level directly to the recycle bin." - Jose (04-Apr-2022)
"In the hands of a master builder this could have been a fine level. As it is, it bears most of the characteristics of a beginner's efforts: crude lighting and surroundings, mismatched sounds, clumsy flybys, unmarked ladders, illegal slopes, unfair traps, and the list could go on. On the other hand, the gameplay is laid out quite elaborately and represents considerable forethought on the builder's part. I expected a quick and easy raid at the beginning, but I soon learned that this was not to be the case. By the way, I suggest that we adjust the definition of a "short" level as being one of a half hour or less. I certainly wouldn't call Meow Meow Library a short level, as it took me a bit more than an hour even with the help of Doggett's video walk. By the same token, I would classify it as a level of medium difficulty rather than a challenging one. As other reviewers have noted, there are some good ideas here, but everything has been put together in such clumsy fashion that I was left unsatisfied at the end." - Phil (17-Jul-2021)
"In some ways this is quite a charming raid (especially for a first effort), but it's also undoubtedly flawed. The gameplay has its enjoyable moments in the form of a nice torch sequence and some enjoyable boulder exercises, but it does get bogged down somewhat due to the constant backtracking through one particular invisible platform room, the need to set Lara on fire to perform an essential action (a cheap gameplay tactic in my opinion) and the fact that the puzzling aspect is somewhat nonexistent. The ever- present savegame bug due to the large amount of cats (retextured baboons in reality) is also annoying, luckily I managed to avoid it by playing in one sitting. The lighting and textures are also on the bland and crude side and are quite problematic in places. A playable effort, but not very memorable." - Ryan (17-Jul-2021)
"I don't agree with ShadowZia (in terms of scores) as I found this level to be quite messy. The gameplay was ok, fetch some stuff and put them in the place. However, the textures were carelessly placed, but there were few cracks which is good, and objects were not lit properly. Also there were no lights at all (basically flat lighting). This debut level is a good start I'd say though and hopefully the next level will be improved." - Kubsy (04-Jul-2021)
"Welcome to the Bzzz Bzzz Library. This debut level is not a solid start, because of the lack of care from the author which is visible in many aspect of the game, who probably had a strong urge to release the level as soon as possible without refinements and without testing. This, results in a full collection of probably all (or most of) the beginner mistakes and especially the lack of betatesting (nobody is credited as a betatester in the readme and the level -does- feel not betatested) will make your experience generally bad.
The adventure offers mostly linear quests but the possibility to explore many areas makes it look like non-linear. A relatively short level, but that becomes incredibly long and difficult because of messy level design and, most of all: absolute lack of lights, only flat ambience color is found and this makes the experience really tiring for the eyes and obstacles the gameplay (I had to use Fexinspect to spot some elements...). Another remarkable problem of this level is the "baboon bug", which won't let you exit from the game and restart it by reloading, because the level will crash if (many? some? any?) active cats are found and you will have to start from the beginning without quitting the game during all the run. And, because the author has set them as continuously respawning, the chance to meet this bug is very high. With the given issues, likely, the player will bin the level, and not restart it. Other situations where the player has to restart are given by some present softlocks (I found 3 of them). There are 2 puzzles anyway which might have made the experience a bit more interesting, but one of them offers two softlocks and the other is completely trial and error. The adventure becomes even more problematic because of several missing camera hints and especially some parts where the player -will- get stuck: two unmarked ladders and a step of the game where you have to set Lara on fire then spam some medikits and reach the water. Ultimately, some decoy objects don't really help compensating (some levers and pulleys looked like decoys). Some double backtrack is found in the second half of the game.
Now talking about visuals and effects, the appearence is generally mediocre, there are many thin paper walls, badly lit static objects, texturing is random in several places (even if not placed AS bad), even missing sometimes; the wrong sounds of the cats is very annoying and follows the player through all the level; and as mentioned already for the gamplay, the absolute lack of lights make everything look flat and overly boring/tiring to look at. The author added also some modern artificial lamps but they don't emit any light (unfortunately!), and to be honest, they are completely out of place. Was it meant to be a museum? A digging site which was already visited by many people before, who put all those modern lamps around? The story didn't present it like that, so I think it's just a style mistake. Other bad details affect many other aspects (visually) and I can't really praise anything here.
Suggestion: the author should very much consider taking more time to finish a level to publish, without hurry, and especially to consider multiple betatesters and follow their reports about what to change/fix. All the rest will come with the time, so who knows if one day this author will remake a cat temple but with advanced skills." - dinne (23-Jun-2021)
"The architecture of some rooms can be interesting from time to time, also with sometimes decent texturing, and the bunch of kittens running around is something... creative? but the signs of a debut level are clearly visible. There are several missing textures or half-transparent textures where you can see other parts of the map, and the overall design of the level feels very random and not well planned which also shows in a lot of paper thin walls. The sound of the kittens is very annoying and the cameras could also be less wacky, although I appreciate the builder tries something there. The lighting is also almost entirely flat throughout the whole level, no sun is used and no shadows except from the fires, just occasionally some hints of colour and some even darker rooms. This does not make this a feast for the eyes, to be honest. The gameplay is rather simplistic, there's a good bit of to and fro (and an unhealthy amount of crawling), almost nothing to do in terms of platforming and puzzles (the lever puzzle from the Lost Library level of TR 4 is entirely trial and error) and it even features a very annoying part where you have to set Lara aflame to get a certain item. It's all somewhat okay for a debut but compared to the previous reviewer I think there is still a lot to learn. No secrets to find in 30 minutes." - manarch2 (22-Jun-2021)
"A level that gives a lot of trouble to get through. Too many objects used , eclectic texturing , no work on lighting except for some shadows, thin walls and uncalled use of window textures not placed in portals, invisible blocks in front of closed doors not placed in portals, the possibility to be stuck with the puzzle with switches to make a rolling ball going down (reload a savegame there), and almost no camera work except for some fancy flybys going slightly through walls. The cats are too many and very annoying ; their sfx is so wrong you want to kill them all although only the black ones attack Lara, while the beige ones keep reappearing after kill , like the monkeys in the Last Revelation. The builder has some good ideas , and have implemented in the level welcome objects and situations like shooting brass balls , the burning floor , invisible platforms , horsemen on horses and the idea of the level itself is a good one but the execution isnt so." - eRIC (22-Jun-2021)
"Lara's visit to this sort-of cat themed library contains quite a few issues that make it challenging for the wrong reasons: missing camera cues, switches that don't do anything, unmarked climbable surfaces, trial-and-error invisible platforms (that Lara must traverse at least 3 times), trial-and-error deadly switches, a forced run through flames, and a burnable wood floor that looks like it's underwater, but actually isn't. Not to mention the large amount of baboons threatening to break your savegames, and maybe I'm crazy but it seemed like some of them were respawning. Paper-thin walls, flat lighting, disorienting flybys and chaotic use of objects further hurt immersion. I did like the idea of the boulder puzzle, where several switches help set up the path for the boulder to reach its goal, although the boulder only falls once and the player could get stuck if they get the setup wrong (or they could very well pull the boulder's switch without realizing what it even does). I also think the architecture has interesting moments and is one of the strongest aspects of the level. 51 minutes." - JesseG (22-Jun-2021)
"First thing I prefer the kitty cats have their kitten meow. Those bug sounds remind me of those beetle & mosquitos, me no like bugs.(lol) I found this level to be little challenging & I really like that fire room that I found to be clever idea. It's unique to me. So many kittens I wanted to pet them, lol This definitely gave me the tr4 vibe. The library was always one of my fav levels from tr4. As for the placing the star. Perhaps if it was a time run, pull a lever get to that spot put star in before flame returns? I know the water was right there but seem to simple. As when I went to get that other part in the water that trap for some reason wasn't trigger. Not sure if this happen to others but I know it didn't trigger for me. it was a pleasure playing this level, Thanks for building the level I know takes time & effort. Cheers!" - ShadowZia (21-Jun-2021)