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Secret of the Skull Temple by abbath81

Adrian 7 9 9 9
billie2001 8 9 10 9
DJ Full 8 9 9 7
eRIC 9 9 9 9
JesseG 8 9 9 9
JimmyBeon 7 9 10 8
Jorge22 7 9 9 10
Jose 7 9 10 10
Phil 9 9 10 8
Ryan 9 9 9 9
Samu 8 9 9 9
Teone 9 10 9 9
release date: 27-Jun-2021
# of downloads: 181

average rating: 8.81
review count: 12
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file size: 749.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Jungle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I'm getting too old for these. Puzzles in this one simply defeated me while other people seemed to have no problem. I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and assume it was my fault not the builder's. What I know without a doubt though, is the maps were seriously underlit and after several hours of playing my eyes are rather tired." - DJ Full (01-Feb-2023)
"A great project, I think the author worked a lot of hours to finish it. The architecture and texturization are impressive; wow! the best I've seen in the tr custom levels I've played, so the environments are fantastic. The lighting is very well worked too, as the cameras and cool musics. The rooms are very well ornated, will all kind of details and objects, and the pickups were enough (except the flares). Some tasks are hard, but finally I was able to finish without help (the puzzles in the jungle temple and in the globe room in the final level were too "obscure"). The only problem here is the gameplay in some levels, specially in the three towers level and in the last level; the author lets you advance through huge areas even if you have not the necessary items to keep going on, so many times I found closed doors, reload savegames or take backtracking and repeat the same tasks and movements to go back to the same places and continue playing. Example: in the last level I reached the final receptacle without the Crystal's Base, so I had to explore all the entire level again (surprisingly I missed a receptacle for one of the gems in the pool room) to get that item and take all the long way back to the very top of the final room repeating the same movements and crossing the lava room again. Even so the whole game, all in all is very worh to play and keeps the interest from the start to the very end. Recommended, but not for beginners." - Jose (06-Apr-2022)
"This levelset has limited pistol ammo, which is always a risky move. I like that it rewards exploration, but the only recourse when ammo runs out is to keep running away from enemies pecking away at your health. It makes the beginning of the adventure pretty difficult, but there is enough ammo to be found that it shouldn't be a huge issue after a few levels. There are a fair number of obstacles, including rotating blades, flames, falling floor tiles, a giant statue, a giant skull head, and a t-rex (that sadly dies in one shot). There are three puzzles as well, starting with a nice pushable puzzle with shapes. The math puzzle I also enjoyed, although it wasn't obvious that switches for both the constant and variable values should be pulled. I don't know what happened with the globe puzzle and how it got so botched; whenever cardinal directions are used as a clue, it's natural for the player to reference the compass, but the clue's directions seem to be shifted off by 90 degrees for some reason. The last level has a bit of backtracking in store if Lara missed part of the orange crystal. The only other complaint I have is that some switches lack camera cues. The visuals are great, a little dark sometimes but with nicely varied lighting and strong geometrical ideas, including of course the iconic rock skull. 2 hours 59 minutes." - JesseG (08-Oct-2021)
"Overall this was a really excellent level set. I was particularly impressed with the outdoor landscape which was expansive and realistic. Now I was able to easily jump up the hills to eventually reach the end of the world occasionally in the 3 Towers, but the level of detail in big areas that weren't supposed to be reached was amazing and a testament to the builders diligence. The platforming and atmosphere was engrossing with good variation in gameplay. The only gripe I had was with a couple of the puzzles. The puzzles themselves were well constructed but the clues were not very helpful, particularly the globe one. Otherwise a really nice effort." - Adrian (26-Sep-2021)
"I had a love-hate relationship with this epic adventure throughout much of the four hours and fifteen minutes it took for me to make it all the way through. In many respects it's simply outstanding, one of the best raids in recent memory. The seven levels are closely related so that you're really playing a single game in stages. The outdoor portions are lifelike and immersive and nonlinear in the extreme, so much so in fact that I wouldn't dream of attempting to play without a walkthrough close at hand, not only to help me know what to do next but where to go (and in what direction) to do it. What kept me from fully enjoying the game was the oppressive darkness that prevails nearly from start to finish. I don't know why one should need flares while playing outdoors under blue and nearly cloudless skies, but that was my experience. I manufactured an unlimited supply for myself in the very early going. Of course, by doing that I got everything else as well, and on a positive note this eliminated the need for taking many of the time-consuming side trips for incidental pickups that Dutchy documents in his typically thorough walkthrough. The best segment for me was undoubtedly the last one, "Temple's Secret," which not only had the player-friendliest lighting but the most inventive gameplay. If this level had been released as a standalone it may have gotten top marks from me. The game as a whole is a remarkable achievement, but much of that intangible "fun factor" was missing for me because of the reasons stated." - Phil (14-Sep-2021)
"GAMEPLAY & PUZZLES: This game, which consists of 7 levels, took me 3 hours and 36 minutes to complete. Gameplay is focused heavily on platforming, which was the most entertaining part of the game for me. Although many of the jumps are relatively easy to perform, it is not always apparent where you are supposed to jump, forcing you to constantly analyze your surrounding and plan which route to take. There are also jumps that are on a trickier side (jumps over collapsible tiles in the lava room of the last level) but, nevertheless, I found none of the platforming too difficult. In contrast, the two push block puzzles, first in level 4 (Dino Temple) and second in level 7 (Temple’s Secret), were some of the hardest puzzles I have seen so far. Even though, these puzzles are brilliant and not impossible to solve by any means, the clues for the puzzles are vague. I had several hypotheses about the possible meaning of these clues but testing all the hypotheses would have taken some much time that I decided to look for the solution in the walkthrough. Unlike these push block puzzles, the switch puzzle including the numbers in the last level was perfect and contained sufficient clues. More puzzles like this would have been better in my opinion.
ENEMIES, OBJECTS & SECRETS: Throughout the game, you will face multiple enemies including various animals (T-Rex was a nice addition), natives and horsemen. The ammo for all the weapons is limited, but as the Author states in readme, there is plenty of ammo available if you look for it carefully. Important thing to notice is that in order to acquire other weapons besides the pistols, you have to accomplish some additional quests. You also need some of these additional weapons to have enough fire power, but luckily they are not so difficult to find if you pay attention to the surroundings. Decorative objects are nicely chosen and the secrets are well hidden, since I only found 5 out of 16 secrets.
ATMOSPHERE, SOUND & CAMERAS: Atmosphere is very strong and it is achieved with the use of great background music, which has mysterious and sort of moody sound. Cameras were used also well to showcase the areas and to give hints where to go.
TEXTURES & LIGHTING: Textures and light effects are applied flawlessly although I would have preferred slightly more colorful lighting in many places. However, this is just my personal preference and I think that Author did great job with creating aesthetically pleasing environments. Moreover, I liked that during the game, you traverse through variety of areas ranging from wide canyons filled with temples to an underground lake and a temple interior.
CONCLUSIONS: I warmly recommend this set of levels to everybody and especially to players who enjoy platforming-based gameplay. If you are a fan of highly challenging puzzles, this game has also few of those to offer. All in all, great work." - Samu (18-Aug-2021)
"Seven levels, six of which mostly take place in a well constructed, realistic and beautiful jungle environment. The main gameplay here is exploration. The areas are vast and the possible paths to take are numerous, some paths take us further on, some other are leading to precious ammo well hidden under the vegetation. Sometimes it becomes exhausting because there are hardly visible monkeyswings or cracks on the rocks or crawlspaces, but the visuals and the immersive atmosphere are so good that kept me going. We finally reach a castle where the progression is pretty much straight forward but the gameplay becomes more challenging. I specifically liked the room with lava, breaking tiles and a temperature metre. There are only a few enemies: natives, snakes, dinos etc, a T-Rex and that bloody friendly monkey that hates savegames and corrupts them lol. There is a boss fight at the end but if you know the tricks, he is easily defeated. There are also several interesting puzzles, two of which had rather obscure hints. Well, nothing that a WT can't solve but I must admit that even with the solution in hand, I must have fried at least a couple billions of brain cells before I understood the logic behind the puzzle. lol I also liked the fixed cameras (you can break them with the look button) that are there to actually help the player. Texturing was very good and the lighting realistic: the upper areas are more sunny, while the areas below have a more dim lighting. What I didn't like was the limited pistol ammo. This is always a very very very bad idea. Even if the player doesn't run out of ammo (as I did), they will most probably reload every time they feel they can do better, and reloading gradually spoils the immersion. In conclusion, this is a very good multilevel game that grows on you as you progress and I would recommend it to the higher tier of the average players, or above, as it has some challenging moments." - billie2001 (24-Jul-2021)
"This level set takes place mostly in the jungle, and then in a castle. There's a major difference between the feel of the parts too... In the first levels (80% of the game, say) you spend most of the time trying to find rather complicated paths and ammo - one has to note the pistol ammo is limited, and finding ammo plays a major role. You bump into several secret dragons as well. To be perfectly honest, perhaps even blunt, I found it quite on the dull side, just not dull enough to make me quit. As they say, it's complicated, even though I enjoyed my brief encounter with the T-Rex... The castle (strangely enough, not a jungle type of castle) is a different story. There are a few enemies, including one of those skeleton heads, several traps, and a very interesting timed run - and still hard orientation. There are also a few puzzles I wish hadn't been so smart. Concerning the settings and the graphics in general, I thought the game was rather well designed, and I was impressed. I wouldn't call it player friendly though, as I found it counterintuitive. It has good reviews, so do give it a try." - Jorge22 (20-Jul-2021)
"A lengthy, varied and enjoyable game that actually gets progressively more challenging as you go through. The first half is remarkably placid and based primarily on utilising Lara's agility and manoeuvres, interspersed with the occasional tricky puzzle or timed run (and the enemies don't pose a huge threat), but the surroundings are absolutely stunning and the exploration factor is always fair on the player so you're never stuck for too long. I for one thoroughly enjoyed searching out the right direction to go (often closer than you would think). The action then kicks into high gear once you enter the temple proper, with a lot more cerebral activity and action. The trap sequences are often quite numerous and tricky but not insurmountable and there's nice usages of various hub room concepts and re-entering familiar rooms but from different directions, which I always enjoy. I did find a couple of the puzzles throughout on the obscure side though, the first being the movable piece puzzle nearer the beginning which didn't quite seem to match up with the clues given and the second being the other globe puzzle. Although the coordinates were relatively clear, what wasn't so obvious was that you had to move them where the two points meet rather than actually moving them the amount of actual spaces. The secrets were nice touches though, and the music was always well used and never intrusive. Definitely a well constructed game." - Ryan (09-Jul-2021)
"I should have read the Important_Readme file as i ran quickly out of pistols ammos in the first level to kill a snake, but on second exploration of this jungle area i found some more. Yep the first levels are based mostly on exploration and as the file says there is enough of ammos to be found also medipacks and flares. The pistols and uzis clips are sometimes hard to see , often hidden in plants or bushes so the player takes the habbit to check every plant and bush along all levels (jungle, mountains and caves , small temples, underground lake) safe the last one taking place in a type of gothic castle. Little by little the exploration and searching became quite engrossing. It ressembles a bit like real life as sometimes there is two different ways to reach the same point or some of the things you do are not that important in the greatest scheme of things, except it rewards you with the little joy of finding goodies, or not all enemies will show up according of which way you came from or pickups you have just collected. There are many interesting things to do in this progression with enjoyable jumps and platforming in general. I remember a couple of timed doors. The puzzle with the movable pawns is not evident but it is excellent. The architecture , shaping of the blocks and texturing are very good , only in one level (skull temple) there is that large area with wallpaper effect texturing. I guess the builder has also tried to bring realism to the lighting, in many outside areas you have a sunny side and a shaddy side (with no sun bulb). The background audios are not natural sounds but for once i like them. Some action audios last much longer than the action. Not too many enemies , generally of the small kind but there also some bigger ones, and in the end you have plenty of ammos to deal with them. It is preferable to find the grenade gun though. I enjoyed a lot the great runs with collapsible tiles and the maths puzzle in the last level, a bit less the last puzzle with the globes. I also appreciated that the final boss did not took very long. Summary : an immersive game, more and more enjoyable as you progress in it." - eRIC (09-Jul-2021)
"I very much enjoyed this level, especially the first 6 levels. The theming for the level was amazing. It felt like a location that hadn't been touched in years, really felt like a tomb the entire location. A place time forgot, just waiting to be discovered. However, there were some problems that at times took me out of the experience and frustrated me from time to time, for example: in level 4 there is a crawl space that is easy to miss and hard to find. Also, some of the puzzles, like the chess piece puzzle was quite hard to understand with the clue, and had to use TR View in order to see which tiles I needed exactly, not only that, but the globe puzzle was also difficult to understand without a walkthrough. The puzzles were clever, just could have been better. What I loved was the attention to theming in the first 6 levels, the clever secrets and the need to conserve bullets - really nice gameplay there. What I disliked was the final level, just didn't like the castle look, I feel it should have looked more TR3 Puna like, the current version looks too medieval, and 2 of the puzzles just irked me. Conclusion - I loved this level set a lot and it is definitely one of my favorites. I hope this builder keeps building levels because he is very talented. For future reference though, please improve the hints in the puzzles as they were pretty tough in this one. Other than that, brilliant game." - JimmyBeon (01-Jul-2021)
"This builder has made great progress in two years. I sincerely congratulate with him and I hope reviewers will reward his work. In this multilevel game there's a lot of exploration to do, few enemies and some hard-to-solve puzzles. Six levels are set in the jungle, the last level is inside the temple (it's a weird change of setting because the temple has a castle design and after 6 levels in the jungle you don't expect it) Someone may contest that maps are big but there's little to do. Well, exploration is exploration... if you don't find anything at least you enjoy the beautiful landscape. Don't you? Indeed, the most entertaining thing in the first 6 levels is to find the correct spot to climb. For some people this may be frustrating but for me is very entertaining. As technical note, I loved the new animations but I loved less the background music, sometimes too much hypnotic. The final credits are very beautiful but they are 1/3 of the whole game in size. Luckily the 56k modem era is over." - Teone (30-Jun-2021)