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Kitten Adventure (Demo) by Delca

Adrian 7 8 7 7
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
billie2001 9 9 10 10
BlackWolfTR 10 10 9 10
Deceneu 9 9 10 10
DJ Full 9 9 10 10
eRIC 10 10 10 10
g12STL 10 10 10 10
ilariacroft 10 10 10 10
Jason L 8 9 8 9
JesseG 10 10 9 10
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 6 6 7 8
LaraSpears 10 10 10 10
Lorax 10 10 10 10
manarch2 8 8 9 9
Mman 9 10 10 10
nerdfury 9 9 10 10
Nickelony 8 9 10 10
p1kaa 9 8 9 9
Phil 9 10 9 10
Ryan 9 9 10 10
Troye 10 10 10 10
Wolf7 7 9 10 10
release date: 04-Jul-2021
# of downloads: 117037

average rating: 9.34
review count: 24
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file size: 89.20 MB
file type: TR4
class: Coastal

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This first version of Kitten Adventure was already superb at the time of its release, and even if a new version exists, this one remains a masterpiece and always deserves its place in the top of the best trle levels. I still recommend this adventure even if a new version exists. Congratulations Deca." - Bigfoot (19-Apr-2023)
"Not very agree with the other reviewers. Of couse, the levels are well builded and solid; the first one was the best, with no much problems to go through, but the second one was not so friendly, with several tricky tasks and not a fluid gameplay. In the rooms with symbols I was not able to figure out the sequence to properly advance, and when I fight with the final Boss I had only very few medipacks and ammo so I was about to abandone without the necessary items. Really shoot a big boss like that with only the pistols was totally ridiculous. The final jumps (perfect-pixel running jumps) in the final cave were not a good idea too. Even so, the levels are well builded and I think this author could bring us better creations in the future. Try it!" - Jose (07-Apr-2022)
"Amazing experience, possibly the best zoo level I've played. Delca is probably the new level builder I'm the most excited for with 3 levels released, and each of them being a hall of fame worthy masterpiece." - Lorax (10-Feb-2022)
"This adventure can be summarized in two parts: A French Zoo intro with a search for two keys, and then a temple area with four elemental masks to obtain. As far as the gameplay goes, the first part is relatively straightforward exploration but has some cool moments like taking down a sentry gun and a timed swim caused by sudden flooding. The second part I found very engaging with wind-powered jumps, blades and boulders and flames to dodge, and some floor tile puzzles to conquer, with a boss fight to top it all off. I also appreciate that there are two different difficulty levels to pick from. The visuals are excellent, especially the lighting. 1 hour 7 minutes." - JesseG (14-Sep-2021)
"If I had to describe this level with one word: WOW! It is an exceptional level, from the first moment I fell in love with this game. I love the cutscenes, I love the settings that are so fascinating and at times very creepy, I love the sounds and the music, I love the perfection and creativity with which textures, lights and shadows have been used. The gameplay is perfect, I enjoyed it from start to finish. The puzzles, enemies and traps are very creative and well thought out, I never found the game trivial or boring. I particularly enjoyed the final battle and Lara's timed escape. I only managed to find one secret, so congratulations for hiding them so well! The only small note I would like to point out is the scarcity of ammo and medikits, considering that traps and strong enemies are quite numerous. For the rest, it is a highly recommended level, it is really worth playing!" - ilariacroft (09-Sep-2021)
"A solid but not exceptional level of between easy to medium difficulty for an experienced raider. Two slightly incongruous settings. Very linear with an obvious path for progression. Everything immediately at hand e.g. the disappearing revolver and sight co-located. A walkthrough would seem superfluous." - Adrian (28-Aug-2021)
"This is a single map but structured like a two level set, as the first half is mostly a Tomb Raider 3 Gold Zoo setting and the second is a Tinnos-type area. Both settings are very well executed with great texturing and lighting. It's clearly designed to evoke the TR3 atmosphere, and does a good job with things like sound tweaks to add to that. While intentionally quite classic visually it pulls it off near-perfectly. There are two difficulty modes, with one that has limited saves, I risked going for the hard mode, and it turned out to be fine. There are few threats you aren't warned of, and the map is very generous with the crystals once you reach the tougher challenges in the second half. While not especially difficult there's a good mix of tasks and it's engaging throughout, including a good use of shortcuts to avoid backtracking. There's a nice pacing as you go from the relatively chill first half to the various agility tasks and more unforgiving puzzles in the second, and it all culminates in a nice boss fight (though the Desert Eagle randomly disappearing was a little odd). A great single map release that provides interesting design for all of it's relatively short length." - Mman (23-Aug-2021)
"This level stands out for its impressive work of textures and lighting. The zoo part of the level it's clearly the proof that, with patience, dedication to detail and creativity you can achieve an immersive atmosphere even with 20+ old game engine. The creator did a perfect job with the lighting and didn't rush applying the textures, the result being a convincing ambient as it was in the original 3 TR games, when we played them as young kids." - Deceneu (22-Aug-2021)
"Visually great throughout, very atmospheric first in the zoo sections and later on in the underground, Tinnos inspired, parts, also with apt object usage and very good texturing and lighting. The gameplay is a bit less inspired in the first half, there are a lot of easy sections where you just have to pass some areas. Luckily, this is several notches better in the second one, fun and diverse platforming and puzzle sections which were very well laid out. The enemies are also nicely placed, especially those mutants, but the final boss was a bit disappointing, just a lot of sideflipping and shooting whatever you have is required. If the standard of the second half had been kept, I would rate this level as high as the others, but this way it is still a very good level and a clear step upwards from the builder's debut in terms of gameplay. Found all four nicely hidden secrets in 35 minutes." - manarch2 (11-Aug-2021)
"I really enjoyed this very good level. I played it on surivor mode and it gave mu such fun for looking for a savegame crystals. It was definetly harder than exlporer mode. I loved some gameplay ideas especially 4 elements trials. It was very fun to get through them and obtain a mask from each one. Those element trials were challenging to make which I liked. It took me some atempts to finally finish them. Another very interesting task was collecting "ingridients". It was such a fun searching for them and the idea for shooting coconut at palm to make it fall down was brilliant. There were some other great parts too. Atmosphere is mostly good but I found the second part of the level (part with elements trials) a bit less atmoshperic than zoo part. Lighting was done very good, same with textures which were diverse and pleasant to eye. I also liked fact that secrets were "Tomb Raider Golds" PS1 boxes. Some secrets were very hard to get though. Overally, a very good adventure from author which took me 1 hour and 10 minutes and I can definetly recommend it as it provides much fun, especially survivor mode for more skilled players!" - BlackWolfTR (08-Aug-2021)
"I love the details of this level so much, every little thing makes the level much better, the level design is so beautiful combining modern civil elements with jungle elements then the small island part was so good, collecting the ingredients to go to the next area of the level, and the last part of the temple, something that I really loved was the moving textures on the temple. Even there not much enemies on this level, you will find a variety of enemies from humans to animals and the huge mutants and the final boss, I love the sound and the tracks so chill and giving a good vibe of the level and the echo when you enter an empty room, even I find it too much exaggerated but I find it an amazing touch, the sound effect when Lara pics an item too, I didn't like it much wish it was replaced with "Aha" sound from tr2. The only thing that really bothered me so much was the screen shaking at the end of the level, I think it was too much and non- stop and the fact that you don't find the deagle when you pick up the Kitten heart. I absolutely love this level, the ring menu and the "Enter key" sound I think it's beautiful." - p1kaa (03-Aug-2021)
"(spoilers ahead) Oh my gosh, where do I start. This was such a pleasant experience, a truly awesome and challenging adventure. such a refreshing and amazing game. I first played Explorer mode, and it was such a blessing, secrets are very well placed, gameplay pace is fantastic. the jumps are challenging and amazing, not too hard but just enough to be satisfying to do. the scenery is beautiful and very, very well made. The outside area was beautiful, and the mini puzzle in it was amazing. Then the "arena" leading to the four element areas... the wind room was an innovative amazing idea with satisfying challenging jumps. The water area was insanely beautiful, the fire area was super challenging and satisfying, the jumps on the symbols were great. The earth section was great too, especially with the Tinnos monsters battle. Then the boss fight was well balanced and entertaining. then the escape was awesome. Then as soon as I finished the Explorer mode I was so eager to starting on Survivor mode. it is a fantastic and satisfying challenge with a special outfit (the boots are a choice though :P) Simply the best level I have played, it made me love TR again <3" - Troye (28-Jul-2021)
"Very very purrrrrrrr in aesthetics, very very meow meow in gameplay but a little bit HISSSSSS in survival mode because of bad checkpoint management which made me wanna scratch the chair and piss outside of the litterbox. Stick to explorer mode for a nice treat between a bowl of food and an 18-hour sleep. Meow meow meow. Purrrrrrr.... mrrrrauuuuw." - DJ Full (26-Jul-2021)
"What a refreshing change of pace to play a more down to earth custom level, one that's traditional throughout. It's not classic in the sense that traditional LE assets are used, but more for the fact that it everything about it has a retro feeling and very masterfully done too. It matches my preference for gameplay pretty much perfectly: a rather calm beginning that centres mainly around exploration and the puzzles that get steadily more challenging and ingenious as the game progresses, culminating as it does in one hell of a boss fight and escape sequence that gives a whole new meaning to the term "adrenaline rush". The highlights for me were the platforming sequences for the ingredients in the first part, the elemental hub area in the second level that even serves as a challenge room in itself and the fact that the builder often took us players into consideration regarding some of the trap and jump sequences. The environments look absolutely splendid too, and the atmosphere is stunning throughout (loved the minor footstep changes when Lara entered a hallway for example). Enemy placement keeps you on your toes, although maybe a tiny bit more ammo could have been given for the boss fight. Overall though, high quality raiding." - Ryan (24-Jul-2021)
"Maybe someone can explain this to me -- and I'm seeing more and more it lately -- but I can't understand the reason for an extra layer of executables. I ignored Play.exe (which gave me an error message anyway) and played the game without encountering any issues by double clicking on Tomb4.exe in the Engine folder. Anyway, this is a fun-filled adventure in two distinct environments that took me nearly an hour and a half to finish, and it was a grand romp throughout. The environs are well crafted and well lighted, and the need for flares was never an issue. Although I played in Explorer mode so I could save whenever I damn well pleased, I watched Doggett's video in Survivor mode while writing a walkthrough, and there was very little difference in the two versions, and certainly not enough to make me want to play again any time soon. Enemies are well placed and manageable, although that onslaught by four monsters at one time was a bit of an adrenaline rush. There's a timed volcano at the end, and by diverting for the final secret I made it to the finish line just in the nick of time. A well-polished, enjoyable effort." - Phil (23-Jul-2021)
"This was probably the funnest level I've played as of late. This level had a mix of surprises proven to stress you out while being a game that was fairly straight-forward and required no backwards-and-forwards. The secrets were well hidden and a bit difficult to get to. The enemies used were well placed and of a higher difficulty of that you would see in an official release title. Some of the jumps that had to be made were very difficult to clear but possible to clear with patience and experience. I hope to see more from this author, great stuff! I highly recommend this level!" - g12STL (12-Jul-2021)
"After a stunning AoD environment in his previous level, Delca now takes us to a more retro but equally stunning one. I spent a lot of time, especially in the first part that is more relaxing, admiring every little detail and appreciating how much the builder cared for everything, even the ceilings that usually are more neglected. I chose the explorer mode (I hate the save crystals concept). I also enjoyed the gameplay which offers a lot of variety in tasks, more tame in the first part and gradually picks up in the second part where it becomes more intense but still remaining very payer friendly. Not many enemies, but I didn't find much ammo either, so I had to fight the boss at the end mostly with pistols, no big deal, just took a little longer. It took me a bit less than 2 hours to finish this wonderful adventure. Found all 4 secrets. Highly recommended." - billie2001 (11-Jul-2021)
"Revisiting the past with a nice touch of finesse. This level wins hands down in atmosphere, from the incredibly lovely ceilings plus all the care put into textures and sceneries, to the sound itself (I know it's simple, but I loved the footsteps echo in the caves). We may divide it in two parts (it's actually divided in two parts): the first, calm, fun, based on exploration, and the second, with loads of fast tasks to accomplish, quite ingenious flipmaps, traps, puzzles and tough enemies, most especially the dreaded final boss. What can I say? It was excellent. Well done indeed." - Jorge22 (10-Jul-2021)
"(9) Gameplay & Puzzles: This is a charming and creative adventure ~1 hour in duration. It's mostly of medium difficulty, and while I didn't find the platforming to be tricky, I can see why some jumps would not be a good fit for beginners. The gameplay flow is excellent and I was always curious to keep exploring and find out what happens next. My favorite aspects of the gameplay were the underwater puzzle as well as the different velocity jumping challenge, both in part 2. While I was never frustrated with the game, I do think part 2 is significantly stronger than part 1 in terms of gameplay and this is why I did not give full marks for this category. One more thing I wanted to mention about this category is the builder's attentiveness to player-friendliness while still providing a challenge. Examples of supporting player-friendliness include a) solidifying the surface after picking up the water mask, so you don't have to re-do the platforming on the return trip, and b) using textures effectively to highlight an explorable path at the end of part 1. (9) Enemies, Objects & Secrets: There's a great variety of enemies and I particularly enjoyed the 4-mutant fight in part 2, as well as the final boss fight. A minor suggestion for improvement are the boundary setups regarding some melee enemies in part 1 (e.g. warthogs, a melee goon). Based on their positioning, boundaries, and Lara's positioning, the player can just tap backwards and shoot these melee enemies with no danger, as the melee enemy will not cross the boundary. Object decor as well as interactive objects were beautifully and meticulously done, and I was so happy to see friendly monkeys (and these ones don't corrupt your save file, either). There are two more minor issues I wanted to mention about objects: a) The hitboxes of the duo coconuts were janky, and I had to shoot in-between them, which feels counter-intuitive. b) My Desert Eagle disappeared from my inventory at some point in part 2... a shame, as that is by far my most favorite weapon. (10) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The atmosphere/architecture is of the highest quality and I really enjoyed the subtlest little details such as the ceiling and sunrays in part 1. A very small detractor to the atmosphere was the nauseating earthquake that was too strong at the endgame. It doesn't last for long though, so I didn't subtract a point. Classic TR sounds and ambient loops are effectively used, and all of the flybys were excellent and really enhanced immersion into the environment. A very small detail that I appreciated was the realistic change of footstep sounds depending on the surface (for example the muddy ground footstep sounds). (10) Lighting & Textures: As with the above category, this one also excels. I couldn't spot a single misshapen texture and I am a stickler for that kind of stuff. The builder utilizes transitional textures masterfully and I would encourage learning builders to study this level regarding the application of textures within nature. The builder tends to incorporate quite a lot of dark corners but it's not a big deal as they provide ample flares. I do have a minor suggestion: it would have been nice to have seen texture/lighting differentiators to indicate the 4 elements in the meteorite cavern (for example there could have been bluish textures and/or lighting to indicate the water challenge area). Overall, I had an awesome time and would heartily recommend this to intermediate/advanced players for a shorter adventure. I chose Explorer Mode because limited save crystals drive me crazy. 9/9/10/10." - nerdfury (09-Jul-2021)
"I haven't reviewed a level in over 2 years, but this level, this level changed that. This has to be one of the most beautiful, most atmospheric and most engaging levels I have played in years, the usage of the beautiful old school textures and elements gave me so MUCH nostalgia, took right back to 2003 playing the game for the first time with my brother and sister, it's beyond beautiful, this level. The gameplay is just as good as the design, the puzzles were engaging too, it feels great to play, but not too hard or too easy, just perfectly in the middle, the addition of the new jumping poles was fun too. As for the lighting and the textures, one of the best EVER, no exaggeration, it's perfectly well done, the usage of the classic textures, sounds and look made this level the perfection it is, I love the new water textures, they look magnificent. I definitely recommend playing this level, it's a masterpiece in all meaning of the word. Please keep making more levels in the vein of this, I'm definitely looking forward to more of your impeccable work, thank you for making this and giving me so much nostalgia." - LaraSpears (06-Jul-2021)
"A very interesting visual mix between TRLA's Madhouse level and TR3's Tinnos levels. With stunning lighting, very careful texturing and an amazing atmosphere, this level sets a new standard for classic looking custom levels. I actually had to stop a few times just to look at how beautiful the ceiling is in certain areas. Gameplay-wise, the level was challenging, but still very fun. I especially liked having the choice between "Explorer mode" and "Survival mode" which adds replayability to the level (and it sure made me play it twice). Overall, an amazing level with many unique and interesting ideas." - Nickelony (06-Jul-2021)
"What a great little adventure (1h13 2/4 secrets played in explorer mode) where everything is perfect and fresh, scenario with situations well put in scene, faultless texturing , pleasant lighting, not many enemies but used efficiently , atmospherically wise it is impressive especially regarding the sounds that really put you deep immersed in the game. The gameplay is excellent , with fun actions not too hard and a few original puzzles, never a thing is repeated twice and it is obvious the builder obviously cares for players as i found the game user-friendly (well there was just the pair of coconuts that took half a dozen of tries before they came down). Will have to replay it in the other mode. De l'excellent ouvrage , bravo et merci !" - eRIC (06-Jul-2021)
"A short treat, little raid that does not require a lot from the player with the exception of some much more complicated little jumps to perform, easily recommendable for a medium skilled raider. The game is divided into two sections I will review individually due to the diverse feel of both.
Zoo part (6 9 10 10): Earlier stage of the level, a tribute to TR3 gold's level "It's a madhouse", shows us the better side of the atmosphere and texturing while giving us the less complex gameplay (which is not a bad thing at all). Every area we encounter is truly beautifully built and masterfully lighted, remembering us the builder is indeed Delca, and the mostly laid back gameplay aspect makes it a treat to play through, I do have my gripes on the gameplay as well as I do think Delca could have exploited more some of the bigger areas that end up being almost underused.
Kitten Island part (9 9 9 9): My enjoyment here gameplay wise enlarges itself becoming much more fun to play, but the care for the atmosphere shifts down just a tiny bit, because the level is just as excellent as the previous, only that it really excels where the other could not. Four tasks are presented, some are more imaginative and fun, like the fire part and the wind one, the latter two are fine, being water and earth, which the last one I am happy to see that in between testing was changed for the better and made much more lenghty (yes I have tested this level and my opinions were not influenced by this betatesting neither from my knowing the author), the level ends with a satisfying boss and some interesting platforming to round everything up.
My conclusive marks taking in consideration the average would be 7.5 9 9.5 9.5, I have decided to round up them this way 7 9 10 10. A short excellent little adventure you can clear up in less than an hour from the developer that brought us one of the first actually alive TR AoD related projects. Good luck with you next entries ^w^, Recommended :3 Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (04-Jul-2021)
"So far the best classic themed TRLE that I ever played. Delca shows up his perfectionism again this time with a TR3 + TR3 Gold aesthetic. Loved every single little detail, like Kingdom Hearts sound effects on the inventory! That was so cute. Gameplay was fun, quite beautiful in the way that you go jumping from trees or just raising up water to access new areas. The oasis part with those big mountains was so well made; great geometry for TRLE engine! Must confess that I missed some music tracks, there were only a few and it made the game just a bit off specially when you fight those mutants at the very end; I really missed some cool music track there to battle agasinst them! But everything else was perfect. Loved the final boss battle too, even when I was almost screaming for help lol (maybe add more ammo next time for aditional weapons? haha) I beated the game in 1h 6 min... Great classic TR experience. Delca is already an amazing TRLE builder and he'll sure bring more amazing adventures in the future." - Jason L (04-Jul-2021)