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Emporia - Lost in the City (Demo) by Mr XY

Adrian 10 10 10 10
BlackWolfTR 10 10 10 10
CalrOsario 10 10 10 10
Cruzader 10 10 10 10
Dick 9 10 10 10
DJ Full 10 10 10 10
eRIC 9 10 10 10
g12STL 10 8 10 10
Jason L 10 9 10 10
Jay 10 10 10 10
JesseG 9 10 10 10
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 9 10 10 10
Kubsy 9 10 10 10
l.m. 10 10 10 10
nerdfury 10 10 10 10
Nick21 10 9 10 10
Phil 9 9 10 10
Ryan 10 10 10 10
Samu 10 10 10 10
Teone 9 9 9 9
Treeble 10 10 10 10
release date: 24-Jul-2021
# of downloads: 335

average rating: 9.83
review count: 22
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file size: 64.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: Steampunk

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I really hope we don’t have to wait too long for the full version of this game as the demo really is impressive and packs in quite a variety of gameplay in its obviously curtailed running time. The visuals are just stunning and if you like the steampunk genre (as I do) you should absolutely love this." - Jay (28-Feb-2024)
"The ambience of this level sends you into a very pleasant retro-futuristic world, supported by a remarkable gameplay with the gold coins system and the very innovative puzzles that avoid any monotony in the game. The atmosphere is also completely successful and beautiful thanks to the details of the textures, the light and the small animations in the landscape that are perfectly combined, enhanced by the musical and sound atmosphere. Combined with a difficulty that, without being too simple is never too advanced, it is a level in which you can let yourself be transported by this supernatural atmosphere. A demo that suggests something great to come !" - Nick21 (28-Dec-2023)
"This game is technically a masterpiece !!! The author gives you a perfect visual, graphics, ambience and atmosphere. Sometimes confusing but highly engaging and well planned/designed!! This a demo, so we have to way untill the final release!!! But this is for sure a HOF entry!!! Recommended!" - CalrOsario (02-Jul-2023)
"Technically masterful - this really does deliver a strong steam Punk vibe - a floating/flying town, lol. Visually - faultless. Gameplay - a bit of a brute, here and there, and often confusing - but still engaging. If this is a demo, then I hope the main release is a little easier and clearer, and comes with a few extra helpful cameras. Then it will be perfect." - Dick (08-Feb-2023)
"I showed this level to my ceiling fan and now it's an airship propeller. If you slept for the last couple of years and still don't know Kevin, now it's time to do it by playing this release. And all his previous games, tbh every single one was good." - DJ Full (15-Jul-2022)
"Here we have a level you can't stop playing until you finish it. The design is extraordinary, with perfect lighting and texturization, as if it were an official game; the gameplay is fluid, and even when some taks are not very easy, they were not frustrating for me. Well chosen musics, good use of the cameras, well balanced enemies and some special features like the vending machine or the re-usable item make this game a jewel of the custom levels. Looking forward for the final release. Congratulations!" - Jose (22-May-2022)
"Very impressed by the quality of the Emporia preview as everything is perfectly done , i enjoy everything here , the excellent choice of audios and sounds , Lara's model and other objects , the new moves and features, the amazing lighting and perfect texturing, and gameplay is quite enjoyable too. It's a Mr XY's level so a bit of challenge is expected. The challenge here is not frustrating but quite fun. Progression is intuitive, a real pleasure to raid. There is some ingenious puzzles as well in this well thought out compact map. I could have rated with 4 Ten given the technical excellency , beauty and enjoyment we are offered , but what score would i give if the full game is of this quality ? Can't wait for it anyway." - eRIC (17-Feb-2022)
"Lara finds herself in a mysterious predicament as she appears out of nowhere in a floating steampunk city. Some very interesting ideas are shown in this preview level. Let's start with the environment: it's quite immersive with a sense of good world building and beautiful visuals. But the creativity doesn't stop there – gameplay has a few interesting implementations as well. There's the multi-use fuse, which kind of turns itself into a puzzle as Lara finds the correct order of places to use it. There's the gold, which awards exploration in an open-ended way by allowing players to spend it on the items of their choice using a vending machine. There's also the nice water switch puzzle, a timed run, flames and crushers to dodge on conveyor belts, and some combat against guards. It's all a treat, and the only thing holding me back from giving a perfect score is the (understandably) abrupt end to this demo. I look forward to the full release. 53 minutes." - JesseG (20-Sep-2021)
"I had to unplug my router and disable Avast before I could play this one. However, the minor inconvenience was well worth it, although I'm not sure I'll make the effort with the full version if I get the same pushback from the built-in safeguards in my computer that are designed to protect me. This is a demo of stunning surroundings. The lighting is impeccable, everything can be seen in all its glorious splendor, and would that all builders were as considerate of their playing public. Some of the sequences were quite offbeat and consequently challenging, prompting me to bump up my "difficulty" rating one notch. I'm speaking primarily of those jumps against strong winds, and the harrowing runs past giant thumpers while fighting the tug of conveyor belts. I liked the vending machine concept of adding items to your inventory by buying them instead of just picking them up free of charge, but there should have been two or three more of those machines scattered about for the sake of convenience (I'd accumulated $800.00 in gold coins before finding an opportune occasion to spend them). A truly remarkable effort that should be experienced by all raiders." - Phil (06-Sep-2021)
"Astonishing. Really, there's no other way to describe this level, which is actually a short demo. My review history makes it quite clear that I'm still playing levels released well over 15+ years ago, so it's always a shocker to come forward to recent releases (in this case, for walkthrough writing purposes) and realize just how far we've come. This preview doesn't just push boundaries by inserting several new mechanics such as currency or reusable puzzle items, but it also makes everything fun. Gameplay flows so well from beginning to end, with comments from Lara herself to guide on your journey, that you can just focus on what really matters and have a good time. There were a few tricky segments, the pistons on the conveyor belts had me reloading a couple of times for instance, and there was one ledge jump in that same area that eluded me for a bit too long, but otherwise this was thrilling from start to finish. Absolutely a must play. 50 minutes, 1 secret. 08/21" - Treeble (29-Aug-2021)
"Stunning and absolutely brilliant from start to finish. As a demo, this undoubtedly leaves you wanting more but the entertainment and production values are exceedingly high, even in this hour long demo. The surroundings are gorgeous throughout, the textures are beautiful and the audio files really help to accentuate this world that Lara travels through. The gameplay isn't neglected either, with plenty of challenging action throughout plus some ingenious trap and jumping sequences and enjoyable timed runs. I also thought that the gambit of using gold to purchase supplies was really nicely utilised. Highly recommended." - Ryan (26-Aug-2021)
"Beautifully crafted and textured level with different gameplay to previous released Emporia demo, if memory serves. Nice puzzle variations. I like the reusable object as an added puzzle sequence to work out. Some challenging jumps battling wind & fire. Secrets appropriately tricky (but found 3/3). Seemed to be plenty of gold to keep Lara equipped to fight enemies. Awaiting full levels with great anticipation." - Adrian (22-Aug-2021)
"I am very selective when it comes to giving four 10s for levels, and every time I do so, there is something exceptional in the level, which is the case here. Even though this is a short demo (my gaming time was 1 h, 5 min), it is packed with plenty of extraordinary gameplay, which takes place in beautifully crafted floating city. This game was highly reminiscent of Bioshock Infinite and the author has even recreated vending machines from Bioshock games. How these work, is that you find gold scattered around the environment, and then you spend this gold in vending machines to buy stuff, such as ammo, medipacks or special items that will grant you access to nice goodies elsewhere. I have never come across anything like this in other custom levels. Furthermore, the platforming parts were tons of fun, and I like especially the wind which is trying to push you off from the platforms, and the engine room full of conveyor belts was a blast too. Other things that I really loved, were the section involving reusable fuse and the puzzle in the end, where you have to adjust the water temperature and salinity. The only bad thing about this level is that it ended too soon. Full version of this game will be definitely one of the most interesting projects to look forward to." - Samu (22-Aug-2021)
"Well, I was sad to see this amazing work end so soon, as a preview... Just as I was getting ready for more. I'm not an expert as in I know nothing about building levels, but my impressions were those of a level that excels in most things I can think of for a classic TR creation: very original gameplay, great, solid, luminous design of places and objects, interesting use of "new moves", good placement of enemies, clever combination of traps and puzzles - furthermore, it feels player friendly. Maybe it isn't exactly steampunk, but a mix of creative, immersive universes instead. Quite honestly, I can barely wait for the full version." - Jorge22 (15-Aug-2021)
"This is a superb steampunk level in all of its aspects from the level design, sound and graphics. It starts out with both an intriguing beginning and a good tutorial segment where it teaches you the new moves Lara’s got in this game. It then transitions to a sort of hub area where you’ll be coming back again and again throughout the course of the level, although bear in mind that this is a linear level. You have to go through the level in a specific order so that you can finish it. Some new mechanics and environmental ideas are introduced and while all of them you’ve most likely seen them in other games, it’s the first time I encounter those in a TR custom level, and they fit in perfectly with the steampunk aesthetic of the game. I liked the supplies dispenser where you can buy ammo, health packs or other stuff. I’ve noticed the builder tried to replicate the model of the ammo dispensers from Bioshock which is pretty neat. The usage of the The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion soundtrack coupled with some I believe TR: Anniversary/Legend tracks complimented key moments of the level. The graphics are gorgeous and very detailed. This is an approximately 1 hour level, give or take. Difficulty is medium and fun at all times. I really don’t have anything to criticise on this level which may be the first time this has happened to me on a custom level. In my opinion, this is a perfect level, or as close to perfect as possible. At the end of it all I was left wanting for more so I hope that the full version of this game will eventually get released." - Cruzader (09-Aug-2021)
"Another great entry this year. This demo was very pleasure to play with some very innovative moves and stuff. I personally loved the side ledge jump as I have never seen it before in any TRLE level. Gameplay was very diverse and enjoyable with good puzzles. Traps were very clever in this level and challenging which is good. Another very innovative thing is vending machine in which we gonna buy ammos, medipacks and other stuff. I also liked maneuvering with multi use fuse. Visuals were outstanding and author did great job on architecture, decorating and texturing level. I deifently recommend this demo and can't wait to see full release!" - BlackWolfTR (08-Aug-2021)
"This is a very clever and awesome juwel of TRLE Levels. There are many new ideas (like that vendor machine that give you items, or that multiple use puzzle items, and so on). There is also a few backtracking but never bored. It was used very clever. Lara will often give you some hints that you can't get lost. Also I love that clever puzzle in the aquarium. There are some enemies, all of that was placed very good. Some new (at least for me) enemies in te factory will annoy you in that well done built factory. These gears and conveyor belts are also very nice to see in that level. All of the objects were carefully placed in that level. I only found two of the three secrets but they were well placed. The atmosphere is just unbelievable good. That city built in the sky - what a great idea. I also liked that steampunk flair with that machines. There are many new sounds what I liked. Cameras were placed very well. That train station and the whole area around was built very impressive. Needless to say, the textures and light fit together perfectly. They harmonized perfectly with the atmosphere. This is only a demo but I was sad that I cant explore more - especially I hope that Lara can get in that train to explore some more of that awesome areas! Can't wait to explore that "whole Emporia!". Thanks Kevin for such a great game!" - l.m. (01-Aug-2021)
"Emporia - Lost in the city By Mr_Xy is a level that I waited for a long to play, and I am very happy to have played it. Gameplay & Puzzles: The gameplay in this level is amazing, here your main task is to get to the aquarium to raise a platform in order to finish the demo level. That being said you have very nice usage of multi-use item which I think it is a very creative thing to implement as it engages some thinking on where to use the item. You also have the vending machine system where you purchase items for gold which is, in my opinion, a very good thing as you don't have items scattered around the area. However, there weren't many puzzles and this is fine since it's a demo.

Enemies, Objects & Secrets: There were mainly goons and dogs to shoot but they weren't that hard to kill, especially with a shotgun and uzis. Secrets in the level are well-hidden.

Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The atmosphere in this level is absolutely beautiful, the setting takes place in a sky city. There was very nice usage of sounds which I loved (Tomb Raider Legend). However, I think there could have been more cameras to let you know what some levers do but since it's a short level then it's not needed.

Lighting & Textures: Now this is the most strongest aspect of this level in my opinion. As Mr_XY applied lighting and textures very carefully and added a very good detail overall. As usual, Mr_XY does a great job at it :) Summary: Overall, This is a very good level to have a shot at. it takes around half an hour to finish this level and if you don't have anything to do then play this one for a quick adventure." - Kubsy (30-Jul-2021)
"This TRLE is something that I've never played before, as in something similar. I couldn't believe the amount of details that went into this game. The enemies seemed to have an unusual flow compared to standard TR4 enemies, but they were reasonable to handle. There were so many newer mechanics in this game that made it very interesting. Some parts took a lot of skill and patience to clear but it is possible even for a beginner. I'd recommend this level for others to play! I look forward to the full game!" - g12STL (26-Jul-2021)
"(10) Gameplay & Puzzles: This is a thoroughly interesting and fresh medium-difficulty adventure, of ~1 hour in duration. The story, exploration, platforming and problem-solving are just all so engaging and I couldn't leave my computer until I reached the end. I really enjoyed how the builder would present to the player reasonably-sized sections at a time, instead of exposing to the player a giant area that feels overwhelming and confusing to explore. With regards to the specifics I most enjoyed, they were the new platforming moves, the usage of gold coins at the vending machine, and the delightful problem-solving for the timed run to access the aquarium. I don't really have any negative remarks about the gameplay at all. The ending does feel rather sudden and anticlimactic (the player may think that the adventure consists of finding the fuse, cable and battery, but I finished the game only with the 1st one). That being said, I still think the gameplay deserves top marks. (10) Enemies, Objects & Secrets: Some enemies get a little predictable after a while (either a goon or a dog will likely be behind a corner) although the flying robot enemies were pretty cool. There's so much wonderful and polished use of objects, from interactive ones, to statics, to the small details such as the butterflies and birds. I really appreciated how the builder incorporated very light RPG elements with objects, such as informative tooltips. The traps are generally found in two side areas, a tunnel and a factory, and the stamping traps on the conveyor belts were great fun here. I must say, however -- no fishies in the aquarium?! Blasphemy! (10) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The architecture is breathtaking and you'll often just find yourself in awe, looking around at the building design. The builder connects the different areas to explore in such an interesting manner. For example, earlier in the adventure you get to see the outside of an aquarium, and towards the end of the adventure you finally get to dive in. Sound cues and background music tracks were excellent and fitting. I particularly liked the use of a ticking sound to indicate a timed run. Flybys and static camera hints were also superb and I never felt disorientated regarding my objective. (10) Lighting & Textures: Both of these are of the highest quality. It's simply a visually stunning level. While predominantly a Steampunk texture set, the builder also blends in BTB Venice and Space textures (and others) in an attractive and cohesive manner. The builder provides lots of flares, although I never had to light one as it's such a well-lit level. I enjoyed the builder's subtle pops of colored lighting here and there, such as the greens and reds to indicate water safety in the aquarium area. Overall, this is a memorable and creative adventure that I will for sure play again. Highly recommended to everyone, even newer players, or players who aren't that keen on Steampunk settings (I am not). There's so many little polished details that the builder took time with that I really appreciated, such as the fitting font usage, easy binoculars access, ensuring player-friendliness regarding new moves and objectives, etc. I could go on and on, but I'm sure any reader gets my point by now. 10/10/10/10." - nerdfury (25-Jul-2021)
"I'm glad to see the builder is working again on this project. After 7 years from the first demo I was afraid it was an abandoned project, but luckily not. Compared to the first demo, this one is less challenging in the gameplay and less steampunk in the design. But here is my notes about my game experience: (1) the side/back jump while hanged is very cool and in my opinion is much more realistic than the jump up on the crack above (I never liked this last move so I'm gald the author didn't use it). (2) The vendor machine is fine, instead of spreading items everywhere, you only find gold and you buy what you need. (3) The re-usable items are a good idea because they can implement the gameplay in a clever way. (4) The floating Exclamation points for hint spots... they are not really needed and they ruin the design a little bit. (5) The on-screen countdown for enemie's energy would be useful for a boss fight but not for normal enemies. (6) The UFO-Bats... I think the BtB2011 bats were better. About the design, we have to say that this is not a pure steampunk because there are some contaminations, and while some venice textures are ok and they fit well, I really didn't like the space-base doors, I think they are out of context. In general, I think Steampunk and Space design just don't fit. Moreover, in the Hall of Gods there are some fantasy elements. I'm very curious to see how it will be the final work." - Teone (25-Jul-2021)
"Wonderful level with some new interesting gameplay mechanics. The begginig remind me a bit of Area 51 from TRIII and I loved that. On the sounds, I'm glad to hear some new SFX in this, it felt refreshing somehow. About the aesthetic, I simply loved it. Perfect and with very smooth lighting/shadows. I literally have nothing bad to say about this TRLE, except that judging by some areas, I really thought this was a full game with more levels... but is just a demo. Still, a really amazing level and one of the best releases lately!" - Jason L (24-Jul-2021)