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Escape from the Temple of Horus by PedroCroft_

DJ Full 7 9 8 7
eRIC 6 7 8 6
JesseG 7 8 8 7
Jose 4 5 7 7
manarch2 5 6 6 6
Phil 7 6 6 7
Ryan 6 7 7 8
release date: 20-Sep-2021
# of downloads: 172

average rating: 6.71
review count: 7
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file size: 213.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This level has some unfixed issues but despite of them I think it's underrated. The last part made me sweat enough to eject all the toxins from my body, so I take it as a good thing. Recommended with a walkthrough close by." - DJ Full (05-May-2023)
"I didn't like this level. I was forced to revisit the same places a lot of times and repeat the same moves/tasks a lot of times. Evenmore, the author lets you advance even without necessary items (example, the crowbar) so it's easy you reach the places and find dead ends; in those cases the backtracking is even worst. The final part (the escape) was good, but the constant earthquake for such a long time was not very friendly too. That way, if you decide to take an attemp with this one, I suggest you follow a walkthrough." - Jose (26-Jun-2022)
"i did not like all the back and fro in the middle part , also the room with pulleys where you can trigger some spikes in the other room i saw no logic nor fun here just a contrived annoyance. But it's a game that certainly has its up sides , the atmopshere is pretty good in these undergrounds, objects are well used generally (and i like the pickups held by statues), i also appreciated the audios and sfx. Gameplay wise the discovery at the beginning was immersive, and all the escape at the end. Like my fellow reviewers i could have done without an earthquake that long , nevertheless that part was fascinating , i thought that these series of jumps/traps/collapsible tiles would come to an end and yet it continued again, that was well done. A bit chaotic, the setting is solidly built, and even if personally i did not appreciated the lighting much, it has correct looks." - eRIC (16-Feb-2022)
"A set of two levels that finds Lara stuck in the Temple of Horus, bruised and lacking a backpack and weapons. The first level is the bulk of the adventure, and unfortunately a lot of it is backtracking as Lara picks up some tablets and stars. Lara will even have to visit an underwater maze and rope swinging sequences several times. There are some highlights though: water scale puzzles to solve (I feel like one of them doesn't have a clue, but I managed to guess the correct amount on the first try) and the mirror puzzle is a nice touch as well. There's also a chain pulling puzzle which actually has a pretty good clue as to which spots Lara needs to avoid, but there is an inconsistency with those because some of the bad tiles trigger even if Lara jumps over them, while others only trigger when Lara steps on them. The second level has a pretty intense and fun trap sequence, but I would have enjoyed it more without the incessant camera shaking (and the second underwater maze). The visuals are decent but also quite repetitive (at least in the first level), and would benefit from much more dynamic lighting. There's elements of a good adventure here, but a different layout for the first level would have been greatly beneficial. 1 hour 37 minutes." - JesseG (12-Oct-2021)
"There are undoubtedly some nice ideas in this level and I enjoyed a few of the puzzles and trap sequences, especially the final gauntlet, but on the whole it's just too much of everything. Too much repetition of tasks (count those rope swings in that one room...), too much backtracking, too long tasks (the pushable mirror sequence). It could've been more enjoyable if those things had been replaced and the whole thing would be much more fluent. Enemies are decently used, secrets rather easy to find overall. Much of the classic TR 4 elements are reused in this game, not bad but also not very inventive. There are some nicely designed rooms and also work in terms of sounds and cameras (the start and end are well done) but technically this is a bit premature, as well as the lighting - very monotonous across the whole level and occasionally pretty flat. Overall another release that at least tries a few things, but it's obvious some more refinements are required to make more enjoyable levels. Finished in few minutes less than an hour." - manarch2 (09-Oct-2021)
"I suspect the reason this level hasn't been reviewed after nearly two weeks is the sustained trapfest near the end. I decided to grade the level as "challenging" for this reason, although the traps can be negotiated with a reasonable amount of effort and frequent saves along the way. There are several nice touches before you reach that point, notably the chain puzzle that must be completed without triggering spikes in the target room, and the game of chicken that you play with the unkillable ahmet while obtaining and using a torch. On the other hand, there's entirely too much backtracking, and I lost count of the number of times I had to swing across a pit and fight my way past a gauntlet of squishy blocks. The game has been laid out with intelligence and forethought, but I'm afraid that player- friendliness was a low priority for the builder. Enemies are relatively few in number, so I can forgive the builder for giving us Golden Roses as a reward for finding the six secrets (one of which is timed and can't be repeated). The concluding trap sequence was an adrenalin rush that was fun to conquer, but on the whole the negatives here seem to outweigh the positives." - Phil (02-Oct-2021)
"Mixed feelings in all honesty about this offering. On the one hand, the storyline is creative if not entirely detailed, the focus on exploration instead of combat (due to Lara being weaponless apart from a grapple gun acquired along the way) is a nice change of pace and I enjoyed the additions of the scales puzzles, plus the trap sequences that comprised Lara's escape from the temple were brilliantly done (although I could really, really have done without the nauseating earthquake). The textures and lighting are competently done too, despite numerous flare pickups that were hardly needed. However, the gameplay flow turned out to be far too convoluted for its own good, with some backtracking that was far too extraneous (the boulder passages and the main pool passages are the worst offenders in this regard), the mirror puzzle is well executed but too tedious to be enjoyable, the rope swings in the double put area were repetitive and the flyby cameras were somewhat haywire. The ending was a bit on the morbid side to me too, but maybe I'm misinterpreting that. Had the gameplay been streamlined a bit more or some of the backtracking removed, this would have been far more enjoyable than it is now. Not a bad effort, though." - Ryan (02-Oct-2021)